The future chapter of "Rus-Oil" was born in the ancient Transcarpathian town of Berehove. After graduation, he entered the Military Engineering Academy. Kuibyshev. In 1995, Sergei received a diploma attesting to the end of the military academy, but for a long time he did not stay in the armed forces - in 1996 he moved to the "private sector", engaged in the production of consumer goods. He held the post of general director at the Moscow soap factory. In 2003 he headed the diversified company "Krasny Bogatyr".

The official date of birth of the managing company Rus-Oil, whose current director is Podlysetsky, is March 1, 2013.

The entrepreneur-oilman is married, the couple bring up three children. As for the hobby, Sergey Podlysetsky is fond of oriental combat and dog breeding - he keeps dogs with the Russian black terrier breed along with his wife.


Sergei Podlysetsky was born in the town of Berehovo, Transcarpathian region of the Ukrainian SSR. In Moscow in the late 90's he was an unremarkable person: he went to VAZ 2109 and was registered in a hostel on Pokrovsky Boulevard. It is worth noting that Sergei in general is very fond of this "hostel." Having got rich, he changed one after another expensive foreign cars: Mercedes, BMW, Lexus. He changed prestigious apartments: he had apartments of 98.4 square meters in a house of 20/31 building 1 in Tokmakov Lane, then a magnificent apartment of 67.5 square meters in a house 39/1 building 1 on Zemlyanoy Val. However, the place of registration by all means remained a hostel on Pokrovka ....

However, probably now Sergey Podlysetsky would have gone to VAZ 2109 and would not have lived in elite houses, but in a hostel, if fate had not brought him together with Yuri and Alexei Khotin in the late 90s. One of the first large objects that the father and son captured in the capital was Moscow Soap Plant (MMZ) and Podlysetsky played a significant role in the raider attack. 08/03/2016

At the Moscow soap factory, the future new owners came with a minority stake. MVS-Trade, headed by Alexei Khotin at the time, bought 15% of the shares of the plant from the co-owner of the tea house "Grand" Valery Balenko. Another 20% of the plant was in Moscow. Most of the rest of the shares was arrested by a bailiff before an extraordinary meeting of shareholders, at which it was planned to change the board of directors. As a result, the council elected representatives of the Moscow government and MVS-trada (35% of shares for two), the building itself was occupied with the support of the police, and Sergey Podlysetsky was appointed the general director of the plant. He opened a credit line for 118.84 million rubles. In the Russian Development Bank, the property of the plant laid the bank "Yugra" in securing loans from a third party company. Three months later, in January 2002, Podlisetskiy filed an application for the introduction of surveillance procedures at the enterprise. Now there is a business center "Capital".

"Vedomosti". 04/22/2013

It all started outwardly modestly - from the seizure of the Moscow Soap Plant (MMZ) in 2001. History has acquired a resonance, as hired by Khotin "guards" rudely treated television correspondents of the opposition TV-6 channel. For the journalists, the general director of the channel E. Kiselev, the topic was discussed on the radio "Echo of Moscow". M. Zavertyaev, representative of the injured party, told Echo: "In the morning, without introducing themselves at all, people in civilian clothes, in excess of 20 people, broke into the factory territory, beaten our guards, specifically our security guard. Accordingly, they seized the building of the plant management. The meeting of shareholders was to be held, the film crew of REN-TV, TV-6 were not allowed, representatives of shareholders holding 60% of shares were not admitted, the interests of which are represented by the trading house "New Soap", which has been working with the plant for many years ... Behind all these events is a small, so-called. Minority shareholder owning less than 15% of the shares is JSC MVS-Trade. But since Again, he recently became a shareholder and as if does not represent, behind him is a certain Mr. Khotin. And already to the previous shareholders, and accordingly to us, in the form of blackmail, it was offered to sell our 60% stake in the Moscow soap factory, and just as a threat it sounded, otherwise we will have to select the plant for free. " A couple of weeks after this interview, M. Zavertaev was fired from a pneumatic gun. For a month, under the leadership of the protege of the invaders S.Podlisetskogo, the plant stopped working and organized the sale of products from MMZ warehouses at reduced prices. Khotyny was interested not in soap, but in real estate.

Mikhail Zavertyaev achieved through the court that the ballots for voting of the shareholders meeting, on which Podlysetsky was appointed, were declared invalid. Then he personally phoned Alexey Khotin, began to threaten and appointed a meeting in the restaurant. On it, Khotin, Jr. long boasted of a close friendship with Elena Baturina, a connection with the siloviki. But it did not help either. As a result, Zavertyaev was assassinated - he was shot in the head. Fortunately, the banker remained alive. And the plant remained under the leadership of Podlisetskiy. He, according to the order of Khotin, turned a simple scam.

He signed documents on which all of MMZ's assets were pledged in securing a completely different structure of credit. Then Podlisetskiy filed a lawsuit to institute surveillance procedures at the enterprise. All employees were put out of the door. And on the site of the former prosperous plant, the Capital business center has appeared, offices in which Hotins have successfully leased for many years. By the way, Sergei Podlysetsky is responsible for organizing work with thousands or even tens of thousands of tenants who are located in almost 40 controlled by the fathers and son of trade and business centers. All these centers are "recorded" in different, often changing or changing names, firms that work with tenants. The only thing that does not change is the presence among the official or unofficial leaders of these firms Sergei Podlysetsky ....

The names of some of the structures where the secret owners are Khotiny, and Podlisetskiy controls them: "Cube", "Integrated Investments", "Art-vising", "Center-T", "Agregat", ZAO Interbusiness, New life group, " Techmethod, Finmarket, Direct Management, etc. One thing remains unchanged in the work of all these companies: they "throw" large sums of both tenants and their employees. How this happens, what schemes were invented by Podlisetskiy and Khotiny to rob tenants. 08/03/2016

The guys are called ZAO Integrated Investments. Former raiders and buyers of the "product" of more serious raiders (RB, NERL, etc.). Art-vizing, so like b is called their own FOCL operator. General director - Podlysetsky Sergey Viktorovich, sits on Electrozavodskaya. Divided into several divisions, all in ownership, in my opinion, 38 complexes in Moscow

The most active division of the last time (including as a jobseeker) is, they sit on the Ulres street, in the same place the division head (SDS-Group). 10/15/2009

For my short time in the company Integrated Investment I have a very ambiguous impression of them, I want to share with you:

1. Owners - Hotiny, from Belarus.

2. They are raiders with a serious roof.

3. The structure employs more than 300 people of their former structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, FSB, etc.

4. They own more than 1 million meters of real estate in Moscow.

5. The salary is all black, the delay is 3 months.

6. Manage their people, for example Podlysetsky S.V. First he ran the Soap Plant (captured), then moved to Gorbushka. The management does not understand anything, like most of the leaders.

7. All the information from the Internet they delete, so the search for them is better through GUGL.

8. Personnel do not appreciate the regular threats and checks by the Security Council. 30.04.2012

Sergei Podlysetsky also manages the non-core assets of Khotin, not related to the "nedvizhkoy." He is the general director of Rus Oil, the Progress Oil and Gas Company, and is affiliated with ZAO NK Dulisma. "While serving in the last structure of Khotynykh, he almost became the object of a criminal case." Sublissetskiy "threw" 12 million rubles to LLC " Integra-drilling ". 08/03/2016


British oil company Exillon Energy, which owns assets in Russia, said on Tuesday that Alexander Suchkov was appointed to the post of executive director and deputy general director, and Sergei Koshelenko as non-executive director of the company. Suchkov and Koshelenko will take seats on the board of directors of Exillon, the decision on appointment took effect on January 20.

 "Both candidates were recommended to the board of directors by Seneal International Agency Ltd, which in December 2013 acquired 29.99% of the company's shares (Exillon - ed.). Seneal International Agency is controlled by businessman Alexei Khotin, who is also the ultimate beneficiary of RusOil Group, "the statement said. 01/01/2014

CJSC Rus-Oil, affiliated with businessman Alexei Khotin, asks the Russian authorities to change the way of selling the Gavrikovsky oil section in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug from the competitive basis for an auction. This is stated in the letter of the head of the company Sergei Podlysetsky / a copy of the letter is available to TASS /.

Rus Oil approves that, according to the established practice, competitions are held in respect of hydrocarbon sites, the reserves of which have not been determined and are not reflected in the state balance sheet, while reserves have been established for the Gavrikovsky section. In addition, the company sees discriminatory conditions in the tender, because the way and place of processing of hydrocarbons of the Gavrikovskoye field, in accordance with the competition, is the Rostov Region.

TASS. 03/02/2015

The financial problems of Yuri and Alexei Khotin can in the coming months lead to the collapse of the bank "Yugra". As the family has recognized the bank as its property, its possible bankruptcy will entail property claims. To save assets, Hotins now rewrite them to their employees.

According to the representative of the company "Rus-Oil", Alexey Khotin is no longer related to this commercial structure, designed by Sergei Podlysetsky - a trusted person of the Khotyns family (below, readers can study a detailed dossier on raider operations of Podlisetskiy and Khotin). In "Rus-Oil" it is reported that the mention of Khotin in connection with this business carries a "negative connotation".

The fact that Khotiny and their associate Podlysetsky are trying to mislead banks and law enforcement bodies is not hard to prove. Tax authorities during the investigation of fraud in "Dulisme" found out that this structure transfers hundreds of millions of rubles to the bank "Yugra". Koshelenko supervises the board of directors of Exillon energy (the main owner is Alexey Khotin), and Podlysetsky, before becoming an oil zitz-magnate, headed "Cube" and other development structures of Khotin. Publicly, Alexey Khotin owns only "Yugra" and Exillon. More than one and a half million square meters of real estate in dozens of business centers that belong to the Khotin business belong to little-known owners.

"Ruspress". 12/22/2016

The shopping center "Gorbushkin Dvor" belongs to the owner of the company "Rus Oil" Sergei Podlysetsky. The businessman himself informed about this.

According to him, in order to pay off his debts for the shopping center in the near future, he plans to sell his own Multanovskoye and Gustorechenskoye oil and gas fields in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug (KhMAO).

Earlier media called the owner of the shopping center "Gorbushkin Dvor" Alexei Khotin - the controlling shareholder of the bank "Yugra", the owner of millions of square meters of commercial real estate in Moscow. However, according to the source of "", the shopping center became Podlisetskiy's property back in 2011, and Khotin helped his business partner acquire this asset by borrowing money. He did not specify how much Podlysetsky took. 04/25/2017

It is worth noting that Alexey Hotin began preparing for a possible collapse of "Yugra" in the fall of 2016. Then, in the central media, "ordered" materials began to come out that oil assets of Khotin ("Rus Oil", NK "Dulisma") allegedly belong not to him, but to Sergei Podlysetsky. However, it did not look convincing. Podlysetsky is one of the managers of the business empire of Khotin, noted in all his main structures. This was done in case the "Yugra" collapsed and left debts to depositors for tens of billions of rubles. Then the "hunt" for the assets of Khotin will begin. Therefore, he preferred to rewrite oil industry to his clerk Podlisetskogo. It is to this very "oil industry" (Hotin is still owned by Exillon Energy) and a significant portion of funds withdrawn from Ugra under the guise of loans left.

Http:// 05/31/2017

The head of the oil company "Russ Oil" Sergei Podlysetsky sells the shopping center "Gorbushkin Dvor". The buyer was Viktor Kharitonin, the shareholder of the largest pharmaceutical producer in Russia - Pharmstandard.

According to the publication, the deal amounted to $ 500 million, all funds will be used to develop other assets Podlisetskogo. "I decided to do my business. He took the earned money and left, "Podlysetsky commented on the deal.

RBC. 06/05/2017

Why does no one believe that Khotyn will let money from Gorbushka to capitalize Yugra? Because the seller of the TC is not officially Hotin, but Sergei Podlysetsky. In the business community, simply unrestrained laughter provokes simply when he commented with considerable attention to the journalists on the proposed deal on Gorbushka: "I decided to do my business. He took what he had earned and left. " The fact is that Podlysetsky is the chief clerk in the business empire of Khotin and he was never the real owner of anything. Prior to acquaintance with Khotin, this native of the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine traveled on an old "nine". When Alexei Khotin, who moved from Belarus to Russia, raiderly captured his first object, the Moscow Soap Plant, he appointed Podlysetsky his director. Gradually Khotina captured dozens of other Moscow factories and factories, transforming them into trading and business centers. Manage all these shopping centers and business centers of the company "Cube", "Art-vising", "Center-T", New life group, etc. Podlysetsky guided them by all means. He was also made the leader of "Rusyol". And when Khotina got under fire from the ground (as soon as the "Yugra" collapsed hunting for Alexey's assets begins), all assets were urgently re-registered on Podlisetskogo. Which nods with a significant look: "Yes, this is mine." Not yours and never was.

         All these "games" cause only smiles. But not in the CBR, which is very determined. I want to believe that his resoluteness will be transferred to law enforcement bodies. Especially the patrons of Khotin, seeing his plight, turn away from him one by one.

Http:// 06/07/2017