In 1984, he graduated from the Arabic department of the Faculty of Oriental Studies of the Tashkent State University specialty "military translator with knowledge of the Arabic language." In the army he did not serve thanks to the university military department.

In 1984-1986 years. - translator of a group of Soviet military advisors and specialists in Libya (in the "Main Engineering Administration" - the union analogue of the "Rosvooruzhenie").

In 1986-1988. - translator of a group of Soviet military advisers in Iraq (in the Office of Construction of Military Facilities of the Iraqi General Staff).

In the years 1988-1990. - worked at middle management positions in the State Joint Stock Company "Uzbekinstorg", which carries out foreign trade operations of the Uzbek SSR, in the department "Prommashsyrie

In 1990 he moved to Moscow, where he started working for the Cherny brothers in the field of metallurgy and coal (the main fuel for metallurgical plants of that time).

In 1991-1994 years. - Marketing Director of JSC "Alice".

In 1994, he participates in the privatization of the Pavlodar aluminum plant in Kazakhstan together with the Cherny ones. Working with the Blacks, Makhmudov occupies formal positions in their own company Trans World Group (for example, an adviser to the representative for Russia and CIS or a consultant to the general director). In addition, Mahmudov acted as the head of the Black company "Blond investment corp".

In 1994-1996 years. - the director of JSC "Industrial-financial company" Meta-service "(Moscow).

In 1995-1996 years. - Makhmudov was listed as a security guard of the company "Medox". This firm was affiliated with the company of the Cherny brothers "Siberian Aluminum". The guard's position gave Mahmudov the right to bear arms.

Also until 1996, Mahmudov was a member of the board of directors of the bank "Sayany" (the Republic of Khakassia). The main shareholder of the bank was the Sayan Aluminum Plant - one of the first enterprises of the aluminum complex, which was transferred to the control of the Cherny brothers.

In 1996-1998 years. Mahmudov is the general director of the Gaisky Ore Mining and Processing Enterprise (Orenburg Region).

1999 - Deputy General Director for Development of OOO "Group" Siberian Aluminum ".

Since 1999 - President of OAO "Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company" (UMMC), was formed on the basis of the "Uralelectromed" Combine.

In the second half of the 1990s, between the "godfathers" of Mahmudov, the brothers Chernoy begins a conflict in which Mahmudov takes the side of Mikhail Chernoy. According to Forbes, initially Mahmudov owned the UMMC along with Mikhail Cherny, but in 2002, Mikhail sold his stake to Mahmudov, leaving the copper business.

In addition to ties with the brothers Black, significant is the connection of Mahmudov with the international corporation Glencore International AG. According to available information, in the first half of the 2000s, offshore schemes used by UMMC for the export of copper eventually led to one buyer - Glencore International AG, which in turn sold copper at the London Metal Exchange. The same situation is with the other largest asset of Mahmudov - Kuzbassrazrezuglum - the coal of this company was supplied to the Austrian trader Krutrade AG, which in turn, as stated in the investment memorandum, sold most of the coal to Glencore Corporation.

In the 2000s, Mahmudov created Transmashholding (the production of railway transport). It is assumed that the success of this line of business was due to the connections of the Cherny brothers and the leadership of the Russian Ministry of Railways in the 1990s and early 2000s, which controlled Russian railways. It is reported that in the 2000s Mahmudov managed to establish good relations with the head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin.

In 2006, Mahmudov became the owner of the Hatfield coal mine near the city of Doncaster (South Yorkshire, United Kingdom).

In 2008, Mahmudov and restaurateur Michael Zelman, as co-owners (in equal shares) of the restaurant chain "Arpikom", established in 2003, established the company "United Power Network" (ESP), to create a network of factory-kitchens supplying food to trains.

In October 2010, Mahmudov and Bokarev bought a 25% stake in OOO Aeroexpress, a company engaged in rail transportation of passengers to airports and suburban express transport. Another 50% of shares belonged to JSC Russian Railways, the remaining 25% - LLC Delta-Trans-Invest.

In 2014, the company "Transmashholding" won the tender for the supply of cars and repair of rolling stock Moscow subway and totaling more than $ 7 billion.

According to Forbes, for 2017 has a fortune of US $ 6.5 billion, ranked 19 in the list of Russia's richest businessmen.


Over the past 10 years, he sent more than $ 1 billion to charity, including medical clinics, orphanages and programs to help veterans of wars.

Married with a second marriage, closely communicates with his son from his first marriage.

He speaks Uzbek, Russian, Arabic and English.

Mahmudov collects sharks, takes a great interest in diving, has a yacht Predator (2008, 73 m, 28 knots).





The names of Iskander Mahmudov and Andrei Bokarev are inextricably linked to Izmaylovskaya criminal group, whose criminal cases are opened in several countries of Europe. Iskander Mahmudov himself is also accused of laundering money in Spain. The capital of Iskander Mahmudov, Andrei Bokarev and other owners of UMMC appeared in close cooperation with organized crime, with the full participation of the leaders of Russian gangs in the schemes of transfer and possession of dirty money around the world. Through these schemes, the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company was consolidated.

Bandit tracks can still be found in the structures owned by Kuzbassrazrezuglum, in those numerous firms that still operate in Europe and are now owned by UMMC.

"Compromising Russia and Ukraine", 01/03/2016.


In 2000, the name Mahmudov was associated with a loud scandal that erupted around the Kachkanar GOK "Vanadium." In 1999, Mahmudov entrusted the management of the enterprise to his childhood friend JalolHaidarov.But soon Mahmudov did not like that Haydarov himself wanted to become the owner of the enterprise. Mahmudov considered that Khaidarov appropriated to himself 72% of shares in GOK, and initiated a lawsuit, during which the rights of legitimate shareholders were recognized. Khaidarov did not agree with this, in response Mahmudov came to the enterprise together with the bailiffs. Against him, Khaidarov exhibited a crowd of workers and pensioners who had been persuaded beforehand that Mahmudov was going to ruin and close the enterprise. Mahmudov dispersed the crowd with water cannons in a twenty-degree frost. The frames of the incident flew through all the media, causing a real shock. After the use of water cannons, the bailiffs entered the enterprise and it was placed at the disposal of Mahmudov., 2000


Literally a few days after the capture of the Kachkanar GOK, Mahmudov seized power at the Nizhnesadinsky Metallurgical Combine. The attackers were led by Andrey Kozitsyn, appointed by Mahmudov as the new general director of Kachkanarsky GOK. The scheme of the operation was very similar to the capture of GOK. While the general director of the enterprise DamirGareev and his five deputies were locked in the office without a telephone connection, the invaders took away the documents and seals of the enterprise. Workers who tried to penetrate the territory of the enterprise were again poured water. Gareyev was forced to leave the plant.

Kommersant No. 15 (1900), 02/02/2000


Means of struggle for power for Mahmudov was also the enterprise "Karabashmed". The goal of Mahmudov was to stop the creation of a single copper holding in Russia on the basis of the Kyshtym copper electrolyte plant (KMZ). "Karabashmed" and several other enterprises had to unite around it. The initiators of the project were the head of Bashkiria Murtaza Rakhimov and Chelyabinsk governor PyotrSumin. Thus, Mahmudov could have strong competitors. A number of UMMC companies supplied raw materials to KMZ enterprises, and Mahmudov decided to reduce them.

Kommersant No. 88 (1973), May 19, 2000


According to the lawsuit for $ 3 billion filed in the court of New York in 2001 by the companies of Mikhail Zhivilo and JalolKhaidarov to the shareholders of Russian Aluminum that allegedly ousted them from the Russian business, Mikhail Chernoy and his partners Oleg Deripaska and Iskander Mahmudov (President of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Companies) used Anton Malevsky as a "means of threat" during negotiations on the fate of the Novokuznetsk aluminum plant and Kachkanar ore mining and processing enterprise Vanadiy.

Kompromat.Ru, 09.11.2001


In September 2001 it became known about the death of the "authoritative" businessman Anton Malevsky (Anton Izmailovsky) - he crashed, jumping with a parachute, in South Africa. In a lawsuit of $ 3 billion to the court of New York in 2001, Khaidarov and Zhivilo claimed that Mahmudov, along with his partners Mikhail Cherny and Oleg Deripaska, used Malevsky in negotiations about the fate of Kachkanarsky GOK, he acted as a "threat".

"Kommersant" No. 205 (2335), 09.11.2001


One of the scandals associated with the name of Mahmudov, concerned the divorce case of steel magnate Alexei Mordashov with his wife Elena. As soon as Mordashov announced his intention to fight Mahmudov for the Kuzbassugol enterprise, Elena Mordashova accused her ex-husband of paying insufficient alimony.

After the claim by Mordashova, the Nikulinsky District Court of Moscow, as an interim measure, seized 32.5% of Severstal shares, which, as the head of this company, was controlled by Mordashov. In the statement of claim Mordashova claimed these shares.

Mordashov assumed that Mahmudov could have been involved in such a turn of events, as prosecutor Vladimir Ponevezhsky took up the matter of alimony, with the help of which, in due time, JalolKhaidarov was removed from the post of director of the Kachkanar GOK. Mahmudov himself did not rule out that if Mordashova succeeds in judging something from her former spouse, he "something" quite likely will want to buy from her.

"Profile", September 11, 2001


"- you submitted an investigation, which revealed output circuitry means the leadership of the UMMC and the acquisition of the assets to them in Europe. What is the basis for your conclusion that these funds were obtained through criminal means?

- There is a lot of facts proving that the companies of Iskander Mahmudov, Andrei Bokarev and their partners withdraw money abroad through illegal and semi-legal means. This is money for the Russian natural resources being sold and money received as a result of specific crimes.

I will give just a few testimonials. How and where is the revenue from the sale of Russian natural resources abroad settled. Take the coal trader company Mahmudov and Bokarev "Kuzbassrazrezugol" - this is the Austrian KRUTrade, which exported Kuzbass coal from 1998 to 2011. At the same time, all the proceeds remained on the accounts of the Austrian company, and Kuzbassrazrezugol showed zero profits or even losses, and therefore did not pay taxes in Russia. More about this wrote the newspaper Vedomosti.

At the same time, if we look into the court document of the London Court, in which Mikhail Chernoy and Oleg Deripaska shared their money, we will find that KRUtrade belonged not only to Iskander Makhmudov, Chernoy and Deripaska, but also to Anton Malevsky, leader of the Izmailovo criminal group, a real gangster, Which was part of this team.

The fact that the money from Russia was withdrawn by the team of Black-Mahmudov through illegal schemes is also spoken by the main witness of the activity of these mafiosi: DzhalolKhaidarov, a former partner of Mahmudov, who was eventually selected by Kachkanarsky GOK through threats, violence and arrest.

Another proof of money laundering schemes with the participation of UMMC is the scheme I discovered when, through shell companies registered in London and Dublin, in 2001-2002, UMMC consolidated its enterprises selling these shares to these firms. Irish and British firms were part of a network set up for money laundering and connected with a huge amount of illicit financial transactions involving shell Directors: asset retirement family Yanukovych of Ukraine, leading Russian budget money through the tax refund system, which investigated the Sergei Magnitsky ... "

Konstantin Rubakhin, "Spectrum", 03/03/2016


In March 2009, a criminal case was initiated in the Saratov region in connection with the failure of OJSC "Transmash" to fulfill its tax obligations. No one has specifically been charged yet. The enterprise did not deny that they did not pay taxes, and referred to the fact that this was a forced measure for the development of production. Since 2007, the co-owners of the controlling stake in this enterprise have become the GC "TransGroup" and "Transcreditbank", one of the main owners of which is Mahmudov.

Kommersant (Saratov) No. 58 (4113), 02.04.2009


"Mocking smile, said VyacheslavAminov like how back in 1999, his brother, Vadim Aminov, after a cup of coffee out of the hotel" National ". On the street at the entrance, I found a group of guards and riot police, who somehow categorically objected that he would sit down beautifully in the car approaching the entrance and offer to get out far away. Word for word, grater for a grater, and here lies Vadik on the ground with a broken lip. Without thinking twice, he took his cell phone and called his brother, who at that time, like a man close to the family, served as nothing but an assistant to Interior Minister Vladimir Rushailo. And, about a miracle, after 10 minutes, now all the attackers on VadikAminov, the employees of the private security department were "facing the asphalt", and from the casino they dragged out their "slave" from the casino, whom they so diligently guarded.

They turned out to be none other than Iskander Mahmudov, who was trying to put 110 thousand on "black" at the time when they came for him. And Makhmudov spent all night in the monkey as n Rostov Russian "bum", which poked his finger, offering "eat fat" and "make the elephant."

Than the story ended there, the visitors of the "Coffeemania" could not be found out, but a face like Aminov swam, he remembered his former power and clearly anticipated her soon return.

And two other similar ones-Fyodorov and Smolin-looked at him in silent admiration and, judging by their eyes, were ready for everything for such an all-powerful boss.

"After May, when Dima stands at the helm, everything will be done with Iskander", - he ordered a look similar toAminov, - so while pressing the theme, do not let go anywhere, collect material, inform. What's next?".

"Around the news", 19.03.2008


Some media reports that the head of "UMMC" Iskander Mahmudov bought shares from various structures that are connected with the current club president EvgenyGiner. The decision of the head of the club to sell a controlling stake is due to the financial problems that CSKA faced. The lack of budget forced the leadership of CSKA to limit the purchase of new players. In addition, a large amount of money goes to the reconstruction of the stadium CSKA. Businessman Iskander Makhmudov help manage the football club in debt.

The interlocutor. RU, 28.11.2012


In autumn 2013, UMMC completed the takeover of the Czech company Let Kunovice, which produces small passenger aircraft.


"Kommersant" became aware of the ownership structure of one of the most closed Russian metallurgical companies - UMMC. According to the "Ring of the Urals" bank, the share of the founder and president of UMMC Iskandar Mahmudov is just over 50%, the general director of "UMMC-Holding" Andrei Kozitsyn is about 35%, 7.5% belong to two top managers and members of the board of directors of UMMC Eduard Chukhlebov and Igor Kudryashkin. Iskandar Mahmudov's partner in the coal business of Andrei Bokarev is not among the owners of UMMC. Meanwhile, UMMC is now consolidating their common Kuzbassrazrezugol, which could mean Mr. Bokarev's exit from business.

Bank "Ring of the Urals", in which the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC) owns 95% of shares through its subsidiary LLC MMSK, disclosed on its website the structure of UMMC shareholders. Based on the document as of January in the parent company of the holding, OJSC UMMC, 85% of shares belonged to Selmareco Limited, and by 7.5% - to Burgend Investments Limited and Talberg Investments Limited. In Selmareco, 58.824% belongs to Fesco Investment, which is controlled by the president and founder of UMMC Iskandar Mahmudov through three more offshore companies (this is also indicated in the scheme), and 20.588% to the two structures of Andrey Kozitsyn, the director general of UMMC-Holding (managing company UMMC). Thus, Mr. Mahmudov controls 50,0004% of the shares of UMMC, and Mr. Kozitsyn - 34,9996%. Burgend belongs to the commercial director of UMMC-Holding Igor Kudryashkin, and Talberg is the deputy director of UMMC-Holding, the general director of UGMK Trade House Eduard Chukhlebov.

In UMMC there are about 50 enterprises of various industries, the key assets of the holding are concentrated in the mining industry, non-ferrous metallurgy and machine building. The basis of sales is provided by copper products, and the company also deals with zinc, lead, precious and rare-earth metals. At the end of 2012 UMMC planned to sell 386 thousand tons of copper, 250 thousand tons of zinc and 20 thousand tons of lead. Last consolidated financial results under IFRS Holding sounded in 2010, when its revenue was $ 5.13 billion, net profit - $ 742 million dollars.

Until now, the exact structure of UMMC owners was not known, the principal owners called Iskandar Mahmudov and Andrey Kozitsin, the names of their partners were not disclosed. Assistant Iskandar Makhmudov said last night, "Kommersant" that the businessman is not available for an interview. Promptly contact was not possible with the other shareholders of the holding company. UMMC representative calls "b" no answer.

Ruspres, 02.07.2013


In spite of his vast fortune, Mahmudov tries not to advertise their business practices. Presumably, the Oriental origin of the merchant and his innate propensity for intrigue.

Businessman for a long time did not disclose the fact that it owns just 25% of the largest carrier of passengers Moscow airports - "Aeroexpress". This company was established back in 2005. Then it became known that some of the shares of the company "Delta-Trans-Invest" (DTI), belonging to some of the Estonian company TransgroupInvest AS.

We emphasize the main shipper of Vostochny port belongs to Iskander Mahmudov and Board Chairman Andrey Bokarev. But Mahmudov Bokarev and had no time to shine in the big raider scandals and raiders, as we know, people are cautious and this special publicity is different.

One of the largest raids in the organization which, according to the media, participated Mahmudov and Bokarev, is an attempt to take away land in Novo-Ogaryovo, where the residence of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin as prime minister.

It is about 197.57 hectares of "prime minister" of land located near the village of Petrovo Far. In July 2008, several individuals filed in Krasnogorsk City Court of Moscow region claim, which attempted to appeal the transfer of the Federal Agency for Federal Property Management of the disputed land plot of state institutions "Recreation Complex" Tetkovo "the Russian President Administration., 10.15.2014 Mr.


The main owner of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC) Iskander Mahmudov has acquired 12 percent stake of weapons of concern "Kalashnikov", writes "Kommersant".

Businessman holds shares indirectly, through several intermediary companies. Corresponding changes in the share capital took place on May 7 USRLE data show.

Mahmudov has bought a blocking stake in the company "mKx-Invest", which belongs to the "Transkomplektholding". In turn, the company "Transkomplektholding" owns 49 percent stake in the concern "Kalashnikov", and the remaining 51 percent of shares belong to the state corporation "Rostec".

On the same day, May 7, the proportion of the president "Transmashholding" Andrei Bokarev in "mKx-Invest" has decreased from 50 to 25 percent., of 02/07/2015


Organization of billions of dollars for the supply of locomotives monopoly purchase provided for the years ahead orders "daughters" Railways, obtaining indulgences for related to businessman "Central Suburban Passenger Company". This is only a partial list of companies bonuses Mahmudov. But it seems that the "fat years" for the "king of the state order" in the past - with the arrival of Oleg Belozyorov as the head of Russian Railways contract an acquaintance come to an end and it is likely that Makhmudov have to look for other ways to enrichment.


The Government has decided to subsidize the cost of commuter carriers on RZhD infrastructure. This means that in 2010 TSPPK could spend a 5 billion rubles, in 2011-m. - 105 million rubles. There were other changes. Companies finally gave Kiev and Gorky direction, thus increasing passenger numbers and, consequently, revenue. Finally, the owners are reminded of the benefit and apparently increased the fees for services cashier and the rate on the sublease retail space.

All of this (most importantly, of course, the reduction factor) yielded almost fairytale result: the end of 2011 was the net profit TSPPK of 4.7 billion rubles. If you subtract from it payables (1,6 bln.), Will be 3.1 billion. In other words, Mahmudov and partners bought for 21 million rubles. a quarter of an asset, which in a few months would pay dividends to 775 million rubles. (In proportion to their share).

Later TSPPK and remained profitable. During 2012-2014. She brought another 9.2 billion rubles. net income. And Mahmudov and partners quickly brought the share to the control, reducing the participation of Russian Railways to 25%.

Until now, Iskander Mahmudov, was not going to cut back on their plans for further development of the empire around the railway monopoly. Earlier this year, it became known that TSPPK asks state aid 167 billion rubles. for the purchase of 400 trains. Book are likely to be on the "Demikhovsky Machine-Building Plant", included in "Transmashholding" structure. On the financing of this order TSPPK in talks with the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RFPI), and that, in turn, claims the money the National Welfare Fund. But the resignation of another of Mr Mahmudov - the head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin - can probably change the oligarch plans. The new head of Oleg Belozyorov going primarily to clean "Augean Konyushenny" - to replace a number of corrupt and inefficient managers on the board of Russian Railways, to radically change the existing list of suppliers, many of whom could not receive state orders for the quality of work, and for relations with the leadership of the holding company.

Newspaper "Version" of 27.10.2015


On the eve of the European media broke a huge scandal related to the activities of the so-called Russian mafia, according to the browser Internet publication "Compromising-Ural". For residents of the Urals Federal District and other regions of Russia, which presents objects of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (OOO "UMMC-Holding"), the new publication will be of interest, first of all, the fact that these scandalous to mention one of the largest Russian oligarchs, the principal owner UGMK, Iskander Mahmudov (pictured - left). As is known, IskanderKahramonovich likes to call himself a "true soldier of Putin" and his rubber-stamp business usually gets the "green light" from the Russian authorities. Meanwhile, the investigation of law enforcement officers in Spain sheds light on the activities of a senior partner Andrew Kozitsyna (UMMC General Director, pictured - right) in a new light: as stated in the criminal materials Mahmudov involved in relations with the head of the Russian mafia, the leader of the Tambov gang GennadiemPetrovym, who He was arrested in Spain a few years ago.

"In the world of business Petrov, perhaps he maintained relations with ArkadiemBuravym, a partner involved in the construction of the world; MihailomMironovym, his confidant in Russia; Alexander Gold, which is in charge of operations with gold and jewelry shops of his boss in Moscow; Eugen Ashembrennerom (sic - Ed...), Related to the Izmailovo mafia, and GermanomGrefom (original Greff - Ed...), Former Minister of Economic Development, the President of the Savings Bank ", - says the publication.

"In the same way it is connected in a direct form with the oligarchs AleksandromAbramovym named Professor, owner of the" Evraz Holding "; Iskander Mahmudov, nicknamed The Chinaman of UMMC, which is integrated into the mafia Izmailovskaya, and Oleg Deripaska, owns, together with the earlier mentioned above now (sic - Ed.).. Deripaska has been charged in Spain ", - says the article., 04.06.2015


Voracious structure UMMC Mahmudov has repeatedly criticized the environmentalists and media corruption, kickbacks, circular irresponsibility, nodding in touch with officials

Cumbersome and voracious corporate structure of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company, controlled by oligarch Iskander Mahmudov and Andrey Kozitsyn, worse fit into the rapidly changing political and economic realities. Corruption, kickbacks, circular irresponsibility and nodding in touch with officials ...

Another blow to the reputation of UMMC recently received from Vladimir Putin's administration (remember, January 5, 2016 he signed a decree on holding the Year of Ecology - 2017). According to the correspondent of the Internet resource "Compromising-Ural", the Kremlin made "willful decision" to stop ecologically dangerous and economically questionable development of nickel deposits and possibly uranium in the Russian Black Earth, from the harmful project UMMC could suffer several regions of Central Russia.

The situation has interfered Federal Commissioner for Human Rights, Ella Pamfilova, asks Putin to stop the barbarity of nature and preserve the agricultural potential of the Back Earth region. How to resemble editorial columnists "Compromising-Ural", UGMKovtsy severely shelled out for the development of Voronezh deposits. Up to the fact that against the protesters activists were fabricated criminal case in the central department of economic security and anti-corruption, the Interior Ministry (however, soon the head of this powerful unit, a young general of police loyal to the UMMC Denis Sugrobov found himself in a prison cell, and his deputy Boris Kolesnikov committed suicide directly during interrogation in the TFR, then eased UMMC lobby).

In addition to the cover of the power holding Kozitsyna-Mahmudov landings fitted out emissaries in the Voronezh region for the ideological and material handling of local officials, community members and hungry compared with the Urals journalists. Thanks to Vladimir Putin, the whole 'corruption pipeline "was blown away. Sources wording "Compromising-Ural" in the manual "UGMK-Holding" expects now to blame for the failure will be found within the company itself (after all it is necessary for someone to write off as much plundered money!). Obvious contenders - were responsible for pumping Chopra deputies Kozitsyna "philosopher" EvgenyBragin, "financier" Oleg Melyuhov and "Miner" GrigoriyRudoy (who, incidentally, is also familiar with the prison cell - in 2012 was in the "Sailor's silence" in the case of bribing heads of Rosprirodnadzor). Generally, environmental reputation UMMC bursting at the seams: in another region of North Ossetia, their plant "Electrozink" expelled from Vladikavkaz for harmful pollution and meager tax payments "vertical success."

CompromatWiki, 13/1/2016