The Prosecutor General's Office sent a letter to the head of the Ministry of Nature Sergei Donskoy.


Does the Ministry of Natural Resources have time to deal with such matters as the development of boring environmental circulars? After all, it has long been mired in its internal scandals.


Karimov's Ministry of Environment


At one time Murad Kerimov was appointed Deputy Minister of Natural Reourses of the Russian Federation. He came to the department from the Federal Agency for Water Resources (Rosvodreursy), where he worked as deputy head. Rosvorreurs is a structure of the Ministry of Natural Resources and, as they say, Kerimov got to the head organization under the direct patronage of Minister Sergei Donskoy.


Well, I got and fell, maybe he deserved it with his business skills. Only in the case of Murad Kerimov, independent observers immediately saw the corruption component. The fact is that the new deputy head of the Ministry of Natural Resources is a close relative of the famous Russian oligarch Suleiman Kerimov. And he through his son Said owns the gold-bearing company Polyus Gold.


And "Polyus Gold" recently became the winner of a tender for the right to develop one of the largest precious metal deposits Sukhoi Log in the Irkutsk region. Moreover, the owner of the Sukhorog Log company Kerimov was practically not encountered any competition - so everything was arranged by the organizers. And the Ministry of Nature was preparing the tender!


That is, there is no need to be a genius in the forehead, to think that the Kerimovs have taken over the prestigious and super-profitable sector with the direct assistance of Deputy Minister Murad Kerimov.


But before this, Polyus Kerimov became the owner of a license to develop another gold-bearing Natalka deposit in the Magadan Region. In this situation, there is an intersection of the interests of a businessman with a high-ranking official, and, in a simple way, nepotism.


True, whether Suleiman Kerimov is worthy to be the owner of the Dry Log, the experts have great doubts. After all, at the same Natalkinskoye field, "Polyus" was not done, by and large, nothing.


But when it comes to kinship, common sense goes into the background. Of course, Minister Serghei Donskoi knew all the ins and outs of the competition for the Sukhoi Log.


Well, what did he know? After all, such an influential businessman joined the business! How here not to help? Moreover, in the nearest subordinates there is a close relative. Evil tongues say that Kerimov could give a banal "rollback" to the minister for a warm place in the office of the person needed by Suleiman Kerimov.


According to independent market participants, the Board is a reliable government "roof not only Kerimov. At one time, the minister was almost openly accused of lobbying for the interests of another oligarch, the president and the main owner of the LUKOIL oil company, Vagit Alekperov.


And here there is nothing surprising, if I recall the previous work of Sergei Donskoy. And he worked for a minute! - in one of the departments of the empire Alikperov. Corporate solidarity must be preserved ...


Sergei Donskoy, Minister of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation


Indirectly, the fact of lobbying Alekperov is confirmed by the fact that Donskoy zealously promotes the introduction of a tax on the financial result (NFR). At the same time, even in the Kremlin, it is considered that the tax is inefficient, since it will create very big problems for the federal budget.


After all, the country has long and fairly successfully introduced a tax on the extraction of minerals (NDPI). He arranges the entire financial and economic block of the Russian government. If it is replaced by NFR, then only by preliminary calculations, the treasury will lose up to 30 percent of the fees that exist under the action of the MET.


Obviously, due to the lobbying activity of the minister, the budget of the Russian Federation can incur huge losses, but the minister simply does not pay attention to this. After all, the interests of such an industrial monster as LUKOIL are at the rival.




Apparently, the interests of Lukoil are more important for him. This, by the way, is not all the scandals associated with Donskoy, as recently the minister was associated with fraud in the state-owned Rosgeologiya, which he supervised, to which Donskoy was also in charge of the ministerial chair.


At one time, the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation carried out an audit of the work of Rosgeology. Only for 2 years the corporation owed more than 500 million rubles for paying dividends to its shareholders.


Another 7 and a half billion rubles for some reason were not given to the subdivisions of the "Rosgeology", as required by the charter of the corporation. Many questions have arisen and the distribution of state contracts.


So, almost all of them were concluded between the Ministry of Natural Resources and Rosgeology itself. Polednaya, in turn, in the form of subcontracting, transferred money to its numerous subsidiaries. The total amount exceeded 14 billion rubles.


Experts in this regard immediately noted that the money could be trivialized in outside organizations, and not only in Russia.


Not surprisingly, two years ago, Rosgeologiya, as an enterprise, was on the verge of bankruptcy. And led at that time by Rosgeology ... the current Minister Sergei Donskoy!


At the same time, despite huge debts, the enterprise did not stop in taking loans. Rosgeologiya actually found itself in a debt hole, only the government would help it out if it transferred the organization to the status of a state corporation. But then to extinguish the highlands there will already be a budget.


True, the recent claims of the Prosecutor General's Office can lead to cases not only of documentation of air pollution criteria. Fried in the air will smell for the Minister of the Don.