Was born in family of employees of the KGB. He studied at a pedagogical grammar school N 825 (deadline - 1995).

In 2000 he graduated from the Moscow State Law Academy. OE Kutafin.

In 2007 he graduated from the Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation on a specialty "State and municipal management" (Department of National Security). In 2008, training was held at the Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation under the program "State management and control."

Candidate of Economic Sciences (2004, dissertation topic: "The main directions of formation and development of the economic system of state regulation and support for individual entrepreneurs", Moscow Financial and Law Academy).

Political Science (in 2007, thesis: "The political mechanism of formation of legal culture in Russia today," Military University).

From 2007 - 2012 years. - Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the All-Russian Public Foundation "RUSSIAN OFFICERS".

Since 2012 - present - Chairman of the Presidium of the All-Russian public organization "RUSSIAN OFFICERS".

Chief Editor of "Officers", a law enforcement information-portal "RUSSIAN OFFICERS» (

From 2008 - 2012 years. - A member of the Public Council in Moscow, a member of the presidium of the Public Council of the City of Moscow, the chairman of the Commission for protection of the rights of citizens and their associations, interaction with law enforcement and judicial authorities. At the end of the activities of the Public Council of the City of Moscow he was elected chairman of the Expert Council under the security of the Moscow City Duma Commission.

Member of the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense of Russia. The head and comes in a number of public councils under the police and other law enforcement and control agencies of the federal and regional levels, and expert advice to the organs of state power.

Chairman of the Public Oversight Commission of the City of Moscow for the implementation of public control over ensuring human rights in places of detention and assistance to persons in places of detention.

Member of the Russian Union of Journalists and the Union of Journalists in Moscow. Conducted copyright information and analytical program "The area of the law" ("RIA Novosti") and "officers" (radio "Russian News Service").

A family

Wife Sabina Tsvetkova Alanovna:

Executive Director, Chairman of the Board of the All-Russian Charity "RUSSIAN OFFICERS" NGO;

Deputy Chairman of the Public Council under the State Ministry of Interior of Russia in the Central Federal District of the Russian Federation;

Deputy Chairman of the Public Council under the Federal Penitentiary Service in Moscow;

Producer, director of the Contemporary Opera show "Angels."

The parents (father - Vladimir A. Tsvetkov, his mother - Tatiana Tsvetkova) - the former KGB. Brother - Andrey Tsvetkov, a member of the prosecution.


- Chairman of the Presidium of the All-Russian public organization "RUSSIAN OFFICERS".

- Member of the Presidium of the Public Council of the City of Moscow - the chairman of the Commission for protection of the rights of citizens and their associations, interaction with law enforcement and judicial authorities.

- Head of the inter-commission working group on public control over the implementation of state programs of Moscow "Development of transport system for 2012-2016" and "Safe City for 2012-2016".

- Head of the working group "On public control and improvement of the system of distribution of tickets to the Bolshoi Theater."

- Chairman of the Public Council under the Office of the Federal Bailiff Service for Moscow

- Deputy Chairman of the Public Council under the State Ministry of Interior of Russia in Moscow. - Chairman of the Public Council at the Internal Affairs for the Central District Directorate of the MOI of Russia in Moscow.- Member of the Public Council under the State Ministry of Interior of Russia in the Central Federal District of the Russian Federation - Member of the Public Council under the General Command of Interior Troops of Russia.

- Member of the Public Oversight Commission of the City of Moscow for the implementation of public control over ensuring human rights in places of detention I and II convocations.


- Organization of assistance to the families of servicemen and law enforcement officers and supervisory bodies killed in the line of duty.

- Humanitarian assistance in the areas of local conflicts and emergencies. Repeatedly he traveled with humanitarian aid to the Chechen Republic (in 1998, 1999, 2000.).

- The organization of free of free hours in gyms law enforcement agencies for training young people with the coaching staff.

- Organization of assistance and holidays in children's homes and rehabilitation centers.

Annually organizes socially significant events, thematic exhibitions.


Has more than 200 degrees, thanks, diplomas, departmental and public awards, including on behalf of the heads of federal and regional executive authorities.


... Activism Anton Tsvetkov is similar to the structure of its business. He collects membership in a variety of public councils. (I could not get there just before the Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation - not helped rebuke head Fedotov Council election fraud, or even violent protests "Officers of Russia"). Public career Tsvetkova sharply went up the hill after a rally on Poklonnaya Hill, where, according to "Novaya Gazeta", "Officers of Russia" were able to bring several thousand people.

Presidential Administration finally appreciated the organization, whose leader continued to justify the highest hopes. Tsvetkov in Moscow as a member of the PMC, for example, the first breakthrough in the "Lefortovo" to Leonid Razvozzhaeva, which were not even allowed lawyers. Then he hastened to declare that it is not found signs of torture ...

"Novaya Gazeta", 12.02.2014


History Razvozzhaeva - version set out by himself, - the first public observers also spoke. But this story has forced them to tell and one more: that there is no agreement within the PMC and not all human rights are equally useful.

After all, what happens first in "Lefortovo" is a kind of Anton Tsvetkov, a member of the PMC. It turns out, and said: Leonid Razvozzhayev torture does not complain. Then, speaking to Tsvetkov, I have twenty times asked him how it was that he was not informed that he told Leonid Razvozzhayev (and he told us that human rights are not denied). "It is not in my competence" - with the intonations of the press service of the Ministry of Interior Tsvetkov replied, explaining that once a prison walls Razvozzhaeva not tortured, the rest of it as a human rights activist and listen to the community is not obliged to report - that, they say, the case of the arrested lawyers.

Other members of the PMC, which is allowed to Razvozzhaeva day after Tsvetkov (all the same Borschev, and with it Karetnikova Anna and Zoe light), told that the arrested was very depressed and described in detail the abduction and torture in some basement.

Anton Tsvetkov, disdainfully calling his colleagues screamers just says that it is better to cooperate with the authorities, and not conflict.

Now Anton Tsvetkov was going to go on and to exclude from the PMC those who have worked for the last two years. In particular, the light-Zoe and Anna Karetnikau. Head of "Officers of Russia" suspected human rights defenders in the illegal shooting movies in the chambers of Hope and Maria Alekhina Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot.

Russia sitting of 16.11.2012


Same Tsvetkov himself is the owner of LLC "Investment Group" Development Strategy ", which owns shares in the company" Urban social brokerage company. " The other co-founder - Charitable fund of veterans of law enforcement and military service, headed by former Deputy Interior Minister Ivan Shilov (member of the "Officers of Russia").

Anton lives on the income from renting commercial and office space - "about ten in the regions and in Moscow a few" who are on his personal balance sheet as an individual entrepreneur. This income allows him to "concentrate all efforts in the field of social and human rights activities." His annual income Tsvetkov did not disclose.

"Novaya Gazeta", 12.02.2014


The first appearance of Tsvetkova resonance in the media due to the day the verdict Pussy Riot. On that day, at the Khamovniki court were detained dozens of people - among them was co-chairman of the movement "Solidarity" Garry Kasparov. According to Tsvetkov, a former world chess champion, was bitten by a police officer.

"My assistants have clearly seen how he was bitten ensign police, blocked his way out of the bus in which he was imprisoned and where he was trying to escape", - stated Tsvetkov, promising to initiate proceedings against Kasparov. Although no evidence that Kasparov indeed bitten a policeman, and was not found.

Defector, of 17.08.2012


September 25 young people with the symbol of the organization "Russian officers" surrounded the gallery of the Lumiere brothers in the center of Moscow, where an exhibition of the photographer Jock Sturges "Without confusion". Member of the Public Chamber, Anton Tsvetkov announced the closing of the exhibition. He said he has received many complaints from citizens who are "outraged by the fact that in five minutes from the Kremlin, an exhibition of the famous scandalous photographer who is famous for being photographed nude and naked children." An unidentified man got inside and splashed urine on the pictures. According to Tsvetkov, activist - Zamoskvorechye assistant deputy and a member of the party "Fair Russia" Igor Brumel.

Compromising Russia and Ukraine, of 10.08.2016


With the "residence permit" in the general's home in 5th Kotelnichesky Lane came another scandal, which recently ended in the Supreme Court decision is not in favor of "Officers of Russia" and of Anton Tsvetkov.However, the first house on Taganka settled himself Tsvetkov. At the door of his apartment there is a small sculpture of a lion, next door, where the entrance to the premises obschedomovye, residents of the house for eight years can not reach.

- He bought us five-room apartment, arrived on a red Ferrari without a top, shoes in red and yellow pants, ran after him four burly guards - remember inhabitants of the house. - Then he bought another apartment - six-room, there is, in fact, going to "Officers of Russia", bought another building - it then he passed a shop - and even one "kopeck piece."

The door to the store to cut through in the window, a warehouse arranged in front (at each entrance by two entrances - the main and black), and at one time right there trading fruits and vegetables. The shop itself, residents say, more than once fined for selling vodka without a license.

In fact, early on the first floor were the usual apartments, which are then transferred to the city authorities in non-residential fund, one of these flats 73.9 square meters. m bought flowers. Residents more could not use the garbage disposal because it concreted and Tsvetkov joined his room adjacent common property room in the house: the openings in the library, general hall and stairwell laid part of the wall moved. As a result of such "otschipyvany" area increased to 119 square meters. m. It is a flower and sold Viktor Kanev, head of the Tomsk branch of the "OR", and he gave "Officers of Russia". Then there is "registered" another 23 companies.

Soon residents even stopped to let in that part of the yard, where the library and went out where the children's playground. There, too, there was a video camera, a castle and a plaque with the inscription: "Officers of Russia" (recently it was removed). More than three years, residents wrote to all authorities, to finally get free access to a private courtyard.

- Currently, tenants access to the room and entrance hall stopped, entrance controlled by security officers and fund organization "Officers of Russia" at the entrance is a metal door, equipped with an electronic lock, - follows from the decision of the arbitral tribunal.

One of the tenants of the house, for sudivshiysya obschedomovyh property, says "Izvestia", which in fact turned out to be captured a few tens of meters, where there is no access until now.

- As a result of actions Tsvetkov, who is chairman of the presidium of the organization "Officers of Russia" and the chairman of the supervisory board of the fund "Officers of Russia" has presented for negotiation conversion to Moszhilinspektsiya documents in which the facts of distortion of their substantial part were subsequently identified, having the character of a deliberate forgery, disputed premises was excluded from the actual possession and use of the tenants and the property is connected to Tsvetkov, - stated in the court decision.

"Izvestiya", 10.05.2016


In the spring of 2007, Tsvetkov became the candidate of political sciences, with a thesis on "The political mechanism of formation of legal culture in Russia today." In it, for example, the author writes: "In Russia, it is necessary first and foremost contribute to a humane state, is closest to the person's interests, needs and demands, not acting in isolation from civil society, and in agreement with him." However, the community of struggle against falsification of scientific works "dissernet" says that about half of the master's Tsvetkova without reference to steal from other people's work. The same applies to the above phrase about "the formation of a humane state," which is owned by another author, and therefore not the fact that it endorses Tsvetkov., 19.11.2013


The most sensational case of the Moscow PMC was investigated Magnitsky's death in the dungeons of "Sailor's Silence". In fact, thanks to the actions of the commission was able to draw attention to the legal destruction caused by the actions of the prison staff. Even it is not necessary to guess which side in this situation took Tsvetkov human rights.

A criminal case against the deputy chief of the Moscow jail "Butyrka" Dmitry Kratova under "Negligence, which negligently caused human death" in July 2011. Interests Kratova, of course, defended the organization Tsvetkova "Officers of Russia" and made his own. "Prosecutor General's Office apologized to a member of our organization Dmitry Kratovo, full justification we have made in the Moscow City Court, for its unlawful criminal prosecution in the case of Magnitsky," - said Tsvetkov in August this year., 19.11.2013


A year ago, Mr. Tsvetkov was obscene nickname among Moscow's political activists, called him "podmentovannym com ***", and in a correct manner - "podmentovannym lawyer." November 27, 2012 Tsvetkov came to the department ATS "Yakimanka", which were brought 15 activists protesting against the violation of the rights of prisoners in the colony Kopeysk. Tsvetkov became activists argue that those intentionally walked to provocations against the police, and therefore detained perfectly legal. One of the detainees, in turn, appealed to the Tsvetkov above obscene phrase, for which at the request of the human rights activist and was soon sentenced to 15 days of arrest under "petty hooliganism"., 19.11.2013


Tsvetkov advised women not to exceed the limits of self-defense for protection against the abuser. "That is, for example, if a man rapes a woman, and she put him in the side with a screwdriver, then it will attract criminal liability, because her life is not in danger - such cases are."

According to the companion publication, to combat violence need to pay more attention to the education of the younger generation. In addition, each region should establish crisis centers for women, where they could go to, regardless of residence.

MK.RU, 07.26.2016


Financing activities "Officers of Russia" is conducted by volunteer citizens and presidential grants: they last 5 years "officers" received three times, totaling 14 million rubles. Twice assistance (5.5 million) came from the National Charity Fund. This year, a subsidy of 12 million has allocated Ministry of Labor.

"Version" of 06.10.2016


Founder Statement "" Kituashvili Eric, who was arrested on Monday on charges of fraud, the persecution of his investigation of corruption among the first heads of STSI and GUMVD capital, absurd, told RIA Novosti the head of the Commission on Security of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation Anton Tsvetkov.

He said that he watched two movies about violations of traffic police in Moscow, which were previously released Kituashvili. In them, he said, there is indeed an objective information about violations, but "none of the video," he "did not see any evidence that illegal activities may be involved in the traffic police chief of Moscow." "On the contrary, I am sure that these data had to pass the leadership of the SAI and the Metropolitan Police, appropriate measures would be taken", - said a member of OP.

"So, these statements do not stand up to scrutiny, the full absurdity, at least with respect to such officers Given the strong level of public scrutiny and journalistic attention, is there any corrupt activities would be immediately obvious..", - Said Tsvetkov.

RIA Novosti, 22.02.2016


Over the past year related to the "Officers of Russia" entities and persons concluded with JSC "Central Suburban Passenger Company" four state contract in the amount of 131.4 million rubles. "TSPPK" - is a subsidiary of Russian Railways transport company that serves passengers in all areas of the Moscow railway.

The structural unit of "Officers of Russia" Center of crime prevention patrol Moscow train in the spring of 2016. It denies the existence of the legal form or the payment of staff salaries.

Transparency International, 10.07.2016