In 1968 he enlisted in the section Sambo Anatoli Rachlin, which already trained his older brother Arkady th and Vladimir Putin.

In 1974 he became a master of sports in judo, in 1980 - the master of sports in sambo. The 1974th Boris became a prize-winner of the championship of the Soviet Union (judo).

In 1978 he graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Physical and Sports cult ry them. P. F. Lesgafta.

In 1991, he moved to Finland, where he worked as a trainer, and then, together with his wife, founded the company Anirina Oy, which supplied Finnish companies with the "daughter" of Gazprom, and also engaged in construction in exchange for gas.

In 1992 he became a professional coach cells Uba judo "Chikara" in Helsinki.

In 2001, VM Este with his brother founded the SMP Bank ( "Northern Sea Route"). Later, the brothers took control of part of assets FSUE "Rosspirtprom".

Since 2001 - General Director of the Society for Combat Sports "Fatherland".

In 2003, he registered two firms in Moscow at the same address in Kolomenskoe Proezd - Baza-Torg and Supply.

In 2003-2004 he was a junior partner in the group of "Gas taged" (25% through the "Base-bargaining"), through which came the purchase of pipes for the "Gazprom".

In 2008, Boris and his brother bought a 10% stake in the Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port, bought from "Gazprom" five building units ( "Volgogaz", "Lenspetsstroygaz", "Spetsgazremstroy", "Volgogradn eftemash" and "Krasnodargazstroy"), cosgiving the corporation "Stroygazmontazh".

In 2009, Rothenberg mentioned as partners of development company that won the tender for the Ministry of Defense "IMS-5" for the construction of 00 225 0 m² housing in the Moscow region.

In 2009 State Duma deputy Ashot Yegiazaryan called Boris Rotenberg one of the co-owners of the Moscow hotel, around which a fierce struggle unfolded - Suleiman Kerimov's structures tried to establish control over him.

C October 2010 Rotenberg brothers bought from the structures of "Gazprom" 100% of shares of Open Joint Stock Company "Heat Energy Company Mosenergo", then vozgl avil Igor Abramovich Rothenberg's board of directors.

In 2011, he invested in the production of sports nutrition under the brand Vitawin.

Since 2012, from time to time in favor of his own team in the back GOVERNMENTAL racing. In 2014 he took part in the full-time day avtomarafone in Dayton.

17th July 2013 was appointed pre presidents of FC "Dynamo" (Moscow). Exactly Th cut two years announced his retirement.

March 20, 2014, Boris and Arkady Rotenberg hit by the economic sanctions introduced by the US President Barack Obama because of "violation of sovereignty and territo ble integrity of Ukraine." "... they both saw action in the United States an indirect recognition of his services to the Russian state," - he said to "Interfax" uc Tocnik surrounded by businessmen.

In 2016, he won the award for long-term contribution to the development of Russian motor sport (in the framework of the presentation of the first prize "Man of the Year in motorsport" on Russian Motorsport Forum).


Together with his brother owns 100% of ACC s InvestCapitalBank, Ufa.


A family:

His first wife, Irina Haranen - Finnish citizen, CEO of the company Anirina OY (Helsinki), Managing Director of fir we "Nicole" (St. Petersburg).

Two sons from his first marriage - Roman, vice president of marketing and business development of the hockey club SKA (Ca tubing Petersburg) since May 2011 and the first vice-presidents FHR with December 2014, the owner of 80% shares of the marketing agency "Telesport "(official partner of the RFU), before working in the Office of external communicates to" Gazprom Export "; and Boris-ml. (born 1986, citizen of Finland) is a football player.

The second wife is Karina Rotenberg. She was born in St. Petersburg, studied at the English gymnasium No. 248 on the avenue of the People's Militia. In 1993, together with her family, she left for permanent residence in the United States. In Atlanta, she entered the university, studied international business and marketing, received an MBA. I met Boris Rothenberg in August 2008 at the age of 29, the wedding took place on August 2, 2009 in the Transfiguration Cathedral of St. Petersburg. He is the mother of the twins Dani and Sophia, as well as Leon. He is fond of horses and help stray dogs, is the head of the Moscow F EDERATION equestrian sports.

Included in the rating of the magazine Forbes from 2010, ranking 100 with a fortune of 700 million US dollars. In the rating of "200 richest businessmen in Russia, 2017" occupies 94 lines with a fortune of 1 billion US dollars.

Vice President of the Russian Judo Federation. Honored coach of Russia, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences. The founder and the head of the program SMP Racing, whose goal is the popularization of motor sport in Russia.

He is a citizen of Russia and Finland.




Arkady and Boris Rotenberg graduated from the sports institute. They did not create anything, they did not invent anything new. They did not give us iPhones, social networks or successful investment projects.

They are friends of Vladimir Putin, and when he came to power, they became intermediaries in selling pipes to Gazprom. This earned the first billions. Now the Rotenberg brothers "Kings of the State Order", they surprisingly win in all the most tasty tenders of the state and earn on budgetary funds allocated for the construction of roads, bridges, metro, etc. [...]

navalny, 08.07. 2014


Look: the US prosecutor's office is investigating the case of the illegal withdrawal of 6 billion dollars from Russia. For the withdrawal of capital was used the main German bank Deutsche Bank, whose role DoJ is investigating. Americans are interested in all this in the sense that foreign corruption is also banned from them. You can not participate in corruption, even if it is outside of the United States.

The bank is accused of having done so-called "mirror trading" on behalf of several Russian clients. That is, they bought securities in Russia for rubles, and then immediately sold the same securities through the London office of the bank, but for dollars. Mirror trade, as such, is not illegal. However, in the case of Deutsche Bank and its mysterious Russian customers, with the help of this mechanism an unprecedented amount of $ 6 billion was withdrawn from Russia. The money was withdrawn and converted into dollars bypassing any procedures for monitoring money laundering and other formalities.

So who are those terrible "Russian customers" who turned the scheme along with Deutsche Bank? Who dared to disobey the decrees of the President and did exactly the opposite? Putin says you are bringing money to Russia, and "customers" are hundreds of billions of rubles distilled abroad.

Here they are, the falcon. Boris and Arkady Rotenberg. Favorite businessmen of the same fighter with the export of capital. According to Bloomberg, it was their companies that were the beneficiaries of the scheme with mirror trade. Transactions were held until early 2015. That is, in the midst of the struggle.

On the Rothenbergs, deofshorization obviously does not extend. For Rothenberg there is a separate system of rules, according to which to withdraw 300 billion rubles from the country - this is ok and nothing terrible. Guys and so have suffered because of sanctions.

Bloomberg mentions one more client of the bank involved in the scheme for the withdrawal of capital from Russia. They is called his "cousin Putin's. "

Interesting, huh? And even such a seditious thought creeps in: Can Rothenberg have included green light on the withdrawal of $ 6 billion, because they did not take their own? Well, just helped one so friend and his relatives., 10/16/2015


As we managed to find out, one of the brothers (the elder - Arkady) is the closest neighbor in the country of "the former masseur of Putin" Konstantin Goloshchapov. And these villas are located in the village of Akulinino outside Moscow, where, besides them, the president of Transneft Nikolay Tokarev, Rostekh head Sergei Chemezov, senator Sergei Lisovsky and other representatives of the political elite are accommodated.

They say, when buying a house or an apartment, we "buy" also neighbors. Arkady's younger brother, Boris Rothenberg, left last July in the "Forest" - a closed holiday village 8 km from Moscow. There are only 17 houses on 8 hectares, and Rotenberg, along with a mansion with an area of ​​more than 1000 m2, also got the largest plot - about a hectare. Probably, in accordance with authority.

So it turned out that, in addition to the siloviki and the inner circle of Luzhkov (Ordzhonikidze, Resin, the wife of the ex-mayor of the capital Elena Baturina), Boris Rotenberg turned out to be in the Forest. This neighborhood may look random, but four years ago the then State Duma deputy Ashot Yeghiazaryan was the family of Baturina and Rotenberg accused of a joint attempt to take away the hotel "Moscow" from him.

But even here it is not so much the luxury of businessmen from the president's entourage that causes luxury, but the neighborhood of their neighbors. Across the road from the Rothenberg manor there is a territory that conjures associations not just with the brothers, but already with the brotherhood.

"Interlocutor" found out that the nearby plot in the half-hectare belongs to Gennady Vyacheslavovich Ivankov, the son of a shot authority known in the criminal world under the nickname Japonchik. However, for those who are aware of, and in this there is nothing unusual.

As Forbes admitted to Levan Pirveli, an entrepreneur who moved to Austria, in the early 1990s he was a partner of Arkady Rothenberg in the Baltic Business Partners. In the business environment at the time it was believed that Pirveli represents the interests of a certain David Sanikidze, a friend of Japonchik. So the "thief in law" and "businessman in law" had something in common then. And when the United Russia deputies tell us that the "Rothenberg law" will be aimed at supporting not only Putin's friends, it is readily believed. He can support more and some of these here their neighbors. For our account with you.

Stringer - news. com, 19.11.2014


Boris Rotenberg acted as the founder of two little-known Moscow firms "Baza-Torg" and "Supply", which were registered in 2003 at the same address in Kolomenskoye travel and had a common telephone number, which is now silent.

Quiet and inconspicuous "Baza-Torg", according to the SCREEN database, is the founder of a very notable company Gaztaged (controlled it by 25%). In 2003 Gaztaged was headed by Jaroslav Golko, who in the same year moved to Gazprom - became deputy head of the accounting, analysis and corporate policy department of the property management department. By 2005, Golko had grown to be the first deputy head of the Department for Investments and Construction of Gazprom, in 2006 he headed this department, and in early 2007 he joined the board of Gazprom.

In 2005, the director for corporate research of the British investment company Hermitage Capital Management (which advised the Hermitage fund - the minority shareholder of Gazprom) Vadim Kleiner, claiming to be on the board of Gazprom, in his report named several intermediaries who received incomprehensible preferences from Of Gazprom. In addition to RosUkrEnergo and its predecessor, EuralTransGas (gas supplies), Gaztaged was named as an intermediary for operations with pipes for Gazprom. As the Hermitage representative confessed, who was behind this firm, they learned only from us.


The supply company created by Boris Rotenberg last year was in the process of liquidation, but during life it also reached out to Gazprom. The firm owned the mining and Altaian company Sibgazimpex (25%), the rest 75% of the company was controlled by Gazprom's daughter Gazkomplektimpeks.

Sibgazimpex was liquidated in 2007. However, before disappearing, he managed to flash in the court documents. At least since 2003, Gazkomplektimpeks has instructed Sibgazimpex to enter into contracts for the supply of equipment with Gazprom's subsidiaries. The subsidiaries of Gazprom paid the intermediary for his services out of his pocket.

Gazprom has not yet responded to the request of Novaya Gazeta regarding the amounts and number of contracts signed with Gaztaged and Sibgazimpex, and could not explain why Gazprom needed two intermediaries with 25% stake in Boris's structures Rotenberg? The representative of Gazprom, Sergey Kupriyanov, noted only that today Gazprom carries out an overwhelming number of purchases, including pipes, on a competitive basis.

Boris Rotenberg, to whom we sent questions a week ago, is not in a hurry with the explanations.

"Novaya Gazeta", 29.06.2009


That hot June day, Pavel Yakshis, moonlighting cargo transportation, remembered for life. He drove his Gazelle, laden with furniture, along Tikhoretsky Avenue in the northern capital, when the concrete mixer sharply braked before him. Yakshis took to the right, an angry whistle sounded from behind, and after a couple of seconds the black Toyota Land Cruiser he cut with a roar ahead of Yakshis blocked the road. The tinted glass was lowered, and the passenger - a man with a broad face and strong neck - asked Yakshis, where he learned to ride. There was a squabble in non-parliamentary terms, then the heated debaters spit each other in turn, the doors of the jeep opened and two stocky men in motley shirts-Hawaiians and gold chains on their necks directed to the "gazelle" with a springing gait. "All around resembled" brothers, "- wrote Yakshis in his testimony to the investigation two days later.

But they were not bandits. Yakshisa ugorazdilo spit in Boris Rotenberg, co-owner of the bank "Northern Sea Route" (SMP), a judoka and a friend of Vladimir Putin. However, even if the driver of the "gazelle" knew the amylia of the person with whom he had a road conflict, she would not have told him anything. Boris Rotenberg and his older brother Arkady are not one who likes publicity.

As follows from the testimony of Yakshis, Rotenberg grabbed his arm, tried to drag him out of the "gazelle" through the window and inflicted several blows on the face, the frightened Yakshis snatched the traumatic pistol "Wasp" and fired at Rothenberg. A rubber bullet hit the athlete in the chest. Rotenberg shook himself, took off his shirt and looked at the abrasion. "You're in deep trouble, He said through clenched teeth. "I'll get you." Then came an intricate curse, which, as Yakshis showed to the investigator, was reduced to the threat of murder, "using genitals." Rothenberg began to pick up on your mobile phone om any number and promised Yakshisu that now will approach "the guys." The driver of the "gazelle" immediately retired. (Later the court found Yakshis guilty of exceeding the limits of necessary self-defense and fined him for 20,000 rubles, now, according to his lawyer, he left St. Petersburg and is about to embark on monasticism.)

"Russian Forbes", November 2009


The Sunday Times newspaper found out that Russian businessman Boris Rotenberg has a house in the center of London, in the Knightsbridge area. If the EU tightens sanctions against Russian entrepreneurs and people close to President Vladimir Putin, this asset, according to the newspaper, can be frozen among others.

According to the British newspaper The Sunday Times, Russian businessman Boris Rotenberg is "connected" with an apartment house in the prestigious Knightsbridge area in central London. The house, which stands in a row of low-rise buildings with garages (the so-called musehouse), since 2007 is used by the son of a businessman, Roman Rotenberg, a British citizen, the owner of a credit company Micro Credit Global. According to The Sunday Times, the house was bought in the same 2007 for £ 3.3 million in cash. At current rates, it would cost the buyer £ 5 million. The buyer of the house is an offshore company Loktan Services, registered in Cyprus. At the same time, as the newspaper notes, Loktan Services was established just a few months before buying a house in Knightsbridge, and it belongs to two other Cypriot companies - Zoulian Ltd and Zoulian Management Ltd. At the same time the publication does not disclose information about the direct links of these offshore companies with Boris or Roman Rotenberg.

"Kommersant", July 28, 2014


In September 2014 the Italian authorities sealed apartments, 4 villas and hotel Arkady Rotenberg, all of which were recorded on a Cyprus company Olpon Investment Limited, all of whose shares are recorded at him personally. We decided to better explore this firm, thanks to the Cypriot registry, which records the essential operations of the company and found that it has another interesting object property. Namely, the Bombardier Global 300 aircraft with the registration number M-ARRH for $ 15 million. "M" means registration on the Isle of Man, and for ARRH, as it is easy to guess, the ears of Arkady Romanovich Rotenberg stick out.

It would be unfair if one Rothenberg had an airplane, and the other did not. With such things, discord in families begins.

Therefore, we paid attention to Boris Romanovich Rotenberg, brother of Arkady Romanovich. He is the lucky owner of the Cyprus offshore DAMSTONE LIMITED. On it is written the plane Bombardier Global 5000 for $ 25 million with the serial number 9325. Easy gugling shows that for aircraft with serial number 9325 M-BRRB hides the registration number, h is obviously meant Boris Romanovich Rotenberg.

© alburov, 02/18/2015


Yesterday, the website of the Russian government said that Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed an order to release Vladimir Yakunin, president of RZD, from his post. By another decree, Medvedev appointed in his place first deputy minister of transport Oleg Belozerov, a member of the board of directors of RZD. Belozerov is the only candidate, two officials of the government told Vedomosti yesterday.

Purpose Belozerova helped Arkady and Boris Rotenberg said "Vedomosti" a person close to the government: they would go to the railway business. Belozerova have a good relationship with the brothers, talking somewhat familiar Rotenberg. The only profitable today the business connected with the railway, - large-scale infrastructure projects such as the modernization of the Baikal-Amur and Trans-Siberian Railway (estimated at 562 billion rubles.), Or a high-speed highway Moscow - Kazan (more than 1 trillion), according to manufacturer, which is closely related to the rail industry. Arkady Rotenberg owns "Stroygazmontazh" - one of the largest "Gazprom" contractors.

"Draining of compromising," 8/21/2015


Commentator "NTV-Plus" Vasily Utkin said that Alisher Usmanov asked to pay the cost of the Moscow "Dynamo".

"A lot of rumors regarding the future of the Moscow" Dynamo ". They leave their expensive legionnaires. As far as I know (I retell it in the most primitive form, because I know it exactly. But it is not willing to be determined in terms of the "boss", "owner", "Sponsor"), the "Dynamo" a huge debt. Actually, not debt, and loss. In particular, as it turned out, Boris Rotenberg, who at some point led the "Dynamo" did not invest in the team money. Money paid by VTB. And the money allocated Rothenberg, made out as kredita. Tak here, VTB sort of howl, saying: "Guys, we can not. We have a lot of other things. "

And now try some important people (all of them in uniform in the main) to persuade or force, or bend, or to exhort, or pray on their knees, I do not know exactly, Alishera Burhanovicha Usmanova paid expenses "Dynamo". This process goes on. As far as I know, until the process for asylum unsuccessful. But this information can be corrected. Especially, Alisher Burhanovich has paid the debt of kindness RFS before Fabio Capello. My unofficial information, but my information is accurate, "- said Utkin in the program" Football Club "on the radio" Echo of Moscow "., 11.08.2015


The two main residences Rotenberg located near Moscow and in Monaco. Cottage in Mougins, fifty kilometers from the dwarf principality, was started for one purpose - horses. All the best - they are so small, XIX century master's house not much to reshape. Light beige, with blue doors, Shatters house - a modest, practical and not at all photogenic in the sense that from a resident Forbes seventy-sixth line (the state Boris Rotenberg there is estimated at one billion dollars) waiting glossy editor. "It was important to me that here was all warm and cozy. House to live. Dogs, children, furniture, which you can get to your feet, "- explains Karina [Rothenberg]., 25.7.2016


Sale of the property partners and relatives were not spared billionaires close to the President of Russia, from international prosecution. No matter how successful a person, sooner or later its capital hit the road: it transfers control, and even to part with the assets. The reasons may be different: someone who understands that the years take their toll, and the company grew strong managers, others - that it is time to transfer business to children. There are tragic circumstances, and there are those who are forced to part with the assets prematurely. Such as is seen from the side, the early parting experiencing the last two years close to President Putin businessmen Gennady Timchenko and Arkady and Boris Rotenberg. The reason was the sanctions imposed on them by the US and the EU for a "violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine." Their first introduced March 20, 2014, US President.


 Assets Rotenberg, on the contrary, remained in the family. The representative emphasized the brothers, sons of Arkady and Boris - Igor and Roman - all bought at the market price. "When a person pays their money - this is a business, a great sense of responsibility, - confirmed in an interview to" Interfax "Arkady Rotenberg. - And when you something gave you the money you do not feel. " His son Igor passed in July 2014, "SCC Real Estate", "FEC Mosenergo" and "Gazprom drilling", and in October - the share in the "Mostotrest", which in May 2015 he sold "TPA-Finance" (it is controlled asset management companies NPF "Welfare").

General business and Timchenko Rotenberg brothers in Finland - the management company Langvik Capital (100% of the hotel Langvik, 100% of the developer Tanskarlan Centrum) and 50% AC Arena Events (49% of the hockey club Jokerit and 50.5% of its home stadium Hartwall Arena) moved to Boris son Roman.

In July 2015 the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions against Russian companies and citizens, which are considered in Washington were involved in the circumvention of the previous restrictions schemes. The expanded list includes family members and business partners, and Gennady Timchenko, and Boris Rotenberg. Kai Paananen, Airfix Aviation Oy, IPP Oil Products (Cyprus) and other people and companies have come under sanctions with the wording "for providing material support to Mr. Timchenko." Ironically, the restrictions have not touched Igor Rotenberg, the son of the eldest of the brothers and the main beneficiary of his father's property redistribution. But Boris's son Roman, owner of Finnish Langvik, entered in the list.

"Draining compromises", 14 .0 1 .2016


Following the acquisition of the company "Intarsia" Boris Rotenberg leading player in the market of the restoration work is constantly featured in the criminal chronicle.

General Prosecutor's Office has filed an appeal against the refusal of the first instance of the Supreme Court (SC) to transfer to the city court of Petrozavodsk (Karelia) St. Petersburg business top managers "Intarsia" about embezzlement in the reconstruction of the "House with Lions" - Palace of Lobanov-Rostovsky, located in St. Petersburg balance manager of the president (UDP). Prosecutors questioned the impartiality of judges Petersburg not only to the accused but also to the victim Andrey Yakunin - the owner of CJSC "Tristar Investment Holdings" British citizen and son of ex-head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin.


Even more dangerous prosecutors consider participation "Intarsia" in numerous construction projects commissioned by Smolny, as well as established Smirnov due to the organs and agencies of various branches of government, including the practice of giving presents to its customers, bureaucrats and judges. Prosecutor General Vyacheslav Lebedev draws attention to the fact that the criminal case against Viktor Smirnov stopped five times the Central Investigation Department (CSO) Research Affairs in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. As recalled by "Kommersant", to bring the ex-owner of the "Intarsia" criminally responsible and investigate the case was only after his transfer in May 2015 in the production of GUS TFR in St. Petersburg.

" Compromising / biography ", 16.08.2017


Heavy crystal chandeliers, chairs with embroidery on the back, the main hall for 150 people with a mezzanine, simulating the library in a rich house of the XVIII century. Around the hall - small rooms with billiards, cigars, hookahs. There is also a mini-hotel. This restaurant "Gusyatnikoff", named in honor of an old merchant family. Monopolists Gusyatnikova involved considering the royal taxes - Siberian gold, jewels and furs - after joining the Russian East Siberia in the XVII century. In Moscow, they owned the three-story mansion with six semi-columns of the Ionic order in the Taganka district, a lot of enterprises of different industries, and the mercy of a monopoly on all of Moscow for their collaboration with several families beverage "liquor company." In order to prevent the smuggling of alcohol in Moscow, the company built a shaft with outpostsserves as a border town. And by the way, the current Manege Square called Gusyatnikovskoy: there was not even any of the Manege, and stood their shops.

In 2008-2009, the restaurant "Gusyatnikoff" created one of the best Russian restaurateur Arkady Novikov. Customers were businessmen Rotenberg brothers Arkady and Boris and Arkady son Igor. They rented a house Gusyatnikova. "I made a plan - where is the kitchen, halls, - put the chef, with whom we have worked in a restaurant -" University "and all - says Novikov. - I did not plan to make money, did just an acquaintance. "

Restaurant - "family place Rotenberg," says the manager of one of their companies: "It supports Russianness, Orthodox, the restoration of sources and traditions." If "Pushkin" - a noble, Russian-French cuisine here - a merchant, and about one price category.

Rotenberg going here family, hold talks, family celebrations. The restaurant often serves the sporting events in which Rothenberg, senior judoka and passionate hockey player, "involved 150%."

Unlike the rest of their business empire, consisting of banks, suppliers, and "Gazprom" contractors, real estate, chemical and media companies, restaurant Rotenberg - not a business. they are not engaged in the management. Can, according to their manager, "to make suggestions in the conversation, but do not create it for the money: the project unprofitable, and the owners of the material help." Judging according to SPARK-Interfax, in 2013 (the latest, when the financial results are) on revenue of 57 million rubles loss of the restaurant made more than 23 million., 25.02.2016


So, at the end of last year, the FAS "excited" against Gazprom over the purchase of pipes. For them, the gas monopoly and rolled more than 10 billion rubles. Purchased these pipes as a set of FAS, with serious violations. Miller was even called "on the carpet" to the head of department Igoryu Artemevu. After serious discussion, even Miller pledged to create a conciliation commission. However, beyond words did not get. The Commission has not been established, and, especially on the initiative of Gazprom.

Moreover, Miller himself has filed a lawsuit against the abolition of the FAS written out by the antimonopoly agency circular to eliminate violations during the auction for the purchase of pipes. The point is for Gazprom nothing burned. Faz has proved that the transaction occurred banal conspiracy. As a result of his pipe, totaling more than 200 thousand tons were supplied by "Tube technology investment."

A company controlled by close to great corridors of power take Boris and Arkady Rotenberg. They Alexei Miller longstanding business relationship, and, as a rule, questionable.

So, for more than 10 years one of the companies Rotenberg CEPT is the only pipe supplier gas monopoly. Moreover, all of the auctions conducted in one lot, which invariably accrue to Rotenberg. The FAS also repeatedly pointed out that it is contrary to fair trading., 13.03.2017