Another criminal case has been opened against Anatoly Bykov, sentenced to 13 years for contract murders. The former head of the board of directors of the Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant and the ex-deputy of the regional legislative assembly is suspected of inciting the murder in 1998 of a major crime boss Vladimir Filippov.

The events described in the case took place in the summer of 1998 in Krasnoyarsk. Then, according to the investigation, allegedly at the direction of Anatoly Bykov, gangsters from the gang under his command shot the criminal leader Vladimir Filippov (Philip). He was killed at the entrance of a multi-storey building on Alyosha Timoshenkov Street. Details of this crime, as well as how else murders can be incriminated to Anatoly Bykov - in the material of

Быков с ближайшим окружением. Начало 1990-х

In March 1996, a thief in law named Kosyak (Stanislav Kuleshov) was released from prison. By the time of the release of "Kosyak", fifteen criminal groups with a total number of more than 150 people had united around it. Bykov could not even allow a new force to appear that would try to seize the levers of influence from him.

And then a new criminal war began.

From February to October 1996, five criminals (Kazakov, Zhikharev, Burgaev, Kur-Ogly, Bogdashkin, Butyugin) were killed from among the supporters of the Kosyak. The "Cant" himself was missing.

There were some more criminals who could, under certain circumstances, and even tried to compete with Bykov. For example, the repeatedly convicted criminal "authority" nicknamed "Artyushok" (Anatoly Artyushkov) or the former cop who created the criminal security firm "Free style" Mikhail Nazarenko. Their fate did not differ much from the ending of the life of the "Kosyak". In April 1997, unknown assailants fired at Nazarenko's car, as a result of which he and two of his bodyguards got into the emergency room with gunshot wounds. Nazarenko died during the operation. Three months later, in July 1997, an unknown person in the parking lot near the house, 66 on the street. The parachute is shooting Artyushkov.

In 1998, the criminal "authority" Filippov (nicknamed "Philip") was released from the places of imprisonment, who immediately tried to create his own brigade. In the 1980s, he was the most authoritative criminal and, when he was released, was like a bone in Bykov's throat. In June 1998, "Philip" was shot by unknown assailants near a parking lot in the courtyard of his own house.

After the murder of "Philip", no open attempts were made by the local criminals to resist Bykov.

And here is the most interesting thing, who was behind all the new showdowns in the criminal environment, who carried out the commands? Whom did the "honest businessman" Anatoly Bykov, who cares for the inhabitants of the region and the state, have in his entourage?

According to a source, at that time, in the criminal community, Bykov's "right hand" was someone known by the nickname Pasha Tsvetomuzka, strange for the "authority" (knowledgeable people say that he blinked constantly because of a nervous tic).

In the period from 1994 to 2000, this criminal group was engaged in the physical elimination of persons from among the criminal authorities of the Krasnoyarsk Territory in connection with the redistribution of spheres of influence over commercial structures, as well as extortion and control of various retail outlets and enterprises. The organized criminal group "Pasha Tsvetomuzyki" numbered about 60-70 people. On Vilor Struganov (Pasha Tsvetomuzyka) there is nowhere to put brands. Repeatedly sat, went out and sat down again. For his "exploits" he is sitting now.

On the conscience of the Pasha Tsvetomuzyka brigade (consider Anatoly Bykov), in addition to the murders listed above, hang the murders of Sergei Mikhailenko, Vitaly Telpyakov, the authority of "Tolmach" and a large number of representatives of the criminal world.

In 2015, Struganov himself, as well as his closest wards - Elovsky, Osharov, Zhivitsa were sentenced to long terms of imprisonment. Another member of the gang, Ismindirov, was put on the federal wanted list. He was caught in January 2018.

Predmostovskiy, struganovskiy and others

Предмостовские, стругановские и другие

But this was later, and for now Bykov would have strengthened further, but big politics prevented. At the end of 1998, Bykov provided financial support to the elected governor of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Lebed. However, less than half a year has passed since the governor became an ardent opponent of the economic policy pursued by Bykov's criminal community. On the initiative of A.I. Lebed, a group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation under the leadership of Deputy Minister V.I.Kolesnikov arrives in Krasnoyarsk. In 1999, during the Lebed-Bykov confrontation, his positions in the region were squeezed out, Bykov himself and almost all the leaders of criminal groups who were part of the criminal community were forced to leave Russia.

But that is another story

To be continued

Arseny Dronov