Born in Azerbaijan family.

In 1977 he graduated from the Baku Polytechnic Institute on specialty "Engineer of computers."

From 1977 to 1983 he worked in a research institute in Baku, then in Baku City Committee of the CPSU.

From 1983 to 1987 he was a student of the Higher School of the trade union movement AUCCTU them. Shvernik in Moscow.

From 1988 to 1990 he worked in the Research Center of Trade Unions as a junior researcher.

In 1989 he founded the US-Soviet joint business of "Crocus International" (hereinafter - the group Crocus Group companies).

Since 1992 president of "Crocus" and Krasnogorsk Branch "Crocus City", Chairman of the Management Board of "Crocus Bank," chairman of the JSC "Kroteks' Council.

In 1997 he built the famous luxury 34-apartment complex «Agalarov House», located in one of the most prestigious areas of Moscow, at the intersection of Grand Georgian and Klimashkina.

In 1998 opened the first shopping center "Your House", built in 2002, "Crocus City Mall", "Crocus Expo" has completed the construction of three phases in 2007.

In 2002 he was elected vice-president of the All-Russian Azerbaijani Congress.

In 2010 Agalarov took first place in the ranking of top Russian business executives (the nomination "Trade"), according to the newspaper "Kommersant Money".

In 2012, he took 61 th place in the ranking of Forbes «The richest businessmen Russia - 2012".

Board member of the All-Russian public organization "Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs", a member of the Presidium of the All-Russian public organization "All-Russian Azerbaijani Congress", board member of the non-commercial partnership "Association of Entrepreneurial Organizations of Russia" ( "Support"), president of the nonprofit organization "Union of manufacturers and importers."

Candidate of Economic Sciences, defended his thesis on "Formation and use of the wage fund in the example of the enterprise communication" in 1998.

Author of the books "My view of the reform era in Russia", "Russia: Reflections on the way to the market", "Another attempt ... Articles about the Russian economy, published 1996-1999?"

The founder of the nonprofit organization "Fund of cultural and musical heritage of Muslim Magomayev."


Order of Honour (26 June 2013) - for labor achievements and many years of diligent work and social activities.

Order of Holy Prince Daniel of Moscow II degree

Commander of the Order "For Merit of the Italian Republic" (Dec. 27, 2008).

Winner of the Commercial Real Estate Awards in nomination "Developer of the Year" (2011)

The MICAM Awards Winner Award

Prize Winner Donald Trump Diamond Excellence Award

A family:

Wife - Irina Agalarov

The son - Emin Agalarov, Vice President Crocus Group, singer

Daughter - Sheila Agalarov, a student at Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC, USA

Grandchildren - Ali and Mikail Agalarovy.



Group Crocus Group companies engaged in the implementation of the following projects:

- "Crocus Expo" - exhibition center of international level, consisting of 3 pavilions and 49 meeting rooms (total area of 549 000 m²);

- "Crocus City Hall" - concert hall for 6200 seats (total area of 4500 m²);

- Vegas - a shopping and entertainment complex;

- "Your House" - a shopping complex (total area of 114 000 m²);

- Shore House - a restaurant and a yacht club on the beach and two outdoor swimming pools;

- "Aquarium" - bines hotel with 225 rooms (total area 13,000 m²);

- Holiday Inn - one of the largest hotels in Europe in the 1000 numbers, the opening of which is scheduled for 2014 (total area 81,080 m²);

- Housing and business complex, scheduled to open in 2014 (total area of 237 000 m²);

- "Myakinino" - subway station with a daily passenger flow of 25 000 people;

- Restaurants (Shore House, Zafferano, Nobu, « Edokov");

- Crocus Bank;

- Residential real estate (Agalarov Estate, Agalarov House, Sea Breeze).


Comtek`2000 exhibition was rich in events not directly related to the computer market. In the opening day, Monday, the exhibition was sold to a new owner, and on Wednesday to evacuate all the participants in the middle of the day.

Larry Hepner, commenting on the sale of its Russian Kommersant business, said that in 11 years Comtek became stable and profitable enterprise: "ITE, expanding and monopolizing the exhibition business, could not miss such a chance." However, the stability and profitability of the enterprise does not sell, but for 11 years, Heppner, apparently tired, and offer ITE (a total of $ 17.5 million, of which $ 12.32 is already paid) seemed a decent compensation for all spent in Russia efforts. Over the last five years Comtek and could not return to their peak indicators in 1995. Since footprint and declining attendance at the exhibition. So the idea of selling the Russian business at a management Comtek International appeared for a long time. Throughout the history of the sale remains incomprehensible only a supporting role organizer Comtek - company Crocus International. All rights to the trademarks, databases and other intellectual property rights owned by the company Heppner. And what do you get from the deal Crocus? As they say in the office of the company, president of Crocus Aras Agalarov is Monday in the USA and available for communication. Meanwhile, it was on Monday opened Comtek, and its organization, is rumored to be engaged mainly Crocus.

Additional attention has been drawn to the Comtek on Wednesday, when, due to an anonymous call about the pledged in the territory of "Expocenter" bomb was evacuated, all participants and visitors of the exhibition. The working day was disrupted, and the stands were left unattended. Meanwhile, the participants and during normal operation often suffer from the kidnappers of computer equipment.

«Kommersant» №70, 21.04.2000


In November 2005, Aras Agalarov interested journalists in connection with the fact that being one of the owners of Moscow's Cherkizovsky market, he became the owner of a new shopping complex "Grand" in Khimki. In this regard, the journalists noticed quite dramatic manifestation of nationalism by Agalarov in personnel matters. It was noted, in particular, that all the old technical workers "Grand", which were not Azerbaijanis, there were problems in connection with the advent of new employees, the Azerbaijanis. In addition, it was reported that of "Crocus City", whose owner is also the Aras Agalarov, was dismissed in 1500 Russian officers instead were hired were working at the Cherkizovsky market Azerbaijanis. The media also wrote that the problems arose and tenants' Granda ", furnishings traded: they were afraid that they will take place as people Agalarov. This assumption was based on the fact that the former chairman of the State Customs Committee Mikhail Vanin - a close friend of Aras Agalarov. It is because of familiarity with Vanin, when he was "the chief of the customs" Azerbaijani businessman largely expanded and consolidated his empire.


The opening day of "Grand" at the Cherkizovsky feasted particularly well. There is nothing surprising in this. The new owner of the shopping center "Grand" has become one of the owners Cherkizovsky market and the leader of the Azerbaijani community in Moscow Aras Agalarov, who himself ordered that on this day specially on the market drove a few cars with the meat and brandy.

In the "Grande" beginning of a new era was marked by conflict, which nearly ended stabbing. After downtime Technical Staff shopping complex came to work and found that the loading and unloading of goods, cleaning and technical maintenance complex is already employed by the new owner of the workers-Azerbaijanis, especially for that part of the technical and outbuildings shopping complex was turned into a dormitory for 300 hospital beds. Old employees of the shopping complex of dismissal were not informed, moreover, no one let them come to work. The new brigadier-Azeris explained that as long as everything remains as before, just the staff of technical personnel increase. Attempts to meet with the new leadership of the commercial complex in order to determine whether the contract will be prolonged labor, and an increase in the state will be reflected on the payroll technicians, nor to no avail. Meanwhile, coming to work employees, began to discover that during their absence were ruined cabins, personal items and tools disappeared, etc. Elucidation of relations with Azerbaijanis working has meant that one of the team leaders of Azerbaijan has announced a new Russian orders that henceforth the owner of "Grand" is an Azerbaijani, and thus establish rules will be Azerbaijanis.

While no one was fired. Meanwhile, the persistent rumor walks among Russian employees technicians of the complex that will soon be fired all at once: simply will not be allowed to work, which has already changed and strengthened protection. Oil poured into the fire which took place somewhere about that of "Crocus City", whose owner is also the Aras Agalarov in a similar way in 1500 Russian employees were laid off, instead of which were hired were working at the Cherkizovsky market Azerbaijanis., 15.11.2005


At the end of December to New Year VIP-party in Moscow a discussion gossip was news that the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev intends to intermarry with the president of the Moscow company "Crocus International" Aras Agalarov.

And soon these rumors have started to arrive in Baku. On the eve of Eid eldest daughter Leyla Aliyeva she became engaged to 25-year-old Emin Agalarov - son of Aras Agalarov.

The ceremony took place in the narrow family circle. The bridegroom's mother - Irina Agalarov youngest daughter now lives in New York, where the girl (also a future princess dowry) finishes school. They were sent to a private jet. And picked up in Moscow with the groom's father, the board went to Azerbaijan.

"Komsomolskaya Pravda", 14.01.2006


So far, the most famous of the Azerbaijani real estate developers, Aras Agalarov, publicly praises unprofitable Crocus City and plans even more dubious Agalarov Estate, Mountain Jews Year Nisan and Zarah Iliev continue to quietly capture all the large area of land outside Moscow. It is not excluded that competition between the diasporas, preserving the appearance of good-neighborly relations, will soon worsen at Moscow soil. As it turned out, Nisanovu and Iliev owns stakes not only Cherkizovsky market, showroom "Moscow" hotel "Ukraine" and many other facilities, but also the furniture salon "Grand", conflicts over which have not ceased, and after 2005 when the power in the "Grande "came Aras Agalarov. Now, with the advent of the furniture salon Mountain Jews situation is normal. The victory of "mountain" in the fight for the "Grand" is just a small illustration of the events unfolding in the Moscow suburban real estate market.

Diaspora plans Mountain Jews with respect to further processing of real estate near Moscow is not yet clear to the end. We only know that now there is an active buying land close to the Ring Road with a view to their development as a retail and warehouse space. His hundreds of hectares of land Mountain Jews are going to press outside Moscow empire Azerbaijanis, which, apparently, did not manage to finish Agalarov., 05.12.2006


The most important "fruit" of the Diaspora - billionaire Aras Agalarov. In Moscow since the early 80s. His business empire - a multifunctional complex "Crocus City", a network of hypermarkets "Your House", residential complexes, restaurants and boutiques. In his family - daughter Leyla Aliyeva, daughter of the current president of Azerbaijan and the granddaughter of the past. Its staff - countrymen in Baku, where he was born Agalarov. He has - the annual contributions to the All-Russian Azerbaijani Congress. Agalarov - the main sponsor of the Diaspora in Moscow and in Russia., of 02.08.2012


It is because of the familial relationship with the President of Azerbaijan Agalarov kontstse in 2007 was able to start a new project in Azerbaijan. The businessman decided to build a resort area cost about $ 1 billion on the territory of 200 hectares in Nardaran, a suburb of Baku. On the establishment of "Crocus Azerbaijan", which is built on the Caspian Sea coast resort area, Aras Agalarov told Azerbaijani news agency The businessman said that the total area of all buildings of a new resort on the Absheron peninsula will be 500-600 thousand sq. M. m. In the press expressed doubts the legality of the conditions on which he received 200 hectares of land in size, located on the two-kilometer coastline.

"Kommersant» № 204 (3780), 07.11.2007


"Villagers Voronino Istra district of Moscow region sent us a letter asking for help.

"Around our village there was a very tense situation, - complained to the village head, Alexander Morozov. - ZAO "Crocus International" bought the land with total area of around 300 hectares, where the elite cottage village houses worth up to $ 30 million will be built. The company says that the village will be demolished, and in its place will be the largest in Europe golf course.

Employees of "Crocus International" exert moral pressure on local residents, many of whom have been forced to sell their homes. The remaining we promised to create unfavorable conditions for living and are already doing so. People simply "squeeze" from their homes, and nobody do not care about four hundred history of the village, before residing in the territory of pensioners, veterans, defenders behind.

Help stop this "war for the land" and to get the officials attention to our problems. "


- We still have a year ago threatened that if the house does not sell, fire can happen - Anatoly Nikitin said. - And so it happened: in the morning January 10 burned room.

"This is our land, were born here, our fathers and grandfathers. We have all the rights to this land, both moral and legal. Why did the inhabitants of our village have to defend their legitimate rights by force? ", 27.02.2008


Weaning the land from the peasants and the poor has become commonplace. For many companies raider criminal cases.

But there are untouchables. These include a Mr. Aras Agalarov, who became a relative of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev. Son Aras Agalarov, commercial director of "Crocus International" Emin Agalarov, married the daughter of Ilham Aliyev - Leyla Aliyeva. And from that moment the head of "Crocus" - Aras Agalarov has become much easier to oppress suburban peasants.

Curiously, the tentative publication that makes Agalarov in the Istra district, just passed in the metropolitan press, let alone television earnestly forbidden to touch this topic - the big man Agalarov, a relative of Aliyev himself. The power of the Aliyev clearly extends to the suburbs ... Gromovskoye

Mr Agalarov to obstruct the view of the huts of local residents, planted around the perimeter of their possessions spruce-large size. But attempts to master the local land is not left. Fortunately, a powerful figure relative of Azerbaijan protects it and on Russian soil.

«Stringer», 14.03.2008


Several dozen representatives of many thousands collective of builders who work on the APEC-2012 summit facilities, tried to enter the office building construction general contractor company Crocus International. Outraged migrant workers demanding payment of salaries, which the Moscow-based company owed them for a few months. Unhappy workers dared to revolt, having learned that the island Russian from Moscow arrived a senior representative of "Crocus International" company, which is in the administrative building holds a meeting. Anxious people have tried to take the office of "Crocus" storm, which was retaken by security companies. Just arrived at the scene the police and the prosecutor's office of Vladivostok and Primorsky Krai managed to find out what are unhappy visitors from the CIS countries. They are forced to work without contracts, without proper passports, without pay, to live in unhealthy conditions, and the "whistle" under lock and get out - they are hidden by the high officials came to inspect.

In June of this year, Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov during a trip to Vladivostok noted that when objects FEFU will create about 15 thousand. New jobs, which will "operate mainly residents of Primorsky Krai and other neighboring regions." Today, according to the "Crocus", on this construction site already works 891 people, it does not specify how many of them are residents of the Primorsky Territory.As of September 1 stated the need for local workers is only 29 people, all of them - highly qualified specialists with a salary of 30-40 thousand rubles.. As reported by RIA "Date's" the director of one of the sub-contracting companies working on the construction of the summit, the "most likely" Crocus "will attract only foreign workers from neighboring countries, China and Vietnam, because their work is valued much cheaper. None of what "social responsibility" of business is not to speak - it is a simple profit. Primorye can only watch as the Moscow-based company with foreign participation of foreign guest workers hired to build the project on Russian taxpayers' money. "

On the summit of APEC-2012 the government allocates 284 billion. Rubles. Very tasty morsel for those who know how to build "economical" intelligently "distribute budgets" and thus does not seem to hurt yourself. It is no coincidence, many observers say that the company "Crocus" features a hard, typically "Moscow" business style, it has backers in the government. In addition, Aras Agalarov has a very powerful matchmaker - his son married to the daughter of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev.

Email "CENTURY" newspaper, 25.12.2009


It is noteworthy that on the website of "Crocus International" Vladivostok among other projects, there was no place. Perhaps the Federal University 100 000 students represented the Baku-Moscow entrepreneurs less important object than, for example, "Kashirka Mall" shopping center on 380 000 square meters. m., Moscow.

Deyta.Ru, 14.09.2009


Novorizhskoe highway - the patrimony of the nouveau riche who buy homes in a cottage village for $ 10 million. Near one of these "reserves millionaires" is a farm "Rus-Invest", the successor to the glorious past of the Soviet collective farms, where despite the crisis stable pay wages, raise livestock, and milk supply area. In general, the "farm-millionaire," the benefit of his cows produce annually 5 million kilograms of whole milk.

Fifty years of the cows do not interfere with anyone until very close to farmland not grown multi-million dollar mansions villagers Agalarov Estate. Some of the houses, breaking all conceivable standards development, was literally behind the fence barns, but who in the present Russia at designing such an important thing as mansions so the golf course, draws attention to some collective and adherence to building codes? Nonsense!

Do not trifle that farm occupies a solid piece of land, which by today's standards was the gold - even in a crisis in the Agalarov Estate weaving is under 150 thousand dollars. And then almost 20 hectares - it's 300 million undeveloped green disappears behind the fence!

The farmers are not going to sit back and tolerate the arbitrariness of officials of the Moscow region, which has exceeded all reasonable limits. They sent an open letter to Vladimir Putin. But "far to the king," and there is no guarantee that soon the fields where cows used to walking, there are a dozen sumptuous palaces "millionaires reserve" Aras Agalarov.

© igolkin, 21.04.2010


Divorce singer Emin Agalarov and daughter Leyla Aliyeva President of Azerbaijan became one of the most notable events of May this year. On parting, the couple spoke not only publication specializing in the life of stars, but also the federal TV channels. The pair made a short and official statement, which did not comment., 10.08.2015


The owner of Crocus Group Aras Agalarov purchased condominium Palazzo Del Sol on the island of Fisher Island in Miami-Dade County, Florida. It is reported by the local edition of The Real Deal with reference to recording in the county archives.

According to archive data, controlled Agalarov firm Saffron Property Management acquired "object 7064" on the first line by the sea. According to the publication, in the condominium has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a total building area of ​​4956 square feet (460.42 square meters). Thus, Palazzo Del Sol cost Agalarov at a price of $ 2159 per square foot ($ 23,239 per 1 sq m). The total purchase price is close to $ 11 million., 14.04.2016


Several years ago, leaked information that direct informal contact with the then governor of the Moscow region Boris Gromov allows Agalarov quickly promote the construction of new network facilities hypermarkets "Your House", and actively expand the "Crocus City".

Also wrote that the mayor of Novosibirsk, Vladimir Gorodetsky somehow singled out the company land area of ​​43 hectares in the heart of downtown on the waterfront of the River Ob. At the same time he wrote that the Moscow mayor's office to the relationship the businessman did not develop.

That controversy about the value of tax deductions to the city budget arose, the authorities did not give throned entrepreneur at his own expense to build a comfortable isolation of "Crocus" entry-exit through the reconstruction of the nearby streets. Aras Agalarov expressed in connection with the open irritation.

The Moscow Post, 17.08.2016


The relationship between government and business have always wished the best in Russia. Of course if it is not the business of the government itself or its friends. An eloquent example of this attitude can be the situation around "Myakinino" - the first and so far the only private station of the Moscow metro. August 16 Moscow subway guide via Twitter suddenly announced that from 22 August said the station is closed due to mismatch conditions of transport safety.

It is true except for the official (dangerous for the passengers), the experts immediately voiced another version. They say that the situation is nothing to do with security, but is the usual pressure on the "Crocus Group" owner Aras Agalarov, who constructed the said station to force a businessman to generously share the profits with the state. Especially because of "Crocus Group" simply demonstrates excellent performance in the dynamics of development.

Time to blackmail Moscow officials have chosen perfectly, especially to coincide to the top of the Moscow International Motor Show, which will take place in "Crocus Expo" from 24 August to 4 September. It was planned that perhaps the main flow of showroom visitors will pass through the station was "Myakinino". Close the station two days before the event - a blow to the gut and, at the same time, a very strong argument for negotiations on "a share?".

What city authorities will require from Mr. Agalarov in this case - it is still unknown. Most likely, given the upcoming elections, it will focus on the financing of "good works", designed to show voters care power of ordinary citizens.

"Ruspres" of 17.08.2016


In April 2010, the Moscow government has initiated a lawsuit with "Interneshl Crocus" Aras Agalarov, demanding to recognize the unauthorized construction of the Congress to the exhibition center "Crocus Expo" from the inside of the Ring Road.

The road cost about 100 million rubles. It was opened about two years before and did not have the key permits. The administration required "to acknowledge the unauthorized construction and to recognize the right of ownership to it." The Court agreed with this.

The Moscow Post, 17.08.2016


Well-known businessman after a bomb threat in belonging to him "Crocus Expo" security services and investigators said the threats coming at him.

Aras Agalarov said that before the discovery of the bomb in the venue he regularly received calls demanding the return of a debt in the amount of $ 2 million. As found out a consequence, extortionists threatened businessman problems.

Thus, the intelligence agencies completely eliminated version of the attack. Planted in the toilet "Crocus Expo" was the signal for explosives Agalarov the seriousness of the intentions of criminals. Meantime, Agalarov declined to speculate on who might be behind the incident., 10.11.2016


Last time Donald Trump appeared in Moscow in the autumn of 2013. Then he brought in the Russian capital, a competition "Miss Universe" and, according to the newspaper Washington Post, persistently tried to meet with Vladimir Putin. Then, the next US President sent a personal letter to the Russian leader, and, according to the oligarch Aras Agalarov, acts as an intermediary in the negotiations, a meeting was to be held the day before the competition. Vladimir Putin, the meeting at the last minute canceled, but, according to the same Agalarov, sent Trump as a souvenir painted Palekh casket and personal note.

However, in the loser American billionaire still can not stay: he got the most out of $ 14 million, paid by the owner of "Crocus City Hall" Aras Agalarov and other investors for the right to be held in Moscow competition "Miss Universe." Simultaneously, Agalarov said that he had signed with the American billionaire contract for the construction of two twin skyscrapers in central Moscow. The son of a Russian developer, musician Emin Agalarov, said that his family met with Trump after hired several participants of "Miss Universe" contest to shoot the music video. The recording then attended himself a future president of the USA, is not the first time played himself.

However, a joint project with Agalarov has not been implemented. This attempt to erect a building named after himself in the Russian capital had to Donald Trump already the fifth in a row.

ID of "Top Secret", of 5/12/2016


In 2016, the public learned that Iliev and Nisan are patrons (or partners?), Not only in government circles, but also criminal. In particular, the common business interests of Iliev and Nisan were associated with the "thieves in law" Vagif Suleymanov named Vagif and Zachary Kalashov (Shakro Young).

The friends have "kings of real estate" and goes Aras Agalbstvennarov, Soik "Crocus City" and the singer's father Emin (Agalarov). Last at the time was the husband of the daughter of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev. Sam Moscow businessmen policy attention also did not leave. For example, last year Nisanova Aliyev awarded the Order "For Service to the Fatherland" of the 3rd degree.

Agalarov, by the way, was once the closest associates of the slain Aslan Usoyana, better known as Grandpa Hassan., 16.01.2017