From 2000 to 2004 she worked in the Ministry of Property of Russia as a consultant, adviser, deputy head of the department in the Department of Legal Support.

Since 2004, she continued her work experience in the Federal Agency for State Property Management as Deputy Head of the Department, Head of the Department of Immovable and Movable Property.

The order of the Ministry of Economic Development on August 22, 2008 was appointed deputy head of the Federal Agency for State Property Management.

By the Decree of the Mayor of Moscow on October 26, 2010, N.Shergunina was appointed Deputy Mayor of Moscow in the Government of Moscow and Head of the Property Department of Moscow.

Decree of the Mayor of Moscow on December 6, 2011 appointed to the post of Deputy Mayor of Moscow in the Government of Moscow on issues of property and land relations.

June 6, 2013 appointed acting Deputy Mayor of Moscow in the Government of Moscow on issues of property and land relations.

September 17, 2013 appointed Deputy Mayor of Moscow in the Government of Moscow on economic policy and property-land relations.




The daughter of a judge of the military tribunal Alexei Sergunin (originally from Sverdlovsk), Natalia was really born in Moscow, but her childhood passed in various parts of Eurasia, from the mysterious Khabarovsk to the prestigious Germany. Everywhere there were Soviet garrisons, everywhere it was necessary to make harsh military justice. Only with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the family's life entered a normal track - the girl graduated from the capital's school with a silver medal and, in the footsteps of her father, decided to become a lawyer. In 2000 she graduated from law faculty of Moscow State University with a red diploma. Her father had already stopped working at the time, both in the tribunal and in the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, yet probably preserved the old ties and helped the girl to become a consultant to the Russian Ministry of Property. Alexei Kimovich himself, by the way, is very vigorous (he is only 62 years old), he is a prosperous Moscow lawyer, chairman of the board "Sergunin and partners".


And his daughter quickly made a career, and in 2004, when the ministry was transformed into an agency (Rosimushchestvo), was already deputy head of the department. A little later, she headed the department of immovable and movable property - the main thing in the structure of the agency. Finally, since 2008, at 30, she is deputy head of the Federal Property Management Agency. It is interesting to note that in those years the state agency had very tense relations with the Moscow mayor's office - both sides claimed to manage a lot of delicious objects in the capital. 01/22/2018


November 15, the problem was discussed in the government of the Ryazan region at a meeting initiated by the Federal Agency for Federal Property Management of the Ministry of Economic Development. According to the website of the Museum of Russia, "the meeting was conducted by the head of the department of immovable and movable property of the Federal Property Management Agency, Natalia Sergunina, who in an ultimatum demanded an urgent resolution of this issue at any cost." All arguments appealing to common sense, appeals to public opinion (based on the results of a survey of regional radio Ryazan residents are unequivocally opposed to the eviction of the museum from the Kremlin), they were rejected. In response to the views expressed by the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation AS Sokolov that "in any case the museum should not seem to be in worse conditions, "and the opinion of the governor of the Ryazan region GI Shpak about the need to build a new modern museum building, NS Sergunin in sharp form replied that there was no funds for its construction and would not be. her opinion can be the translation of museum expositions and collections from the collections of the museum-reserve or to the museum of the history of the youth movement, or to the former shopping arcade, or to the chamber music hall, or to the regional art museum-buildings that are absolutely not suitable Yat for this, both in area and in the terms of the placement. In addition, all these facilities have long been adapted to fulfill the statutory goals of the regional cultural institutions.

In general, the behavior of Mrs. Sergunina was, to put it mildly, defiant. Dispersing left and right threats of administrative punishments, up to the dismissal of the director of the museum-reserve, she categorically demanded the immediate resolution of all issues. Such behavior of an official of such a high rank was a shock to all those present and causes deep perplexity. There is no doubt that the officials of the Ministry of Economic Development are deeply indifferent to the fate of the museum, their only task is to fulfill the president's resolution ... " 03/22/2006



The property and land complex of Moscow was headed by the former deputy head of the Federal Property Management Agency, Natalia Sergunina ... After graduating from the Moscow State University in 2000, Sergunina came into the then Ministry of Property as a consultant and passed all the steps: she was an advisor, deputy and then head of the department, and in 2008 she became deputy head Federal Property Management Agency. .. In addition to her youth and exactingness, Natalia Sergunina is known for standing at the source of a loud bill on the return of church property and lands. According to Sergunina, property that does not provide for the performance of public functions, must find an effective owner. Most often, religious facilities are now occupied by the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Agriculture, colony, insulators, gyms and private clubs. And the bill is aimed at taking away these objects and transferring them to dioceses. According to Rosokhrankultura, the total number of objects that fall under the law, 20-25 thousand. Sharply opposed to the initiative of Sergunina were the museums. For example, in 2007, defenders of the Ryazan Kremlin memorial estate sent a letter to the then First Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev with a request to prevent the transfer of the museum's territory to the introduction of the diocese. 10/26/2010


A NEW STAGE OF MOSCOW OFFICIAL OFFICES FOR "LITERARY RUSSIA". The hawks from the government of Moscow come up with new moves, how to crack down on an objectionable publication: they then terrorize the newspaper with endless written demands to immediately move out, then they try to set criminal investigation on us, they deprive us of heat, dooming journalists to terrible cold and painful diseases ... The alleged mayor Sobyanin had already received orders to deal with his subordinates, who were pushing the paper, and ordered the newspaper to be kept behind the newspaper. But it seems that all these orders are torpedoed by Deputy Mayor Natalia Sergunina, which seems to be going on in the wake of the odious oligarch Gutseriev, who flooded the stage with his graphomaniac texts ... This summer, Deputy Mayor of Moscow Sergunin, dissatisfied with the fact that the newspaper was not rushing to go out, already tried set a criminal investigation on our editorial board.


Literary Russia. 10/14/2016


When Sergunina rose at the helm of the property complex of one of the world's largest megacities, she was only 32 years old. Then she dissolved her marriage and single-handedly began to raise her daughter's daughter in 2003. The identity of her husband was not disclosed, the surname of the vice-mayor, apparently, a girl. With the housekeeping of the vice mayor argues: the whole country saw how she cooks lazy dumplings - well, her mother for the first education - the technologist of food production (the second - the translator from Italian and English).

For seven years of work in the Moscow government, Sergunina constantly tried to move from the status of "the girl who signs papers" to the reputation of a completely independent figure. Among the most famous of its decisions is the action "1 ruble per 1 square meter": it was for this kind of money that Moscow started renting out dilapidated mansions, provided they were restored at the expense of the tenant. However, the program did not have much success.


In addition, it was under Sergunina that active privatization of Moscow real estate began: she ironically actively cut the ramified Luzhkov farm to replenish the city's budget with profits from auctions, and then with taxes. However, not always it was a question of profit: we already mentioned the program "ruble per meter", but there was also another - restitution. Sergunina is considered one of the authors of the bill on the return of church property and lands. It is interesting that when this law was adopted, Sergunina just moved from the Federal Property Management Agency to Moscow, and I must say that she did not have any high-profile facts of the Church's property transfer in the capital (compare with the noise around St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg). 01/22/2018

One of the most expensive designs is the Santa Claus sleigh, installed at the Triumphal Arch on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. They were worth 44.1 million rubles, and they were made by the company "All myself", in total received from the mayor's office for the creation of decorative figures and the New Year's decoration of the departing highways of more than 780 million. Earlier, the company "All myself" has never done lighting work, but successfully cooperated with the Department of Trade and Services of Moscow, which is supervised by Vice-Mayor Natalia Sergunina. For example, the organization was the only participant in the experiment to install robotic kiosks, which were supposed to replace the usual grocery stalls in the streets of Moscow (in May 2016, the experiment was suspended). In 2015-2016, the company "All myself" became the largest producer of new street kiosks, receiving orders from the Moscow Department of Trade and Services by almost 2.87 billion rubles.


And all these seasonal glass bottles - are included in the property of the city, we note. However, they are not reusable - disposable, money - to the wind. That is, for the budget - and dilapidated housing in the heart of Moscow (see photo - Krivokolenny lane, house today), and these garlands - are one.


Literary Russia. 01/26/2012


With the most expensive decorations seen on Russian officials, we will get acquainted further. Natalia Sergunina, Deputy Mayor of Moscow.

Necklace and ring of the French brand Van Cleef & Arpels for 2.3 million rubles. 09/16/2015


But for the time being the printing press worked on the old inertia of orders, Chernikov was assigned to it a car wash from the multi-tier garage of the Moscow Credit Bank, hoping that the masters of bankers would occasionally need their services, no longer printing, by themselves. The car wash, according to rumors, gave a hundred thousand rubles per month, and on that printing house, already without the old shaft of orders provided by the government of Moscow - somehow lived. But how such grief-leaders "develop" entrusted to them, we have known since 2000: for example, on the street Worker demolished house number six, a monument of constructivism work of Wammus, - under the command of AA. Matrosov is not someone, but the SUE "Reconstruction and development of unique objects." Now this office and the trace have caught a cold, but have earned on building there, a point, 16-storey floors are large. However, in the tenth years, the turn came and the printing presses completely annihilated - about three years ago, its careful chairman of the board of directors (whom the printers had never seen) did not resist the demolition, or maybe initiated it himself in the corridors of the mayoralty. Workers of the printing presses announced that the DGI, headed by Sergunina and the media department (which was renamed the former Committee) decided to liquidate the "unprofitable" printing house, and sell its land profitable.


Literary Russia. 05/05/2017


So, the Moscow government needed to buy 135 cars in Moscow. Ordinary, in general, the situation. Municipal enterprise SEM, formerly known as GUP "Moscow Property", placed an appropriate application on the site of public procurement. The winner was the Cyprus company Fuderin Trading and Investments Limited.


Actually, already here you can interrupt reading and take to the mayor's office a handcuffs. To what it was necessary to bring the city, so that its power would buy in it the same couple of thousand meters of banal asphalt off the Cyprus offshore? But these are only flowers. Do you know how much these meters cost Muscovites? In 1 billion rubles. Each car place - for 7.4 million rubles. Your apartment, dear reader, costs very much less than this stand for official wheels with a very high probability. Think about it, every square meter of asphalt for 500 thousand rubles. The very same meter that the City Hall has allocated for the development of the City!

Part of the taxes from this transaction will go to the budget of the Republic of Cyprus. In this sense, the Department of Property Relations of the capital and its head Natalia Sergunina showed themselves to be strongly pronounced foreign agents. Well, it must be the Cypriots: you sit on the paradise shore, enjoy life, then the little bell tinkled: the unemployment benefit was transferred from the Moscow money. 04/04/2018


In April 2014, a new director of the VDNKh Vladimir Pogrebenko was appointed. He immediately began to implement the modern concept of the VDNKh development, which for some reason is hampered by all the previous owners and tenants of the exhibition. A year has passed: the attractions at VDNKh are in the same place, but they can not receive visitors, and the notorious concept has not been realized. Vladimir Pogrebenko is supported at the highest level. At the stage of appointment, Pogrebenko was promoted by Deputy Mayor of Moscow Natalia Sergunina ...

The second video was made earlier, when Pugrebenko was not yet the head of the exhibition, but Natalia Sergunina had already come to the post of deputy mayor, and the program of cleaning VDNKh from stalls, "shalmans" and unwanted tenants began actively. Workers under the auspices of the "Vityaz" Chop have opened asphalt in the amusement park. Pieces of asphalt were thrown all the tracks, dug all approaches to the attractions. A moat formed around the attractions, which could not be overcome by the PBA employees, and, of course, visitors did not want to do it. The work of the park was paralyzed suddenly and without declaration of war.


The fact is that several departments of the mayoralty, headed by Natalia Sergunina, are moving to the tower "Oko". The area is 50 thousand square meters. m - have already been redeemed from the company Capital Group, owned by Paul Cho, and now it was required and to take care of vehicles.


By itself, the purchase of office space was rolled elegantly - without an open tender, because the customer was not the city hall proper, but the SUE REM. The price of the issue, according to the Telegram channel "Reinforced Concrete", - 6.39 billion for the area itself and another 3.075 billion for their repair. The first amount was received by Capital Group itself, the second - the company controlled by Investprofi.


By the way, have you ever bought a house or an office? Repair is expensive, but not so much! In what condition should the room be for repair to cost half its value? Given that the price of the room itself was not below the market.


Incidentally, this is not all. The mayor's office, again through SUE REM, signed an agreement with the same Capital Group on the construction of a residential complex near the City - apparently to make it easy for Sergunin's people to work. Convenience has cost taxpayers another 8.894 billion rubles., But the native of Tashkent, Paul Cho counts multi-billion profit. 04/04/2018



The large metropolitan company "MaximaTelecom", a WiFi operator in the Moscow and St. Petersburg metro, which won the relevant contests without struggle, unwittingly revealed the name of its main co-owner. He was Estonian citizen Urmo Wallner, suspiciously close to the Moscow Minister Liksutov ... Of course, all these schemes of sucking to the capital budget would be impossible without the active assistance of the "quiet privatizer" Natalia Sergunina, who manages the city economy and property. Yes, the transport department shows enviable independence, including in the organization of tenders, but still, whatever one may say, it goes to foreign agents namely urban property: the rights to organize transportation, to distribute wireless networks. Or is she really still seeing on the sympathetic Maxim Lixutov at least one free spot for samples?

As a result, we have a huge budget for a particular region, part of which is simply not a sin to distribute among its people. Or directly - through specially organized tenders, to which no one comes except the dear persons to Sergunin's department - or indirectly, through the provision of opportunities to earn without competition, as happened with Aeroexpress, the "Reks" trains and the ill-fated "MaxTelecom" and his wry programmers.


"New Izvestia." 05/17/2018


Last year, for the New Year holidays on the streets of Moscow appeared about a hundred light compositions in the form of balls, animals, dancing people, as well as large and small geometric figures. One of the most expensive designs is the Santa Claus sleigh set at the Triumphal Arch on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. Manufactured by their already well-known company "All myself", in total, received from the mayor's office for the creation of decorative figures and the New Year's design of departing roads more than 780 million rubles. As it was possible to find out earlier, the company "All myself" never engaged in lighting works, but successfully cooperated with the Department of Trade and Services of Moscow, which is overseen by Vice-Mayor Natalia Sergunina. The organization was the only participant in the experiment to install robotic kiosks, which were to replace the usual grocery kiosks on the streets of Moscow (in May 2016 the experiment was suspended, the money was mastered). In 2015-2016, the company "All myself" has become the largest producer of new street kiosks, receiving orders from the Moscow Department of Trade and Services for almost 2.87 billion rubles. 04.24.2018


Interesting details of cooperation between the Moscow City Hall and the Capital Group continue to emerge, one of the main co-owners of which through the Cyprus structures is Pavel Cho. This multifaceted businessman combines the posts of Chairman of the Board of Directors of Capital Group and a member of the Presidium of the Public Council under the Ministry of Construction of Russia, he even built a beautiful site for himself on this occasion. And from the side of the Moscow mayor's office, Natalia Sergunina is engaged in this cooperation: she does not have a website, she avoids publicity (money likes silence), except that the personal newspaper once pleased herself.


It was headed by Sergunina Department of Economics and Management of city property, bought from Paul Te ​​and his friends (one of whom is Vladislav Doronin - the very one who almost married Naomi Campbell) vast areas in the tower "Oko" for his new offices with truly golden parking spaces . The seller was a Cypriot company with the poetic name "Fuderin Trading and Investments Limited," but the ears of the Capital Group and Pavel Teh stick out of it from all possible sides. 05/03/2018


Pharmacy Alexander Semenovich knows from childhood - his father was the director of SUE "Capital pharmacies." The same one, who was reorganized and sold for ridiculous money to his old partner Pavel Cho, the vice-mayor for the management of Moscow property Natalia Sergunina. Unlike Vinokurov, Cho did not intend to deal with the pharmacy business and just resold the network at a price. Recall, for exactly the same scheme received his first verdict in the criminal case of "Kirovless" Alexei Navalny. 05/18/2018


As the sources of "URA.RU" say, if in 2013 Sobyanin's campaign was answered by one person - the vice-mayor and the head of the government apparatus of Moscow Anastasia Rakova, now the functional is distributed among the three vice-mayors, "URA.RU" was told by two interlocutors, familiar with the situation. Rakova is responsible for the technological part of the campaign and agitation materials. Vice-mayor for regional security and information policy Alexander Gorbenko - for the promotion of the mayor in social networks and the media. The pool of experts of the first deputy head of the apparatus of the mayor Vyacheslav Shulenin is responsible for a point campaign in the districts. Zammera on economic policy and property-land relations Natalia Sergunina - for organizing major city events with the participation of the mayor. Her, according to one of the versions, belongs to the idea of ​​public nomination of Sobyanin in Gorky Park for the elections.


URA.RU 05/31/2018


Formally, the former spouse of Sergunina, a native of Chechnya Movladi Natsayev, in the bases of the GU MVD RF in Moscow in the early 2000s was listed as a criminal contingent. And his antics completely confirms the similar coloring, appropriated to him by operatives. And now he's face - close to the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov ...

Behind these stingy lines lies the extremely turbulent section of Sergunin's life. The 22-year-old beginning official met a handsome man from the Caucasus, Movladi, who was seven years older. Natalia and Natsayev became spouses, the couple had a daughter, Elizabeth ...

After getting to know Movladi, Sergunina's career went uphill. Gradually Natsayev himself left the "shadow". Since 2006, he began to establish one company after another in various companies: Spetsservis LLC, Ariadna LLC, Avto-Milya LLC, Magister LLC.


            Formally Natalia Sergunina is now listed as an unmarried woman. However, when she unexpectedly took the post of vice-mayor of Moscow in 2008, the financial well-being of Movladi also improved noticeably. He began to buy expensive foreign cars one by one. So, for example, only in 2012 -2013, its fleet, according to, was replenished with the following cars: AMTS MERCEDES-BENZ S500 4 MATHIS, TOYOTA LAND SRUISER, MERCEDES-BENZ GL 350 SDI 4MATSI, MERCEDES-BENZ G55 AMG ...

As found out, now on two "Mercedes" from a motor-vehicle pool Movladi there are flaunted such numbers - K979RA197 and K939RA197. Three letters "KRA" are familiar to every Chechen. They are deciphered, like Ramzan Akhmatovich Kadyrov ... Only those who are close to the head of Chechnya can use these numbers. 07/03/2018


And in April 2013, according to, an event occurred, information about which was not included in the media. Which is not surprising. After all, his main party was the civil husband of the subordinate Sobyanin Natalia Sergunina (by the way, officially she is listed as an unmarried woman) Movladi Natsayev. He arranged shooting in Moscow: first from the balcony, and then at the entrance of the apartment building. It happened in the morning, when it was full of children and passers-by. And now guess what "severe" punishment the relative of the vice-mayor has incurred? Let's not torment our readers anymore-a fine of 3000 rubles. And then, because people called the police and "hush up" the story was impossible. Do you know what became the main mitigating circumstance in the sentencing?

"Dependence of a minor child born in 2003". It is about his joint with Sergunin's daughter. In order not to be unfounded, publishes excerpts of the court's decision in relation to Natsayev. 07/10/2018