In 1974 he graduated from the Magnitogorsk Mining and Metallurgical Institute, majoring in "Metal Processing with Pressure", in 1994 received a second diploma in "Organization of Production Management".

He began his career at the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works in 1968 as a fitter in the repair shop for metallurgical equipment. He worked as an operator, foreman, foreman, shift supervisor, shop manager, head of production and supply department.

In 1991 he was appointed chief engineer-first deputy general director of MMK.

In August 1993, he became one of the founders of AOZT Investment Company Inreko (supply and marketing activities).

In 1994-1997 years. First Deputy General Director of OJSC MMK.

Back in 1996, Rashnikov defended his Ph.D. thesis in the Magnitogorsk State Mining and Metallurgical Academy in the form of a scientific report on "Improving the end-to-end technology for the production of rolled products from structural steels in order to improve the quality of products." In 1998, Rashnikov presented in the same educational institution, transformed into the Magnitogorsk State Technical University, his doctoral thesis, devoted to the improvement of the system "steel-rolling-metal products" for obtaining competitive steel rolled products and products from it, and received a doctorate in technical sciences.

In 1997 he was acting. General Director of OJSC MMK. In the same year, at the shareholders' meeting, MMK was offered by the company "Prime-Leasing" (representing the interests of Trans World Groop) and representatives of Inkombank as general director of the enterprise. On the same day he was appointed General Director of OJSC MMK. He also became a member of the Board of Directors of MMK.

On March 13, 1998, he was elected to the Board of Directors of OJSC "Central Company of FIG" Magnitogorsk Steel ".

Since March 1999 - Member of the Board of Directors of OJSC Inkombank, Member of the Supervisory Board of OJSC Credit Ural Bank. Member of the Board of Directors of ZAO Magma, established by OJSC Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works and CJSC Tyazhpromexport.

In 2000, Rashnikov was Vladimir Putin's confidant in the presidential election.

Since June 2002 - Member of the Board of Directors of AKB Rosbank. In the 2003 State Duma elections, he was included in the federal list of "Unity and Fatherland - United Russia". December 7, 2003 was elected deputy, but refused the mandate.

Since April 2005 - Chairman of the Board of Directors, since 2006 - President of OOO MMK Managing Company.

The author of about 100 scientific research and technical developments to improve the technology of rolled products and improve its quality.

He was awarded the title of laureate of the nationwide Peter the Great Prize "For Outstanding Contribution to the Russian Economy" (2000). He was awarded numerous government and public awards. Among them were the medal "For Labor Valor" (1986), the Order of Honor (1995), the Order "For Merits to the Fatherland" of the IV degree (1998) and the third degree (2004), the Order of Peter the Great (2004), Order of the Russian Orthodox Church: Order of St. Sergius of Radonezh (2001), Order of Saint Blessed Prince Daniel of Moscow (2005). Three times elected deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk region. He is the President of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the Chelyabinsk region, the President of the International Club of Managers named after Peter the Great. Member of the Bureau of the Board of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. Chairman of the Russian part of the Russian-Moroccan Business Council. Honorary citizen of the Chelyabinsk region. He was awarded the medal "For Labor Valor", the Order of Honor, the Order "For Services to the Fatherland" of the IV degree. Honorary citizen of the Chelyabinsk region.

The Russian magazine "Finance" in 2010 estimated the state of Viktor Rashnikov at $ 8 billion (14th place in Russia). The American economic magazine Forbes on March 10, 2010 assesses the state of Rashnikov at $ 9.8 billion (71st place in the world).

He is fond of mountain and water skiing, hockey. Since 1999 - the president of the hockey club "Metallurg" (Magnitogorsk). Vladimir Putin prefers to ski on the recreation center "MMK" in the Chelyabinsk region.

Victor Rashnikov is married. Has two children. Rashnikova's youngest daughter Olga joined the board of directors and the strategic planning committee of Magnitogorsk in 2012. Victor Rashnikov's younger brother Sergei was the general director of the company "UK" Profit ", which supplied scrap to MMK.

Owned in the suburbs (elite village of Riita) 118-room palace, the value of which experts estimate the market at 70-90 million dollars (4.6-5.9 billion rubles).



The General Director of the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine (MMK), Viktor Rashnikov, was in the center of the scandal launched in the Russian Internet. The scandal started with the opening of the Magnetic Claw website, which contains documents compromising the management of the enterprise.

In particular, the creators of the site argue that the plant's work was made dependent on a system of 39 intermediary firms created with the participation of V. Rashnikov and his deputies.

The magnetic claw, referring to the data of the Federal Tax Police Service for the Chelyabinsk region, claims that only in 1997 settlements with intermediaries led to the loss of $ 50 million by the combine.

© "Magnetic claw", January 10, 2000


What are they spoiling their daughters? Chocolate, cosmetics, a suit, a fur coat. Whom that allows a purse. Viktor Filippovich's purse approved the gift of the daughter of three apartments in the center of Magnitogorsk. And, the last two fell on fragile girl's shoulders one after another. The first Olga Rashnikova got on December 6, 1998. But, having consulted with a purse, Victor Filippovich decided not to stint and on December 7, 1998 he presented the daughter with another apartment. Thus, Olga Viktorovna became the mistress of apartments No. 94, 95 and 96 in house No. 24 on Naberezhnaya Street Magnitogorsk with a total area of ​​210 meters.

Another would be the dad after such gifts for a long time he disappeared, but not the father-director of MMK. December 23, 1998 three Magnitogorsk apartments are exchanged for 1 Moscow, a total area of ​​232 square meters. In this case, a discrepancy between the market value of an apartment on Tverskaya Street and the indicative price of apartments in Magnitogorsk is striking. About the apartment on Tverskaya is known that on June 10, 1997 it was purchased from JSC "Mospromstroy" LLC "Dargus Litz" for $ 744,320 (3200 per meter).

On November 26 of the same year, another notarial document was published, according to which Evgeniy Semenets, a resident of Magnitogorsk, became the owner of the apartment. At the same time it is said that the cost of the apartment was paid for by LLC "Dargus Litz". The unprecedented generosity of LLC "Dergus litz" was contagious. And in December 1998, Yevgeny Semenets himself makes a broad gesture towards his countrywoman Olga Rashnikova.

In the barter agreement with Rashnikova apartment on Tverskaya was estimated at 1 million 929 thousand rubles (according to the inventory value). And this is after the August crisis, when the dollar was worth about 20 rubles. A three Magnitogorsk apartments Olga Rashnikova estimated only 400 thousand rubles cheaper and honestly committed to pay the difference to Seventh.

Suppose that the whole chain with the acquisition and subsequent exchange of prestigious real estate was planned for a specific person. Such a complicated scheme can be explained by the reluctance to "shine" real incomes, especially if these incomes are received not quite legally. Another option is also possible - some firm has decided to thank the right person in this way, who has given her some kindness. Real estate is often featured in high-profile scandals as a veiled bribe.

Everything is confusing, and only experts from the competent authorities will be able to understand these schemes. At the moment, one thing is clear: twenty-one-year-old resident of Magnitogorsk Olga Rashnikova became a real Muscovite. And in her property was a huge five-room apartment in the center of Moscow, the approximate real price of which is 700 thousand US dollars.

RIA-Novosti, January 12, 2000


The name of Viktor Rashnikov was associated with the scandal in 1997, when he and his childhood friend, chairman of the board of directors of MMK Rashit Sharipov, removed the director of MMK Anatoly Starikov. Sharipov, being the head of the FIG "Magnitogorsk Steel" (established by Starikov as a holding structure controlling Magnitogorsk shares and controlled by Magnitogorsk) owned at that time 30% of MMK shares and wanted to gain full control over the enterprise, for which it was necessary to displace Starikov. Soon there was a favorable situation for Sharipov: Starikov tried to take a loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development for the strategic development of MMK. Sharipov, Rashnikov and JSB Inkombank presented to the shareholders the situation in the unfavorable light for Starkov, accused him of violating the interests of the plant and made it shift. Victor Rashnikov became the new general director of the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine.

"Merchant» № 172 (3256), 14.09.2005 g, , of 21.07.2002


But appetites grow with eating. And it seemed to Rashnikov insufficient to steal only the enterprise. At the moment, you can talk about how he and his administration are stealing every (!) Employee of the plant. The fact is that the company introduced a special procedure for payment of labor, in which employees receive only half of their wages in cash, and the second half comes in the form of cards for the purchase in the network of department stores of OJSC Klass !.

OJSC with such a life-affirming name belongs to 13 stores. In all these stores, trade is conducted on cards. The prices for goods in them are much higher than in other outlets in Magnitogorsk. Nevertheless, a person who received a salary cards, is forced to go shopping in one of these 13 ill-fated stores. Employees MMK are deprived possibility to choose shop for the purchases. Imposed cards, the store is imposed, an assortment of goods is imposed, the price is imposed for it. Revenues from the sale of the "Class!" Network are scrolled through the "Cubank". Needless to say, that in the list of founders of OJSC "Klass!" And "Kubanka" is still the same painfully familiar surname - Rashnikov. In addition to her, it was interesting among the founders to find another name - the son of the Mayor of Magnitogorsk V.G. Anikushin., January 12, 2000


At the end of the 1990s, the entire block of shares of MMK was divided between several owners: the state, the administration of the enterprise, the FIG Magnitogorsk Steel, some industry enterprises and workers. Subsequently, shares at cheap prices were bought from the employees of the enterprise. The purchase was carried out by front companies, which established the management of MMK, in particular Rashnikov, and authorized capital of which was paid for by MMK shares. Rashnikov attempted to seize a 30% stake in the FIG Magnitogorsk Steel. He was supported by the Minister of Industry and Energy Viktor Khristenko, who at that time was the Chelyabinsk region's vice-governor for economy, in fact controlled the state stake in MMK (23%) on behalf of the state and covered the scams of MMK management. To obtain the remaining 30% stake in the FIG, Rashnikov and MMK management created a pre-failure plan for the construction at MMK Stana 2000. Under construction in the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development was taken a loan, which lobbied Khristenko. Because of the loan, a split began between the chairman of the MMK board of directors and the general director of the FIG, Sharipov and Viktor Rashnikov, who was the general director of MMK. Sharipov opposed the bonded loan, which was secured by a 30% stake in the FIG. Realizing that it is impossible to return the loan, Sharipov wrote off shares of MMK in favor of companies controlled by entrepreneur Iskander Makhmudov. Rashnikov through the court recognized the transactions as insignificant - Anatoly Bragin, the prosecutor of the Chelyabinsk region, also helped him in this. In relation to Sharipov, a criminal case was instituted on charges of fraud. Later, A-capital became the nominal holder of a 30% stake in the FIG.

Vedomosti, March 27, 2007


In May 2002, Rashnikov tried to pass through the board of directors amendments to the mill's charter, reinforcing the MMK management's position. The amendments provided for the issue of an additional share issue and the possibility of converting preferred shares into voting shares. However, the state and South Kuzbass, whose shares in MMK as a result of this additional share issue could be blurred, consolidated their voices and blocked the initiative of Rashnikov.


In August 2002, OJSC "Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works" issued consolidated financial statements according to international standards. The document said that some members of the family of Viktor Rashnikov have a serious financial interest in ZAO Profit, which provided 85% of the scrap supply to the plant. Only in 2001 the plant purchased a scrap at $ 63 million from Profit.

Vedomosti, August 6, 2002


The name of Rashnikov is often mentioned in connection with the Minister of Industry and Energy Viktor Khristenko. According to the media, it is known that Viktor Khristenko owns a large stake in MMK. In the auction for the sale of the state-owned stake in MMK in December 2004, Viktor Khristenko and Viktor Rashnikov through third parties acted as the buyer of this stake.

Kommersant No. 172 (3256), September 14, 2005


Rashnikov's name did not come off the newspaper pages in 2005, when an auction was held to sell the state stake in MMK. The auction was attended by MMK management, steel group Mechel, which owned about 17% of MMK shares, Novolipetsk Steel and others. As a result, the auction for the sale of the state block of shares of the combine won UFGIS Structured Holdings, buying a package at a starting price of $ 790 million, and another company of the UFG group - UFGIS Trading Ltd repurchased the Mechel package for $ 780 million. Mechel received another $ 90 million as compensation for refusing any claims to management and shareholders of Magnitogorsk. Companies that bought the state stake acted in the interests of Rashnikov.

Vedomosti, February 9, 2005


Rashnikov's name sounded in the press in early 2007, when the data of the FSFR reports were made public. Based on the documents, it turned out that Rashnikov and MMK key managers do not have any shares in the combine. In October 2006, 20.71% of MMK's shares were managed by the Settlement and Stock Center, 42.27% in the management of OOO Mekom, 33.93% from UFG Structured Holdings Ltd. The reports submitted to the FSFM indicate that Steelnet Investment Management SA in 2002 became a shareholder of CJSC A-Capital, which in April 2003 owned 22.30% of MMK shares. Among the main partners of Rashnikov at the time was Andrei Morozov, the vice-president of the company that manages MMK.

Vedomosti No. 16 (1790), January 31, 2007


In 2007, MMK fell into the sphere of interests of Rosoboronexport. FSUE Rosoboronexport planned to build a holding of special steels and MMK was to pass under the control of ZAO Russpetsstal. One of the forms of interaction was a private-public partnership. But MMK had a strong lobby in the person of the head of the Ministry of Industry and Energy Viktor Khristenko, and he was able to refuse the offer to enter into a public-private partnership with Russpetsstal. With the help of Khristenko Rashnikov managed to evade transactions with Gazmetall Alisher Usmanov and Evrazgrupp., August 23, 2007


Rashnikov, along with Alexei Mordashov (Severstal), lobbied for amendments to the Tax Code, according to which the sale of ferrous scraps was subject to VAT. The scrap pickers became the loser, the largest of which is the company of Victor Makushin "MAIR". In the Duma, Rashnikov's interests were supported by MP Pavel Krasheninnikov.

"Version", January 21, 2008


On May 7, 2007, the reputation of Magnitka finally collapsed, the illustrious ordnonosnogo factory that became the property of a certain Victor Rashnikov. All Chelyabinsk region and the whole city of Magnitogorsk know how it was: according to the order of the company's leadership, the police beat up veterans of labor who gave this enterprise 50- 30 years.

The group of factory pensioners, who took the shares of the enterprise for trust management and did not return, since 2005 regularly went to pickets with demands to return to them their only fortune earned for 50 and 40 and 30 years of work in the hot shops of this harmful production. There were a lot of shares, and now they are expensive. Enough for quiet old age and raise grandchildren.

Dividends to grandfathers and grandmothers were not paid for many years. And then they said that the shares were sold to the side. They were informed about it by letters from a certain ZAO Mecom in 2005. Having received such letters, the veterans became agitated, went to find out the truth and found out that they were victims of fraud of the top management of Magnitogorsk. In order to seize the shares of veterans who submitted documents to trust management, their signatures on transfer documents were forged, and the securities themselves were allegedly donated to someone for free.

Since 2005, the year the veterans, an independent investigation of fraud in stocks, the work, which had to spend the Investigatory Committee, police and prosecutors at all levels. And find out what actions the higher ranks of the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel fall under Art. 159th. This is a fraud. Definitely. However, as told to veterans, Art. 159 Part 1 (mild), the statute of limitations has already expired fraud, and it makes no sense to get criminal case. Law enforcement authorities denied the elderly. And it is absolutely not because the act of limitations has expired. And part of the first under the offense does not fit - here part4, heavy, for it gives 10 years. Everything is much worse and Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk, and believe that the owner of the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine Viktor Rashnikov (85.55% of shares in the property, $ 400 million of dividends only in the 2007th year, a solid 14th place in the Forbes list of billionaires ) - is a person go into the most important offices of the country. Legends about this subject on the field intentionally. "Kremlin" can cover everything. Even the theft of other people's actions.

Stringer, 18.06.2008


Victor Rashnikova ranked among the partners of the owner of the company "ST Development" Shalva Chigirinsky for investment projects. Reporters predicted Rashnikovu financial losses in connection with its investment in the reconstruction of hotel "Russia", which was held by Chigirinsky. In 2008, the Supreme Court decision on invalidity of investment contracts Ltd. "ST Development" in the reconstruction of the hotel and immediately started talking about the fact that the losses incurred by Chigirinsky will affect his relationship with investors. In particular, that Rashnikova connection with Chigirinsky can turn both reputational and financial losses.

RIA "New Region", 22.08.2008


Daughter "owner of Magnitogorsk" and the director of the plant for Finance that the upcoming May 25 annual shareholder meeting is likely to become part of MMK's Board of Directors, to the public completely closed. In social networks, the data is useless to look at her or at her older sister Tatiana. The network "Vkontakte" there page Victor Rashnikova, marked "present." But there are no family photos. So it is unclear how the "real" Vladimir Filippovich in the Internet network.

Rumor has it that Olga Rashnikova now - an independent lady. With her husband, Iley Melnikovym, such as a split. An indirect confirmation of this is the fact that just over a year ago, Melnikov was removed from his post as director of MMK trading house. Then the information about the resignation of Melnikov immediately gave rise to rumors that Viktor Rashnikov prepares plant for sale, and therefore takes the control of its people. But Olga Rashnikova, a month before the resignation of her husband's appointment of the Director of Finance plant continued to operate. As a result, rumors about the sale of MMK subsided.

Now Olga Rashnikova should enter the board of shareholders MMK. And although the list of candidates for the board of directors of one extra (1 person for 10 persons), no one doubts that Rashnikova "extra" will not appear.

URA.RU, 26.04.2012


Magnitogorsk called the name of his master: 85.55% stake in the plant belongs to chairman of its board of directors Victor Rashnikovu. He's up to 2009 has the right to buy another 7.37% stake in Magnitogorsk in one of the companies Deutsche UFG.

"Vedomosti", 17.05.2012


"A registered foreign companies conducting business elite of the Russian Forbes list. Alexey Mordashov controls "Severstal" through Cyprus Frontdeal Ltd, Viktor Rashnikov holds 87% stake in Magnitogorsk through two companies from Cyprus - Mintha Holding Ltd and Fulnek Enterprises Ltd. Vladimir Lisin owns a 77% stake in NLMK through Fletcher Holding Ltd. Home Company Viktor Vekselberg's Renova Holding registered in the Bahamas. ", 26.05.2009


In Magnitogorsk, a small business works the same number of people as the famous Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine. But for the sake of a small business purposefully destroying the local potentates. Apparently, Putin's words of ex-president "where small business is developing, there is less poor" steel kings received with irritation. If poor people - they go to beg for a job to the threshold of the plant.

Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works today employs about 40 thousand people. Every fourth resident working in Magnitogorsk. However, every fourth inhabitant of Magnitogorsk today works in a small business. Small businesses also 39 thousand people. But against them is a powerful war. Because today is their business also wants to seize the plant management, relatives of management, and various subsidiaries plant structures that led these managers. They say the owner of the plant Viktor Rashnikov, leaving, as usual self in the Alps, where he lives, admonished the new mayor of the city of Magnitogorsk, Evgeny Karpov, his protégé: "I combine you with Morozov - city". Andrey Morozov - is a State Duma deputy from the "United Russia", the former deputy director of MMK, too, like Rashnikov billionaire.

The last two years the city of Magnitogorsk shakes of pickets that suits small business. Larechniki picketed the administration, which expelled from their homes picketed by representatives of major shopping centers. Over fifty pickets held "palladovtsy" to protest against the demolition of the shopping centers in Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk, Moscow and Yekaterinburg, where is located the presidential envoy in the Southern Urals.

Press the Southern Urals, including the supposedly brave kompromatny portal, as they say, all sitting on the "suckling" in Magnitogorsk combine, and therefore tries to ignore the desperate situation of small businesses due to the monopoly position in the city.

Another center of resistance to slavery, which embodies Magnitogorsk running Kombinatskaya Mayor Karpov, is a small business. Placed at the head of the city mayor Rashnikovym - Evgeny Karpov fighting with small business peculiar, capricious, like a woman. Today accepted - tomorrow is forbidden!

Ruspres, 06.24.2013


"- There is one worker works almost for five at a reduced salary. Labor standards do not hold water, no security: all injured workers make out like a household, someone being bullied, someone fired an afterthought. Injuries, injuries much. But Statistics cleans up to scratch. I slip - for ever wolf ticket. A company-the one in the entire city: Magnitogorsk has long walks under the Magnitogorsk. Mayors, deputies - whether former employees of the plant, or the real thing. Moreover, the Governor of the Chelyabinsk region Dubrovsky - Rashnikova man, before that he served in the environment combine top managers.

- Most of the residents of Magnitogorsk know how Rashnikov made his fortune - continues Romanov. - Many minorities, to "lose" their securities have suffered from it. They have the evidence base, all confirmed, only the courts play for time, and veterans of more than a decade fighting for the return of their stolen stock. Disperse them - yes. Initiate criminal proceedings - please. Increase the pressure on relatives - easily. Agree, understand, fix, sorry - ever. - threaten, hit the glass, the car and the door smeared with paint, call at night - lists scourge Valentina Davydova, who also lost stake in the plant. - Many people do not stand up and stop fighting, and some leave. As a result, their rights are now ready to defend a total of 12 people from, I think, 9000 defrauded shareholders., 06.25.2015


Once seven positions rose Viktor Rashnikov in the top 200 richest businessmen of Russia. If in 2015 in the Forbes list, he was on 30 place, and now the owner of MMK takes 23 place. All thanks to the fact that for the past calendar year, his condition has increased from 3.5 to 3.8 billion dollars., 14.04.2016


In Thailand, the National Park "Mu Koh Similan" on a yacht moored superclass belonging to the Russian billionaire, the president of the hockey club "Metallurg" (Magnitogorsk) Victor Rashnikovu, killed 31-year-old worker. Legs of a man who, according to preliminary data, was a citizen of Bulgaria, during the raising of the anchor wrapped around an iron chain, inflicting injuries incompatible with life.

According to the publication, a tragic incident occurred on board the 140-meter yacht Ocean Victory. The man who received multiple injuries legs, in a short time, has lost a lot of blood and went into a coma. Arrived on the scene medics urgently transported the victim to the nearest hospital in Phuket, but could not save his life., 14.03.2016


Rain has learned the name of the alleged owner of the estate near Moscow, a total area of ​​6000 m2, a report on which was published in the September issue of the magazine Architectural Digest (AD). The plot on which the house is built, is located in the exclusive village "Riitta" on Rublevo Assumption highway. The territory belongs to the full namesake chairman of the board "of Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works" (MMK) billionaire Victor Rashnikovu.

According to extract from Rosreestra obtained Rain cadastral cost of land area 278 ar - 142 million rubles. The property Viktor Filippovich Rashnikova (same name and chapter MMK) it is from 2005. On the site it is also situated villa area of ​​five thousand square meters, cadastral value of which amounts to 130 million rubles.


A house with land can cost up to $ 70 million, calculated Department of suburban real estate broker Inna KalinkaGroup Leschiner. Sell ​​homestead can be for 80-90 million dollars, however, to find a buyer for such an object at the present time is not possible, the expert adds.

In the palace of 118 rooms, writes AD. Furniture, fixtures and trim are made by French and Italian masters and companies. The landlord collects art and art: AD writes about two vases works of Russian artists of the XIX century. Two other vases of the same period were sold at auction for $ 2.7 million. The Italian Room AD has a photograph of the painting, which hangs over the table owner. Its author - El Lissitzky, the Russian avant-garde artist beginning of XX century.

TC "Rain", of 09.01.2016


In parallel with the business Victor Rashnikov building and political career: in the elections of 2000 he was a confidant of Vladimir Putin's candidate, twice (th 2003 and 2007. c) was elected to the State Duma of the party "United Russia", but then refused the deputies' mandate. Rashnikov successfully elected in the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk region (five times, to be precise). Combining legislative activities with business, Victor Rashnikov not receive salaries in parliament, and therefore does not provide the Legislative Assembly in the income statement. However, according to the publication, in 2007, he has declared 293 million rubles. Get more recent data, even appealing to the law "On Combating Corruption" is not possible. "We called on deputies to submit a declaration, but nothing more we can do. Hopefully, the deputies are aware of the degree of responsibility to the voters, "- commented at the time the situation head of the press-service of the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk region. But there is evidence "Forbes": magazine assesses the state of Victor Rashnikova to $ 3.8 billion, placing it 23 th place in a ranking of the richest businessmen of the country., 02.09.2016


Snepboks (Snapbox Holdings Ltd., Cyprus, the ultimate beneficiary - the owner of the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine Viktor Rashnikov) demanded with "City Palace", the ex-owner of the tower "Evolution", pay to Snapbox dividend of 50% of net profits from the sale of the property complex tower "Evolution". Recall decided to distribute among its owners in 2015, the tower "Evolution" sold to the company "Transneft", the transaction is valued at $ 1 billion in net profit in the amount of $ 267.6 million the only member of "City Palace", the company "Folsten»,:. Snapbox Victor Rashnikova and the company "Frental", a subsidiary of the group "Snegiri" brothers Aleksandra Chigirinskogo.

However, completion of the payment to the Snapbox prevented notification from Cyprus lawyers - it states that Snapbox accounts to which the money should have been priydti arrested the Cypriot court, at the suit of Aleksandra Chigirinskogo.

Thus, the share of dividends received only "Frental", and the company Rashnikova appealed to the court. Snapbox lawyers want to introduce the payment of dividends directly as a concession to demands between "Folsten" and Snapbox, and claimed to have the right to direct payments requirements at the "City Palace". As an additional argument of the plaintiff's lawyers give payment in favor of "Frental", which is considered an abuse of rights by the "City Palace".

Lawyers LLC "City Palace", in turn, said that the right to the dividend payment requirements directly from the "City Palace» Snapbox has neither legislative nor on the basis of the contract. Moreover, the decision "Folsten" on the payment of dividends is not a direct transaction on assignment of rights requirements under Russian law. Refer to the final recipient of dividends is also impossible - it is not based on the current legislation, and given the company's lawyers Rashnikova legal practice in general is not related to the issues of payment of dividends.

Moscow court, having considered both positions, agreed with the defendant of "City Palace" - to meet the requirements Snapbox been denied.

Recall, for the moment by the group "Snegiri" Shalva Chigirinsky and served two unrelated structures Iskak Viktora Rashnikova and his partner Nader Nader in Limassol Court (Cyprus). Within the framework of legal proceedings relating to the sale of shares in Evolution Tower and the tower "Russia" in Moscow City have been arrested and assets Rashnikova Nader - three villas in the south of France.

"Komsomolskaya Pravda", 10.04.2016


Russian billionaires, the head of "Nafta-Moscow" Suleiman Kerimov and owner of MMK, Viktor Rashnikov got into trouble in the sale of his yacht. Their former boat seized at the request of the public prosecutor of Geneva, informs resource Yachtharbour and Swiss media.

Yacht Ice (90 m), previously owned by Kerimov, according to media reports, could be detained in November on Gibraltar (according to geo-services, it is located in the marina port of Tangier in Morocco), and the former boat Rashnikova Ocean Victory (76 m) - 2 December was arrested in the Netherlands.

The reason for his arrest appeared the investigation of money laundering in relation to purchasers of yachts from the clan of the permanent President of Equatorial Guinea Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, who is considered one of the most corrupt in Africa. October 18, 2016 in Switzerland was opened a preliminary investigation into the case, which is the defendant in the president's son.

According to a partner company Paragon Advice Group Aleksandra Zaharova, if the yacht was acquired for cash obtained illegally as a result of acts of corruption, the general rule in relation to it there is a risk of arrest and confiscation of a number of countries. "The money obtained illegally, in most countries can be frozen and confiscated at any stage of their legalization," - said Zakharov.

He noted that the issues of law enforcement agencies may arise as buyers and sellers. "The money spent on the yacht may have been obtained illegally," - said Zakharov.

In the "Nafta Moskva" and MMK comments on the sold yachts Kerimov and Rashnikova not provided., 09.12.2016


Sberbank and "Maginvest", which is owned by the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine (MMK) Victor Rashnikovu, to invest $ 2 billion in venture capital fund of the AFC "System" the Sistema the VC, "Vedomosti" writes. The transaction Investors become holders share 20% of the fund.

According to President of Sistema VC Alekseya Katkova, as a result of the deal with Sberbank and "Maginvestom" start-ups, in which the fund invests, in addition to financial support, will have access to industry expertise in banking and industry. Sistema VC fund interest and as a financial investment, and how to access the fund available technologies, told the publication Rashnikov through his representative.

"Secret Firmy" of 03.02.2017