In ATC CAO all large momentum gaining case against Activecapture about it will tell soon. During the investigation, it was found that the Bank was closely connected with the "Gazbank" of the former "gas king" of the Samara region Vladimir Avetisyan. In the bankrupt "Gazbank" works DIA and the results of this work the size of the "hole" promises to be astronomical. However, the story of the case filed with a huge "squeak" and "ridiculous" article of the criminal code. As suggested sources is connected with the fact that her daughter Avetisyan is the bride of the son of the head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov.

According in the course of the investigation "Affairs Activepicture" it was established that the credit institution, "Gazbank" and one rather large Bank, has worked closely. All of them "played" in the old banking game-drew each other's capital. Real funds have long been withdrawn under the guise of lending to firms close to shareholders. However, prior to each audit, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, "Activetitle", "Gazbank" and another credit institution helped each other "sketch" giant "hole" with the issuance of each other technical credits, and other gimmicks.

And if the investigation by Activepython is in full swing, with the "Gazbank" of the Central Bank problems arose.

 Now the DIA is working in Gazbank and as a result of this work, the total amount of the identified" hole "may approach 10 billion rubles. For this Bank – this is an astronomical amount. That's how much the owners of "Gazbank" brought out of the credit institution under the guise of issuing loans and, according to sources sent to Cyprus. Then a significant part of the "laundered" funds was in England. And the main owner of "Gazbank" was a large Samara businessman Vladimir Avetisyan.

Back in September 2018, the DIA sent to the Investigative Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia an application for initiation of criminal proceedings against the leaders and owners of Gazbank under articles of the criminal code:159 (theft by fraud), 160 (embezzlement), 165 (causing property damage), 196 (intentional bankruptcy) and 201 (abuse of power). DIA found that there was "theft of The Bank's property under the guise of issuing loans to individuals and legal entities." The Central office of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for some reason was not interested in materials, and "dumped" them in GU GU of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia across the Samara region. According to the information, there on February 14, 2019 "with a scratch" filed a case under a modest article – under part 1 of article 201 of the criminal code. Given the "funny" article, this means that Avetisyan is in no danger. And the case was opened if only "otbrehalas" CBR. And for the stolen billions no one will answer. And they are spent by the family of the owner of "Gazbank" mainly in England and on a huge scale.  Avetisyan's daughter Anastasia studies in prestigious English Wellington College and shocks students and teachers with armed guards. In England, she lives in the family Palace, located in Surrey. 

Importantly, recently the girls got a real catch. She began to meet with Sergei Chemezov-the son of the head of Rostec Sergei Chemezov. Parents to the Union are extremely supportive, because Avetisyan once worked as an adviser Chemezov.

A couple can be found in England, in the Villa of the Avetisyans in Spain, Maldives etc And probably nothing would have been wrong with the two majors. If not for the strange reluctance of the security forces to really investigate the theft in the "Gazbank", despite the repeated demands of the Central Bank. According to, such magic influence on security officers on forces only very influential person. And Sergey Chemezov is such. Though, we will be glad if we are mistaken and nevertheless law enforcement agencies will begin to investigate really plunders in"Gazbank".

Details on how the funds were withdrawn from" Gazbank " he'll tell you soon. An entertaining story about" Chemezov's wreck " for $ 30 million read here.   

To be continued

Arseny Drones