Source: Rucriminal

September 8, 2016 the governor of Yamalo-Nenets District Dmitry Kobylkin, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev, the presidential envoy in the Urals Federal District Igor Kholmanskikh gathered in Novy Urengoy.

On this day, the city held a meeting on the safety of the district, on the same day has been designated and a festive opening of the sports complex "Star", to which many citizens and collected.

But at the festive opening of the sports complex passed not all. Novourengoytsev taking an active part in the protection of their housing rights campaign, apparently, it was decided to detain preventively to avoid any reference to the honored guests arrived. Fears of the city government here is quite understandable - after all Novy Urengoy for several years did not subside housing protests.

As part of the program of urban residents of dilapidated houses, whose walls apartments differ in angular structures, overhanging beams overhead, authorities offered to move to emergency buildings with shaking walls, roofs unfastened, fungus and mold.

According to the residents living in homes with a residence permit and production orders for several decades, Novy courts and all decisions about the eviction on the street without the provision of housing.

Since October 2015, dozens of houses city government shut off the heat and electricity, forcing people to leave their homes in the city since December glowing fires, alternately eating house, listed as Administration in the settlement.

 Residents protested, held rallies, wrote to all the city authorities, the region, in Moscow, in October 2015, the first to organize a round table with the participation of all representatives of urban structures, in 2015 and in 2016 went on a protest in Moscow.

July 11, 2016 novourengoytsev group camped at the walls of City Administration, the campers went on hunger strike, demanding guarantees solutions to their housing problems and negotiations with the governor of Yamalo-Nenets District Dmitry Kobylkin. The talks did not take place on the 9th day camp participants were arrested, two of them - Yuri Bularga and pensioner Nadezhda Kashtanova spent the night in the police department and the court decision were fined 10 thousand.

Mindful of these recent developments, the city authorities, apparently, decided to prevent the possibility of appeal to the Governor novourengoytsev.

Residents began to arrest activists as soon as they leave the house, catch in the sports complex "Star". The explanations given during the detention standard on all at once: "You came on the orientation, it is necessary to proceed to the police station." What kind of orientation - not specified.

Under the solemn speech of speakers the distinguished guests, accompanied by applause and confetti, the residents who were dissatisfied with the city's housing policy, the arms seated in the police car. Soon, all the detainees met at the police station. It - Dmitry Oleynik, Karen Gulian, Musa Mamedov, Arsenty Chuprinsky, human rights activist Yuri Konovalov, so well known for protest actions Novy authorities. Other residents, who did not get into the hands of the police themselves have hastened to the police department to support the detained comrades.

The ATS detainees were selected phones Arsenty Chuprinskomu was bad, Ambulance, decoding mysterious orientation has been caused to it is named and was not, charges have been brought. Mammadov was necessary to take the child out of kindergarten, but he is not even given the opportunity to communicate by phone with his tutor a child, strangely denied information for relatives of detainees picked up in the police department. After a few hours, all the detainees were released without drawing up protocols.

However, collective petitions to the capital, participation in rallies, pickets at the Investigative Committee, Foster President YaNAO Office in 2015-2016 gg. and they were unsuccessful.

Source: Rucriminal