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2023-12-23 20:04

The head of the police department was shot in the stomach

Murders are passed off as accidents

2023-12-22 20:21

"Kalimatov's glasses"

Ingushetia is ruled with the help of dark fortune tellers and witches

2023-12-21 21:27

How to go from being a suspect to an “unidentified person”

Secrets from Daria Ushakova's lover Gennady Udunyan

2023-12-20 20:56

The scam of the century from Governor Artamonov

The head of the region “sent” a clinical hospital to pump up his “pot”

2023-12-19 20:09

A thief should sit in jail?

Maxim Reshetnikov denies his role in organizing the thefts

2023-12-18 20:17

Disgraced security forces gathered in GLONASS

They were called there by the son of a general of the FSB of the Russian Federation and an ex-top manager of RUSNANO

2023-12-17 19:39

Capitalgate - 2

Hunting fun of Pavel Tyo and his friends - VIPs

2023-12-16 20:44

Places on the “black register” have been prepared for the Minister of Education

Sergei Kravtsov is looking for ways to get an appointment with Putin

2023-12-15 20:57

“The boy’s word. That’s not what we’re doing.”

What scenes are re-shot by the authors of the famous series?

2023-12-14 21:31

Will Alisher Usmanov's Chagall painting be given to deceived mountain women?

A State Duma deputy from Chemezov’s team joined the defense of the Kremlin oligarch

2023-12-13 20:22

Sobyanin “wrote off” IT specialists as wipers

There is no one to clean Moscow streets

2023-12-12 20:23

How bribes are taken in the Supreme Court

FedorovLeaks: Secret archive of corruption of the adviser to the chairman of the RF Armed Forces

2023-12-11 20:36

The first Russian judge-prosecutor

Strange nuances of the career of the son of the head of the VKKS of the Russian Federation

2023-12-10 21:19


Adviser to the Chairman of the Supreme Court reveals all the behind-the-scenes secrets of the Main Court of the Russian Federation

2023-12-10 20:23

To court from organized crime group

A child of the “Dragon” without education wants to become the head of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Tatarstan

2023-12-09 20:53

How the Artamonovs make money from state healthcare and hide their ends in the water

The scheme is unprofitable for the budget, but pleasant for the governor’s wallet

2023-12-08 20:54

Forensic crime novel

Supreme Court judge lived with wanted leader of organized crime group

2023-12-07 20:49

Volikov and Sviridenko - the tail wags the dog

“Now the title “pocket” has passed to Sviridenko”

2023-12-06 20:16

The brainchild of the king of state orders in Moscow throws everyone away

Children of Alexander Kosovan became hereditary holders of budget capital

2023-12-05 19:40

"The scale of theft is unprecedented"

Rosseti is preparing to cut hundreds of billions of rubles

2023-12-03 21:08

The Curse of Evgeny Zinichev

Everyone who was with the minister at the time of death was imprisoned or fired

2023-12-02 20:11

How a unified surveillance system will become Evtushenkov’s sawmill

“I started withdrawing money while still an agent of the First Main Directorate of the KGB of the USSR”

2023-12-01 21:15

“The last time we became world champions was 10 years ago.”

Legend of the game - Boris Mayorov about problems in hockey

2023-11-30 21:05

AP check for Minister Kravtsov

“Matvienko will make his man the next Minister of Education”

2023-11-29 21:31

How the secret archive of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation was leaked

Advisor to the Chairman of the RF Armed Forces “decides” and shares closed documents

2023-11-28 20:28

“Tame court, convenient for the region’s elite”

Leaders of organized criminal groups - freedom, innocent - prison

2023-11-27 21:30

Chemezov's girlfriend and the war of the Lubyanka towers

How officials and security forces “came to blows” over a corrupt common fund

2023-11-26 20:50

RUSNANO began to be taken away “on the cheap”

Sergei Kulikov wants to blame his scams on Chubais

2023-11-25 21:00

The richest man in the Russian Federation against a disabled person of the second group

Andrey Melnichenko and his wife Alexandra liked the house of three pensioners

2023-11-24 21:21

The pedophile sect operated under the “roof” of the FSB

“Victims and witnesses began to receive threats of physical harm”