He received a diploma LETI.

In 1997, together with a former KGB officer Oleg Krivobokov, LLC "Special Technologies" was founded (51% of LLC shares were registered in Serov).

After the death of Oleg Krivobokov in 2001, Mikhail Serov took the place of director.


He was married and has two daughters. Currently divorced.




 According to a source in law enforcement agencies, Mikhail Serov is the main owner and CEO of St. Petersburg's Special Technologies. In the detention center of Saratov are now three women, who are suspected of finding and supplying minors for Serov.

According to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, the company was granted an unlimited license to "develop, produce, sell and acquire for the sale of special technical equipment intended for secretly receiving information." For several years, she steadily won state contracts for spy equipment., February 11, 2015


Announced in the international search in the criminal case with 30 episodes of pedophilia, St. Petersburg billionaire Mikhail Serov began with the manufacture of devices to steal the traffic of the first mobile phones. He formally alienated his shares in business in order not to pay alimony, and he learned how to manipulate high-ranking officers of the Federal Security Service. "Telegraph" has tried to compose a puff of this odious businessman.

During the first years of conscious life, he did not stand out from his age environment - he graduated from school, studied at the university, served in the army, graduated from the university. We could not find out anything about his professionally significant achievements after the end of the LETI, but he certainly reached a certain level of knowledge and qualification. In this connection, I came to the attention of law enforcement bodies.

This was in the mid-90's, when cell phones only appeared at the most advanced Petersburgers, the connection was unusually expensive and that is especially attractive. Already a little who remembers how at that dashing time on the "black" market it was possible to buy a special device that allowed "to connect" to the subscriber number of someone's cell phone and talk at the expense of the owner. The services of cellular operators were so expensive that very decent costs for such devices (called "scanners" in the people) were perfectly compensated by savings from pirated conversations.

Mikhail Serov was one of the craftsmen who managed to set up the release of such devices, due to which he was in demand in a criminal environment, with which, after all, he was not predictably able to find a common language. Thus began his acquaintance with former KGB officer Oleg Krivobokov. The officer pulled a promising specialist from the suffocating gangster embrace with the help of his former colleagues, who by that time had resigned from the bodies and mastered the private security business.

Moreover, Mikhail Serov was offered the first legal work in his life in the company dealing with problems of information security, design and production of special technical means. In the professional community and, not least, in the environment of potential customers, the new job of the young specialist already had a high reputation. The promising Mikhail Serov was entrusted with the management of a group of specialists who coped well with the first serious order - they created the SORM system for FORA Communications, a long-forgotten cellular operator that once tried to win the brand image of a wolf muzzle and the slogan "The Air of Freedom"., 14-20.09.2015


It would seem that the business of the company has not undergone any changes. Serov became a director instead of Krivobokov, and the widow of a former KGB employee received a share of the deceased spouse in business. The firm flourished, but not at all thanks to Serov's outstanding technical abilities, as is commonly thought. In the country there are about twenty competing companies that work no worse and produce high-quality systems for secretly receiving information. But their leaders still do not have what Serov has: the connections and skills of the manipulator. Total control in his enterprise, he established, etching out of the collective all people who are able to think independently.

- People who expressed their opinion did not work for a long time in our firm, - say employees of 31 people who resigned from "Special Technologies" in April 2015, following Larisa Kuznetsova. "Only those who were able to adjust were delayed." And those who did not want to stay for at least a year and a half, and then they wrote a statement. So we finally could not stand it.

The suppression of employees was Serov's main managerial strategy. And the talent for manipulation allowed him to persuade the siloviki in the civil service to continue mutually beneficial cooperation with the "Special Technologies". How exactly he managed to convince them is not known, but according to rumors, his success was due to the fact that the team of the former governor of St. Petersburg moved to the capital. Also in connection with his name is the name of the recreation center "Razliv" on the Volga bank in Saratov, which has long been considered a favorite resting place for employees of the Federal Security Service.

Serov's proximity to the "Spill" explains the fact that the Saratov policemen failed to detain Serov in October 2014, when he, being accused of pedophilia, was found at the Sheremetyevo airport. Perhaps for the same reason Serov was not afraid to call Kuznetsova and demand that she transfer all the money from the accounts of "Special Technologies" - more than one billion rubles - to the account of a front company he registered in the name of his devoted assistant Sergei Danilchenko., September 16, 2015


The first working day of 2015 began with the appearance in the office of "Special Technologies" on the Constitution Square of a group of people with a sporty physique, headed by the deputy director of the company Alexei Alekseev, and, apparently, a "sympathetic" FSB officer. Alekseev produced a photocopy of his signed order, from which it followed that Mikhail Serov had appointed him to perform the director's duties. And the people accompanying Alekseev with the help of a screw driver blocked the doors of several offices of the company. Among other things, the accounting department was turned off from the system "bank-client", "1C-accounting", the Internet. Corporate mail and communication were also disabled.

The predictable result of such a performance was an appeal to the police, which, apparently, still has a futile test. Also, Larisa Kuznetsova filed a statement with the FSB. But such "little things" could not stop Mr. Serov. In the 20th of January, Aleksey Alekseev, all with the same "doubts about their authenticity," orders, "went to the tax inspection and the bank. His desire to obtain financial and administrative control over the company can in general be understood ...

At the end of January, against the backdrop of the dual power that was outlined in the Special Technologies, Kuznetsov, taking advantage of the provisions of the corporate contract, appointed herself to the post of director of the company. She started the new duties of the head on February 5.

It was enough for Serov to ensure that on the night of February 6-7, hard disks disappeared from the computers of the "Special Technologies" with information that allowed the company to fulfill state contracts of 2015 and continue promising developments. In fact, the company's activity was paralyzed, and Larissa Kuznetsova was left only to leave the company and withdraw from its members.

Now the former employees of "Special Technologies" do not doubt: the disappearance of the carriers of classified information was contributed by those of their colleagues who supported Mikhail Serov in this unreasonable conflict. The motive is not understandable - the damage was done not to Larissa Kuznetsova, who is apparently wanted by the businessman, as his main enemy, but his offspring, his business.

OGLASKASPB.COM, 06/19/2015


Special Technologies LLC is engaged in the development, manufacture and installation of a wide range of software and hardware equipment intended for secretly obtaining information from operational search agents. In this regard, the company has a specialized FSB license and government contracts with special services. It is possible that we are talking about software and hardware that allow for large-scale unofficial information control.

They say that on February 6, the packages of technical documentation were not only missing operating state contracts, but also new developments designed for similar state contracts of the future. Naturally, we can not know the details, but it is possible that the "Special Technologies" were engaged in the development and manufacture of hardware that allowed them to do something similar to the actions announced some time ago by US escaped CIA workman Edward Snowden.

If we assume that the incident is connected with Mikhail Serov, who is said to have been seen a while back in one of the European countries, then does an international scandal such as Snowden's wait for us - just the opposite? Moreover, the theft allegedly occurred on the evening of February 6, 2015 in the office in the Constitution Square, may not be completely theft.

If we again assume that the hard drives of computers were carried by people in the interests of Mikhail Serov, then legally it can turn out that he simply took what belongs to him as the main business owner. But, given his current status as a defendant in absentia, it's a bit unclear how "missing" media can be used - there just appears a space for the most unpatriotic assumptions., 13.02.2015


Special Technologies LLC, with an annual turnover of 2.6 to 3.6 billion rubles, is torn apart by the corporate conflict between the two founders of the company, Mikhail Serov and Larisa Kuznetsova. The firm is engaged in the production and maintenance of systems through which special services monitor the telephone conversations of subscribers. At the same time, Mikhail Serov is on the international wanted list, and on June 19 of this year Larisa Kuznetsova was charged with falsifying the data of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

"Special technologies" continue to work successfully, despite investigations related to their co-owners. This confirmed immediately on several phones of the company - by phone accounting and by two phones reception. The company's office is located on Constitution Square. Moreover, the firm has offices in Moscow appeared. Contact top managers failed firm.

Now the St. Petersburg company is also controlled by the father of Mikhail Serov, Ivan Serov, who owns 50.7% of the shares, according to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities as of March 30, 2015. The remaining 49.3% are divided by the general director and former deputy Mikhail Serov, Alexey Alekseev, as well as some Alexander Gromov and Pavel Popov, who previously did not engage in large business, according to SPARK. According, they have been working in the company for many years as programmers and are the best and practically the only specialists in the city of Omega in the city.

According to the register, Ivan Serov and June 10, 2015 registered the same name OOO "Special Technologies" in Moscow. The Moscow LLC has the same specialization as the St. Petersburg firm. It is registered in the ordinary Moscow business center on the street of Aircraft designer Mikoyan. Perhaps Moscow company will try to re carry on part of customers.

T Akim way, Larisa Kuznetsova charged that she appointed herself CEO does not have a meeting with the second co-owner of the company, Mihailom Serovym, who is wanted. Following this logic, we can assume that further investigators will be interested in how the share of Mikhail Serov, wanted, passed to his father. If he also loses control of the company, it will pass into the hands of the above programmers., 30.06.2015


The Volzhsky District Court of Saratov ruled on the absentee arrest for 2 months from the moment of arrest of the main owner and general director of the St. Petersburg Special Technologies LLC, Mikhail Serov, who was announced for international investigation. This judgment the Court ruled on the request of the investigator of the Investigative Management RF IC in the Saratov region, which, in particular, information was provided on the road Serov in Sweden. In accordance with the resolution of Volga Court St. Petersburg businessman should be placed after arrest in prison № 1 UV INS RF Saratov region.

Mikhail Serov was put on the wanted list in the criminal case under Part 4 of Art. 134 and part 3 of Art. 135 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ("Sexual intercourse and other acts of a sexual nature with a person under the age of sixteen" and "Committing non-violent acts of sexual violence without violence by a person who has reached the age of eighteen with respect to a person under sixteen who have committed crimes against two or more persons "Respectively).

Fontanka, January 27, 2015


Criminal prosecution of the General Director and the owner of 51% of the shares of LLC "Special Technologies" of St. Petersburg's Mikhail Serov is becoming more detective. And the fact that this company has the FSB license to manufacture and operation of the "spy" equipment intended for secret information and is involved in multi-billion dollar state contracts, eye zalos just the tip of the iceberg.

As we learned from the publication on the website of the Investigation Department of the Criminal Investigation Service of the Russian Federation in the Saratov region, the St. Petersburg citizen Mikhail Serov was put on the wanted list in the framework of a criminal case instituted on the grounds of crimes provided for by part 1 of Article 134 and part 3 of Article 135 of the Criminal Code ("Sexual intercourse and other Actions of a sexual nature with a person under the age of sixteen "and" Committing non-violent acts of sexual violence without violence by a person who has reached the age of eighteen with respect to a person who has not attained the age of sixteen hundred committed against two or more persons ", respectively).

They say the beginning of this story is classic: one girl once came to school with a new "iPhone", which became an occasion for active discussion among girlfriends. Whispered-giggled - as a result, apparently, the details came up. "Correctness" of one of the friends was enough for an informal conversation with your beloved teacher. Further chain is clear: the parents, the inspection of juvenile vseob conductive shock and Investigation Committee.

The schoolgirl did not play partisans and told about those who told her to start a premature "adult" life. That's how in the cells of the detention center were three young women who, in the opinion of the investigation, played the role of pimp. There was information about a rich and generous businessman named Mikhail, the address of a rented apartment in the center of Saratov appeared. When five victims appeared in the criminal case, the investigation concluded that a generous businessman is a St. Petersburg businessman Mikhail Serov. After that, he was charged in absentia, and he himself was put on the wanted list.

"Fontanka", 01.26.2015


The criminal case was brought against Larisa Kuznetsova on charges of falsifying the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. Until April 7, 2015, the woman owned 49% of the shares of Special Technologies, she was also its director and chief accountant. The main investigation department of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation for St. Petersburg opened the case on April 22, 2015. The initiator of the incident was the former partner of Kuznetsova, Mikhail Serov, who was on the international wanted list since the autumn of 2014. He is accused of pedophilia (the case has about 30 episodes). The Investigation Department of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Russian Federation in the Saratov Region is investigating.

Having learned about Serov's accusation, Kuznetsova until recently tried to save the reputation of her business, excluding his association with the Serov case. But he was not satisfied with this state of affairs, despite the fact that the company's welfare was in its own interests as the owner. And he decided to take from Kuznetsova her share, enlisting the help of friends from the FSB. Being on the international wanted list, Serov was able to donate his shares in LLC "Special Technologies" to his father, having issued a deal personally in a notary's office in St. Petersburg. After that, the father, at his prompt, wrote a statement to the Investigative Committee that Larisa Kuznetsova had forged the results of a meeting of business participants that she had appointed as director of "Special Technologies".

Kuznetsova became clear that her attempts to save a strategically important business for the country are not needed precisely for those people who should be responsible for Russia's security. And they are not just not needed, but they are contrary to their views, as well as the plans of Serov, which he built, moving between Sheremetyevo, Little Lubyanka and Liteiny, 4 in St. Petersburg, while being on the international wanted list for pedophilia. Therefore, Kuznetsov left the post of director and resigned from the post of the chief accountant, and then transferred its share of the company. These actions have given her start active actions of the Investigative Committee. Because by law it is obliged to pay OOO worth of the shares no later than three months. In this case we are talking about 1.5 billion rubles.

Not surprisingly, Serov not pleased that prospect, and he decided to avoid it. Kuznetsova had to assert their rights through arbitration. June 6, 2015 her application to recover from the company's funds have been accepted for consideration, but after a couple of days her apartment and villa underwent a large-scale searches. The plot of one of them is preserved in history thanks to the cameras worked.

The video brave commando waste movement opens the lock unlocked that day wickets with the help of a special device. His colleagues, not to be outdone in heroism, ignoring public input and prefer to practice overcoming obstacles, using a local fence, behind which, alas, they are not even waiting for the evil dog.

All this comically-cinematic scene was played for the hopeless criminal case initiated on level ground in the interests of a person with a very dubious reputation, which must now seek outside the country on charges of pedophilia. The fact that the case disastrous, says the Criminal Code, ch. 1, Art. 170.1, according to which the suspect is required to have criminal intent. It is for this article in the passes Kuznetsova - and because she voluntarily left the company and gave it its share of that transgressed ny intent eliminates.

With s Petersburg UBEPovtsy then told that they have a search warrant, "furniture", acting in place only the FSB. Except that if their actions led to something meaningful that would justify the cost of the state on a special operation?, 29.06.2015


Thus, in the best of times "Special technology" occupied half of the urban market. According to SPARC, in 2013 the company's turnover amounted to 2.6 billion rubles, in 2012 - 2.8 billion rubles, in 2011 - 3.6 billion rubles. To achieve such impressive performance in the company succeeded in performing government and commercial contracts worth up to 15 million rubles a year. At least, this is the amount of purchases recorded in the firm's accounting in the public domain. The total value of the company's assets to behold Useful amounts to 3 billion rubles.

Now the main customer "special technology" is PJSC "Rostelecom". "SORM equipment is installed in accordance with the requirements of normative legal acts of the Russian Federation and with the license conditions for the provision of services", - explained in the PAO. They added that the availability of the owners of the conflicts in the "special technology" do not have, and do not know anything about the ad Mikhail Serov in the international search. Another customer "special technology" in recent years - FSUE "TsentrInform" belonging Rosalkogolregulirovanie and the Federal Property Management Agency. FSUE could not comment on their service orders "Omega"., 06.30.2015


Meet Mihail Ivanovich Serov, founder and until the spring of 2015 the main shareholder and CEO of the company "Special technology", the leader in the Russian market SORM solutions. He lived in St. Petersburg and Saratov owned holiday villages and kept with her an extensive network of pimps who supplied him underage girls. Was arrested, released on his own recognizance (!!!), has left the country.

No, in itself, the fact that the CEO of the commercial structure turned out to be the culprit (in the field are not directly related to the structure of its activities) is nothing special; but still sad case Serov full of irony and extremely instructive. Regulatory authorities in recent years have done a lot to curtail freedom of the Internet, making it more difficult access to information for law-abiding citizens. All of this (these extrajudicial blocking and blacklisting) allegedly for protection from pedophiles. As a result, citizens became more difficult, and pedophiles (at least some) - everything is in order. And it is no accident, but the inevitable consequence of the system, which have some structure focused enormous powers at full opacity and lack of control of society.

"Free News", of 3/24/2016


"Turbidity" is not only in the sexual preferences of its founder. Revolutions "special technology" is such that the firm could enter the TOP-50 Russian IT companies. But we do not find the "Special technology" of any ratings or in reviews. Yes there ratings: from multi-billion dollar company with not even a public price list, and the site does not have! And really, why? Sales system works differently.

Let me remind you that for SORM equipment required to purchase any service provider, start your own business. After receiving the license, within three months, he will agree SORM plan with the regional FSB department. And here something to him and point to a specific supplier companies, in which it is necessary to purchase the equipment. This demand is completely illegal (under the law on operational and investigative activities, the state is obliged to implement it at their own expense), but to do with this provider can not do anything: it simply does not sign a paper delivery unit due to operation. So you have to pay.

After Serov escaped from Russia, "Special technology" away from him. Company rewrote the three people previously not engaged in any business; for this, apparently, it was faked signature Serov on a number of documents. And "business" that lays the golden eggs, continued its work.

"Society for the Protection of the Internet," 3/24/2016


 The founder of the "Internet of the Society" conducted an investigation and found that the head of a large firm, which supplies intelligence agencies spy equipment is Mihail Ivanovich Serov, who is wanted on suspicion of committing a dozen episodes of pedophilia on the territory of Saratov. At the present time, according to some reports, Serov absconded abroad.

"It turns out that we are sent more than ten billion rubles pedophile, that he spied on us on the Internet", - concludes the Wolves.

"The ban on Wi-Fi without a password, blacklists extrajudicial blocking of sites. All the draconian restrictions of the last time, all the persecution of internet freedom originally presented to us under such sauce: to protect children, to ensure that no God forbid nowhere-anywhere on the internet pedophiles terrible not climbed. But in practice it turns out, as with any opaque closed system: FSBshnaya control system in which supervisors nobody controls, leads precisely to the fact that creates a huge limitation for law-abiding citizens, and all sorts of criminals and pedophiles is easy to achieve what they want "- makes disappointing conclusions of the founder of" the Internet of the Society. "

Recall, the main owner and CEO of the St. Petersburg LLC "Special technology" are charged with sexual intercourse with a person under sixteen years of age. Last year, the Volga region of Saratov court ordered the arrest in absentia of Serov. The document, in particular, stated that Serov could leave for Sweden. According to investigators, a pedophile for three young women are brought to a safe place in the Saratov girls from disadvantaged families for sexual pleasures. Wanted posters Saratov pedophile placed MOI and SU IC in the Saratov region.

IA "Free news. FreeNews - Volga », 3/24/2016