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September 22, 2016 - arrived in the US before the convicted accomplice Dmitry Klyuev Andrey Pavlov was awarded the order for a mandatory appearance in a US court on criminal charges of fraud and money stolen from the Russian budget 5.4 billion rubles - a large-scale crime, disclosed HermitageSergeem Fund lawyer Magnitsky.


According to the American court, Andrei Pavlov, a few days ago came to the US to attend a conference in Washington.


Upon arrival, he was awarded the agenda of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York with the requirement to present this week to members of the grand jury in the District Court building to testify in a criminal case of fraud with the use of modern means of communication, fraud in the banking sector and the legalization the proceeds of crime.


"Many jury is investigating possible violations of criminal law involving fraud, using modern means of communication ... a conspiracy to bank fraud, ... and / or money laundering, in violation of 18 point code of USA paragraphs 1956, 1957", - stated in the handed Andrey Pavlov judicial notice.


Pavlov also ordered to submit to US court documents that shed light on the multi-billion dollar fraud and concealment, including his correspondence with accomplices.


The court order of September 15, 2016 includes a notification of the consequences of its failure to perform, including criminal and civil liability. Andrey Pavlov has also been informed of his right to counsel.


On the role of Andrei Pavlov as part of a criminal group Klyuyev, kidnapped the Russians over 5,4 billion rubles, according to his testimony, Sergei Magnitsky. However, Russian investigators released Pavlova from criminal liability, arrested Magnitsky, who was subjected to torture in the detention center, where he was killed at the age of 37 years. The case of Magnitsky's death was terminated by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation three years later for the "lack of a crime."

The head of an organized criminal group, Dmitry Klyuev was previously submitted to the US sanctions list, whereby it denied entry to the United States.

In turn, Andrei Pavlov continued to travel the world. In April this year, he was seen on anti-Magnitsky action in Brussels. In September, he arrived in the United States, where he was awarded the order to appear for testimony in a criminal case.

Source: Rucriinal