Since 2013 - the co-owner (80, 1% of the Criminal Code), "MB-Irbis Ltd.).

The sole owner of LLC "Gazspetsproekt", the founder of LLC "Legal Center" Promotion ", founder of the NPP" Tatbelt "(35% of authorized capital).

Since 2014 - General Director of JSC "Experimental development Management neighborhoods."



According to the SPARK database, the principal owner of "MB-Irbis" as of July 1, 2011, he was the Albert Suniev (80.1% of the Criminal Code) - According to "Business Online» source, a person from the team of the former Minister of RT Marat Khusnullin followed him to move to Moscow. Co-owner of the company is very predpravleniya AKIBANK Galyautdinov (19.9% of the Criminal Code).

According to information on the Internet, Suniev is the CEO of JSC "Experimental development Management neighborhoods" on Novy Arbat, following the Department of Road and Bridge and engineering construction in Moscow. Does this mean that the builder re-classified in Avtoprofi? The newspaper "Business Online» clarify this issue at the very Sunieva failed - his mobile phone did not answer.

"Business Online", 28/03/13


Few Muscovites know that the main company for the construction and management of municipal housing is JSC "ETN". Moreover this company Moscow government granted enormous powers, who never dreamed of other commercial organizations. But under the guise of increasing the efficiency of the system for feeding occurred clan businessmen from Kazan.

Business "ETN" is based on easy victories in the competitions held in Moscow mayor's office. Easy achieved complete disregard of the principle of competition on the part of city government. Usually among the contenders in such competitions are state unitary enterprises, as well as the "ETN" established by the Department of city property of Moscow. As a result, in 2015, "ETN" won 17 of 21 competitions in which he participated. The amount of public procurement amounted to almost 7 billion rubles.

These money and dispose of compatriots from Tatarstan. General Director of "ETN" Albert Suniev rasstavilna key positions in the company of their fellow countrymen. His deputies are Samitov Albert and Eduard Ibragimov, before moving to Moscow and worked in Kazan. As chairman of the procurement committee of "ETN" Ruslan porridge, which had joint business with his father Sunieva.

Tatarstan clan essentially controls the unofficial holding company, which includes a set of state unitary enterprises - "Mospromproekt", "Mosrealstroy", "Mosproekt 4" and others. By consulting contracts "ETN" is completely manipulates these formally independent enterprises.

The Moscow Post, 29.12.15


In 2015, the interests of the "ETN" spread to such a tasty morsel as the management of the city-owned parking spaces. One of the GUP, actually is a division of the holding - "Directorate of garage construction" competition was held in which a certain firm won "Ergostroy" specified in the constituent documents of a fake address. The fact that this company is a one-day story of the screen indicates its meteoric rise. It begins in 2013 with the order of 1.2 million rubles, and in 2014 tossed nearly a hundred million. And now it has been running garage farming town.

"Ergostroy" right off the bat began to direct their orders, forcing the owners of cars to enter into an Agreement for the provision of services. Whereas no need in that car owners have not - with the duties copes management companies created by the owners.

In this case the text of the treaty was drawn up legally illiterate. For example, according to the text, the money "Ergostroyu" must be paid for their help in the "parking the car," and the protection of the parking contract and is not envisaged. In addition to the Muscovites are trying to tear off a service fee, which was supposed to provide the city - clean, etc. All controls "Ergostroya" ultimately reduced to extortion and raider attacks. No cleaning, no protection of the company did not carry out parks, focusing on how to rent empty boxes.

This case clearly characterizes the activity of the Joint Stock Company "ETN", which is using the preferences of the Moscow government, created a semi-criminal municipal asset management scheme, which affects thousands of people., 12.01.16


As a result, the management of the holding companies were mostly loyal Sunievu natives of Tatarstan. Legal tools for the control of GUPami does not exist, however, and the yield was found here - all GUPy forced to sign with OJSC "ETN" contracts for the provision of consulting services, the meaning of which was the total control of their activities and the complete subordination Sunievu. Without coordination of "ETN" controlled by the organization can no longer perform any action, ranging from a written request to any destination and ending with the conclusion of contracts and the payment.

All nesoglanyh with this situation Suniev leaders immediately dismissed under any pretext, and appointed his loyal person. As an example, the former head of the State Unitary Enterprise "Management of construction and operation of the garage assignment" IN Gurov, who refused to play by the rules and Sunieva Alberta was dismissed and his place was appointed Damir Talipov. After his appointment Talipova SUE immediately signed a contract for the sale of cars with JSC "Mosrealstroy".

As a result, under the leadership of Sunievav part of new holding company formed warm compatriots from Tatarstan as part of Edward Ibrahimov Ruslan Kashaeva, Rezeda Lasuninoy and others. After receiving a number of public contracts from the KP "CSA" on the construction at the expense of budget funds, Suniev distributed them among its controlled contractors. One such company "Le Corsaire" LLC, which is assigned to sub-contract the construction of the object at. Krasnaya Presnya, 14, works on the terms which are constantly frustrated.

The Moscow Post, 15.10.15


JSC "Experimental development Management mikroraynov" ( "ETN") has received a state order from the "Civil Engineering Office" in the amount of 8.36 billion rubles, while all of the Moscow government structures 11.3 billion. The company is owned by the government of Moscow JSC "Mosinzhproekt" and managed by Albert Sunievym, 35-year-old businessman from Kazan, head of the Moscow construction complex countryman Marat Khusnullin. Until 2014 "ETN" (revenue -. 421 million rubles) was one of the city's structures, erecting housing, along with GUP PMR - "Office for reconstruction and development of unique objects", JSC "Center-Invest", "Center City" . However, since 2014 under the management of "ETN" Albert Sunieva three years passed, several companies - OAO "Center-Invest", two design institute OAO "Mosproject -4" and JSC "SAG" - "Institute Mosproektstroyindustriya", JSC "Mosrealstroy" (sold properties), JSC "Management company CAO". Thus it was formed a real estate development holding company.

During 2015 the company must make a profit of 4.58 billion rubles, and in just three years from 2015 to 2017 Joint Stock Company expects to make a profit for about 22 billion. Rubles. "Management of experimental development" (ETN) Albert Sunieva plans to stake a claim for a share of 5-7% of the construction market in Moscow. Currently, the volume of construction Sunieva is about 242 thousand sq. M. m., of which 123 sq. m. m -prihoditsya to "ETN", 101 sq. m. m - the volume of construction of JSC "Center-Invest".

This Suniev Albert, moved to Moscow, did not give up their business in Tatarstan. For example, he owns 80.1% of the Kazan car dealer Mercedes-benz LLC "MB-Irbis" (19.9% - the chairman of board "AKIBANK" Ildar Galyautdinova) and the company " Gazspetsproekt "(service data Circuit. Focus). Auto Dealer "MB-Irbis" opened his salon in May 2013, when Suniev already led state of "ETN". The company's revenue in 2014 - 1.5 billion rubles, the growth of 174%. The plans - to sell about 800 cars a year. By the way, these luxury cars and indifferent family Marat Khusnullin: his wife Lily - Mercedes CLS 350, and it appeared she just in 2013, when opened salon "MB-Irbis" Albert Sunieva.

"Top Secret", of 02.03.16


For example, the main beneficiary of the Moscow government order is a Suniev Albert. Suniev as Khusnullin - a native of Tatarstan. In the capital of "make money" businessman moved exactly once in power Khusnullin settled.

The head of Albert Suniev ETN, and the company's "management" regularly collect everything related to the construction of state orders! Most of the orders to Sunievu gets from the state enterprise "Management of Civil Engineering", which is in Mr. Husnullina submission.

Special attention is drawn to the fact that Suniev - former dealer "Mercedes" - a sign of good public procurement, but with the development - not very. In Tatarstan businessman supplied and serviced cars, on which the region Kata Guide. Such experience in public procurement allows us to hope that Sunieva have the experience and determination of the size of "rollback" for receiving tenders.

Experts say that with the help of Khusnullin Sunieva actually organized in the capital associated with officials building a monopoly in the field of public procurement. A campaign is also discredited zamu goszakupochnuyu system.

"Kompromat1" of 01.26.17


Another company Albert Sunieva "Gazspetsproekt" was able to get state orders worth a total of 132.3 million rubles, and the main customer is the "Management of capital construction of engineering networks and the development of energy-saving technologies of the Republic of Tatarstan" (JSC "UMS"). "Gazspetsproekt" building drainage systems, water treatment plants, gas pipelines and other objects of engineering infrastructure commissioned by the MSC. Interestingly, the wife of Marat Husnullina business partners, too, have an interest in the system of water supply and water treatment, they received the assets of the liquidated Kazan WATERchANNELSERVicE. A game management Mrs Khusnullin "Kama Beach" (Lilia Khusnullin - 50% of OOO "Kama coast", according to "FOCUS" service) from June of this year, operates JSC "Economic-consulting group", which owns 25% of enterprises former Kazan WATERchANNELSERVicE (JSC "ZVKS", JSC "VKST" and JSC "VCS-Service").

PASMI.RU, 30.10.15


CEO of ETN is an entrepreneur from Kazan Albert Suniev. Senior officials also arrived in Moscow in Tatarstan: Vice Sunieva Samitov Albert and Eduard Ibragimov before that worked in the capital. In 2014, the ETN only two contracts greenery and infrastructure on the 140 million rubles LLC "Le Corsaire", the authorized capital of which is directly owned by the Seychelles offshore.

Construction and improvement - is not the only sphere of activity of ETN. "Management of experimental development districts" is both the management body in built houses. As a kind of management organization OOO "UK" Orion appointed in apartment buildings, "in which one of the founders - Astafieva Faith - is also the director and one of the participants of LLC" Legal Center "Support".

According to the extract from the register, 13% of "Assistance" owned by the deputy head of the company ETN Ruslan Kashaev (the online ETN appears that he was the director of "Assistance" from 2006 to 2011), who is chairman of procurement commission ETN, and he Suniev He is also listed as a co-owner. Is there not in this situation of conflict of interest?

DNI.RU, 28.12.15


Real estate development holding company under the leadership of "experimental building mikroraynov Management" ("ETN") looks like a giant building "Tatstroy" which, when Marat Khusnullin was minister of construction and housing and communal services of the republic built on 200 thousand sq.m. of housing per year, and held 10% of the construction market of Kazan. The "Tatstroya", as in "ETN" all resources and obligations provided by the state: the site, budget, building permits, etc., and control - in the hands of people from the circle of the ex-minister. But "Tatstroy" was bankrupt, once Khusnullin went to Moscow to head the Moscow construction complex. And the assets remaining after the bankruptcy "Tatstroya" were at the business partners Lilies Khusnullin. Albert Suniev and Damir Gazizov refused to communicate with our newspaper.

But the most important thing is that in this state the existence of a preferential price for the construction of municipal housing company Sunieva not social. For example, the price per square meter of residential complex on the street Sadovnicheskaya, vl.80 / 2 (19 thousand square meters, which is building a "ETN") - 93 thousand rubles. This is the cost of design and construction contracting works. Such social housing cannot be called cheap, prices are comparable to commercial.

"Top Secret", of 02.03.16


District residents Troparevo-Nikulino oppose the development of the green zone. Despite the protests, the site of the park is planned to build three high-rise apartment house and the road. December 6 will be held the fifth trial.

Court hearings are held in the Kuntsevo district court. Gershberg noted that Chutov judge behaves biased: "This will be the fifth of our meeting. We're suing to August this year. The judge is very clear: do not want to hear our witnesses, who can talk about the falsification of signatures for granted, that with some disorders were hearing. "

The builder of the park acts of "experimental building management districts." Manages holding Albert Suniev. In the company-builder refused to comment on the information promptly Open Russia, referring to the internal regulations of the company.

"Open Russia", of 12.06.16