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2023-10-12 19:56

Roman Abramovich is getting poorer

The oligarch demonstrates losses of hundreds of billions of rubles

2023-10-11 18:50

“The president’s team was preparing to escape on several planes”

Decree on the usurpation of power in the hands of one president

2023-10-10 19:31

Swedish family of Artem Chaika

Judge Natalya Karzhavina serving VIP husbands

2023-10-09 19:53

United Russia deputy turned out to be the leader of the OPS

Harutyunyan, aka Podolsky, aka “forest”

2023-10-08 19:46

Three doubles of the state security general

How Prigogine instilled a love for doppelgängers

2023-10-07 19:45

Curator of Pavel "Prince" Prigozhin

Where did the chief security officer of the PMC leaders Wagner come from?

2023-10-06 19:15

The defender's blow was fatal

How a famous hockey player is “excused” from killing a woman

2023-10-05 18:44

How smugglers imprison the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The TFR case, which smells of tobacco and alcohol

2023-10-04 19:40

“Caucasus.RF is my wallet”

Georgy Boos at the distribution of kickbacks

2023-10-03 19:24

A sect of pedophiles under the “roof” of the Directorate M of the FSB

The head of the Investigative Committee Bastyrkin took personal control of the scandalous case

2023-10-02 19:19

Blokhin Oncology Center and theft of funds for sick children

“I received funds from the foundation to purchase Czech prosthetics for children at an inflated price”

2023-09-30 19:04

How an OPS was “tailored” from 14 female managers

The Ministry of Internal Affairs “lost” the organizers of the financial pyramid and decided to put ordinary employees on trial

2023-09-29 18:29

“Son of Vymplecom” was loved in the Moscow Arbitration Court

How a “friend of Sergei Chemezov” and the authority of an organized crime group are being “thrown away” for money

2023-09-27 16:47

“Prince Artamonov” distributes positions - for trout

General Armageddon's neighbor "drowned" the Lipetsk region in family corruption

2023-09-26 18:38

Nothing can stop the energy collapse in Dagestan

It's too easy to steal in Dagestan

2023-09-25 19:59

Massacre on Michurinsky

In Moscow, young hooligans beat a 9-year-old girl with sticks and broke her father's nose

2023-09-25 18:49

What was promised to Chekhov's judge Shanina and prosecutor Andyamov?

For a guilty verdict in a criminal case against Oleg Gulyaev and Ivan Zavodnov.

2023-09-24 17:08

Chekists against Shaman

“Which agency can protect me from illegal actions of the M FSB department”

2023-09-23 19:14

Robbed miners “congratulated” Usmanov on his anniversary

The German Constitutional Court will deal with the Kremlin oligarch

2023-09-22 20:33

"A shame! A shame"!

Negotiations and ordering the murder of Tishkov

2023-09-19 19:07

“You are suckers, and I am the son of the head of the council of judges”

Rolls-Royce Cullinan from the Judicial Department of the Supreme Court

2023-09-18 19:19

“The Case of Baikal” and Dvorkovich, Chubais, Trapeznikov

“Redirect the huge flow of budget funds in the right direction”

2023-09-17 18:37

Prosecutor Berizhitsky and the corrupt community

How a billionaire oligarch prosecutor defeats the rule of law in the Samara region

2023-09-16 20:26

“She is not afraid of popular revolt”

How the owner of Wildberries Bakalchuk is outrageous

2023-09-15 19:15

How and why football criminals remain free

Although they are responsible for contract killings and “fixed” matches

2023-09-14 17:58

How Lapukhin made Kavkaz.RF a “cash cow”

Key facilities on Elbrus are being built only on paper

2023-09-13 19:08

Law enforcement friends will meet in the colony

Senator Yuri Valyaev tried, but did not save the corrupt official

2023-09-12 20:38

Friend of the Prime Minister in action

The club of high-ranking CSKA fans got into bad history

2023-09-11 19:57


A high-ranking official attends gay parties dressed as Suzanne

2023-09-10 19:06

"Private paramilitary office named after Plugin"

Advisor to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation spoke about the general’s “squabble”