Source: returns to one episode of legal lawlessness lasting more than 7 years on the part of the so-called preliminary investigation and legal proceedings in criminal case No. 123632:

Let us remember that from 2010 to 2013. on the initiative of Anatoly Chubais, the Swiss company JSC SFO Concept AG, in which he (Anatoly Chubais) was the only and 100% shareholder, borrowed funds in total from Boris Mints’s Company O1 TRUST SERVICES LIMITED (TILSOCA LIMITED) in Cyprus complexity is about 20,000,000 US dollars. It was on the initiative of Anatoly Chubais that the so-called borrowed funds were sent to Russia for the construction of a real estate property located in the village of Peredelki, Odintsovo district, Moscow region, (hereinafter referred to as the “Peredelki Residential Complex”).

In 2013, as it later turned out, the shareholder of the unprofitable Swiss company SFO Concept AG JSC, under the promise of Anatoly Chubais to buy the property at market value, in order to repay the loans he (Anatoly Chubais) had previously taken for the above company, the shares of the Swiss company were sold by Anatoly Chubais Ilya Suchkov.

In 2015, the property was put into operation and, as Anatoly Chubais planned, the ownership that arose over it was registered on his (Anatoly Chubais’s) instructions by his “adjutant” Sergei Krychenko to the Swiss company JSC SFO Concept AG.

As soon as possible after registering the ownership rights of the Cyprus company O1 TRUST SERVICES LIMITED (TILSOKA LIMITED) - Boris Mints and Anatoly Chubais, proposals were sent to purchase "ZhK Peredelki" at market value for 33,000,000 US dollars. The cost was determined according to 3 independent estimates from specialized companies, including one judicial and one English.

During this period, Ilya Suchkov was “strongly invited” by Dmitry Mints to sell the house, with an estimated cost of about 47,000,000 US dollars at an extremely reduced cost for 7,000,000 - 8,000,000 US dollars, that is, in essence, to wash the money, the nature of which is in the accounts The Cyprus company O1 TRUST SERVICES LIMITED (TILSOKA LIMITED) is extremely doubtful.

Since Anatoly Chubais did not try and is not trying to give borrowed funds to Boris Mints, there is reason to believe that this is part of the pension funds of Russians, including the share of Anatoly Chubais, and that loan agreements concluded before 2013 are sham.

Events with the direct participation of Anatoly Chubais, which developed later, characterize his statements in the intention of creating a rule of law state as extremely cynical and deceitful.

Since October 2016, despite the absence of any crime in Ilya Suchkov’s actions, according to statements by the so-called representatives of the Cyprus company O1 TRUST SERVICES LIMITED (TILSOKA LIMITED) Kuksa R.V., Mosin D.V. and Anatoly Chubais, criminal case No. 123632 was initiated, provided for in Art. 159 part 4 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and later paragraph “b” part 4 of Art. 158 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

The absurdity of the charges brought against Ilya Suchkov is obvious.


- Anatoly Chubais 3 (Three times) the amount of damage allegedly caused to him was determined.

- The property that was located in the Peredelki residential complex and was determined by the investigation as allegedly stolen from Anatoly Chubais, in fact belonged by right of ownership to the Swiss company JSC SFO Concept AG and not to Anatoly Chubais.

- The real estate property “ZhK Peredelki”, on the day of the charged crime, was the property of a Swiss company and therefore there was no penetration into the home and could not have been as falsely stated in the indictment.

- The loans charged to Ilya Suchkov have nothing to do with him, since they were received and spent on the initiative of Anatoly Chubais by his “adjutant” Sergei Krychenko. Ilya Suchkov bought shares of the company only on May 16, 2013. Therefore, he could not physically have the intent to seize and appropriate funds.

- Being a shareholder of the Swiss company JSC SFO Concept AG, Ilya Suchkov transferred for partial, early repayment of the debt to the Cyprus company O1 TRUST SERVICES LIMITED (TILSOKA LIMITED), for loans previously taken by Anatoly Chubais “allegedly” from the Cyprus company Boris Mints, 900 000 US dollars. Which indisputably confirms that Ilya Suchkov has no intent to commit fraud. This amount of 900,000 US dollars, despite numerous petitions from Ilya Suchkov’s defense and the presence of a full package of financial documents in the case materials, is not included in the indictment. This fact was completely ignored by the preliminary investigation and the Khamovnichesky District Court of Moscow and continues to be ignored, and the court refuses to satisfy the defense’s motions on this issue.


It has been 8 (eighth) years now since they have been trying to convict Ilya Suchkov.

Criminal case No. 123632 has been in the courts for more than 4 (Four) years. Case 2 (Twice) returned to before investigation, 2 (twice) sent to different courts of jurisdiction.

At the moment, the criminal case has been returned to the Khamovnichesky District Court of Moscow for the 3rd (third) time and is being considered by Judge A.V. Lutov.

The procedure for considering the case is such that, involuntarily, it gives reason to believe that Anatoly Chubais has “long arms.”

The interest of the judges of the Khamovnichesky District Court of Moscow is visible to the naked eye. One gets the strong impression that judges Filchenko M.S. and Lutov A.V. together with the chairman of the court Pokhilko K.A. are closely related to the wishes of Anatoly Chubais for the desired result (verdict) in criminal case No. 123632 (Court case No. 01-0204/2023).


- the court refuses to call key witnesses for the defense;

- the court does not familiarize the defendants and their defense attorneys with the case materials;

- the court continues to consider the case in the absence of part of the case materials specified in the indictment;

- the court ignores the fact that the investigation did not recognize an individual as a representative of the victim;

- the court is considering a case where the amount of damage has not been established by the investigation to the Cyprus company O1 TRUST SERVICES LIMITED (TILSOKA LIMITED) and Anatoly Chubais;

- the court attaches to the case materials a certain piece of paper allegedly signed by Anatoly Chubais, stating the impossibility of his appearance in court for objective reasons known only to him. At the same time, there is every reason to believe that this application was signed not by Anatoly Chubais himself, but by a third party, without certification by a notary or consul and without an apostille;

- the court attaches to the case materials the power of attorney of Anatoly Chubais for the lawyers representing

his interests in the court of Vasiltsov V.F. and Kozyrev O.Yu., issued more than 6 (Six) months before the ruling by the judge of the Khamovnichesky District Court of Moscow Filchenko M.S. On February 21, 2023, a resolution to send criminal case No. 123632 with jurisdiction to the Zamoskvoretsky District Court of Moscow and indicating in it the criminal case number that does not correspond to reality;

- the judge persistently ignores all motions of the defense of the accused that are important for the case.

To be continued

Yuri Prokov