Vladimir Iosifovich Slutsker (Moshe Shlomo Slutsker) graduated from the Moscow Institute of Railway Transport Engineers (MIIT) in 1979, after which he was engaged in scientific activities at the Department of "Bridges" of the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys. In 1985 he defended his thesis, becoming a candidate of technical sciences.

Since 1979 he worked at the MIIT at the department "Bridges".

Since 1988 - director of the company "Ronar Projects" (Great Britain) (technological supplies of industrial equipment in the USSR, then to the CIS countries). He headed the Swiss company Acron Oil Trading.

In 1993-1998 he held the post of vice-president of Intermedbank. From 1992 to 2002 - Chairman of the Board of Directors of the investment company "Finvest Group" (Moscow).

In 2002-2010, he was a member of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation from the Cabinet of Ministers of the Chuvash Republic, deputy chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Industrial Policy, member of the Federation Council Commission on Housing Policy and Housing and Communal Services.

In 2004-2005 he was president of the Russian Jewish Congress. During 2005 - vice-president of the European Jewish Congress (EJC).

Since 2008. - the representative of Russia in the international parliamentary organization EFI (European Friends of Israel), uniting more than 1000 leaders and members of the European parliaments of the countries of the European Union. Member of the Executive Bureau of EFI.

Since 2006 - Deputy Chairman of the United Commission for National Policy and Relationships of the State and Religious Associations under the Federation Council of the Russian Federation.

Information was published that in the late 1980s Slutsker left Russia and, according to some reports, "received Swiss or Italian citizenship."

He is divorced, has two children - Mikhail's son and daughter Anna. In March 2010, the Presnensky Court of Moscow decided to leave them to live with their father. In July 2011, Olga Slutsker through the Khoroshevsky Court of Moscow and the Moscow City Court made sure that children lived with her. Among the relatives mentioned in the press and Slutsker's brother - Isaak Slutsker, general director of the JSC "Novgorod timber merchants".

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In 1987-1994 Slutsker was the head of the company "Ronar Project" (Great Britain), carrying out technical supplies of industrial equipment in the USSR, and then to the CIS countries. The media wrote that in 1992 Slutsker began to "sell oil and metals and sell technology and equipment for food production and construction." Slutzer served as vice-president of Intermedbank, established in 1993, whose license was revoked in February 1998 for " Violation of banking law ".

Source: Kommersant-Vlast, February 26, 2002


In November 2004, Slutsker was elected president of the Russian Jewish Congress (RJC). According to some reports, this election was organized by the Deputy Mayor of Moscow Vladimir Resin, who was called "the patron of Slutsker in the political sphere."

Source: ИноСМИ.Ru, 01.03.2005


In July 2005, Slutsker, as president of the Russian Jewish Congress at the EJC Executive Committee in Paris, was elected Vice-President of the European Jewish Congress (EJC). However, in November 2005, he resigned as the president of the RJC "in connection with the existence of different views on the further development of the organization between him and the other members of the presidium." One of the reasons for Slutsker's resignation was called his conflict with Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, who at that time was the chief rabbi of Moscow, who flared around the building of the headquarters of the Russian Jewish Congress (according to some sources, Slutsker was involved in the deportation of Goldschmidt in 2005). Their rivalry by analysts was perceived as one of the manifestations of the struggle between the oligarchs "for control and influence in organizations that represent the Jews of the country."

Source: Novye Izvestia, November 14, 2005


On April 10, 2005, together with his wife, in front of a 4-year-old daughter, the head of the security service in the Finvest Group (co-owners - Vladimir Slutsker and Ambartsum Safaryan), general Anatoly Trofimov, was killed.

In the CSS of the FSB, when analyzing phone calls made from vehicles owned by Trofimov and his wife, they came to the conclusion that the most likely executor of the murder could have been a certain Balashov, a former employee of one of the special forces of the FSB, under Vladimir Slutsker.

In the investigator's decision, the conflict between the co-owners of Finvest, in which the retired general unexpectedly stuck up, is described in detail. Vladimir Slutsker suspected Ambartsum Safaryan of concealing his share of profits. Relations between shareholders heated up to the limit. Trofimov, brought to the firm by Slutsker, tried three years before not to delve into anything that could destroy his personal life with a young woman and a little daughter. But on March 14, 2004, in the attic of the mansion on Gogol Boulevard over Slutsker's office, after a telephone call from an unknown "well-wisher" they found a bomb with a training fuse incapable of bringing the mechanism into action. There was a stir about the "attempt on an outstanding parliamentarian". The retired general could not restrain himself and told the "outstanding parliamentarian" that the staging of the attempt was very stupid. In response, he heard the accusation that he was allegedly "in cahoots with Safaryan", a request to hand over the certificate of an assistant member of the Federation Council and get out.

When three weeks later, FSB officers detained two Slutsker guards who had planted a bomb in the attic of the office on the orders of the chief and by their own confessions in his presence - unknown intruders broke windows in the car of a retired general at night, unsuccessfully trying to entice him from home. And four days later, Trofimov was shot and killed by a man with a "jumping" gait, very reminiscent of the gait of a guard driver who was carrying a senator.

Immediately after the murder Slutzer was the only person who refused to give any evidence, referring to his parliamentary status.

Source: Anticompromat, 05.12.2006


In 2005, Oleg Lurie, general director of the publishing house of Alisa Invest, editor of VTV television and editor-in-chief of Jeans magazine, posted an article on the Internet (his article concerned the business of the Slutskers and pointed to their involvement in the murder of FSB general Anatoly Trofimov). The media reported that Lurie demanded $ 25,000 from the politician for "taking material off the site," and even received 15,000.

Source: RIA Novosti, February 1, 2008


With regard to Lurie in 2007, a criminal case was opened, but this became known only in 2008. Lurie himself regarded the events as an act of intimidation. He did not admit his guilt, and, foreseeing the arrest, wrote in advance on his blog that "a certain high-ranking official was being prosecuted against him" and that this was "revenge for a whole series of publications three or four years ago", and, according to Journalist, these publications "had no direct relationship" to those who sent him to prison.

On January 26, 2008, Lurie was summoned for questioning in the UK, where the journalist was detained on suspicion of extortion and fraud. On the same day he was charged and then the Tver court of Moscow authorized the arrest of Lurie. On June 20, 2008, the journalist's case was referred to the court

Source: RIA Novosti, June 20, 2008



By 1996, the Moscow Taxi Park numbered 200 cars. Sheinin's partner was Simon (Simon) Garber, a 12-year-old boy who emigrated with his parents to New York. In 1992, as the American press reported, Garbera, by that time already a successful businessman, on vacation in Monaco was introduced to an elegant couple, which was a couple Slutsker. And Garber, apparently, made friends with a member of the Federation Council Vladimir Slutsker. And after a while, businessman Garber got into the circle of high-ranking Russian officials. Garber himself in an interview with the Chicago Tribune did not hide this: "It all depends on who you know. It is very important to have good connections. Life is a two-way road. " Vladimir Slutsker at that time owned assets in taxi companies. And Garber started his own taxi business in Moscow - so, apparently, and appeared ZAO "Moscow taxi", where partners besides Garber were Eduard Sheinin and Igor Bakunenko.

Source: Novaya Gazeta. 05/17/2010

In 2006, Slutsker and businessman Alexei Kozlov were business partners. Kozlov headed the firm Finvest, which was co-owned by Slutsker, and in 2007 decided to withdraw from this business, taking the share due to him. According to Olga Romanova, wife of Kozlov, "Alexey's decision was influenced by the murder of former head of the FSB department in the Moscow region and the head of the security service of Slutsker Anatoly Trofimov and his wife, as well as the conflict of the main shareholders of their business." When Kozlov told Slutsker about this, the journalist claimed, he promised to "roll her husband into the asphalt", and in the summer of 2007 Kozlov was arrested on charges of fraud. In March 2009, the Presnensky District Court found the businessman guilty and sentenced him to eight years in prison. Kozlov himself, speaking with the last word, did not admit his guilt and stated that the conflict between him and Slutsker lay in the civil-arbitration plane, and the ex-senator himself translated him into a criminal one using communications.

In 2010, Olga Romanova filed a complaint with the Prosecutor General's Office stating that the criminal case against her husband Alexei Kozlov was fabricated on the orders of ex-senator Vladimir Slutsker. Slutsker refuses to comment, and Kozlov, who is serving an eight-year term in the colony, said he was ready to wait for the institution of a criminal case against a former member of the Federation Council "for more than a year".

Source: Gazeta.Ru, 09.13.2010


In September 2011, Alexei Kozlov was released from custody in the courtroom. The case was sent to the court of first instance for a new examination. Thus, the supervisory complaint of the defense of a businessman was rescinded to cancel the verdict. The Supreme Court found that in 2009 the Presnensky court rendered Kozlov guilty verdict unlawful and should conduct a new examination. The businessman himself this decision was entitled to release.

Source: RBC, September 20, 2011


When Vladimir Slutsker ceased to be a senator last September, I was very surprised. It seems that nothing foreshadowed: strong informal relations in the General Prosecutor's Office, full contact with the Presnensky court of Moscow, the possibility of organizing a ban on the entry into Russia of the highly respected and influential rabbi Pinthas, freezing the investigation of the murder of General Trofimov, the chief of the security service of Slutsker, and his young wife - With such resources, a very good reason is needed to fly out of the senatorial chair with a special cynicism - on the Rosh-Ha-Shana festival, on the Jewish New Year. .. I was fairly quickly told about the causes of sudden disgrace. ... While Kabbalist Vladimir Slutsker told his flock that he is not just an incarnation of God, but in general there is a god - just a god - it did not bother anyone, you never know who smokes. But when Vladimir Slutsker seriously informed this news of the highest trust in people who know exactly who our god is (and they know this no worse than Ramzan Kadyrov), a decisive sweep of Olympus from the impostors was made. At the same time, Nikolai Fedorov, the president of Chuvashia, who for many years insisted that the best representative of the Chuvash people in the upper house of the Russian parliament than Vladimir Slutsker, could not be found in life.

Source: Novaya Gazeta. 11/23/2011

Courageous woman won. Olga Slutsker, who has been trying for three years to return her children, taken away by her husband, Vladimir Slutsker, seized his mansion in London. But this victory, alas, material. Olga has already collected a lot of money, but the children stay with their father.

Source: NTV. 22.09.2012


The High Court of London on Wednesday, May 1, rejected the repeated lawsuit of Russian businessman and former senator from Chuvashia Vladimir Slutsker, who demanded from a former wife, the founder of the World Class fitness club network Olga Slutsker, half the mansion in London worth 40 million pounds sterling, the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph.


The court found that Slutsker had never used a mansion in the elite area of ​​London as his main home, while his ex-wife and children, whose custody rights she had seized in 2011, live there permanently.

In September 2012, the London court had already considered this case and supported Olga Slutsker, recognizing her right to sole ownership of the mansion. Subsequently, the court acknowledged that the decision was "hasty", as Vladimir Slutsker financially invested in the real estate incommensurably more than his ex-wife.

Source: Forbes 05/02/2013

Leading Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post published a list of "50 most influential Jews of the world", which fell on our compatriot Vladimir Slutsker.

Source: "KP". 06/04/2014

July 16, 2015, the High Court of London ordered the founder of "Russ Sitting" Olga Romanova to pay £ 110,000 to the former senator from Chuvashia Vladimir Slutsker in the libel case. The reason was Olga Romanova's statement that the criminal case of fraud against her husband Alexei Kozlov was falsified by Slutsker, who was a business partner of Kozlov.

As in the case of Khlebnikov, the London court did not consider the merits of the claim. For 3 years, the London court has decided on the case of Slutsker v. Romanova only one issue - jurisdiction. Where to go to the process in London, to which neither Slutsker nor Romanov have anything to do with, or in Russia. The court ruled that this should be London. In fact, this did not leave us any chance to present witnesses to the court, since representatives of power structures have for some time been forbidden to travel outside the Russian Federation, and Slutsker addressed specifically to them in order to limit my murder. Therefore, the court's decision was taken without our participation and it can not be asserted that the court found that Romanova's allegations were slander. Moreover, Slutsker, through his lawyers, suggested that we withdraw the claim if Olga refutes her allegations about her, as the customer of my murder.


Source: 07/17/2015


Recall Nazim Kaziakhmedov was shot near the Moscow restaurant "Baku Yard" on September 27, 2007, exactly three weeks after the creation of the Investigative Committee of the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation (UPC). In Moscow, the investigator for particularly important cases, Kaziakhmedov, was on a long trip - they were reinforced by the investigative team that was investigating the criminal case of fraud in the investment company "Finvest Group". " Its owners were a member of the Federation Council of Russia Vladimir Slutsker and ex-head of the largest Russian customs broker Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Rostek" Ambartsum Safaryan.


As follows from the materials of the case, to avoid bringing to criminal responsibility, Ambartsum Safaryan turned to high-ranking friends. One of them asked to settle this issue with Mr. Kaziakhmedov, former assistant prosecutor Said Abdulakimov. From the proposed money, investigator Kaziakhmedov refused. Then Abdulakimov himself decided to hire killers, who promised $ 50 thousand.


In December 2010, the Moscow City Court sentenced Abdulakimov to life imprisonment, direct execution of Rashid Mammadov - to 18 years, and an accomplice in the murder of Kamran Aslanov - to 14 years of strict regime. Earlier, in July of the same year, the Moscow City Court considered in a special way the case of Rasul Akhmayev, another accomplice in the crime, and sentenced him to 12 years of strict regime.


Source: Kommersant. 12/17/2015

On April 10, 2005, on Sunday, at about half past eight in the evening on Klyazminskaya Street, an unknown killer (or murderer) in a mask shot from a pistol (presumably a 9 mm Beretta with a silencer) who drove to his house on the Grand Cherokee jeep of the former chief Directorate of the FSB in Moscow and the Moscow region, Colonel-General Anatoly Trofimov. The general, wounded in the head and chest (according to another version, to the head and back), died on the spot ....

If analysts immediately suspected in this contract murder the political underpinnings, the investigation initially stubbornly clung to only the version of the connection of the crime with the commercial activities of the retired general. The son of the murdered, Boris Trofimov, then also suggested that his father's involvement in the conflict between the owners of the company, Vladimir Slutsker and Ambartsum Safaryan, who at that time was very tense, divided Finvest.

Source: "Top Secret". April. 2016.

For Nevzlin, acquaintances and connections acquired during the time of the RJC leadership played a nearly key role in 2003, when, against the backdrop of the YUKOS affair, the question of emergency emigration and obtaining of Israeli citizenship arose. The fourth president of the RJC, Vladimir Slutsker, in 2005 brought this post to the chair of the vice-president of the European Jewish Congress (EJC). True, this simultaneously provoked his conflict with Pinchas Goldschmidt, who also was expected to go to this place, and eventually caused an early resignation.

Source: "Tape. RU". 10/10/2016

In Israel, a loud process began over the once-chief rabbi of the country, who was burned to death on bribes. He faces a prison and a fine of five million shekels (one and a half million dollars). The wording of the investigation slightly hurts the rumor: the minister of the cult was caught on bribes. He took it for speeding up the procedure of guiur, speaking more simply - for applying to the Jewish faith, this gives the right to obtain Israeli citizenship. Businessmen from the CIS were paying for an express appeal to Jews.

In the case materials, for example, the name of the Russian businessman Vladimir Slutsker appears. The procedure for children of a businessman, according to investigators, cost 360 thousand dollars. Another source of income for Jonah Metzger was charitable contributions to various organizations.

Source: NTV. 01/26/2017

In one of the largest human rights organizations that provide assistance to prisoners, "Rus seated," investigators from the UK came with searches ...

"Russia sitting" was created after the resonant affair of Romanova's husband Alexei Kozlov. He was an assistant to the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on International Affairs, and in 2009 was convicted in the case of fraud and attempts to legalize money (the last charge was acquitted in 2013). In 2006, as Romanova noted, Kozlov became CEO of OJSC Finvest Group and also headed some of the group's subsidiaries, including the Moscow artificial leather company Iskorzh. It was reported that in fact the company Finvest belonged to Vladimir Slutsker, who at that time was already a member of the Federation Council, and Ambartsum Safaryan. At the same time, information was published that Kozlov was a partner of Safarian and Slutsker in 2002 or 2004.


Source: 06/08/2017