In 1994, while still a student, he founded the company "Finans-Analytic" with three classmates.

In 2002, he transformed the company into an investment holding company called Finam, and in a year all units of the holding were transferred to a single brand "Finam".


In 2002, for the purpose of developing investor management services, investors formed a new division of the holding company "Finam" - OOO "Managing Company" Finam Management ".


In 2004, he acquired the Megawatt-Bank. In 2006, the rebranding procedure for JSCB Megawatt-Bank was carried out, it changed its name to ZAO Investment Bank Finam.


In August 2007, he completed a deal to acquire the radio station "Big Radio" (later renamed "Finam FM").


In 2011, I bought the airfield "Bolshaya Gryzlovo" in the Serpukhov district of the Moscow region.




The whole story begins in the middle of the troubled 90s ... Then Victor Remsha created, together with several comrades, a company that specialized in publishing a stock exchange bulletin. However, this business did not bring the desired results, and the founders chose to leave it. What they are doing now is unknown. Maybe they sell furniture, but as a result, Victor Remsha remained the only shareholder of the company, who decided that it was his time. At the same time, it was decided to reorient its activities to servicing private investors in the securities market. 2010


"Finam" survived the crisis of 1998 and was entrenched in the Main Post Office on Myasnitskaya Street 26. The company grew, underground millionaires brought money to Remshe. Employees of "Finam", who in his youth was called "Finance Analyst", Victor idolized. He knew everyone by name and remembered who was doing what. Particularly proud of these secretaries, whom their former bosses called Natusikami, although they were, for example, Spotlights. 2010


In 2005, after a violent fire in the office center of Finam on Myasnitskaya Street in Moscow, the company wrote off more than 100,000 Gazprom shares and some other positions without instructions. Suspicions of strong-willed write-off of other assets arose due to a strange selectivity for positions. In the fire, according to representatives of the "Finam", only two orders in paper form from hundreds of names were lost. In the internal accounting of the movement of securities, this was not reflected. As for the activities of Finam Investment Bank, the supervisory bodies also had questions in 2006, but since Finam hosted major players, it was not allowed to touch it in the pre-crisis period.


oleganisimov. 14.12.2009




The first business was brokerage. But over time, he ceased to be Victor's favorite child. At some point, Remsha even increased the size of the brokerage commission for clients, expecting that half of them would run up. In vain evil tongues spoke of the greed and greed of Victor. But in fact, he liked to put experiments on other people. For example, somehow he started a "Golden share" campaign, which aroused the animal instincts of seemingly decent people. It was necessary to buy a Forbes magazine and a postcard enclosed in it for a security paper in the office of Finam. "We touched on the deepest human emotion," Remsha said at the time, "lusting for profit." Crashes in mid-February 2007 were creepy. Postcards had a value only until 21 February. And at some point Remsha wanted to organize on February 21 in two copies, but did not have enough opportunities. In a short time it was impossible to convince astronomers, the governments of the countries and the House of Weights and Measures in that February 21 should be served double. 2010


The Federal Service for Financial Markets (FFMS) accused one of the largest brokers - the company "Finam" in violation of the ban on unsecured sales. The FSFM claims that the company falsified the reporting to circumvent the requirements. Representatives of the broker call the situation a misunderstanding. For violation of the ban on transactions that caused the autumn collapse on the Russian stock market, the Federal Service for Financial Markets annulled the qualification certificate of Viktor Remshi, the company's general director and main shareholder. The license of the Finam itself has not yet been withdrawn.


Kommersant. 03/04/2009



In spite of Remshi's high-profile statements about the attentive and caring attitude to each client, the practice of the Finam led by him included unprecedented changes in the rules of working with individuals unprecedented in their rudeness. So, in early 2009, the unexpected opening of the next day of trading was accompanied by the establishment of a minimum commission with a fairly high ceiling. In one morning, as a "commission" from the accounts of customers, the amounts from one thousand to 30 thousand rubles from each were written off. As if in support of his secret intentions, Remsha said in an interview that small clients in the market should allocate a separate niche, otherwise they will cause permanent losses.


Rateyourboss. 24.10.11


Then Remsha thought about it and realized that power and power were not in the tools of labor. And not the shop "Tea and coffee" on Butcher, bought on occasion. Such a luxurious building is near, but there is no joy. You need some other substance.


This broad view of life and did not allow Victor to limit himself only to investment and brokerage. The first new substance was the dating network "Mamba" ( And who now does not know "Mambu" with a mass of girls for one night?


"Finam" also got its own radio station "Finam FM", began to drive on it classical Western rock, alternating it with conversations of the leaders about all sorts of things. Finam also bought a bank, created in due time under the formidable name of Megawatt-Bank, and renamed it the investment bank Finam. After that, the customers stopped being frightened and went cant. It is rumored that the appetite of "Finam" was not satisfied with this and the next purchase of Viktor Remsha should become the O2TV television channel. 2010



Needing credit, my husband, Tsybulev Dmitry Gennadievich, applied to Finam Bank through his friend Remsha Viktor Mikhailovich. The husband knew that Remsha is the owner of the holding company "Finam", which includes the bank of the same name. He agreed to issue a loan on repayment terms in a year, taking into account 20% per annum ...

 When her husband arrived to sign a loan agreement, he was asked to sign a sales contract and an obligation to buy back. He was offered bewilderment to contact Remsha, who said that it was a pure formality, because the bank in connection with the crisis can not issue a loan in an official way, and that there is a practice of issuing loans with registration in this way ...

Our attempts to find out the situation were unsuccessful, since none of the bank's employees, including Remsha, contacted or said that this was the decision of the bank's management. Employees of the bank reported that our house was sold for 8 million rubles, which is significantly lower than the real market value ...

About 10 hours these people broke into the territory of the site, broke the gate, drove the armored bus that belongs to the bank "Finam", closed the gates with chains so that no one could enter and exit the site. ..

on our site and the house an armed attack of the "Vlata" ChOP was carried out in the number of 20 people using the service weapon.


"The Moment of Truth". 01/01/2013



February 25, 2013 at the "Fifth Channel" came the next issue of "Moment of Truth". In the last 10 minutes of the program, its presenter and author Andrei Karaulov recalls an episode from his own program about "an attempted raider capture of the famous Perlov house - the Chay store in Moscow." Luxurious old mansion. "Mr. Remsha, head of the Finam firm, he was talking about in our January plot, there is a criminal case, the "Moment of Truth" is coming, and Mr. Remsha (such a coincidence) immediately turns out to be right where in the United States of America .I ask whether Mr. Remsha was arrested by the press secretary of Finam [Vladimir Isaev] ".


Then Isayev himself is shown, laughingly saying "no", followed by an indistinct squabble - Isaev does not know about any criminal case against Remsha, and Karaulov claims that it already exists as a month and a half. To understand what kind of case is involved and in the production of which department or agency it is, it is difficult to understand from the video.


In the January broadcast, which was referred to by Karaulov (broadcast on January 14), several interlocutors say that the raider's seizure of the mansion on Myasnitskaya was carried out, for which, among other things, "on the basis of extracts from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Remsha Viktor Mikhailovich immediately prepares falsified materials and sends to 46- (the main registering tax authority in Moscow)


"FLB". 04/03/2014




In the Manhattan branch of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, a lawsuit was filed by Russian citizen Viktor Remsha, who accuses the Manfattan organization "Institute for Russian Studies" (Institute for Russian Research) of defamation and demands $ 50 million from it ...

On March 4, 2013, the Institute for Russian Research put on the Internet a deck of 48 playing cards called the "Russian Mafia." On each map was placed a portrait of the most prominent representative of Russian-language organized crime according to his position, from ace to deuce. Sixes in the pack were not, because on Russian throat argo this numeral sounds humiliating. The 43-year-old Remsha became the "Queen of Spades" there, explaining that he was "the founder of a large investment company involved in money laundering of Russian organized criminal groups", and his company "helps many aces (pillars) of the Russian mafia to conduct transactions, buy assets and to transfer money from abroad to Russia. "


"MC in the New World." 04/30/2014



After the blocking of sex-service sites, the main place of placement of services for Russian prostitutes, participants of bdsm-sessions and transgender people is the service ....

CJSC Mamba through the Cyprus offshore is 31% owned by Mail. ru Alisher Usmanov, the main shareholder of himself calls the group "Finam" Victor Remsha.


"Ruspress". 08/21/2012



There is also a history of cooperation between Finam and the Living Office of the largest St. Petersburg office equipment supplier. The company issued a loan of 150 million rubles to the "Live Office" on the security of shares. And then they practically depreciated - after three years they were almost 20 times cheaper. In 2016, the "Living Office" began the procedure for its bankruptcy. Was it a disguised withdrawal of money?


And "Finam" is afloat. Perhaps Victor Remshy has over serious patrons at the top? Everybody would like to increase their finances. But is this not happening in individual cases at the expense of such clients as Bolshakov? 09/04/2018



Employees of the FSB came to the office in Nastasinsky Lane in the center of Moscow this morning. Law enforcers seized documents relating to the activities of one of the bank's customers. He is suspected of incomplete payment of value-added tax (VAT).

At the same time, the Finam group of companies noted that the bank's work was blocked due to investigative actions


"NTV." 02/14/2018


Managers of the bank meanwhile are trying to calm the panic. Chairman of the Board of the Finam Group of Companies Vladislav Kochetkov assures that the FSB carries out the seizure of documents only for one of the bank's customers. ... The client, who was interested in law enforcement, received a loan from the bank to buy the aircraft four years ago. The airplane was cargo, but it was decorated according to documents as a passenger one. The Investigative Committee believes that this was done for the purpose of fraud with VAT.


"Ruspress". 02/15/2018



The Bank of Russia has revealed the manipulation of financial instruments at the auctions of the Mossbirge, the regulator said. Based on the results of the checks, it was established that manipulation was carried out by prior agreement with persons who were connected either with issuers or with bidders. We are talking about deals with shares of a number of Russian and foreign issuers, including United Company RUSAL Plc Oleg Deripaska and Polyus Gold International Limited, the family of Senator Suleiman Kerimov, as well as transactions in the share market. ...

In all established cases of market manipulation there were foreign legal entities having interrelations with JSC Finam, as well as persons who issued power of attorney for transactions with securities addressed to persons who were employees of FINAM JSC in the relevant periods. Also, FINAM JSC acted as a market maker in various periods of circulation of financial instruments ....

The bank and the Finam group belong to Viktor Remsche, who was previously suspected of cashing money.


"Ruspress". 08/28/2018



The client of the investment holding "Finam" Sergey Bolshakov believes that he was deceived by 300 million rubles. He wrote this to the Moscow Post. For a year and a half, Bolshakov is trying to achieve the truth. And the employees of the holding company "Finam" seem to be openly mocking him. In despair, Bolshakov wrote a video message to Vladimir Putin. There is no other council for holding "Finam"? 09/04/2018