The odious head of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision may soon be put behind bars.


"Dankvert owns companies that work in a field that he regulates as a federal official ... This automatically creates a conflict of interest situation. At the same time, Dankvert had the opportunity to resolve the conflict of interests: he had to give up business assets related to the regulated industry, but this was not done, "said Ilya Shumanov, deputy director of Transparency International.


Among the assets that belong to Dankvert and his family are the large agroholding Agroplemsoyuz, as well as DomStroy LLC, Standard Plus LLC and the hunting farm Ozernoe.


The press service of Rosselkhoznadzor immediately became more active, its head Yulia Melano reported that "All property (Dankvert-author's note) is hereditary from the deceased father," she noted.


Only here the question arises, why Dankvert as an official did not get rid of this property or did not transfer it to trust management? Such tricks neither fighters against corruption, nor the Prosecutor General's Office can not deceive.


It all began with the statement of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, who sharply reacted to the desire of Rosselkhoznadzor to fully restrict the importation of beef from the union state to Russia, allegedly due to insufficient veterinary control. Lukashenka said: "First of all, all these dunks are people who are interested, everyone has a huge latifundia, they are the producers of this or that product."


In Belarus, the pre-investigation began against Dankvert under art. 249 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus (discrediting the business reputation of competitors).


It should be noted that the Ministry of Agriculture has already been checked for a conflict of interests. The initiator was Alexander Khinshtein, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma's Committee for Security and Combating Corruption (since 2016, Khinshtein advisor to the Head of the National Guard of Russia).


Dankvert and Gordeev


There is information according to which close relatives of Dankvert of the above-mentioned companies in 2005 received money from the budget in fact just like that. In particular, "Agroplemsoyuz" - allotted "up to 50 million rubles for the performance of the functions of the agent for the return of farm debts under leasing contracts for breeding stock, acquired from the federal budget."


In 2007, he started "subsidizing the maintenance of livestock by individual farms from the budget-3,000 rubles per head". And it's not strange in the list of companies that will receive the subsidy "Agroplemsoyuz." By the way, then Dankvert flatly refused to comment on the situation.


Then the head of the company was Alexey Dankvert - the father of the head of Rosselkhoznadzor. The most interesting thing in the list of owners of "Agroplemsoyuz" was an office called "Agrobusiness", owned in half by Inna Dankvert (the wife of an official) and Tatiana Gordeeva, the wife of Voronezh Governor Alexei Gordeyev!


Alexey Gordeev


FAS v. Dankvert


Recall, Mr. Dankvert headed the service since 2004. After inspections in 2013, the department "revealed over 1.3 thousand violations." But most importantly, the FAS has found a cartel collusion with Rosselkhoznadzor.


There was a conspiracy back in 2012, when Dankvert allegedly "because of the non-compliance of the products with the veterinary requirements of Russia and the Customs Union restricted the importation of chilled fish to Russia for 13 of the 36 operating Norwegian enterprises."


Towards the end of 2013, despite joining the World Trade Organization in the mercenary interests of individual private companies, Rosselkhoznadzor initiated an embargo on Norwegian herring from 1 January 2014, the agency blocked the supply of fish from Norway.


Lobby was banned personally by Dankvert, who in the opinion of experts repeatedly "made decisions in favor of the company" Russian Sea "and other interested enterprises."


A number of experts argued that "the share of Mr. Dankvert from the results of such schemes on the" artificial embargo "is 15%." There is information that Dankvert has at least $ 90 million in accounts in the United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and a villa in Spain.


Could Sergei Alekseevich Scold himself for a salary like that?


The Dankvert case


Sergei Dankvert in 2011 "fell under the distribution" from the TFR and the Ministry of the Interior. The law enforcement agencies nearly initiated a case against the department official, believing that Dankvert was most likely a participant in the scheme trying to "transport abroad the population of a unique black sable, the market value of which is one billion dollars."


Dankvert also managed to escape from the persecution when he "recorded the fact of blackmail of St. Petersburg businessmen by a person who represented the trustee of the head of the Rosselkhoznadzor Sergei Dankvert and the closest associate of the head of the St. Petersburg Administration of the Service, Nikolay Shirokov."


By the way, in 2016 the Prosecutor General's Office stated that the Rosselkhoznadzor provides services in violation. More specifically, dankvertsy exceeding the authority requested from businessmen reports, which should not have been provided by entrepreneurs. Fighters with corruption believe that this way could extort money. A number of journalists write that "part of the money" in envelopes "went straight to the subordinates of Mr. Dankvert."


"Word to the blogger"


"For about a year now we have been fighting and writing everywhere that Dankvert S.A. (The head of Rosselkhoznadzor), on the basis of the organization entrusted to him, an organized criminal group (organized criminal group) was set up to extort bribes, steal and cash cash. It was reported that in all auctions for procurement, construction and services, prices are overestimated by 2.5 to 3 times, which out of a tranche of 1 billion rubles of budget funds allocated in 2008 for the purchase of laboratory equipment (including For the detection of the African plague virus), more than 200 million rubles were stolen at a time (tomographs rest) that bribes are taken for issuing quotas, permits for exports, imports (for importing discounted, low-quality products from abroad - the latest scandalous story with infected soybean Meal from Argentina S) that in the organizations subordinated to the Rosselkhoznadzor, a mutual guarantee, a combination of each other's directorate for 15 people, travel funds (they are allocated 10 million rubles per year) are used for recreation, including trips to Thailand for "sharing experiences" , Abroad to relatives (Puzyrykov to China to his son). According to conservative estimates, up to 1 billion rubles are stolen a year, 25% of the sums that pass through the accounts of the Rosselkhoznadzor and the organizations subordinate to it, not counting another billion in excess and theft, "blogger Viktor Omskiy wrote.


So, behind Dankvert's "back" is the suspicion of illegal furs trading in a billion, subsidizing the firms of relatives, strangely discontinued criminal cases and violations during inspections. As it turned out, the head of the business department "got it" from his father, but the official had to get rid of him, why did not he do it?


And it is clear that Lukashenka defends the interests of Belarusian producers, but the president of the union state did not invent the "latifundia"! Now the fighters with corruption from Transparency International talk about the conflict of interests of the head of Rosselkhoznadzor. It seems that this time from the General Prosecutor's Office Dankvert will not get out ...