Anatoly Chubais quietly dumped. For a month, the public persistently asked him to express his attitude to the special operation, but in return they received only a photograph of Kommersant from the Istanbul airport. The sight of the once powerful Chubais, standing at the ATM, causes pity and the question: "What's next?". The browser of the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU and is trying to answer this question.

Do not worry - Chubais will be fine: it is unlikely that Anatoly Borisovich will feel the need and be very worried about the fate of Russia.

And what will happen to his immediate environment? Everything is ambiguous here. Let's start with the fact that Chubais has no inner circle. There are no friends, buddies, no family, in fact, even his own brother has not maintained relations with him for many years.

Yes, there is a circle of contacts, but it is very situational, that is, it strongly depends on Chubais's place of work, the goals that he is pursuing at this stage.

In the government, A. Kokh and B. Nemtsov and many, many other people were in the social circle.

In RAO UES, these were his deputies. Andrei Rapoport, Misha Abyzov, Borya Vainzikher - these were the people who accompanied the ACh on his expeditions.

At RUSNANO, Chubais communicates a lot with Oleg Kiselev, Andrey Trapeznikov, Yura Udaltsov, Dima Akhanov – all of them are colleagues in the nanoindustry.

Recently, Chubais' circle of friends has been replaced by Dunya's numerous friends. Art is where Chubais tries to fulfill himself at this stage of his life.

Only Oleg Kiselev remained from the old circle of friends ... and also the oligarchs (V. Vekselberg, M. Potanin, V. Yevtushenkov, D. Pumpyansky and many, many, many others), but these are not friends, this is just such a business.

Chubais very skillfully maintains in people the illusion of belonging to his narrow circle. For example, Chubais' assistant provides birthday greetings to more than a thousand people. Here a person received an A4 sheet with a duty text and immediately feels like a member of a close circle. In general, today any prominent person who did not serve in the KGB-FSB may himself, without suspecting it, find himself in the circle of Chubais.

Criminal proceedings? Well, everything is simple. Chubais never interfered in the affairs of his deputies; in return, the deputies helped him appease the oligarchs. The story of Dima Pumpyansky was described by the Cheka of the OGPU earlier, and there were a lot of such stories.

The deputies were often insolent. Remember Abyzov in RAO UES? It was a real business empire! There was everything - homework, strict accounting and control. Chubais himself, being at the top of key decision-making, participated in this very indirectly. Today Abyzov is in Lefortovo, and Chubais has nothing to present, not only to law enforcement agencies, but also to Abyzov himself.

In RUSNANO, Oleg Kiselev was a key deputy. There were other scales and style also different. Oleg Kiselev did everything himself, "like a glander", gently and intelligently. All the "famous" projects of RUSNANO, such as the "Rosnano-Capital Fund", ESTO-Vacuum, Elvis-Neo Tech, Banks "Smolensky" and "Peresvet" - this is all Oleg Vladimirovich! If tomorrow the situation on the project moves into the area of ​​criminal prosecution, then the questions will be directed to Kiselyov. But Kiselyov can't have any claims against Chubais! Moreover, it will be revealed that Oleg Vladimirovich himself earned a lot, quietly took him abroad, then left himself, well, sort of like “he didn’t say something!”.

That is why Kiselev was one of the key beneficiaries of Chubais's departure abroad. Since 2019, he gently and persistently, together with lawyer A. Asnis, has been imposing on the AF the idea of ​​the need to leave Russia as soon as possible. Everyone has their own interests: the dream of any lawyer is to protect a person who is outside the Russian Federation - it is expensive, safe and a contract with an infinite duration. They forced it very persistently, as a result, they were able to convince that the departure is a guaranteed protection not only from new cases, but the calm completion of old cases, where innocent perpetrators have already been appointed.

What about Chubais? Chubais was always afraid of new criminal cases, but at the same time he did not really believe that they could affect him personally.

That is, the reason for leaving is not a criminal one.

The strict rejection of the MTR in Ukraine is not the reason either. Yes, Anatoly Borisovich in his heart does not accept war and human suffering, but not so much as to change his rather calm and comfortable life for this.

The reason for leaving is still different. Chubais has always successfully and profitably balanced between conditional closeness to the president, maintaining myths about his special role in appointing Yeltsin's successor, and conditional closeness to Clinton's wing in the US Democratic Party. The position of special representative of the president was ideal until February 24th.

Immediately after the imposition of sanctions, A.B. Chubais very successfully helps many big people, alleviating their "sanctions suffering." But in the second half of March, Chubais's positions became vulnerable: the US Democrats began to move away, and, in case of emergency, one might simply not have time to reach the Russian leadership.

What is the result? From February 24 until the departure of Chubais from Russia, his plans definitely did not include an exhibition indulgence in any anti-war, pacifist ideas, therefore, all kinds of appeals (V. Milov, A. Koch, M. Khodorkovsky and others) “Tolya state your position” have been and will be ignored. Money loves silence, which means there will be a quiet mediation business and the hope that the US Democrats and part of the Russian elites will need an intermediary.

This is where Chubais will appear on the stage.

Timofey Grishin

To be continued