We have already written briefly and enthusiastically about the boundless genius of RFI Bank. Well, just because it is ingenious to wash casino transactions through a pool company. Well, it's like online casinos have black days - their Visa transactions just went over to Nigeria. Do you feel humor? Wash transactions through pool sales and black days in Nigeria? This is karma.

According to MasterCard, all these transactions of illegal casinos in Russia, judging by the monitoring of our bot, mostly remained in the RFI Bank. Visa was taken away from the bank, so only MasterCard. Hardcore only! A casino is a completely gloomy business, one might say black, so none of the banks took Visa at all - and the casinos shoved Visa transactions into Nigeria.

Let us remind you that the site was used to launder the transactions of the Vulcan casino - at first glance, a legitimate seller of pools.

Super transaction across the pools.

We immediately noticed the strangeness of the site, which is ridiculous to the point - all prices on the site, from the last nipple, pump to the "oval pool" are indicated with a penny. We understand why - so that any casino transaction for any arbitrary amount could be justified by a purchase on the Novum website. But we would like you to appreciate the full degree of insanity. For the sake of experiment, we took a quick look at all the prices for the sale of swimming pools in runet.

Some kind of cheap. But real.

A real shop with pools.

Another real merchant

Yandex Market.

Appreciate this. Just think - with the light hand of a client of the RFI bank, the first ever online store of pools with a penny in price appeared in Runet. BEFORE YOU KEEK. Isn't that wonderful?

Fake shop of pools for accepting payments by RFI bank Vulcan casino. PRICES BEFORE THE KEEK.

Can you imagine what scope for creativity to study the site and CJSC "Novum Consulting", which owns it?

We look at these pennies in the price of swimming pools and we cannot understand one thing, why did you put Visa in Nigeria, you had to try it in Israel.


P.S. Industry professionals have sent us a supplement here. It turns out the kopecks are being put on purpose in order to fool the financial monitoring in the bank for 115-fz. Anything can be. Everything - except for pools with a penny in the price.