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2023-05-16 19:33

Zika, Beetroot and servants of Themis

How the judges of Chekhov near Moscow cover up the lawlessness of the security forces

2023-05-15 18:51

The corruption network "gobbled up" 1.5 billion of state orders

"Schemes involving private and public officials"

2023-05-14 18:54

The reign of chaos and corruption in the Moscow prosecutor's office

With what funds did the Tver prosecutor take the Land Cruiser and personal guards

2023-05-13 18:02

“There is a rat in our department

As a result, the case on corrupt officials was quietly covered up

2023-05-12 19:10

Pet of the TFR from the gang "Don't wake up"

The gray-haired was given a ticket with a security guarantee

2023-05-11 19:03

"Murzilki" of the President of the Russian Football Union

To whom does Alexander Dyukov write down billions of assets

2023-05-10 19:26

“Going against an FSB officer is not worth it”

How to stay without everything and sit down at the whim of a Chekist

2023-05-09 18:52

Marathon of desires of the lawyer Ekaterina Roy

"The rest, as well as their relatives, fell victim to mysterious murders"

2023-05-08 19:23

Priority "feeding trough" of Shoigu's team

The funds of the State Defense Control Center were plundered

2023-05-07 19:45

Murder on the hunt

How the TFR in the Trans-Baikal Territory hides the massacre of the police chief

2023-05-06 20:13

How Prilepin was blown up

For the writer-propagandist came from the DPR

2023-05-05 19:39

“Please tell him that it’s enough to keep me in the rear”

How Rogozin, through Rotenberg, begged for a position from Putin.

2023-05-04 06:55

Scandal around oil depots in Yamal

Who is behind the muddy denominations

2023-05-02 18:26

1.5 billion rubles for the power "roof"

“Witnesses to the theft of billions and connections with the security forces have been arrested”

2023-04-30 18:04

Duma sniper

If the St. Petersburg murder cannot be blamed on Kumarin, it remains unsolved

2023-04-29 19:26

The bloody senator is being sought through the GIAC of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

Former member of the Federation Council, Kremlin killers and the death of Perepelichny and Tingaev

2023-04-28 17:57

The deal with the security forces failed

Who else will be detained from the leadership of the RANEPA

2023-04-28 07:20

How the Department of M FSB “dismissed” a pedophile raider

The son of the deputy head of North Ossetia, a well-known major, a corrupt counterintelligence officer

2023-04-26 17:17

Do not play with the thieves of billions with a "roof" from the FSB

“They began to threaten, promised to set fire to the apartment, plant drugs and kidnap the child”

2023-04-25 18:20

“They killed the guards, they imprisoned Shakro Molodoy, the killer himself is not imprisoned”

How the oligarch Kenes Rakishev used the opportunities of a friend of Kadyrov and friends from the FSB

2023-04-23 17:39

The Holy Fire was not allowed to visit Putin on Easter

Stocks of finance in Croatia, Italy, Germany and warehouses of art objects

2023-04-22 18:36


The case of the defender of the “Police Ombudsman” was made up of porn

2023-04-20 18:10

How Alisher Usmanov's top manager bought a judge

And at the same time he set Metalloinvest's security service on a woman with children

2023-04-19 18:49

Metropolitan judge sent a 13-year-old child to a psychiatric hospital

Doctors admit that the girl is absolutely healthy, but they can’t do anything.

2023-04-18 18:06

“In agreement with the top management of PJSC Gazprom.

How 100 billion budget funds are being cut

2023-04-17 18:05

How the wife of the "King of the Kuban Themis" was smeared from the case

The perpetrators did not answer for taking dozens of old people from their last houses and apartments

2023-04-16 17:14

How much does it cost to shoot three people and not sit down

Witness of the mass murder of the head of the KChR and 100 million rubles

2023-04-15 15:46

“I received an order from the chairman of the ASGM Novikov N.A. on the withdrawal of 26 billion from the Russian Federation”

Moscow judges and a contract on confidential cooperation with the FSB of the Russian Federation for a period of 10 years