In 1991, after graduating from special schools with in-depth study of the English language Scherbovich he entered the Russian Economic Academy named  «Plekhanov». In the second year began to work in the "International Finance Corporation» (IFC) - the World Bank's investment structure focused on emerging markets.

In 1994 he moved from Scherbovich privatization IFC department adviser on the position of the stock market of the monitoring group of the Federal Commission for the Securities Market.

In 1995, Ilya Scherbovich received an invitation to work in the "United Financial Group» (UFG), founded a year ago, by former Russian Deputy Prime Minister and former Finance Minister Boris Fyodorov and his counterpart at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Charles Ryan. The "United Financial Group" Scherbovich worked in various positions for a total of 12 years.

In 1996-1997, he worked out a scheme of sale to foreign investors of shares of "Gazprom", which is rated as doubtful - formally the transaction was prohibited by law.

In 1998, three months before the crisis became a co-owner of UFG, acquiring part of the package Paribas within the investment bank's exit from the asset. When Scherbovich "United Financial Group" was transformed from the broker in the investment bank.

In 2003, "Deutsche Bank" has acquired 40% of UFG and received an option to complete the redemption of the company, which took advantage of in 2006. The structure of the newly formed structure DeutscheUFG Scherbovich retained the presidency, while the business investment leading the Russian office of Deutsche Bank.

In 2005 it was named the Association Scherbovich participants of the Russian stock market (NAUFOR) "the best investment banker of the year".

By the time of sale UFG subsidiary of "Deutsche Bank" in 2006 was the largest Scherbovich after Fyodorov and Ryan co-owner of the company with a share of about 20%. In the first quarter of 2007, it has completed the integration of Deutsche UFG in the structure of the bank and in the summer went for a consultant position which he held until the completion of his contract in 2008.

In 2007 Scherbovich engaged in his own project, which invested from the sale of shares in "United Financial Group" - an investment company United Capital Partners, established in late 2006 by a group of former employees and shareholders UFG.

In September 2007, he was appointed president and managing partner of the company with a share capital of more than 50%. According to Forbes reports, on August 2013, total assets managed by the group amounted to 3.5 billion dollars.

In the summer of 2016 Ilya Scherbovich owned 77.7% of the Group companies UCP, equity Scherbovich which he estimated at around $ 2 billion.

In 2000-2001, Ilya Scherbovich was a member of the Supervisory Board of the Bank "Sberbank of Russia".

In 2012 and 2013 Scherbovich in the status of an independent director was a member of the boards of directors of "Rosneft", "Transneft" and "Federal Grid Company". He also was a member of "Uralmash Oil and Gas Equipment," of holding the Board of Directors, which was established by co-UCP and "Uralmash" in 2012.

In childhood seriously engaged in chess.

Ilya Scherbovich married, has a son and a daughter. In an interview with "Vedomosti" Scherbovich named three priorities in life: family, work and fishing.

Scherbovich is the holder of several world records International Game Fish Association for fly fishing. The most notable is a record trout weighing 30.4 kg, caught on fly fishing fly.

Scherbovich is one of the founders of the non-profit partnership "Russian salmon", an organization protecting salmon species in the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as a member of the board of directors of the largest charity for Wild Salmon Wild Salmon Center Protection.

Scherbovich owns the fishing and tourist company "River Ponoy" in the Murmansk region, which owns the license for sport fishing Atlantic salmon on the 80 kilometers of the river Ponoy on the Kola Peninsula. According to media reports, among the guests, who take fishing Shcherbovicha base were former US President Jimmy Carter, President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, the former head of Presidential Administration Sergei Ivanov, a former vice president of the United States Dick Cheney, former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker and others.



In May, "Rosneft", which became a buyer of almost all the major assets of Yukos, has been unable to purchase the asset. During the auction price of the asset has soared from 20 to 100 billion rubles. He went to OOO "Prana", whose shareholders are still unknown. Most of the property included into the lot, "Prana" and then resold, "Rosneft". An investigation by the Kommersant revealed that calls from "Prana" in the unit of Yukos bankruptcy manager Eduard Rebgun received from a phone belonging to the office building, which is located including the UCP. In addition, the Managing Director of UCP Alexander P. Koval (full namesake of the deputy of the State Duma and head of the All-Russian Union of Insurers) was in the number of people requesting information on lot # 13. He came to the office of Yukos and studied the documents relating to the assets being sold. Subsequently, Alexander Koval denied any connection to the "Prana".

Several Kommersant sources in the banking market said that a role in the early retirement Ilya Shcherbovicha played exactly the story of the mysterious "Prana" and its possible connection the UCP. As I have told a source familiar with the situation inside the Deutsche Bank, "since the summer of Ilya worsened relations with the bank's management, which has repeatedly expressed claims against its risk policy on the market." In the past six months, according to Kommersant's sources in the bank, Mr. Scherbovich did not participate in the activities of the Deutsche Bank. The UCP Kommersant yesterday once again categorically denied their attitude to the company "Prana".

"Kommersant.ru" of 30.08.07


"Offshore" the founder of the social network "VKontakte" Pavel Durov, received citizenship Caribbean nation of St. Kitts and Nevis, immediately made several statements about the events taking place in recent years around the resource. As you know, the reason for the last of his conflict with the authorities was the failure to transmit to the prosecutor of the figures in the resource users as well as to close the on-demand security services several groups. As is known, the confrontation with the new owners ended Durov departure from the post of Director General of "VKontakte" Pavel Durov now convinced that for UCP fund Ilya Shcherbovicha recently bought 48% stake in Russia's largest social network, is the president of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin.

Why in the first place in the list of their persecutors Durov puts the head of "Rosneft", which is seen as one of the close to President Vladimir Putin of people, rather than Usmanov, who through Mail.ru Group controls 52% "in contact", and co-owner of the other 48 % of social network - investment fund United Capital Partners (UCP) Ilya Shcherbovicha, which makes the founder of "In touch" judicial claims? According to Durov, that Sechin is for UCP. That Scherbovich may be associated with the president of "Rosneft", the media and others say - very familiar Sechin, a former employee of the presidential administration and the co-owners of the two telecommunications companies.

Ruspres, 28.04.14


Finance Scherbovich always worked for large customers. In the 90 buying up "Gazprom" shares to foreign investors. With the new leadership of the gas monopoly established relations and advised in major oil deals. When resold Moscow Yukos's assets, brokered by convincing journalists that he was not standing behind a mysterious company "Prana" ( "Vedomosti" found it). He sits in "Rosneft" and the board of directors of "Transneft".

After unsuccessful negotiations with Usmanov and Malofeev family Mirilashvili Scherbovich appeared comfortable partner. As they came together, there are several versions - for example, a source in the UCP states that the acquaintance was through mutual friends in Israel.

In any case, the power was on hand to control the profitable "VKontakte" from the inside, rather than through requests or Rospotrebnadzor. The UCP denied that the deal had a political motive, but according to several sources of H & F, she was in charge of the head of "Rosneft" and ally of Vladimir Putin, Igor Sechin.

April 2, 2013 a contract for the sale of offshore was signed - the new shareholder has come through the "hole" that Usmanov's lawyers did not shut down. Forbes calculated that "VKontakte" was estimated at $ 2.2 billion.

The-Village, 23.05.13


The owner of the preferred shares of "Transneft" - LLC "Spotlight" 15 October appealed to the Moscow Arbitration Court to recognize the company's preferred shares voting rights (a copy of the claim is in "Vedomosti"). The second defendant in the case - "Registrar ROST" (Registrar of "Transneft"). The meeting is scheduled for December 14. The plaintiff believes that "Transneft" did not pay dividends in full, deliberately understating the size of the company's profits. Non-payment or partial payment of dividends to holders of preferred shares entitle them according to para. 5, Art. 32 of the Law "On Joint Stock Companies", to participate in the general meeting of shareholders with the right to vote on all matters within its competence, he writes.

"Spotlight" owns 141 share (0.0019% of the capital), said Yuri Sbitnev, the lawyer representing the interests of the company. The company was registered February 25, 2015 The main activities - investments in securities. CEO and owner of 100% - Sidorova Tatiana (data "SPARK-Interfax"). Contact could not be with her.

"We are aware of the rumors that in this appeal [" Spotlight "] is the court allegedly Scherbovich and his senior curator (not called it -." Vedomosti "). But sources provide no evidence to support it, "- said the representative of" Transneft ". Sbitnev denies the connection of "Spotlight" with Scherbovich. «UCP to this lawsuit has nothing to do - said the present UCP. - Judging by the media, it there is a understatement dividend "Transneft" - this topic is relevant for all shareholders of "Transneft". We will closely monitor the situation. " On the question whether the owner of the UCP "Transneft" shares, the representative did not respond.

"Vedomosti", the 11/08/15


LLC "Spotlight" - technical firm dummy with a capital of 10 thousand rubles... Its founder and leader of zits-listed some Sidorova Tatyana. It's her job - Number founder and director of dummy companies. The founder of it is registered in the computer 25 Sidorov also listed in the head of JSC "Tarkus". Its 100 percent founder is CJSC "Forbach" - the office of a higher level, it hangs on 223 established companies. In turn, JSC "Forbach" through a chain of three of affiliated companies, where she is the founder with 100%, owns ZAO "Alor Invest" (84.98%). Here we come to one of the main participants of real whole complex chain of companies - family Gavrilenko. CJSC "Alor Invest" the largest shares belong Gavrilenko Anatoly, his wife Natalia Nikolaevna and his son Anatoly.

Anatoly Gavrilenko - one of the key figures in the intricate pattern of these financial institutions. He held various positions in 38 companies, including the Russian Chamber of Commerce, all Russian stock exchanges, the Bank's Russian Service for Financial Markets (SBRFR). Among these posts - chairman of the Supervisory Board group of companies "ALOR". That is paltry stake in "Alor Invest" should not be misleading - Gavrilenko family full control of the company and all the others listed prokladki.aniyah-firm head - 18.

One of the honorary positions AG Gavrilenko - Chairman of the board of trustees of NPF "Heritage", which bought Ilya Scherbovich through the company "Administrator of funds." With Gavrilenko Scherbovich dealt before, Gavrilenko and partner ShCherbovicha by UCP Alexander Shmelev included as a member of the board of directors is now defunct company OJSC "RTS".

As a result, the following scheme emerges. Ilya Scherbovich himself or someone else's request launched an attack on the state company "Transneft", which in itself is quite risky event. As a cautious man, he decided to use his own firm, not a pacifier, a pacifier from the basket Anatoly Gavrilenko, due to which the Russian elite is so strong that touch him no one would dare.

Stringer, 08.12.15


Since the mid-90's main Ilya Shcherbovicha activities under the leadership of Boris Fyodorov was criminal buying Gazprom shares.

During the investigation of the criminal case N 87022 of criminal bankruptcy of the bank, "East - West", investigators found that UFG has been another major fraudulent business - the illegal buying Gazprom shares (in the media is common English name of the foreign duplicate OFG - United Financial Group (UFG) True., it was not hard to figure out, because UFG-UFG and did not think to hide their business.

To circumvent the restrictions on foreign ownership of Gazprom shares to UFG have used the following scheme. The first stage establishes an offshore company in Moscow, two of its subsidiaries. In the second stage these firms establish three more, each of which have half the share capital. Then, these three firms with the help of two Moscow exchange "in a circle" for its authorized capital, with the result that in each of the three on the average is 27.5% of the shares of the other two, and 45% owned by two Moscow firms. Then the Russian firm's management issued a general power of attorney to him full control of UFG. Companies registered in the district of Chita Oblast Agin, who at the time was an internal Russian offshore - companies registered here do not pay income tax, but only a certain amount to the local budget.

Just UFG in this way was pumped amount to buy more than 6% of the shares of Gazprom. Market analysts estimate the share of UFG on buying foreign shares in favor of Gazprom in 85 - 90% of the total amount of such transactions. Second place gave the company "Troika Dialog".

Even in UFG bought the assets of Sberbank and RAO UES. The owners of these assets passed on the right to vote their shares in firms controlled by Fedorov. With these votes, Boris Fedorov in 2000 was elected to the Board of Directors of OJSC "Gazprom", RAO "UES of Russia" and a member of the Russian Savings Bank Supervisory Council. If enough shares pulled up Shcherbovicha Fedorov, who became a member of the Supervisory Board of Sberbank in 2000 - 2001 years.

Stringer, 07.12.15


The business media and business get-together continued discussion of the situation around OJSC "Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant", which observers Site "Compromising-Ural" recently told readers. The company is a major Russian producer of high-quality zinc, traded on the London Metal Exchange. For several weeks in a row a big stake in the plant, in addition to holdings of UMMC and RCC, is a well-known businessman Ilya Scherbovich (pictured). According to well-known project is associated with overwhelmingly influential "state oligarchs", the head of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin. These facts were the basis of the forecasts that Shcherbovicha entry in shareholders' Chelyabinsk Zinc ... "- this is the beginning of the absorption of the enterprise in the interest of" Rosneft ". According to another version, Scherbovich started an independent game and intends to major premium to sell its stake in the capital of the factory to another well-known businessman Suleiman Kerimov.

United Capital Partners Fund (the UCP) Ilya Shcherbovicha, which many participants of business processes considered raider, increased its stake in the Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant (CZP) to 27% (a blocking stake). The CZP sure that Scherbovich will seek redemption of their shares of the largest shareholders in the consortium represented by UMMC and Russian Copper Company.

Offshore UCP Resources Limited (Bahamas), part of the UCP fund structure Ilya Shcherbovicha, increased its stake in the CZP to 26.95% of the shares with 22.43% at the end of last December.

Now UCP can block all the key decisions on the plant for which you need a qualified majority of votes (75%), as well as lobby for dividends, although, obviously, the main goal - to sell the package at a good price.

Interestingly, in March 2014 United Capital Partners Fund has put forward Ilya Shcherbovicha in CZP Board of Directors. This only confirms the rumors that UCP host may be personally interested in seizing control of this plant, and all, in fact, the raider attack is planned character.


Perhaps Mr. Scherbovich also attempt to bankrupt the company (put into monitoring procedure), that will allow Karimov "on the cheap" to buy a controlling stake in the plant.

Based on the business ShCherbovicha, he has two options for sale - Kerimov or Makhmudov, as shares of the company jumped, as we mentioned above. But if CZP interested Igor Sechin, then maybe, UCP will try to "undermine" the plant through dividends and debt, which will allow Sechin to save on the purchase of non-core asset.

CZP, accounting for about 2% of the world and more than 60% of Russian zinc production. CZP - the only brand Special High Grade zinc producer in Russia with a minimum purity of 99.995% and its alloys. Brand «CZP SHG» on the London Metal Exchange, and the production capacity of electrolysis plant can produce up to 200,000 tonnes of zinc per year. Also available cadmium, indium, sulfuric acid, zinc sulphate.

Kompromatural.ru, 12.02.15


In 1992, a second-year student Shcherbovicha invited to work in Moscow the private sector arm of the World Bank - the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

Who and why did it remain unknown, he Scherbovich never talked about it. IFC was created in 1956 in order to "ensure a steady inflow of private investment in developing countries." The office "provides loans, investment in the form of the equity offering structured finance and risk management products, and provides consulting services in order to stimulate private sector growth in developing countries." If we reject this series of clever words, the IFC - is the economic branch of the US intelligence services, whose task is to build in the different countries of the economic model, profitable US, and preparation of the "right" frame.

When American curators found Ilya Shcherbovicha sufficiently prepared for the work in the interests of international finance capital, its in 1994, twenty-year boy, appoint a consultant Stock Market Monitoring Group of the Federal Commission for the Securities Market (FCSM).

The activities of the commission at the beginning of the formation of capitalist enterprises was extremely important, through it passed all the papers on the formation of joint stock companies from the candle factory to Gazprom. This information is immediately fell on the table, the IFC and the CIA leadership. That the bulk of the Russian high-tech industry has been destroyed in those years.

ROSPRES, 11.01.16


The word "greenmail", to put it simply - corporate blackmail, already firmly tied to Scherbovich media. In addition to "Transneft" was scandalous history with the purchase and subsequent resale of shares in the social network "VKontakte". At the same time save the "afloat" business that requires deep industry competence and support is an operating business, UCP hard - as happened with shoe network "Monarch". After gaining control of retailer, UCP has led the company to an early bankruptcy.

A recent example - the trial around the shares of "Fashion Continent" (owns Incity clothing brand). In this process Scherbovich draws seven former Tula Region Governor Vladimir Gruzdev almost at full strength.

"Fashion Continent" is now one of Russia's largest clothing retailers. Revenue, according to the company in SPARK, in 2015 was about 7.6 billion rubles.

According to "Vedomosti", the legal dispute between the company "United Capital Partners Limited Assets" (registered in Cyprus is UCP fund) and the anonymous offshore company registered in the Seychelles "Sisa Artis Holdings Inc.". From the text of the statement of claim UCP it shows that in January 2016 the fund has concluded with "Sis" an agreement to provide the option to enter into a contract of sale of 10% shares of "Fashion of the continent", belonging to the UCP (total fund owns about 26% of the company). This right has been granted for the money - the option premium amounted to 150 thousand US dollars. "Sis" was supposed to pay this premium to 27 May 2016, even if it decided not to buy shares of "Fashion of the continent" in UCP. The option premium was not listed in the stipulated period of the agreement, that is, until 27 May 2016.

UCP need to recover from the "Sis" amount of the option premium, as well as penalties and interest on arrears - only 150 250 USD. The lawsuit was filed on June 8 this year and taken into consideration by the judge S. Protasov in record time - 9 June. The first trial was also promptly scheduled for June 30th.

"Sisa" said UCP counterclaim on June 27 - allegedly said in the statement of claim, the premium has not been paid because the fund has hidden the essential details, thus violating the agreement signed in January. According to the "Sis", the UCP has provided incorrect information about the owners of "Fashion of the continent". Thus, the fund said that the controlling shareholders of the retailer are Nelly and Olga Gruzdev, but "Sisa" allegedly "found" that the controlling shareholder is a former governor - Vladimir Gruzdev. This was the reason for non-payment of premium, he says, "Sis": offshore refers to the violation of paragraph 7.1. agreement with UCP (assurance of the reliability of information on affiliated persons of "Fashion Continent") and demands to fund a fine of 20 thousand US dollars.

Sources believe that the business between UCP and "Sis" might be "trumped" by the fund, and "Sis", most likely, is affiliated the UCP. It is possible that the UCP, as in the case of "Transneft", is seeking to partner bought a share in the fund company, and for obvious overpriced. When UCP acquired shares of "Fashion of the continent" in 2007, the entire company was valued at about $ 50 million.

«IA Regnum»,  9/21/16


The UCP Foundation, created in 2007 by Ilya Scherbovich, owns more than 1 million preferred shares of "Transneft", he told "Interfax" the representative of "Transneft" Igor Demin. The package has been accumulated over the years 2012-2015. The exchange traded 1.5 million preferred shares. UCP representative confirmed that the Fund is a significant shareholder of "Transneft". A source close to the UCP, knows that the fund is not declared "Transneft" the number of shares.

"Interfax" reported that the Association of Professional Investors (API) has sent a proposal to the government to formulate the state approaches to dividend payments to state-owned companies. Holders of preference shares over the years rely on dividends are not paid less for ordinary shares, specified in the document.

The purpose of the letter IPA - get "unjustified advantages in the payment of dividends on preferred shares of" Transneft "for 2015 directly to Ilya Shсherbovicha and submitted them to interested parties," said a spokesman of "Transneft", "Now Elijah Scherbovich deliberately trying to mislead the Russian government and deliberately distorting the facts regarding the placement of preference shares in the company. " He recalled that the Supreme Arbitration Court decided that the amount of shareholder rights is determined by the shareholders' contribution to the capital of the company: "The former and current owners of preferred shares never carried out any investment in the company is not made in the capital of the company or one ruble. All investments attributable to the preferred shares of "Transneft", were carried out at public expense. " "Shareholders" Transneft "(and we also) are dissatisfied with a systematic underestimation of the profit of the parent company and, as a consequence, lower dividends. The company is somehow surprising, - said the representative of the UCP. - Currently, several shareholders filed lawsuits in the courts <...> competent people working in the government. They can not be "misleading."

"Vedomosti", 12/05/16


It became aware of the pressure of Ilya Shсherbovicha UCP fund on management of "Transneft".

UCP Investment Fund at the end of 2015 was negotiating the sale of its stake for $ 2.8-2.9 billion, says RBC. So that the campaign, ostensibly aimed at protecting the interests of minority shareholders "Transneft", turned out to be a well thought out operation, designed to provide excess profits to one of the largest shareholders of the company's pipeline.

Himself this information refutes the investment fund. However, wrote "Vedomosti" in November 2015, much points to the fact that the application to the court some of "Spotlight" is able to stand owner Ilya Scherbovich UCP. A founder of "Vkontakte" Pavel Durov, who sold social network packet Fund, was convinced that by the owner of the UCP is the president of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin, particularly emphasized the newspaper.

Karl-marks.ru, 07.06.16


Some analysts believe that the "purses" Igor Sechin, serves precisely Ilya Scherbovich. Note that in 2012-2013 Ilya Scherbovich was a member of the boards of directors of major Russian companies, in particular, JSC "NK" Rosneft "and do not seem to have forgotten their patron.

For net profit after dividends are and how to Sechin and his entourage. Sechin was chairman of "Rosneft" the Board of Directors from 2004 to 2011, and from May 2012 - the president of the company.

For example, dividends paid in 2011 amounted to 36 billion rubles, and by the end of 2012 exceeded all expectations dividends - amounted to 30% of the profits - 84 billion rubles!

The annual salary Sechin at the head of the oil company, Forbes magazine in November 2012, estimated at $ 25 million. Moreover, Sechin first became a shareholder of "Rosneft", having obtained a package of 2 billion rubles million rubles, and then it increased!

Money earned Igor Ivanovich need somewhere to go, and Mr. Scherbovich this seems to be doing well.

The Moscow Post, 27.07.16


It is remarkable that in just a few weeks after the stock transactions I. Scherbovich he was included among the candidates for the board of directors of the same "Transneft" - as an independent director. It is no accident - according to the investigation, it was one of the elements of an agreement between him and his high-ranking patron. Is it any wonder that the proposal for inclusion in I. Scherbovicha candidates prepared directly secretariat Igor Sechin.

Stringer, 22.03.12

In the biography ShCherbovicha many dark spots. It is strange and his career took off when in 1994, twenty-year student appointed consultant of the stock market of the monitoring group of the Federal Commission for the Securities Market (FCSM). Through this commission, whose activity was controlled by US advisers, were all the documents on formation of joint stock companies from the candle factory to Gazprom, the information immediately fell on the table overseas analysts. That the bulk of the Russian high-tech industry has been destroyed in those years.

The Moscow Post, 20.12.16


Why push some Shсherbovicha Sechin in "Rosneft" and "Transneft", and even more why he Sechin in power grids? Sechin had to remember that this upstart in 2007 cool heated it with the purchase of 13 lots at the sale of Yukos assets. But staring for Russia from the global financial International, a man in power is even needed. When expressed in terms of a conspiracy theory, Scherbovich - an ideal candidate from the fifth column in Russia's strategic assets management structure. Honored financial crook, fraudster favorite disciple and pro-Western liberal Boris Fyodorov.

NovostiMira24, 11.01.16


Following one after another, "obviously senseless" lawsuits UCP fund against the company "Transneft" could be interesting for the Russian security services, media reported.

The head of the investment fund UCP Scherbovich Ilya spent the last two years, observers estimated that at least ten million dollars on a series of lawsuits against the state pipeline monopoly "Transneft" and dozens of custom-made articles attacking its leadership. In this case no benefit of these costs for the fund and personally Shсherbovicha not visible.

The campaign against "Transneft" Ilya Scherbovich holds under the slogan of defending the rights of minority shareholders - owners of the preferred shares traded in the market of "Transneft" (in the prefecture accounts for 21.9% of the share capital of the company, the rest of the capital consists of ordinary voting shares, fully owned by the state). Thus, UCP two lawsuits related to the fact that the dividends on preferred shares of the 2013th and 2015 were lower than for ordinary shares. The complainant referred to the presidential decree of 1 July, 1992 № 721, according to which dividends on the preference shares can not be less than dividends on ordinary voters. The Court of First Instance dismissed the claims as "Transneft" has acted according to the State regulations, according to which the preferred shares are paid 10% of net profit under RAS. In addition, the size of the dividend is determined by the board of directors, that is, representatives of the government. Ilya Scherbovich actually started to sue the government, which obviously could not be completed successfully.

ROSBALT, 10.01.17

Investment fund Shсherbovicha UCP (United Capital Partners, LLC "United Capital Partners Advisory") is registered in the Cayman Islands, which belong to NATO's member Britain, p / 309, Ugland House, Grand Cayman, KY1-1104.

The path to the Cayman Islands proved to be a young financier rapid. Career rise financial wunderkind began in 1994. "Plehanovki" twenty-year student appointed consultant (!) Of the stock market of the monitoring group of the Federal Commission for the Securities Market (FCSM).

What is the experience gained in the commission Ilya Scherbovich and whom he consulted there, do not know about that period of his activity is not the future financier uttered a word. However, we know that the experience was not in vain, because ShCherbovicha Commission immediately invited to work in the company of UFG. It commanded a "financial swindler" Charles Ryan and former Finance Minister Boris Fyodorov. She practiced criminal UFG buying up shares of "Gazprom". In those years, the shares of the gas monopoly was forbidden to buy foreign owners, only receipts for shares (ADR) traded on the world market. But since in shares of "Gazprom" have cost the country many times cheaper than the ADR on the London Stock Exchange, has several companies involved in buying shares in the gas giant on behalf of foreign owners in circumvention of the law, of which the UFG was the largest company.

And the biggest companies gave orders for the purchase of the largest buyer of - the famous William Browder. Disclose close cooperation Browder and Fedorov was not in the interests of both sides, but it was replaced by Browder in the Board of Directors of "Gazprom" from minority shareholders in 2000, Boris Fedorov.

Ilya Scherbovich on most pictures look great, but in real life, who know him personally say people, it looks gloomy. The reason for sadness healthy youngish man, probably, in the past the same William Browder. Somehow it hurt a lot about this man dead.

William Browder now - one of the leading expert consultants of British intelligence, almost a symbol of the struggle against the Putin regime. Much of his efforts in the US and Europe launched a large-scale anti-Russian campaign. Surprisingly the same Browder campaign against Russia in the West and dozens of written as a blueprint for the benefit of Shсherbovicha articles in the Russian media.

But it is impossible as long as he get to information about oil and fuel flows. Not held in the board of directors of their own, I did not get a truck with the documents could not achieve removal of the President of "Transneft" Nikolay Tokarev. Yes, a lack of funds for dubious financial transactions UCP does not feel. But Boris Fedorov and the money is not needed.

Would Russian secret services it is time to take an interest in the activities of the UCP, an inexhaustible source of his billions, the reason for the strange lawsuits against state-owned companies?

InterRight, 10.01.17