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As reported today, many media, Promsvyazbank Dmitry and Alexey Ananyev last year made a profit of more than 12 billion rubles. This surprised many financial market participants. For almost a year the bank worked with losses. As stated by representatives of the credit organization, managed to catch up due to the dissolution of the available reserves.

"Because of the specificity of reporting under RAS, we were forced to hold reserves for a number of customers, in fact non-problematic. For example, one borrower to repay the loan which in the IV quarter, the bank dismissed reserves of about 1.5 billion rubles. It was a major customer of the construction industry ", - said the official representatives of Promsvyazbank.

More precisely, the PSB to increment their assets largely due to one-off operation. One of the largest construction companies (which is in the public domain could not be found), taking out a bank loan, a pledge it made for 117 plots of land in the Moscow region.

The bank decided to overestimate the value of the collateral. Then it turned out that the cost of land collateral increased by almost 5 times! As a result, the profitability of the bank and was in just one quarter more than 8 billion rubles.

Assets dismiss many banks. To supplement its liquidity. But that it was done by one-off revaluation of the collateral of land! Yes, even though its cost has grown many times! After all, the borrower PSB - is not new to the business. And if he had given in pledge the asset as land, he praised them clearly undervalued.

But, as it turned out, the most cost Ananiev managed to overestimate! Yes, in many times more. As independent experts say the revaluation is likely to be, as they say, "the left."

How it managed to crank? In the domestic business, everything is possible. Moreover, that is the bank. Increase the value of the collateral of land Ananiev, as they say evil tongues, were using bribes elementary core public services.

Why is it necessary to do? So then, to show their success and financial viability. All this is estimated necessary structures and, above all, the Bank of Russia on paper!

How are things in reality

In the first half of the year, according to official statements, Promsvyazbank "worked" with losses almost 270 million rubles. Because, to put it mildly, not brilliant results, the credit institution intends to reduce its staff by 10 percent immediately.

From the bank left many influential clients, and both from the legal and from individuals. In particular, how many times it was written, their deposits from credit organizations took conductor Valery Gergiev and the famous cardiologist Leo Bokeria.

But PSB thus continued to maintain "a good face on a bad game." Due to what?

Yes, at the expense of the native state. So, the year before the bank was additionally capitalized almost 30 billion rubles through the federal loan bonds. However, this does not improve the real financial situation.

At the end of 2015 net loss of PSB was almost 16 and a half billion rubles.

The owners of the bank Ananiev brothers quickly found "guilty" in bringing the organization to such a deplorable situation. They took and laid off their best top-managers: Head of Legal Unit Tatyana Kuzmina, head of the IT unit Alexei Leusheva and oversaw corporate unit, Vladimir Yashin.

Unfair battle for the "revival"

At one time the Ananiev brothers absorbed Bank "Vozrozhdeniye". He belonged to the family Orlov headed by the bank's founder, Dmitry Orlov. After he died, "Revival" was trying to get hold of Absolut Bank.

Dmitry Orlov, the late owner of the bank "Revival"

But Ananiev, bought as a result of undercover games 20-percent stake from chairman Otari Margania immediately became the majority shareholders of the bank. After this went on the attack and the next of kin of the deceased founder of the "Renaissance". They somehow already been forced to cede 25 per cent stake Orlova daughter - Tatiana. With such an asset, Ananiev became full owners of the bank.

However, eventually all ended in failure. During the year "reign" Brothers Bank was broke and finally slept in Bose.

Fans of village

"Promsvyazbank once cut a poor figure with the mass buying of land in suburban farmers. purchase scheme was monotonous, but no less effective. The economy came uncle expensive cars, fetched a bag of money, and that is called a "cache" to buy the land together with their owners - with giblets.

Those who do not "was conducted" on such bounties, Ananiev eliminated what is called a "legal" way. When buying shares of the farmers, they collected a general meeting and to large property owners the right to put the issue of a 10-fold increase of the authorized capital.

It is understood that the remaining shareholders of the money just was not there. Ananiev And then, as they say, from their pockets become larger share capital and picked up farming himself.

But now things have Ananyev gone "from bad to worse." It did not help, and money Improved sanitation DIA.

Here are Orthodox bankers (this is position themselves Ananiev) to all sorts of serious sins, to save their very tarnished reputation. Is it just evaluate the Almighty?

Source: Rucriminal