The arbitration court of Moscow fully satisfied the claim of the main Department of the pension Fund of the Russian Federation №10 in Moscow and the Moscow region to the company "Doctor sport". This structure owes money to Russian pensioners and not only to them. Since the autumn of 2018 to "Doctor sport", which was created by brothers Arkady and Boris Rotenberg, and managed by the son of the latter Roman Rotenberg, filed more than 12 claims from the owners of the premises, suppliers of products, etc." Doctor sport " all in debt. But Rotenberg officially to what is happening have nothing to do. The same autumn of 2018, it was announced that the" successful "" Doctor sport " was sold to the benefit of businesswoman Yana Ivantsova. Investigation showed that the transaction was fictitious. Ivantsova-Manager of one of the structures controlled by Rotenberg.     

The Doctor sport project was conceived as a global national project. In 2010, it was announced that the SMP-Bank and The Autonomous non-profit organization "Continental hockey League" created a business for the production and sale of sports nutrition. To manage the business, the family requested the son of Boris Rotenberg Novel. The project was supervised by Igor Medvedev, Vice-President of the KHL for sports medicine.

"There has never been such a project in Russia. To create it, we have connected all possible research institutes, " Roman Rotenberg told reporters at the time.

Doctor Sport " began to produce under the brand name Vitawin about 300 products-dietary Supplements (mixtures, capsules, tablets, bars with protein, amino acids, L-carnitine, fat burners), vitamin and mineral complexes, beverages (diet, vitamin, isotonics, energy, ozonated water) and special pharmacology (antioxidants, antihypoxants).

With the filing of Roman Rotenberg in the media published articles where Vitawin was called the leader of the sports nutrition market in Russia. The chain operated 50 stores, mainly in Moscow.

According to sources, in the Rotenberg family, the novel is considered a "weak link" and he is not trusted with really large projects, especially with budgetary funds. And Roman Rotenberg carefully maintain such, not the best, reputation. So the project "Doctor sport", in which tens of millions of dollars of family money were invested, he completely failed. 

In 2017, revenues "Doctor Sport" has been cut in half, to 139,9 million rubles, net loss amounted to 179,9 mln. By the fall of 2018, the situation has become very sad. From the " Empire "of the 50 stores there are only three, to" Doctor sport " began to receive claims from the structures to which it owes, including claims for bankruptcy.

And what did the "successful" businessman Roman Rotenberg do in such a difficult situation? Here's what. It was announced that SMP-Bank (owned by Arkady and Boris Rotenberg) in September 2018 sold 100% of LLC "Doctor Sport". The SMP-Bank did not disclose the details of the transaction, but said that its conditions and the buyer were market, the Bank withdrew from the project with a profit. The representative of Roman Rotenberg then confirmed that he is no longer related to "Doctor Sport".

The buyer of " Doctor of sports "was named" successful " businesswoman Yana Ivantsova. When asked whether it is the nominal owner and represents the interests of someone from the previous owners-"SMP Bank" or Roman Rotenberg, Ivantsova said that it does not represent the interests of any of them. studied the fate of Ivantsova and came to the unequivocal conclusion that 26-year-old businesswoman crafty. Yeah, and she's not a businesswoman.  Yana was born in Saratov. Her father, Sergey Viktorovich, at one time was the Deputy Chairman of skpk "agrarnik" (went bankrupt in 2014). Unsuccessfully tried to be elected on elections of deputies of Assembly of deputies of the Saratov municipal area.

Yana herself in 2016 (two years before the deal with the Rotenberg) entered the master's program (paid Department) of the Saratov socio-economic Institute of PRUE named after Plekhanov. Then moved to Moscow, where he went to work in LLC "arena Management", taking her place as a senior specialist. "Arena management", deals with what controls ice sports arenas, organizes a show. In principle, this investigation could be completed. Roman Rotenberg, who holds the position of Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Continental hockey League, chief of the ice arenas. But we went further.

As established, 100% the owner of "arena management", where Yana Ivantsova worked, is BAKASTOV VLADIMIR OLEGOVICH. He also was the General Director of "Doctor of sports", as well as the owner of OOO "NATIONAL SPORTS NUTRITION", which on the market associated with Roman Rotenberg. And on the website of SMP-Bank in the list of persons affiliated with this credit institution after Arkady and Boris Rotenberg, Roman Rotenberg there is Vladimir Olegovich Bakastov. That is, "Doctor sport" was sold to a subordinate Bakastov, who is directly connected with the SMP-Bank.  

Someone still had doubts that the transaction on sale of "Doctor of sports" was fictitious and was necessary though a little to save Roman Rotenberg's reputation and to make process of bankruptcy of the company controlled?

About how Roman Rotenberg put the KHL in the West is not in the best light I already did.

In the near future, we will describe in detail how the various features of the work of "Doctor of sports" under Roman Rotenberg, and talk about other failures of the "weak link" of the powerful clan.

To be continued

Tomasz Wisniewski