In 1978 he graduated from Leningrad State University INDIVIDUALS Coy Culture. P. F. Lesgafta. Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences. He is a Jew by nationality.

In 1991, he participated in the creation and operation of the cooperative "Owl", which was engaged in the preparation and conduct competitions in various types of martial arts: Sambo, then judo, freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling.

W animalsya barter supplies, including Isla h and "Gazprom" structures.

In December 1991, he became one of the founders of CJSC "Baltic Business Partners" with a 10% interest in the statutory fund.

In July 1993 he headed the "Firma Grant".

From June 1995 - co-founder of "guarding service" Shield ".

Since December 1995 - co-founder of the company LLC "RKK".

In February 1997, the International Information and Analytical Center Foundation was established.

In June 1998, he became the general director of the non-commercial enterprise "Judo-Neva Judo Sports Club" Foundation.

In early 2000 he joined the board of directors of the St. Petersburg company Talion (developer, gambling, hotel, restaurant business).

In 2001, together with Konstantin Goloshapova acquired bank "Northern Sea Route" (SME Bank), in the cat Oromo headed the board of directors. Subsequently, the share of Constantine Goloshchapov wa brother bought Arcadia - Boris. Since 2002 - h county Board of Directors of SMP.

Since 2002, the brother of Arkady Rotenberg owned 25% of the company "Gaztaged" (on equal footing with a subsidiary of "Gazprom" - "Gazkomplektimpex" - 75%), which was one of the biggest traders of the tube "Gazprom". Later, the company I 'Gaztaged "was eliminated. Subsequently, together with Boris created company "Tube and Pipe Industries spine" and "Tubular metal."

Since 2004 - predsedat spruce SMP Bank Board of Directors.

Beginning in 2006 or 2007 at the suggestion of Alexander Ebralidze was a member of the board of directors and was a member of the club of the St. Petersburg company "Talion", which was engaged in the hotel, etc. eveloperskim and gambling.

"Stroygazmontazh" established in 200 7 year. In late March, "Stroygazmontazh" won the first contest of "Gazprom" for the construction of the ground part of the "Nord Stream", branches of the Gryazovets - Vyborg.

In October 2008, the NSR-Bashkir bank bought Bank "Investkapital".

In 2009 he founded fear of a marketing company "SMP-insurance".

In March 2010, together with his brother Boris has got company "North European Pipe Project" (76% of the shares for two).


Representatives of the Rotenberg structures are on the boards of nine plants owned by Rosspirtprom: Moscow Plant Kristall, Bryanskspirtprom OJSC, Astrakhan Distillery, Mordovspirt OJSC, Bakhus SA, Cherepovets Distillery, JSC "Itkul distillery", OAO "Yaroslavl L OT", OJSC "Velikiy distillery."


Rothenberg is on the board of directors of the company-developer of toll road Moscow - St. Petersburg through the Khimki forest, this publication explains her lo rozny administrative resources.

Since September 2013 is part of the board of OA On the "Publisher" Enlightenment "."

April 3, 2014 Rotenberg bought a 51% stake in the group "Red Square" companies which produce eleperedachi for the first channel.

At the end of 2014, Arkady Rothenberg acquired from Boris and his business partner Boris his stake in the company "Stroygazmontazh", which receives the largest masters.

In 2014, the European Union and the United States included Arcadia Rothenberg in the sanctions lists, part of its foreign property was frozen: in the US - the assets of the SMP Bank for $ 65 million, in Italy - real estate for $ 30 million.

In August 2016, in partnership with Artomom Obolenskim established the company «na tional Gas Group" (IFG).

In 2017 it was announced that the Rotenberg structures purchased the assets of the sports and entertainment quarter Park Legends.



Is the controlling sharehold Nerom company "Stroygazmontazh".

Owns 36.8% of the shares of the bank "Northern Sea Route" (SMP Bank). Together with his brother - Boris Rotenberg m, possess a controlling stake.

Together with his brother owns a 76% stake in "North European Pipe project first." The company closed.

Together with his brother owns 100% of ACC s InvestCapitalBank, Ufa.

Prior to 2015, together with his brother controlled 26.44% stake in Mostotrest through offshore Marc O'Polo (brothers 68.5% stake Marc O'Polo, which owns 38.6% of Mostotrest). First, Arkady Rothenberg transferred control over his share in Marc O'Polo to his son Igor. Then, 30 April 2015 Marc O'Polo has sold its stake in PJSC "Mostotrest" of "TPA-Finance", Igor Rotenberg l get for your share of 6.9 billion rubles.

He entered the capital of New Russia yskogo commercial seaport. He sold his stake in 2011.

It is a minority sovlade ltsem (12.5%) of the hotel Moscow.

Together with Mihailom Cherkasovym (50% to 50%) owns a construction company "Parity", which is building a monolithic building and in Kaluga, Tver, Zvenigorod.

C October 2010 Rotenberg brothers bought from the structures of "Gazprom" 100% of shares of Open Joint Stock Company "Heat Energy Company Mosenergo", after which the board of directors headed byIgor Abramovich Rothenberg.

79.6% of shares of "Mineral Fertilizers" (Rossosh, Voronezh region.) - purchased in 2011 from Senator N. M. Olshanskogo.





Thanks the President of the Russian Federation (10 September 2016) - for achievements in the field of physical culture and sports, as well as for his great contribution in the devel term domestic hockey.

Order of St. Sergius of I degree (ROC, July 27, 2015) - in recognition of his assistance in the rebuilding of the temple Prince Volodymyr the Orthodox St. Tikhon Humanitarian University and Moscow enarhialnogo home.

Order of Friendship (13 September 2013) - for his merits in the development of physical culture and sports, and many ogoletnyuyu diligent work.

Russian Federation Presidential Certificate of Honor (2 February 2013) - for the successful preparation of athletes who have achieved high sports achievements at the Games of the XXX Olympiad in 2012 in g Orodes London (UK).

Honored Worker of Physical Culture of the Russian Federation (25 July 2005) - for achievements in physical culture and sports development and multi years of in- vestigations diligent work.

Ny deserved coach of the Russian Federation.




Until the age of 12, I was fond of acrobatics.

In 1964, he began wrestling (sambo, then judo) with coach Anatoly Rakhlin, in the same group as Vladimir Putin.

Over 15 years he worked as a judo and sambo trainer in sports clubs in Leningrad.

In the early 1990s he helped Putin, who at that time held the post of chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee (FAC) of the St. Petersburg mayor's office, to continue his judo classes, acting as his sparring partner in training.

Since 1998 - Director General established jointly by Gennadiem Timchenko the idea Vladimira Putina St. Petersburg "Yawara-Neva" sports club judo, honorary president of m which was Vladimir Putin.

August 23, 2012 - became the president of the Moscow Hockey Club "Dynamo".

August 21, 2015 he was elected chairman of the great advent of the Russian Hockey Federation.

In 2016 the publishing house "Prosveshcheniye" published a teaching and methodical book "The Art of Judo. From game to skill. " Its authors are Vladimir Putin, Arkady Rotenberg and master of sports in judo Alex Liv itsky.

September 10, 2016 was among the more than 100 people, which Russian President Vladimir Putin announced gratitude "for services in the field of physical culture and sport" as well as "a great contribution to Dr. zvitie domestic hockey."

In 2016 n rinyal part in the filming of the documentary "Ippon - a clear victory" dedicated to the preparation of the Russian Olympic team in judo Olympic Games in 2016.

He takes 39th place in the rating of "200 richest businessmen of Russia 2017" with a fortune of 2.6 billion dollars.


From 2005 to 2013 he was married to Natalia Rotenberg. Ex-wife lives in the UK with two and their common children - Barbara and arcade.






Everyone in Russia knows who Arkady Rothenberg is - Putin's friend, fabulously enriched during the presidency of his partner in sambo. A man who decided to make money on the fact that wagons travel on roads, creating "Plato". A person who wants to earn money selling drugs. A man who builds a bridge to the Crimea.

"Municipal scanner", 04/04/2017


Arkady went too far, dreaming of seeing himself as the gray cardinal of the Kremlin. Not being shy, he stressed the familiarity with the first person of the state at every opportunity. When after the final of one of the matches of the European Cup in judo, he was asked: - Does it help that the head of state is patronizing Yavara Neva? Arkady memorized: "What do you think? The moral duty to the president and the whole country adds strength to us. Because Vladimir Putin is a real judoist in spirit and way of life. " At the same time, he added, it is true that "I do not have a direct wire with Vladimir Vladimirovich, but we were informed about the success of the man from the nearest circle of the president. He promised to deliver this news to the right address. "

 When it became obvious that the roof from permissiveness in Arkady led thoroughly, then the arrests in the former State Fishery Committee followed. Alexander Tugushev fell victim to the Arcachines intrigues. Thus, Rotenberg was given to understand that the lawlessness committed by some criminal Petrograders under the name of the President will no longer be tolerated. Apparently Vladimir Putin really decided to prove that he is a real judoka "in life."

And in all probability the continuation will follow even more scandalous and loud. The next victim of the Arcachine games in the big and gray cardinal with a high probability will be the President of the Federation of Judo of Russia and the National Union of Judo Minister of the Russian Federation Alexei Gordeev. Arkasha set it up for the full program. Firstly, it was Gordeev who at one time set Alexander Tugushev in office and could not help but know why Tugushev needed Rotenberg in the State Fisheries Committee. Secondly, as a result of the intrigues with the NSS, Gordeev, as the president of the judo federation, is to take our judoists to the Athens Olympics and be solely responsible for the results achieved. In any case, "wash" the Minister of Agriculture, successfully survived the change of government, from Arkashin slops is no longer possible. And this makes Alexei Vasilyevich another contender for "victims" of completely unsportsmanlike behind-the-scenes games.

Here is how "modest" teacher of sports disciplines Arkady Rothenberg managed to play big politics with the help of ponts and drops of luck. It is rumored that Arkasha still does not understand what they want from him and continues, as if nothing had happened to assure the athletes that "from now on, the selection for the national team will be conducted according to honest, open rules, that sports The principle excluding any behind-the-scenes games. "

RUSPRES, 28.07.2004


Partner of Arkady Rotenberg on the fight Nikolai Vashchilin recalls that this Leningrad judoka should have died in the early 1990s. Then Rotenberg returned to St. Petersburg from Germany, where on the basis of Jewish origin he emigrated during Perestroika and where he received German personal documents. The business mentor Rotenberg was repeatedly tried by Leonid Usvyatsov - criminal authority and extortionist, who gave Arkady Romanovich work in the Tambov OPG and introduced the main leaders of this influential community. In 1994, Usvyasov was killed, and during the funeral, according to Vashchilin, by Rotenberg and his friend Konstantin Goloshchapov, known among the "Tambovites" under the nickname "Sanitary", unknown gunners opened fire. The future of the billionaire was saved by the sports reaction - he managed to fall to the ground in time.

RUSPRES, 26.02.2016


As it became known to "Vedomosti", in the first year of the full-fledged work of Arkady Rothenberg in the contract business his company entered the 2nd place in the industry by revenue. This was facilitated primarily by contracts with Gazprom.

The company "Stroygazmontazh" appeared two years ago. And already in 2009, broke into the top three among oil and gas contractors. Its revenue under RAS is almost 89 billion rubles, according to Rosstat.This is the biggest revenue in the "Construction" section by Rosstat indicators, which are in SPARK-Interfax. And the consolidated revenue of the company is 100.3 billion rubles, says a source close to Stroygazmontazh.

The owner of "Stroygazmontazha" is Arkady Rotenberg, who in childhood, together with Vladimir Putin, was engaged in judo. And the business of "Stroygazmontazh" began with the fact that Rothenberg's structures bought in March 2008 five construction subsidiaries of Gazprom for 8.3 billion rubles. - almost at the starting price. In May of the same year, Stroygazmontazh won the first tender of Gazprom, and then received four major orders, of which Sochi and Sakhalin - without a tender.


"That is, Gazprom sold cheaply Rotenberg their construction divisions, and the next day ordered them to the construction site at a price three times higher than the market.

Thus, the business tandem Vladimir & Arkadii strikes with a profitability of 300% and feels great. "

Compromising.Ru, 22.07.2010


A. Rotenberg was engaged in the 1990s. Business together with entrepreneurs, sometimes referred to in the press as "Tambov" - in particular,   Oleg Shuster (Co-owner of the professional wushu club Fei Lun, registered by the KBC of Putin in 1993, head of the Fund for Support of Commercial and Industrial Enterprises of the North-West Region, one of the sponsors of the cult television series Streets of Broken Lights)., 07.201


Where there was no way to win in the rack, you had to move to the ground - put the competitor on your knees. Jeanne Bullock, the wife of ex-finance minister of the Moscow region Alexei Kuznetsov, believes that a criminal case against his wife was instituted so that one of the companies associated with Rotenberg (ORSI) swallowed up her construction business. Three years ago they even wrote that the administrative cover for the capture in 2008 was carried out by Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov. However, Bullock declined to comment. Our source in the government confirmed that Shuvalov is familiar with Rothenberg, but their connection and friendship was denied:

- Representatives of ORSI did communicate with Shuvalov, but apparently, something was alarmed, and then the meeting did not go well. According to the "Interlocutor," Shuvalov was asked about that meeting not by Rothenberg, but by an official colleague. We were named the current governor of St. Petersburg, Georgy Poltavchenko, who at that time was the presidential envoy to the Central Federal District.Why not the name of the president? "I believe that the Lord sent it to our country," Arkady Rotenberg once explained. - You can not just come to him and ask for something.

The, 12.04.2013


Arkady and Boris Rotenberg graduated from the sports institute. They did not create anything, they did not invent anything new. They did not give us iPhones, social networks or successful investment projects.

They are friends of Vladimir Putin, and when he came to power, they became intermediaries for the sale of pipes to Gazprom. This earned the first billions. Now the Rotenberg brothers "Kings of the State Order", they surprisingly win in all the most tasty tenders of the state and earn on budgetary funds allocated for the construction of roads, bridges, metro, etc. [...]

Navalny, 08.07. 2014


Look: the US prosecutor's office is investigating the case of the illegal withdrawal of $ 6 billion from Russia. For the withdrawal of capital was used the main German bank Deutsche Bank, whose role DoJ is investigating. Americans are interested in all this in terms of the fact that they also prohibit foreign corruption. You can not participate in corruption, even if it is outside of the United States.

The bank is accused that on behalf of several Russian clients they were engaged in the so-called "mirror trading" (mirror trading). That is, they bought securities in Russia for rubles, and then immediately sold the same securities through the London office of the bank, but for dollars. Mirror trade, as such, is not illegal. However, in the case of Deutsche Bank and its mysterious Russian customers, with the help of this mechanism an unprecedented amount of $ 6 billion was withdrawn from Russia. The money was withdrawn and converted into dollars bypassing any procedures for monitoring money laundering and other formalities.

So who are those terrible "Russian customers" who turned the scheme along with Deutsche Bank? Who dared to disobey the President's decrees and did exactly the opposite? Putin says you are bringing money to Russia, and "customers" are hundreds of billions of rubles distilled abroad.

Here they are, the falcon. Boris and Arkady Rotenberg. Favorite businessmen of the same fighter with the export of capital. According to Bloomberg, it was their companies that were the beneficiaries of the scheme with mirror trade. Transactions were conducted until early 2015. That is, in the midst of the struggle.

On the Rothenbergs deofshorization obviously does not extend. For Rothenberg there is a separate system of rules, according to which to withdraw 300 billion rubles from the country - this is ok and nothing terrible. Guys and so have suffered because of sanctions.

Bloomberg also mentions another client of the bank involved in the scheme for the withdrawal of capital from Russia. They Is called his "cousin Putin's. "

Interesting, huh? And even such creeps seditious thought: can Rotenberg turned green light to the withdrawal of $ 6 billion, because they are not your own conclusions? Well, just so we helped one another, and to his relatives., 16.10.2015


Arkady Rotenberg did not answer the question whether "Gazkomplektservis" affiliated with him. The archive "Ruspres" agency there are materials that related to the holding company for many years supplied "Gazprom" gas pumping units and other equipment for gas pipelines. In less than four years (2011-2014), they won the competition concern on the 234 billion rubles, which is comparable with revenues SETP, and data structures remained invisible in the mass of other winners of tenders. The secret of "invisibility" is simple: Rothenberg actually used the one-day firms, even the most successful of them in a year or liquidated, they are replaced by others, and their relationship with the "Gazkomplektservis" impossible to track. Through the Cyprus offshore company owned by each of them a pair of anonymous offshore companies from the British Virgin Islands,allowing owners to install circuit was impossible. However, when journalists phoned the company, their reason whenever connected to a reception Opengeyma.

Ruspres, 02.26.2016


Arkady Rotenberg, a businessman from the nearby Vladimir Putin's inner circle, may belong to a blocking stake in the largest publisher of educational materials.

The fact that the billionaire Arkady Rotenberg is interested in publishing activities, "Kommersant" newspaper wrote in 2013. In September 2013, the businessman became chairman of the board of directors of OJSC "Publisher" Enlightenment ", but its share in the company has never been reported.

The annual financial statements of OJSC "Publisher" Enlightenment "of 2014 states that a member of the board of directors of Arkady Rotenberg," has the right to dispose of (either directly or through its subsidiaries) more than 20% of the total number of votes attached to the voting shares of the company [ "Publisher "Education"]".

RBC, 04.06.2015


The company, which will build a section of the motorway Moscow - St. Petersburg through the Khimki forest, found serious administrative resource. Its board of directors includes a representative of Arkady Rotenberg, a longtime friend of Vladimir Putin as prime minister.

Rosavtodor last summer signed an agreement to build the first section of the highway Moscow - St. Petersburg and the North-West Concession Company (NWCC). It was created in 2007, the French Vinci and its subsidiary Eurovia specifically to work in Russia. No reporting SZKK not published, and that its board of directors since 2007 include George Koryashkin, became aware of public reports of the company - Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port (NCSP), the Board of Directors of which he is also included (in the report is a record Koryashkina list). Its basic position - CEO "Enpivi engineering", controlled by Rotenberg. The port board Koryashkin was elected in the spring of 2008, when the co-owners of the port began Rotenberg structure.

"Enpivi Engineering" acts in the interests Arkadiya Rotenberga - its people are on the board of most of its companies, confirms the representative of "Stroygazmontazh" uniting construction companies, the brothers Arkady and Boris Rotenberg.

In "Enpivi engineering" and "Stroygazmontazh", "Vedomosti" refused to explain whose interests are represented Koryashkin in the company, received the right to build a section of toll motorway Moscow - St. Petersburg worth 66 billion rubles. The official representative of Arkady Rotenberg says that "Rotenberg this has nothing to do", and Koryashkin SZKK part of the Board of Directors as an independent director. Contact him by "Vedomosti" failed to request in Vinci remained unanswered.

"Vedomosti", 26.08.2010


" - As Arkady Rotenberg is associated with the construction of the road through the Khimki forest? He is there as the present one?

- Officially it in this project did not exist. What we have been able to find? Corruption scheme. We found out that the company has organized the firm Vinci in different offshore. These offshore companies very much. And one of these offshore companies owned by Arkady Rotenberg, the very same coach in judo. It turns out that through the Vinci company of our money from the Pension Fund from the budget went to subsidiary Vinci "SZZK" and from there it has already sent them to Cyprus Mr. Rothenberg. Here is the project "the route Moscow - St. Petersburg" - it's just a beautiful excuse nice method to launder money. And Vinci company - just a front for money laundering for the Russian oligarch. "

Evgeniya Chirikova, "Radio Liberty", of 1/12/2016


The buzz surrounding the adoption of the "Law Rotenberg" gradually subsided, but not completely stalled. If anyone missed it on the document adopted by the State Duma in the first reading a month ago (after the other's Putin businessman Arkady Rotenberg arrested in Italy a few villas and apartments). So, according to this law to compensate for close to the oligarchs such loss MPs call from the state budget.

How did we know, one of the brothers (senior - Arkady) is the closest neighbor to testify, "former masseur Putin" Constantine Goloshapova. These cottages are located in the Moscow region village Akulinin, where, apart from them, placed the president of "Transneft" Nikolay Tokarev, head Rostec Sergei Chemezov, Senator Sergei Lisowski and other representatives of the political beau monde.

They say that buying a house or an apartment, we "buy" and even neighbors. The younger brother of Arkady Boris Rotenberg back in last July went to the "Forest" - a closed holiday village, 8 km from Moscow. There is 8 hectares situated just 17 homes, and Rotenberg, along with the mansion area of ​​1000 m2 and has got the largest portion - about one hectare. Probably, according to the authority.

So it happened that, in addition to the security forces and the inner circle Luzhkov (Ordzhonikidze, Resin, wife of former Mayor Elena Baturina capital), in the "Forest" was Boris Rotenberg. Such neighborhood may look random, but 4 years ago, the then State Duma deputy Ashot Yeghiazaryan was family Baturina and Rotenberg accused in a joint attempt to take away his hotel "Moscow".

But here is interesting not so much causes luxury estates, businessmen from the president's entourage, many of their neighboring environment themselves. Across the road from the house Rotenberg is a territory that evokes associations not only brothers, but this time with the lads.

"Interlocutor" has found out that a nearby plot of half a hectare owned by Gennadiyu Vyacheslavovichu Ivankovu's son shot the authority, known in the criminal world under nickname Jap. However, for those who are aware, and this is nothing unusual.

As admitted "Forbes" who moved to Austria businessman Levan Pirveli, in the early '90s, he was a partner Arkady Rotenberg, the company "Baltic Business Partner". The business environment was thought at the time that represents the interests of some Pirveli David Sanikidze, other Jap. So that the "kingpin" and "businessman-in-law," something in common there already. And when United Russia deputies, we are told that "the law Rotenberg" will support not only Putin's friends, in this willingly believe. It can support even some of their neighbors here. For our expense.

Stringer -, 11.19.2014


FSUE "Rosspirtprom" (CPR) was established on the initiative of Vladimir Putin, May 6, 2000, the day before his inauguration. Holding transferred all not privatized by the end of the 1990s and alcohol distilleries, as well as the state-owned stakes in private companies. Thus, the Federal State Unitary Enterprise gained control over more than 200 enterprises of alcohol industry. Whose idea was it to concentrate strategic production in the same hands - the new monopoly, is still unknown. But in the industry believe all that is behind this Arkady Rotenberg. "He controls the whole alcohol market, - said the head of the alcohol companies, who wished to remain anonymous. - Rotenberg consider "looking" Vladimir Putin for the industry. And almost all people in the alcohol market in one way or another connected with the Rothenberg. "

No direct evidence for this, but since the early 2000s, all rosspirtpromovskie plants began to keep accounts in "SMP Bank" and the International Bank for Trade Cooperation, which are controlled by Rotenberg brothers. "SMP Bank" owns 5.38% in the largest enterprise - JSC "Moscow Distillery" Cristall ". Until recently, the business structure owned 25.16% of OAO "Bryanskspirtprom" - is the largest supplier of alcohol to the Moscow plant.

"Judo" is actively implemented in the alcohol market. After corporatization "Rosspirtprom" in 2009 a member of the board of trustees "Yawara-Neva", Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov headed the board of directors already JSC "Rosspirtprom". He also led the government commission on regulation of the alcohol market.

"Draining of compromising" 4/22/2015


After the imposition of sanctions Arkady Rotenberg began to take active steps to protect their assets in different countries around the world - including selling shares in their companies business partners, and to his sons. Similarly, we received many businessmen came under sanctions from the closest circle of Putin.

- We have come to the conclusion that Arkady Rotenberg, in order to circumvent sanctions, came up with the scheme. This scheme is as follows: to send their people who have worked with him for many years in Western countries, including to ensure that they register a company and buy assets. In the case of Dmitry Kalantyrsky, which, as we have seen, had settled in the Czech Republic, we found two of his companies that are registered to them, along with his mother. On one of them he bought an apartment and a manor house. Quite possibly, this is really his assets. But then we see that through his own Cypriot offshore two hotels in Austria were acquired. And it happened before he sold his 11% stake in SMP Bank and resigned as chairman of its board. If you look at the scheme on terms, including the factRothenberg when he re-registered under the control of the Cypriot offshore companies, we can see - the principal amount of the action takes place in December 2014, about six months after the sanctions, after many operations Rotenberg business assets have been blocked. He could not carry out the transaction. In addition, she was arrested property, which was recorded on his Cypriot offshore companies in Italy (one of the authors of the investigation "Municipal scanner" Mihail Maglov ).which was recorded on his Cypriot offshore companies in Italy ( one of the authors of the investigation "Municipal scanner" Mihail Maglov ).which was recorded on his Cypriot offshore companies in Italy ( one of the authors of the investigation "Municipal scanner" Mihail Maglov ).

"Radio Liberty", of 4/10/2017


In November 2015 for vehicles weighing over 12 tonnes was introduced fee for each kilometer of federal highways. To do this, the drivers of heavy vehicles should be set at automatic "Platon" system that would track the distance traveled by car on a federal line. Board should collect the company Rotenberg. According to estimates of annual fees should reach 50 billion. Rubles, of which 10 billion. Will go to the company for services rendered. In this regard, the system of collection of payments received popularly known as - "Rotenberg tax" or "noose Rothenberg." Individual entrepreneurs actually threatened to ruin. Therefore, truckers from the southern regions of the country moved to Moscow directly in their wagons, going to organize a protest.As a result, the authorities had to make certain concessions, in particular by reducing the penalty for non-payment collection system, "Plato" 90 times to 5 thousand. Rubles, as well as the actual charging fee only with major carriers.

A loan of $ 25 billion. Rubles for the implementation of this project, the company has received in Rothenberg "Gazprombank", where his son worked as advisor to the Chairman of the Board. The federal budget was planned to allocate about 8 billion. Rubles. In this case, the same site for car registration, was not running on the most secure and actually «WordPress» free platform designed more for casual users.

Another bonus for Arkady Romanovich was the transition Sheremetyevo airport under the control of private investors, in particular the group "TPS Air", which he owned jointly with businessman Alexander Ponomarenko. Earlier this group is an investor in the northern zone of airport "Sheremetyevo" (terminals B and C). In addition to air transport, Rothenberg position intensified and "Russian Railways", which replaced Vladimir Yakunin came close to Oleg Belozyorov brothers. Immediately after his arrival an impressive share of the contracts transferred from structures to structures Gennady Timchenko Rotenberg. So just a couple of months in 2016 RZD signed contracts at a total value of 691 million. Rubles from the company "Global Automation Systems", which was owned by his son Rotenberg, Igor. In addition, Igor Abramovich, together with Russian Railways owns the company "Mostotrest".Controlled "Mostotrest" Company "TSM" also won billions in contracts for the construction of railways, bypassing Ukraine. In this case, in addition to the company "TSM" in tenders no one else was involved., 03.2017


Forbes magazine has published an annual ranking of the "Kings of the state order", which included the owners of the companies that received the largest gospodryady in 2016.

The leader of last year's Forbes rating of "Kings of the state order" Arkady Rotenberg ranked only 7th place at the end of 2016 (96.9 billion rubles.). In 2015, the amount of contracts received by the company owned by him "Stroygazmontazh" amounted to 555.55 billion rubles. Rothenberg representative declined to comment.

RBC, 03.02.2017


All roads around Skolkovo company will build a close friend of President Vladimir Putin's Russia Arkady Rotenberg - OAO "Mostotrest". Order to transfer these contracts the company April 25, less than two weeks before his resignation, signed by President Dmitry Medvedev. Such a document was indeed signed at the request of the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin - this will speed up the construction of roads required for the G8 summit in Skolkovo in 2014, said the representative Medvedev Natalia Timakova.

"Vedomosti", 24.06.2012