In 1997 he graduated from the Baltic State Technical University named after the first. D.F. Ustinov in "impulse devices and automatic rotor lines."

In 2002 in graduated from St. Petersburg s State University, majoring in "Finance and Credit".

In 2011, he graduated from the St. Petersburg International Institute of Management qualification Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Candidate of Economic Sciences.

From 1997 to 1998 - manager of the LLC "Baltic Financial Company".

From 1998 to 1999 - a technical analyst for money market instruments, a specialist, a leading specialist in securities of the department of stock transactions of OJSC Investment and Financial Group Management. Investments. Development"".

From 1999 to 2000 - Chief Specialist of the Investment Activity Coordination Group of OJSC "Sea Port of St. Petersburg".

From 2000 to 2001 - head of the tax group of OJSC "Baltic Pipeline System", then branch of BTS OJSC "Verkhnevolzhskie Trunk Oil Pipelines".

From 2001 to 2002 - Deputy Head of the Administration of the Board - Assistant to the Chairman of the Management Committee of OAO Gazprom.

Since April 15, 2002 - Head of the Department for Marketing, Processing of Gas and Liquid Hydrocarbons of OAO Gazprom.

Since September 27, 2002 - Head of the Department for Marketing, Processing of Gas and Liquid Hydrocarbons, Member of the Management Committee of OAO Gazprom.

Since March 20, 2003 - Head of the Department for Marketing, Processing of Gas and Liquid Hydrocarbons, Member of the Management Committee of OAO Gazprom, General Director of Gazprom Mezhregiongaz.

From July 2004 to June 2008 - Member of the Board of Directors of RAO UES of Russia.

2003-2004 - Member of the Management Board, Head of the Department for Marketing, Processing of Gas and Liquid Hydrocarbons, OAO Gazprom, General Director of OOO Mezhregiongaz.

2004-2008 - Member of the Management Board, Head of Department of Marketing and Processing of Gas and Liquid Hydrocarbons of OAO "Gazprom", general director of the first "Mezhregiongas".

2008-2014 - Member of the Management Board, Head of the Department for Marketing, Processing of Gas and Liquid Hydrocarbons of Gazprom, General Director of Gazprom Mezhregiongaz (until September 2010 - OOO Mezhregiongaz).

From 2015 - Member of the Management Board, Head of Department 614 PJSC Gazprom; General Director of OOO Gazprom Mezhregiongaz (until September 2010 - OOO Mezhregiongaz).

Since 04.2006 - 06.2014 - joint-stock company "Lietuvos Dujos", member of the Board.

Since 06.2006 - 03.07.2013 - Closed Joint Stock Company "Kaunas Heat and Power", member of the Board, Chairman of the Board.

From 30.06.2006 up to now - Open Joint Stock Company "Vostokgazprom", a member of the Board of Directors.

From 07.2006 to present - JSC "Latvijas Gaze", a member of society, Chairman of the Board of the company.

From 08.2006 to present - JSC "FC" Zenith ", a member of the Board of Directors.

From 29.04.2008 up to now - Public Joint Stock Company "Territorial Generating Company № 1", the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

From 28.04.2009 up to now - Non-profit partnership "Russian Gas Society", a member of the Supervisory Board.

From 04.05.2009 up to now - Limited Liability Company "KazRosGas", a member of the Supervisory Board.

From 17.06.2011 to present - JSC "Joint-Stock Bank" RUSSIA ", a member of the Board of Directors.

From 28/06/2013 - Member of the Supervisory Board of the All-Russian Bank for Regional Development.

From 22.12.2016 up to now - Joint Stock Company «Conexus Baltic Grid», Chairman of the Board of Directors.

From 04.10.2017 up to now - Limited Liability Company "RusGazAlyans", member of the Board of Directors.

Personal life is single.





People working for Gazprom consider Kirill Seleznev the second most influential person in the gas company after Alexei Miller. Career Seleznev developed rapidly. When he was 25 years old, he already worked as the main "specialist in coordination of investment activities" in the seaport of St. Petersburg. At the same time, the future head of Gazprom Alexey Miller worked in the port. Since then, the career of Miller and Seleznev went up the hill together. In 1999, Miller led the Baltic pipeline system, while Seleznev became the head of the tax group of the company. And, finally, when in 2001 Alexey Miller became the head of Gazprom, Kirill Seleznev became his assistant. At that time Seleznev was 27 years old.

Novaya Gazeta, February 28, 2016


The precious tribe Chernomyrdin Victor Stepanovich, named Victor in honor of his uncle - the former prime minister and the current ambassador in Kiev. Place in the Marketing Department, where there is a department for the supply and sale of gas, grain. From this so to speak, the mighty pipe through the smaller tubes of logic was given to finance "Our Home - Russia". However, this is in the past. As they say, new time - new songs.

And these new songs are now composed by the new head of the same remarkable Department - Seleznev Kirill Gennadievich, you will probably guess from three times the astute reader, whose relative it is. There is not Chernomyrdin ... And the Speaker of the State Duma Seleznev Gennady Nikolayevich. There is not a tribe ... but a precious son. By the way, by education, Kirill Gennadievich is an expert on impulse devices and rotor lines. However, the head of Gazprom, Alexei Miller, noticed the financial talent in his son yesterday, the main communist parteynnossse. And he put it as a result of an incomprehensible impulse from the outside first as his assistant, and then brought to a direct rotary line of gas supply and sale. However, after this appointment from St. Petersburg University, Kirill Gennadievich urgently sent a diploma of a graduate of this university with specialty "finance and credit" with feldsvyaz. This is for any fire situation, if anyone asks what this 28-year-old boy does without special education here ... However, no one asked. It turned out.

And where does this sonal take from the big gas pipe a small stainless tube? No, not to the PDR. Thank God, Papa - Gennady Nikolaevich has his own party - the Socialist Party. Nothing is worse than NDR. And in money needs not less, and even more. And the places near the dairy gasprom financial river with the jelly shores are enough for all beasts - bears and socialists. Yes, and in the Kremlin like the party of Gennady Nikolaevich look with approval, they say, take the votes from another Gennady - Zyuganov, who, because of the teeth, on the contrary, is looking askance.

True, out of a hundred polled Russians, 99 about Seleznev's party have never heard anything. And the only one who heard, said that the Socialist Party is headed by the speaker, it's true, not the current Seleznev, but the former - Ivan Rybkin. Such is the case for Seleznev the father of the party - little-known, chambered, we can say, a family one. Father - an ideology invented, the son of finance earns. In family love and harmony, the matter is controversial. It does not matter what the party sofa. It is important that the income gives a lot. It can be seen that one can not live without grieving. Here's the daughter of the speaker - Tatyana was clearly sticking to a full life. Recently divorced from her husband - a St. Petersburg businessman Alexander Gabitov - two weeks in a marriage. And I demanded from the former supernium content - 10 thousand dollars a month. Said, they say, the family is used to a good life. Speakers do not pay such salaries. But in the political arena, as they say in the State Duma, it's still not possible to "patch up". Especially if the son of a firewood from the Gasprom forest is loading, and daddy on a sleigh carries them to a bright socialist future. It is unclear here only one, where the Kremlin looks.

Compromising. Ru, 14.11.2002


On March 20, 2003, 29-year-old Kirill Seleznev was appointed Director General of OOO Gazprom Mezhregiongaz. It is possible that this is an accidental coincidence, but it was exactly in 2003 that the expansion of CJSC South Ural Industrial Company began on the market for processing unstable gas condensate while simultaneously reducing the volume of processing of Kazakhstani condensate at GDO facilities.

Novaya Gazeta, March 2, 2016


In Gazprom, a triumvirate was formed, which could soon bypass the chairman of the board of Alexei Miller in his influence. The head of the corporate expenses management department Mikhail Sirotkin, his wife - the head of the property management department Elena Mikhailova, and the peculiar "head" of this family, the member of the board of Gazprom, Kirill Seleznev cleared his place in the "top" of the gas monopolist. However, these efforts have justified themselves. The triumvirate of top managers managed to take control of Gazprom's entire contract policy. Now, wishing to conclude a contract, it is necessary not only to take part in the contest, but also to greatly interest the representatives of this triumvirate. Do not forget the top managers and their interests. Tens of billions go to the accounts of companies that belong to individuals affiliated with Sirotkin, Mikhailova and Seleznev.

JACTA, 12.12.2014


During the reign of Seleznev in Gazprom, he accumulated a lot of compromising materials, which mainly concerned the withdrawal of budgetary funds through contractors, affiliated banks and other types of "sawing."

For example,   "New Newspaper"   writes about the deal with the bank "Russia", held by Seleznev, as a result of which the gas monopoly loses 5 billion rubles. The same losses were shown by the company as a result of operations with its own assets - for some reason, at a loss to itself, first selling them cheaper, and then again buying, but already more expensive. So, in particular, it was the case with the shares of one of the largest petrochemical complexes in Russia, Gazprom neftekhim Salavat. And in each of these cases appears the half-brother of Seleznev - Ivan Mironov, who considers himself a businessman who successfully invests in shares, of course, Gazprom.

"Press Review", 10.10.2016 


In Bashkiria, a conflict continues between Gazprom neftekhim Salavat (SOT) (a subsidiary of OOO Gazprom Mezhregiongaz) and the Federal Service for Supervision of Nature Management (Rosprirodnadzor).

As it turned out, the Arbitration Court of Bashkiria exempted the State Tax Service from paying 3 billion rubles to the budget for environmental damage caused by the heptil production of the enterprise.Previously, the STS was Russia's only producer of heptyl used in the production of rocket fuel.

Rosprirodnadzor during the audit found that the STS in 2008 did not pay a fee for the disposal of washing water, spent alkali and other "highly hazardous" and "extremely dangerous" remains of heptyl production belonging to the first and second classes of danger at the Kama-1 training ground. Gazprom nefthim Salavat, without justifications, did not compensate for the environmental damage to the budget.

Initially, Rosprirodnadzor estimated the damage of 6 billion rubles, but then reduced the amount of claims to 3 billion rubles. Each time the STS refused to pay this money to the budget, although Rosprirodnadzor's arguments were "iron."

Rosprirodnadzor does not agree with the findings of the Arbitration Court of Bashkiria, which could "meet" the leadership of Gazprom. The thing is that Yuri Vazhenin is the head of Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat, and Kirill Seleznev, chairman of the board of directors of the STS, is the general director of OOO Gazprom Mezhregiongaz.

Experts believe that the Arbitration Court of Bashkiria could allow OAO Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat not to pay 3 billion rubles to the state budget only after a "call" from senior judicial officials with whom the head of OOO Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Kirill Seleznev could "agree" in Moscow .

In fact, thanks to OAO Gazprom neftekhim Salavat, the Russian budget did not have enough of 3 billion rubles. It is worth noting that earlier this "structure" of Gazprom was suspected of withdrawing large amounts of money from the budget, as well as the amount of billions of dollars in debts.

"New look", February 9, 2016


In April 2008, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the STS Kirill Seleznev met with the President of the Republic of Bashkortostan Murtaza Rakhimov and informed him that Gazprom intends to invest 105 billion rubles in the STS for the development and modernization of the complex. At the time when Seleznev gave these promises, the main owners of the SOT were the structures of Bank Rossiya.Why did the representative of the state company care about the private enterprise? A possible response appeared a month after this meeting.

In May 2008, Altria Industries transferred its stakes in Russian firms to another Cyprus company - Elandirix Holdings. According to the Cyprus Commercial Register, the ultimate owner of Elandirix Holdings was the same Ivan Mironov, stepbrother of Kirill Seleznev.

Ivan Mironov sold shares of the STS in December 2011 to the company IFG "Management. Investments. Development "(" MIR "). We were not able to find out the sale price, but the general director of MIR. He refused to answer questions. But, apparently, this deal could be friendly - in the group of companies "MIR." previously worked Kirill Seleznev, brother Mironov. "PEACE". still belongs to former colleagues of Seleznev and constantly receives loans from Gazprom companies at preferential rates, and also has to do with many transactions with shares of Gazprom's structures.

"PEACE". sold shares of the STS to Gazprom in the same December 2011 and May 2012. Approximately in the same period from the share (6%) the Cyprian company Elandirix Holdings got rid.Gazprom's statements state that the state company paid about 5400 rubles per share in the course of these transactions. Thus, companies associated with Mironov and Seleznev could receive about 21 billion rubles from the gas monopoly. If you subtract from this amount the market value of the shares in 2007-2009, when Mironov bought them, it turns out that the resale of the SST package could bring about 13 billion rubles in profits over 5 years.

Ivan Mironov denies that Kirill Seleznev shared with him the plans of Gazprom to buy shares of the SOT; Moreover, Mironov claims that his brother never discussed with him issues related to the activities of the state company. "I am an independent businessman, acting in my own interests. No advice, let alone instructions, Cyril Seleznev does not give me, "insists a young businessman from St. Petersburg.

Novaya Gazeta has data on Kirill Seleznev's earnings for 2012: the top manager of Gazprom earned almost 217 million rubles, taking into account wages, dividends and fees as a member of the boards of directors. This is about 670 salaries of an ordinary citizen of Russia in the same 2012. Competent managers should be expensive, but usually their income depends on the results of the company. In our case, only as a result of the two deals Seleznev was involved in, Gazprom, and hence all Russian citizens, could lose at least 10 billion rubles. And in general, from 2007 to 2015, the capitalization of the "national heritage" of the country fell more than twofold - from 8 to 3 trillion rubles.

Novaya Gazeta, February 28, 2016


However, the theft of the structures of the gas giant, according to the media, involved also the former head of "Gazprom mezhregiongaz Stavropol» and JSC «Stavropo lkraygaz" a Raul Arashukov, who currently holds the post of director general adviser of LLC "Gazprom mezhregiongaz" .

In the opinion of experts, Raul Arashukov can exercise control over the process of transferring "kickbacks" from "frauds" with Gazprom's assets in the interests of Kirill Seleznev. According to fighters against corruption, earlier Raul Arashukov was able to "pump" financial flows from supplying the population with gas to the "bins" of the organizations controlled by him.

Now Raul Arashukov retained its authority in "Gazprom" structure is largely due to their ties with Mr. Seleznyov, who ipodchinyaetsya general director of OOO "Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Pyatigorsk" Arkady Derevianko. Perhaps, for this very reason, Mr. Derevyanko has appointed Ruslan Arashukov, the nephew of Raul Arashukov, as the head of the branch of OOO Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Pyatigorsk in the Karachay-Cherkess Republic.

Compromising. net, 12.01.2016


The experts have every reason to believe that Kirill Seleznev personally "covers" Raul Arashukov, since the adviser of OOO Gazprom Mezhregiongaz has repeatedly departed from criminal prosecution.

Compromising. net, 12.01.2016


Experts do not exclude that the "Arashukovs' clan" can organize the collection of "kickbacks" for Kirill Seleznev, some of which, through the very head of OOO Gazprom Mezhregiongaz, can be transferred to the head of Gazprom Alexei Miller. It's no secret that Miller and Seleznev know each other from the "dashing 90s". At that time, Seleznev was the chief specialist of the group for the coordination of investment activities of OJSC Sea Port of St. Petersburg. But Alexey Miller himself was the Director for Development and Investments of the OJSC "Sea Port of St. Petersburg".

Later, after going to Gazprom, Miller "pulled" and there Seleznev. Thus, the supposed "chain of kickbacks" to Miller from the "southern direction" can go from Arashukov through Seleznev. Journalists claim that Seleznyov takes care of his "assistant to the Caucasus" Arashukova. Experts compare the situation in the LLC "Gazprom mezhregiongaz" with the Italian-American mafia, where Seleznev plays the role of "godfather" (mafia boss) and Arashukov - his faithful "consigliere" (counselor and facilitator for illegal activities).

E "AGE" newspaper, 12.01.2016


The "new" features information obtained from the representatives of law enforcement agencies, that a suspect in the murder of Boris Nemtsov Tamerlan Eskerhanov, as well as - the deputy commander of the battalion of the MIA "North" Ruslan Geremeev (his charge is not shown yet) a few weeks before the murder, policy allegedly participated in some military action on the territory of the airport Vnukovo - from the business jet was withdrawn man, like a member of the Board of OJSC "Gazprom", Director General of OOO "Gazprom mezhregiongaz" Kirill Seleznev.

"Brigade Geremeva", arriving at Vnukovo, as might be expected, becprepyatstvenno drove to a parking lot and the aircraft climbed aboard an airliner. Inside, they stayed not long and came out of there already, apparently, with a man like Selezneva.

According to our information, the police have records from surveillance cameras recorded the incident. However, the potential victim is a statement about the crime did not address. Moreover, a few days later to the accounts referred to "the power of the public in Chechnya" were transferred money from an account opened in the Geneva branch of the bank ING Belgium Brussels (details are available edition).

On this account, presumably accumulated income derived from the sale of financial schemes through which gas condensate produced in Kazakhstan is supplied through a pipeline to a processing plant in Orenburg (and pipeline and refinery owned enterprises belonging to "Gazprom") and raw materials are delivered ready to Murmansk, from where is exported to Europe. The "Gazprom" has been virtually excluded from this scheme and, according to the documents, had nothing to do with gas condensate.

This scheme, as far as can be judged according to the documents, began work in 2003 and for the period up to 2014, in Orenburg was processed 12.6 million tons of gas condensate produced in Kazakhstan. At the same time the Kazakh proposal to supply the raw material directly, without intermediaries, left indifferent management of "Gazprom mezhregiongaz". According to experts, Russia's budget could be damaged in the amount of not less than 150-200 million dollars a year. Recall that this structure was headed just Kirill Seleznev, which we sent an official request: on the subject of "Kazakhstan transactions", and about the possibility of what happened to him during the incident "Vnukovo".

"Novaya Gazeta", 28.02.2016


Interestingly, the extra money, according to a number of journalists, were at Selezneva after the implementation of the financial scheme, through which gas condensate produced in Kazakhstan is supplied through a pipeline to a processing plant in Orenburg, and the finished raw materials delivered to Murmansk, from where is exported to Europe. The "Gazprom" has been virtually excluded from this scheme and, according to the documents, had nothing to do with gas condensate. But Russia's budget could be damaged in the amount of not less than 150-200 million dollars a year. And it looks like the Chechens wanted some of that money. And the most interesting - got them., 30/9/2016


The LLC "Gazprom mezhregiongaz" "the cuts" are engaged not only the director general adviser Raul Arashukov himself Kirill Seleznev. As it turned out, this "daughter" of "Gazprom" built an entire system to direct cash flows from procurement in the "right direction". The media have reported that tens of billions of rubles spent on the accounts of companies that belong to someone affiliated with Seleznev. Rumor has it that at the conclusion of assets involved in the closest associate and Deputy Director General for Corporate and Property Relations LLC "Gazprom mezhregiongaz" Elena Mikhailova (she is a member of the Board of PJSC "Gazprom th"; Head of the Department 105 ). It is believed that due Mikhailova part of "Gazprom" contracts began to receive company "Gazenergoservis", which is controlled by step-brother Kirill Seleznev Ivanom Mironovym.

The media reported that Mikhail Sirotkin is considered close to the deputy chairman of the monopoly Kirill Seleznev. Rumor has it that Sirotkin, too much to do in order to "cash flow" of LLC "Gazprom mezhregiongaz" were concentrated in the hands of the half-brother of the head of the company (ie Ivan Mironov). On the Internet there is information that Sirotkin very active in a private plane flying from the highly paid top models on vacation in Nice, Tel Aviv, Milan, the Maldives and Courchevel. Formal beauty "accompany him during his business trips." In "Gazprom" there is talk that Kirill Seleznev also not averse to take advantage of the "elite beauties" services.

The Moscow Post, 30 .09.2016


In addition to the output from the assets of LLC "Gazprom mezhregiongaz" in the interests of their relatives, Kirill Seleznev turned and suspected in a series of raids. For example, at the end of December 2015 he was a scandal associated with the attempt to withdraw from the state property of PJSC "Gazprom gas distribution Nizhny Novgorod" ( "Nizhegorodoblgaz"), which is included in group of companies "Gazprom gas distribution". This structure is managed by LLC "Gazprom mezhregiongaz".

Minority shareholders' Nizhegorodoblgaz "dissatisfied with the decision of the Board of Directors of PJSC" Gazprom gas distribution Nizhny Novgorod "and the extraordinary meeting of shareholders of the additional share issue in favor of JSC" Financial and Analytical Center ", LLC" Investment Partner "and CJSC" SitiTreyd ". It is believed that these companies controlled by top managers structures of "Gazprom".

Minority shareholders claim that the additional issue of shares "Nizhegorodoblgaz" will lead to a "smearing" of the shareholders in favor of the package of legal entities which do not belong to "Gazprom", but controlled by its senior managers. In other words, the slave Kirill Seleznev via additional issue of stocks want to withdraw "Nizhegorodoblgaz" of state property, which is a classic raider seizure.

In addition, Kirill Seleznev turned in suspected raider seizure "Geliymash". According to media reports, in 2011, several NGOs shareholders' Geliymash "sold their shares to bypass the" right of pre-emption of society, outside the United. " Assets acquired company, controlled by IC "Magma", the chairman of the board of directors which was Vladimir Kurbatov, known raider environment for work "Rosbildinga".

So, Kurbatov took control and led off "Geliymash" more than 500 million rubles, received a controlling stake shares of NGOs. But the ultimate goal - getting expensive liquid lands in the center of the capital on Luzhnetskaya and Avtozavodskaya, reached and was not.

"Raspberry" Raiders spoiled CEO "Geliymash" Vadim Udut who accused Kurbatov and his accomplices in the large-scale fraud. Criminal proceedings were instituted, and the shares have been seized. Next Vladimir Kurbatov lost arbitration, and soon lost control over other NGOs shares.

Kurbatov through its communication asked for help directly to the head of DEB Russian Interior Ministry, Major General Andrew Horev. As a result, it Horev, according to experts, attempted to "put the squeeze" and finish the raider seizure "Geliymash".

At the same time, journalists tend to believe that "ordered" subject member of the board of "Gazprom" Kirill Seleznev. According to one of the existing versions, Seleznev and Horev came to a final agreement concerning the assets of NGOs in 2014 in the Moscow restaurant "Angelo". Thus, it turns out that the head of "Gazprom mezhregiongaz" seriously engaged in raiding.

The Moscow Post, 12 .01.2016


Besides raiding Selezneva repeatedly suspected of grand larceny. For example, the Russian opposition believe that Kirill Seleznev designed a circuit with which the leadership of "Gazprom mezhregiongaz" "steal" from their company 2 billion rubles for the elementary "two-way scam" with the sale of the gas intermediary. It all started with the fact that, from which profit is generated OOO "Gazprom mezhregiongaz" refused to buy the "Novatek" gas at the rate of 500 rubles per thousand cubic meters, while "Gazprom mezhregiongaz" still sells it to the consumer at a different rate (1000 rubles) for state-owned budget. After "Gazprom mezhregiongaz" refused "Novatek" buy its gas at the rate of 500 rubles per thousand cubic meters, the "Novatek" on the same tariff gas bought "mysterious company" "Trastinvestgaz" (TIG), which is associated with Seleznev. After this TIG sold gas,bought from "Novatek" right "Gazprom Mezhregiongas", but not for 500 rubles per thousand cubic meters, and for 950 rubles. It turns out that the TIG (just by playing on the difference in price) could "roll back" the benefit Selezneva 450 rubles per ton, which is 45% of "rollback." In other words (according to the opposition) Seleznev of "recoil scheme" could withdraw from the LLC "Gazprom mezhregiongaz" up to two billion rubles.

E "AGE" newspaper, 12.01.2016


Prior to joining Kirill Seleznev former director of "Mezhregiongas" Gornovsky, also participated in the construction of the administrative building, the restructuring of debt "Stavropolmezhregiongaza" was signed in the amount of 1, 5 billion. Rub. With the arrival of the new director of this amount is doubled and the commitments that have not been signed Gornovsky, do not increase and were made lichilis more than doubled (up to 3, 5 billion. Rub. ). If we take the neighboring Krasnodar region, the payment for the consumed gas there occur precisely on schedule. Such huge debts and lawlessness is not in any of the branches of "Mezhregiongas" South of Russia. It is unclear if any of the following reasons all get away with it "Stavropolmezhregiongazu". Despite all this,Kirill Seleznev restructured debts of the Company for another seven years.

"Parliamentary newspaper", 21.12.2004 


In 2014, with the responsible Kurnosenko just was conceived project "PETON", and in the task Goncharenko and top manager of "Gazprom" Kirill Seleznev was to ensure the Ufa Institute of contracts worth billions of rubles. What they coped.

Ruspres, 08.09.2017


Rosprirodnadzor fined contractor of "Gazprom" - LLC "RDI NG" PETON "- for violations during the construction of the LNG plant in the Vyborg district of the Leningrad region. There is nothing surprising in this. "PETON" nothing can not do, it does not in itself and no production base construction, etc. By and large, this giant "Dummy" unwound only to it could pump hundreds of billions of rubles, coming from large companies with state participation in the first place - by "Gazprom". All of these huge funds then "sawn" big organized group, which controls the "PETON". This group brought together persons who can provide "PETON" full coverage on all fronts.Through the criminals "cover" make authoritative businessmen (and part-time official co-owners of "PETON") - Edward Gasanov, Oleg Polyakov, Emin Akhundov. Along the line of "Gazprom" - a top manager Kirill Seleznev. Through the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation - Head GUEBiPK Andrew Kurnosenko and a large group of his subordinates. Through the power and big business - it is the Vice-President of AFK "Sistema" Ali Uzdenov and head of the group of companies "New Feed" Dmitry Mazur. All these people have long been "attached themselves" the trough "Gazprom" and are constantly in search of new sources of income.Through the power and big business - it is the Vice-President of AFK "Sistema" Ali Uzdenov and head of the group of companies "New Feed" Dmitry Mazur. All these people have long been "attached themselves" the trough "Gazprom" and are constantly in search of new sources of income.Through the power and big business - it is the Vice-President of AFK "Sistema" Ali Uzdenov and head of the group of companies "New Feed" Dmitry Mazur. All these people have long been "attached themselves" the trough "Gazprom" and are constantly in search of new sources of income.

Ruspres, 08.25.2017


In 2014, Ali Uzdenov is his protege Dmitry Zakharchenko his old friend still in corruption affairs in Bashkortostan - Andreyu Kurnosenko, ex-deputy head of the Russian Interior Ministry in the Republic of Bashkortostan, the current head of the Russian Interior Ministry GUEBiPK. Finally, Zakharchenko became deputy Department "T" GUEBiPK the Russian Interior Ministry. The aim of the alliance with the police businessman Ali Uzdenova become contracting contracts in PJSC "Gazprom". A kind of "RDI NG" PETON "in recent years suddenly concluded with the gas monopoly contracts worth more than 100 billion rubles. During negotiations with the competitors of "RDI NG" PETON "I was already familiar to us experienced" reshalschik "Dmitry Zakharchenko. From our sources, we know,that when your business is threatened with endless checks and stopping activities - in such a situation is not to contest against "PETON" competitors ran in the loose, making way. Of course, such an abundance of money could "fall" to "PETON" without the knowledge of top-managers of "Gazprom" central office in charge of contracts. As it became known to our sources, and a member of the board of gas monopoly - Kirill Seleznev from the Interior Ministry GUEBiPK corresponding "explanatory" work, not without compromising was held. And then it made an offer that was hard to refuse.As it became known to our sources, and a member of the board of gas monopoly - Kirill Seleznev from the Interior Ministry GUEBiPK corresponding "explanatory" work, not without compromising was held. And then it made an offer that was hard to refuse.As it became known to our sources, and a member of the board of gas monopoly - Kirill Seleznev from the Interior Ministry GUEBiPK corresponding "explanatory" work, not without compromising was held. And then it made an offer that was hard to refuse.

« Seven News », 07/11/2017


Ali Uzdenov previously been familiar with the top-manager of "Gazprom" Kirill Seleznev. But a new level of relations with Seleznev, Uzdenov and "PETON" crossed when asked Dmitry Zakharchenko long familiar with "Gazprom" a top manager of the assistance of this structure. Moreover, Seleznyov, it is likely explained that "PETON" is not only a criminal business type and Polyakovs Hasanova, a large group of Russian Interior Ministry officials at the highest level, issues are not wanted. Especially Seleznev, behind which stretches a huge plume of various dubious stories. And these were not just empty words, and confirmed them to specific actions.

For example, firms that were going to compete with the "PETON" for the right to sign contracts with "Gazprom", "head" reported: will stop - get problems with GUEBiPK and "tax". The latter structure called at all by chance. Representatives GUEBiPK established a partnership with the Interregional Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service of Russia for Major Taxpayers number 2 in charge of the zone is to "Gazprom". Apparently, a special friendship among representatives of the Bashkir vertically formed with the deputy head of the tax inspectorate №2 Sergei Andrianov., 9.8.2017


In "Gazprom" from "PETON" double cover. Firstly, a former first deputy head of JSC "Gazprom Invest Yug" (once one of the largest contractors of "Gazprom") Andrey Goncharenko. He - known character of social life, one of the organizers and a frequent guest parties "Russian Seasons" in Monaco and the Cote d'Azur, as well as other such gatherings, for which he even gained a reputation «party animal» (can be roughly translated as "party-goer") .

Goncharenko is friends with one of the "major" contracts in "Gazprom" top manager Kirill Seleznev. First of all, with his light hand "PETON" began to flow from the first rivulets of billions of "Gazprom", which then turned into a bottomless money river. Seleznev, Goncharenko and a number of top-of "Gazprom" managers basking vengeance in these "rivers". After all, he "PETON", by and large, "dummy", not having sufficient productive forces to carry out a huge amount of work on such diverse areas as, for example, waste management and commissioning of petrochemical industry. Received from "Gazprom" means in different proportions "sawn" between members of the community, including through transfer of their subcontractors related to Seleznev, Goncharenko and other top managers of "Gazprom". All this, of course,It affects itself on the works themselves. "PETON" does nothing ever built. Recall, this project organization until the end of the 2000s, which had a staff of just a few people. Therefore there is nothing surprising in the fact that "PETON" not all its "Gazprom's" projects to complete. All work exists mostly on paper, but the timing of their delivery consistently transferred. A top-managers of "Gazprom", which have a financial interest in the "PETON" turn a blind eye.A top-managers of "Gazprom", which have a financial interest in the "PETON" turn a blind eye.A top-managers of "Gazprom", which have a financial interest in the "PETON" turn a blind eye.

"Part-media", 24.08.2017


While security forces are inactive against Seleznev, on the head of "Gazprom mezhregiongaz" LLC have already begun to apply the ordinary gas consumers in court. In particular, the lawsuits against General Director of LLC "Gazprom mezhregiongaz" Kirill Seleznev filed on behalf of the local population villager Novoselovo Kirzhach Vladimir region Vitaly Nemchinov. In this case, an ordinary provincial villager came to the capital, as the claims against Mr Seleznev were filed in the perovskite I V Preobrazhensky Moscow courts. As it turned out, the villagers accused Novoselovo Selezneva that OOO "Gazprom mezhregiongaz" does not fulfill its obligations for the gasification of the village. At the end of December 2015 the company "Gazprom mezhregiongaz Far East" has stopped the supply of gas to one of the largest power plant in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.As a result, the Far East, 25 thousand people were left without heat. Earlier, LLC "Gazprom mezhregiongaz Saratov" began to turn off the gas in the Volsky and Resurrection areas of the Saratov region. But the management of "Gazprom mezhregiongaz Rostov-on-Don» Shut off the gas supply immediately to the seven boilers that provide hot water, health care facilities and children's homes. Against the background of information on billions of dollars of "saw cuts" Kirill Seleznev such behavior branches of OOO "Gazprom mezhregiongaz" seems to savagery. Byto can, the top management of the "daughter" of "Gazprom" is necessary first to stop stealing budget, and then to "knock out" the debts of the locals (though, as a rule, the debt is created not ordinary citizens, and management companies in the field of HCS). obviously,that law enforcement bodies is high time to pay attention to the activities of Kirill Seleznev and his staff (particularly Raul Arashukova). It seems that investigators needed, as soon as possible, "clean", LLC "Gazprom mezhregiongaz" by corrupt officials and embezzlers.

The Moscow Post, 12.02.2016