In 1996 he graduated from the St. Petersburg University of Economics and Finance (FINEC) in the specialty "finance and credit". He studied at the Military Medical Academy and the second in St. Petersburg, but it was never finished.

From 1995 to 1997 - managing director of the financial company "Dilmeykers".

In 1997 - co-owner of the GC "Petrosoyuz".

From November 2003 to November 2005 - Director General of OJSC Yaroslavl Tire Plant.

From 2001 to 2011 - a minority shareholder of the Lenta network.

From 2007 to 2010 - the owner of a 45% stake in the auction house Phillips De Pury.

In 2015, Dmitry Kostygin and August Meyer launched their first retail project - the Optoclub Rows product network (at the end of 2015, two hypermarkets were opened) and the Mizoji wholesale and retail park (a large territory will house several trade operators, a performance center Orders "Yulmart", restaurants, etc.).

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yulmart, Rive Gauche, co-owner of the Wild Orchid, Smiles of the Rainbow and Dream Industries.

181 takes place in the rating "200 richest businessmen of Russia 2017" ($ 550 million).

It has the nationality of the offshore of St. Kitts and Nevis.

Father of four children.






Kostygin appeared at the Yaroslavl plant m shinno m e (YaShZ) in November 2003 as CEO. At first, there were no noticeable changes in the nature of financial operations of the enterprise. Obviously, this was due to the fact that the validity of most of the YaSZ contracts with counterparties expired only on December 31, 2003. In addition, to implement its own financial schemes in the work of the YaSZKostygin needed time: to understand the situation, to understand the financial flows and to understand who controls what operations at the YaSZ.

Changes in the management of the plant began to occur in the first and second quarters of 2004. In this period, YaSZ has a number of new suppliers. One of the most noteworthy among them is LLC MedExpo, which in 2004 and 2005 was actively involved in the sale of tire products produced at the YaSZ. Apparently, it was a "transit" company, whose accounts for 2004-2005 amounted to about $ 1.5 million.

MedExpo supplied the modifier to the plant, and having received funds from the YaSZ, then bought the car tires from the doubtful company TradeMarket for this money. In turn, OOO "Trademarket" received funds from natural stone, marble and bills in "Furmitrade" LLC for funds received from "MedExpo" LLC.

The company "LerolTechno" was also a classic "transit" firm, through which the YaSZ under Kostygin cashed about 480-500 thousand dollars. The range of activities of LLC "LerolTechno" was very wide: starting with trade in fur products and musical instruments and ending with the sale of spare parts and oil products. In addition, the company also provided consulting services.

LLC "Forward", LLC "West", LLC "Comsoft", in turn, were engaged in the supply of resin at the YaSZ for "secret" bus mixtures in 2004-2005. In fact, no less than 2.5 to 2.7 million dollars have been cashed through these offices.

Such dubious relationship of the plant with suppliers appeared in early 2004 and ceased in September-October 2005, just at the time of Kostygin's dismissal from the YaSZ.

The Moscow Post, 20.09.2010


On March 15, the situation in the St. Petersburg office of the Lenta trading network was again heated. Dmitry Kostygin tried to enter his workplace due to the fact that the court found his dismissal illegal and ordered him to be reinstated as deputy general director. However, the representatives of the opposing party who occupied the office refused to comply with the court's decision and forcefully removed Dmitry Kostygin from the building.

In the conflict of the main shareholders of "Lenta", companies, Luna and Svoboda, at the moment, Svoboda, whose interests is represented by Dmitry Kostygin, gets the upper hand. Recent court decisions confirm the illegality of many actions taken by the management of Luna - the dismissal of the general director of Sergey Yushchenko has already been canceled, the appointment of Jan Dunning has been declared illegal, many of the previously dismissed employees have been reinstated in their posts. However, between the adoption of judicial decisions and their execution a whole team of managers of the "Lenta" stood up. Despite the removal of Jan Dunnig, his people continue to work in Lenta, who are trying their best to keep control of the company in their hands.

Primorsky District Court of St. Petersburg on March 4, restored Dmitry Kostygin as Deputy CEO of "Lenta" and ordered the company to pay him a fee for forced absenteeism and compensation for moral damage. Since the general director of "Lenta" is not officially appointed, the first person of the company, according to the charter of the joint-stock company, should be Dmitry Kostygin. On March 15, he tried to occupy his working place in the office of Lenta. Unlike Jan Dunnig, who came last year to "take" the office along with a team of militants who staged a real pogrom, Dmitry Kostygin was armed only with an executive sheet. The managers who occupied the office, on the contrary, prepared for a circular defense. Dmitry Kostygin was greeted by the stalwart fellows from the ChPP "Ares" under the leadership of Felix Denego, who in foul language demanded that he Kostygin immediately get out. When, in response, Dmitry Kostygin presented a writ of execution, he was told that "court decisions here do not bother anyone," and that he was again dismissed without explaining the reasons. After that, Dmitry Kostygin and the people who came with him kicked him out of the office, and the girl who shot what was happening on the video picked out and broke the camera.

Stringer, 23.03.2011


Obviously, A. Meier's goals lie solely in the speculative plane - despite all the stories about his readiness to buy out the opponents' share, the American does not associate his future with Lenta and tries to secure optimal conditions for the company to exit the company's capital. To purchase shares of Lenta, owned by investment funds, he simply does not have sufficient funds, and to develop a joint business with someone on an equal footing, Meyer, as practice shows, is hardly capable. Thus, he is preparing to throw off his share in the retailer, having previously maximized its price. In this context, in the confrontation of A. Meyer with Luna, some experts even see signs of corporate blackmail directed towards TPG and VTB-Capital.

In turn, the rapid sale of A.Meyer his share in the "tape" and his departure to the cache are hardly included in the plans Kostygina. If an American still sells his shares, Kostygin himself will have to do the same.However, while Meyer, who paid a mere $ 30 million for his share in the network a few years ago, can now save nearly $ 1 billion for it, Kostygin will receive no more than $ 20 million for his shares even if he is very favorable. And this, That, according to the most conservative estimates, he, along with S. Yushchenko, when he was last CEO of Lenta, withdrew only $ 4 million a month from the company on transfer pricing. If we add here giant payroll and bonus payments (for example, the TPG once claimed that D. Kostygin in 2010, secretly from the board of directors, paid his salary to a "half-time consultant" of $ 1 million a year) and The profit of affiliated supplier companies working with "Lenta" on special terms, the figures will turn out to be quite interesting. What is a one-time arrival of $ 20 million in comparison with the possibility on a regular basis to pump out from the trading network much larger amounts behind the back of unsuspecting majority shareholders? Thus, it appears that for Kostygin, returning to Lenta and exercising operational control over it is a strategic task, since in this case he will be able to earn much more than the income from the sale of his meager package.

RUSPRES, 05/12/2011


"You're from the mountain for me, Lesha," says Dmitry Kostygin to his business partner Alexei Ostroukhov in's audio recording of the conversation. This entry appeared on the Internet in December 2012, when a conflict arose between the owners of Dream Industries (DI, Theory and Practice,, Then Kostygin, who owns 21.7% of the company, along with other shareholders, removed from management the CEO and founder of DI Alexei Ostroukhov. He said that this raider capture. A little earlier, Ostroukhov agreed on "cooperation in the sphere of high technologies and the Internet" with the investment subdivision of Alfa Group A1. Throughout 2013, he, with the support of A1, is suing his partners, but there is as yet no progress.

Kostygin made a fortune on corporate wars, where he proved himself as a master of intrigues and multi-way combinations.

Kommersant. ru, 03.12.2013


In the late 80's, after choosing a medical career, young Kostygin was in St. Petersburg, enrolled in the local Military Medical Academy. Like many of his peers during the student years, he was interrupted by casual earnings, including selling jeans and selling books from trays. It should be noted that books always played an important role in Kostygin's life - he read a lot since childhood and loved to talk about what he read.

Around the seething epoch-making processes. Young Russian capitalism in a crimson jacket already confidently walked across the country, and the student Kostygin only sold hats-earflaps and "kopeck pieces" for phones-machines to foreign tourists. To the ambitious Kostygin this dissonance did not give rest, and he began to search for secrets of achievement of life successes in the western economic literature about the "free market", previously inaccessible in the USSR. Once, one of the books of Ayn Rand, the American founder of the philosophy of objectivism and the ideologist of unlimited capitalism, fell into his hands-and this radically changed his life. Kostygin became a passionate devotee of Randianism.

"Discovered" the libertarian "truth" to the Russian medical student the American tourist Ken Sculand, who came to Russia in 1993 to promote the teachings of A. Rand, the recruitment of "followers" and the creation of a network of local "preachers." On one of the Russian Internet sites there is a short translation autobiographical story of one of the colleagues of Skulanda, who tells that "Ken met a man named Dmitry Kostygin and turned him into objective libertarianism solely by force of persuasion."

The essence of A. Rand's teaching is reduced to the maximum possible exaltation of the interests of a separate "strong personality" and the denial of the rights of any collectives. The main principle is the complete freedom of such an individual who has the right to absolute autonomy from anyone, including the autonomy of moral principles. From this comes the apologetics of business as "free activity" and the denial of the state as an institution allegedly engaged in oppression of a selected minority of "creators" (primarily businessmen), their robbery by taxation and redistribution in favor of "parasites" - socially unprotected strata of the population. In fact, the Randian doctrine preaches extreme forms of selfishness and elevates the idea of ​​acquisitiveness, which says that wealth is the main measure of morality.

Many are addicted to various philosophical doctrines and doctrines, but not all of these passions assume the character of obsession. With Kostygin, the very last happened: he was so imbued with the philosophy of selfishness and believed in his chosenness and the right to be a real "creator", that the career of a physician lost his attraction for him and he entered the St. Petersburg University of Economics and Finance. At the same time, he began translating Ain Rand's books into Russian, hoping to spread her teaching in the post-Soviet space as widely as possible.

These efforts did not go unnoticed by the Randian circles in the West - in the spring of 1993 Kostygina was invited to the United States. Traveling in America, he met with various representatives of the libertarian movement, which enjoys a fairly strong influence there. In California, he was accepted by someone Glenn Kreip, who offered Kostygin to start publishing Rand's novels in Russia. It is said that in that trip Kostygin met and became friends with another local rendiantsem - August Meyer, came from a wealthy seed Lu California media moguls (six years Kostygin invite Meyer in St. Petersburg and he will remain there, soon joining the shareholders of St. Petersburg "Ribbons").

At the same time, the poor student D.Kostygin got some initial capital to start his own business in Russia. Perhaps, the sales of ushanki have gone up the hill, but without the participation of his American like-minded people and patrons, there certainly has not been. Having behind him the support of wealthier libertarians, D. Kostygin began to make his first steps in business in the hope of becoming a "great creator" (by definition A. Rand).Upon arrival from the United States in 1993, a yesterday's book dealer and caps established CJSC with a loud and pathos name "Association of Businessmen of St. Petersburg". Whether there were businessmen in this association for certain is not known, as well as whether it is possible to rightfully be called Kostygin at that moment. However, the name of the company clearly indicates that its founder was fairly inspired by the idea of ​​uniting the St. Petersburg "creators" into a certain professional network. Everything ended unsuccessfully and the firm, without saying anything about itself, quietly ceased to exist.

The Confuzor, 03.12.2010


It is said that Kostygin allegedly always knew how to solve problems with law enforcement and regulators, or openly corrupt them, or with the help of an administrative resource. At the same time, under the cover of connections with high-ranking patrons, he actually substitutes the latter and deceives them. It is not surprising that law-enforcement officers already observe the entrepreneur's "exploits", whose leader has a status much higher than the ministerial one. They know that with an income of about 500 million dollars Kostygin declared only 5% of this amount. And even this money, he instantly cashed.

All the activities of Yulmart with the brilliant, as its owner Kostygin has positioned, were built in the future in such a way that, despite the chic production figures, the company did not pay any taxes, having the lowest profitability in the industry. Having become acquainted with the needs of Dmitry Valentinovich, it is not difficult to guess where the funds withdrawn from their own company, as well as from the country, go. This is financing of insane investment projects in the West, satisfaction of small domestic needs, such as chartering a private airplane, buying a posh villa with a poetic name "Symphony" and costing about 30 million euros in the most prestigious place of the French Riviera - in Saint-Tropez, as well as The arrangement of a comfortable life in Monaco, where, it is said, the family of the citizen of the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis, and where he himself is going to settle, pumping as much money from Russia as he can.

Recently Yulmart has been a member of the Association of Internet Trade Companies (ACIT), whose main goal is to establish fair competition principles, create a secure service zone for customers in the e-commerce market and reduce the share of the gray market. What is needed for "Yulmartu" AKIT is obvious - on the eve of the IPO you need a mask of a respectable company, under which the essence of Kostygin's and Meyer's business, built on smuggling trade and concealment of profits, disappears from Chinese investors. But AKIT, whose logo is a kind of standard of quality, a guarantee of the purity of the goods, it's time to think about your image - every day it is growing more and more shadow cast by the business empire of Dmitry Kostygin.

The businessman does not hold anything in his former homeland. Suitcases packed, tickets to Monaco in one end paid. This explains the willingness of Kostygin to easily violate any law. Is it worth while to observe the legislation and decency, and without that Kostygin unnatural? The answer is obvious not only to him.

The Moscow Post, 03/26/2015


The co-owners of the company filed a lawsuit against the main owners of Yulmart, the scandalous Augustus Meyer and Dmitry Kostygin.

The company is waiting for proceedings in the International Arbitration of London. There they filed a lawsuit against their business partners - the main shareholders of the company Dmitry Kostygin and Augustus Meyer.

Co-owners of the Internet retailer Aleksey Nikitin and Mikhail Vasinkevich through the court are demanding that their partners purchase shares in the company at a certain price. But Meyer and Kostygin do not want to overpay. The advantage of them is that they have a privileged position of the buyer. Own a significant share of the company.

Recall, "Yulmart" was founded back in 2008 by Alexei Nikitin. In 2010, the partner of the project was Mikhail Vasinkevich. He proposed to jointly develop the "Yulmart" to former co-owners of the grocery retailer "Lenta" Dmitry Kostygin and Augustus Meyer. Both became shareholders of Yulmart in 2011.

It is rumored that with the arrival of Kostygin, the goods in "Yulmart" were smuggled. Initially "Yulmart" did not have any direct contract with producers, despite the fact that the sites of foreign companies it is officially listed as a retailer.

For example, peripheral device from Seagate, Zotac, MSI and many other manufacturers of the company Dmitry Kostygina acquired through the group "Tatris", providing professional services for the legalization of funds and delivery of smuggled goods!

The Moscow Post, 20.09.2016


Russia's largest player in the market of online retailing, the company "Yulmart" under attack creditors - real or imaginary, which resulted in the holding's bankruptcy process is open. Debts can be created artificially by one of the owners of the network - DmitriemKostyginym. He could not appoint a director of "Yulmart" his own man, but would like to run the company through a court appointed trustee. Almost all creditors of the company prove to be fiduciaries Kostygina which trader assigns the right to claim debts before them time to pay shareholders. Now the former owner of the supermarket chain "Lenta" plans to buy up another debt chain stores.

Previously, it has been suggested that MrKostygin can consciously create a negative image "Yulmart" as company mired in debt, litigation and corporate conflicts. Interest of Kostygina is non-market methods to grab a share of a foreign "Yulmart" and then re-sell the entire company at the market price.

RUCOMPROMAT, 06.12.2016


Petersburg billionaire Dmitry Kostygin seeking a buyer for one of its most successful assets - Confectionery Association "Beloved Land". Businessman sells business on the background of the corporate conflict in the online retailer 'Yulmart ". According to "Business Petersburg", citing a source in banking circles, Kostygin wants to gain for the sale of "Beloved Land" 2 billion rubles. However, as the source notes, this price is too high, especially given the fact that the real value of an asset is 500-600 million rubles. Search of customers engaged in "Renaissance Capital".

As suggested by the publication, the sale of an asset Dmitry Kostygina could push corporate conflict "Yulmart" which lasts from the beginning of last year. On one side of the barricades Dmitry Kostygin from August Meyer, who own 61.5% of shares of "Yulmart", and on the other - Michael Vasinkevich controlling the remaining 38.5%. According Kostygina, the cause of the conflict - Vasinkevicha requirement and another shareholder August Meyer buy out his share at a certain price. To this end, he appealed to the International Court of Justice in London. And according Vasinkevicha cause of the conflict was the fact that in February, Dmitry Kostygin offered him upon to pay substantial capital in the company's $ 30 million, and in the event of failure suggested blur share. Throughout the year, to the structures "Yulmart" submit multiple applications for bankruptcy and claims for payment of debt from Sberbank structures. At the same time in the summer of 2016 as CEO he has left one of the founders of "Yulmart" Sergei Fedorinov.

NEW RETAIL, 02.03.2017


Co-owner "Yulmart" Dmitry Kostygin threatened Sberbank ten thousand protesters. According to the businessman, he can not guarantee that its employees are not satisfied with the mass demonstrations in front of the main office of the largest credit institution in the country, if the retailer will not meet in the settlement of the debt. Dmitry Kostygin hopes to resolve the conflict with the lender before the May holidays, otherwise the transaction with potential investors "Yulmart" would be in jeopardy.

Savings Bank has taken a tough stance and does not exclude that the debtor's bankruptcy will do. It is likely that in this case, many employees' Yulmart "will be under the threat of dismissal. Then their protest actions can not develop according to the scenario of shareholders, and on the principle of "a plague on both your houses." Hardly thrown to the street people will bypass their attention leaders, plunged a successful company in a debt trap, and none of them at least in theory, does not want to organize a rally on the second home of his former boss in the state of Saint Kitts and Nevis (Dmitry Kostygin - a citizen of this exotic countries).


Problems with debt service now felt by many Russian companies. Up to this point, none of them had tried to publicly intimidate lender mass protests. It can be assumed that MrKostygin inspired by Ukrainian oligarchs - in the neighboring country has become the norm situation where the owner of the enterprise employees use to put pressure on opponents through rallies. But, most likely, the radical spirit of one of the key owners "Yulmart" of a different nature. Ten-thousand rally in front of the main office of the Savings Bank will create a good image for the Western press. It is not excluded that in case of bankruptcy, "Yulmart" at the initiative of Sberbank, Dmitry Kostygin and August Meyer will want to repeat the experience of the former owners of "Pavlovskgranit" - spouses Sergei Poymanova and Irina Podgorny, who in a US court accused of Sberbank and its head German Gref in raider attacks enterprise. If the rally "Yulmart" workers will still take place, it is likely that this will be the first such experience in Russia. If successful, the protest action in the future be able to use such tactics, and other debt-ridden business. It should be remembered that the massive protest actions rarely go according to the script, which is planned for the organizers, and can lead to unpredictable consequences. Especially because an exacerbation of the conflict with the bank workers' Yulmart ", in fact, will be between" a rock and a hard place. "

"Our version" of 07.04.2017


The Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg will consider the claim for recognition of the online retailer's "Yulmart" bankrupt. I gave it to Oleg Morozov, a former partner Dmitry Kostygina, one of the owners of the company. Perhaps with the help of bankruptcy the company wants to avoid paying debts to the banks, experts say. According to preliminary estimates, they account for about 4 billion rubles.

The Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region started the examination of the application for recognition Oleg Morozov of "Yulmart" bankrupt, recently held a hearing, consideration postponed to July 13. The lawsuit was filed in November, OlegomMorozovym, that was a big surprise for partners, creditors and counterparties of the company. It turned out that by issuing debt of his company (250 million rubles), co-owner of "Yulmart" Dmitry Kostygin gave him the right to claim for Oleg Morozov. Afterwards confirm the information about the relationship between two businessmen. RNS agency quoted the words of Dmitry Kostygin, who said that he was "familiar with OlegomMorozovym in the past was its partner in other projects." Smolninskiy District Court of St. Petersburg earlier declared illegal sale DmitriemKostyginym debt "Yulmart" Oleg Morozov, noting that the sole purpose of the transaction between Kostygin and Morozov was further submitted to the court of the bankruptcy petition.

The conflict between the shareholders erupted in 2016 after the crisis of the impact assessment for the company.

Newspaper. ru, 5/26/2017