Born on November 25, 1956 in Podolsk, Moscow region. He started his career at a vegetable farm, which is where he got his nickname. Former boxer, paratrooper. He was involved in racketeering, “scam” options when selling cars (fraud). After the showdown with the Ingush organized crime group, he traveled abroad. We don't judge. Currently, he has completely withdrawn from specific criminal activities and is only involved in organizing them. He was awarded the medal of the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, II degree, the Order of Friendship, which gives him a kind of immunity from criminal prosecution under Art. 210.1 of the Criminal Code on occupying a higher position in the criminal hierarchy. Supposedly he has a personalized watch from the president. In recent years, he has positioned himself as a person close to power, and not a mafioso.


Podolsk organized crime group is one of the largest in the Moscow region, has up to 500 active participants, more than 20 of whom are well-known authorities. One of the most stable in composition, it began to operate in the mid-1980s. Spheres of influence - Podolsk, Chekhov, Serpukhov districts of the Moscow region, as well as a number of points in Moscow. The Podolskys specialize in racketeering, kidnappings, robberies and hired murders. Militants have repeatedly traveled to the United States for contract killings (tax: 10 thousand dollars). Leaders of organized crime groups have traveled abroad more than once to establish connections with the local mafia in the United States and European countries, in particular in Belgium. Many leaders own commercial banks in the US and Europe through nominees, and also have real estate there.


In 1997, two Shcherbinsk bandits tried to mine the road along which Luchok went to work every morning. Under the pouring rain, the electrical circuit of the explosive was closed, and it went off right in the hands of the saboteurs. Lalakin learned about the impending assassination attempt only the next day. The head of Luchka’s security is the legendary representative of the Airborne Forces Konstantin Mirzayants, who was accused of blowing up Moskovsky Komsomolets journalist Dmitry Kholodov in 1994, but was acquitted by the court. The favorite place for gatherings of Lalakin and other authorities is La Marais on Gruzinskaya and Mario, located next door.


After the theft of assets (business centers and other real estate) worth $1 billion from billionaire Alexander Mineev and his murder in 2014, a significant part of the assets came under the control of Lalakin. A participant in the theft of assets was Boris Karamatov, who was helped to hide from law enforcement agencies abroad by Luchka’s son Maxim Lalakin. Initially, Karamatov fled to Israel, then shuttled between Serbia and Montenegro. In the criminal case of the murder of Mineev, there was testimony from the accused Dmitry Kurylenko against Lalakin Jr., but they were not given any further action. A number of witnesses to Mineev’s murder died under strange circumstances. In 2020, lawyer Sergei Bogolyubsky, a confidant of Maxim Lalakin, was arrested in a criminal case of laundering property belonging to Mineev worth 9 billion rubles.


In 2020, Sergei Lalakin spent huge sums on PR to improve the family’s image. The media published paid comments from the owner of the investment and development holding Styness, Maxim Lalakin. Father and son cleared the Internet of negativity about themselves, and in 2021 they raised the issue of removing the page about the Podolsk organized crime group from Wikipedia.


Maxim Lalakin previously owned an apartment on Chistye Prudy in Moscow with an area of ​​214 square meters. m, in which the daughter of the former first deputy head of the Ministry of Finance Tatyana Nesterenko and her husband, the famous bookmaker Mikhail Danilov, subsequently began to live. Lalakin Jr. owns an estate in an elite village 300 meters from Nesterenko’s country mansion. Other neighbors of Maxim Lalakin are the oligarch from Kazakhstan Kenes Rakishev and the family of Alisher Usmanov. Lalakin Jr. also owns a palace on a couple of hectares in Istra - a gift from Aras Agalarov.


Luchok is personally acquainted with the Governor of the Moscow Region, Andrei Vorobyov. Lalakin, through the mafia line, provides support to the governor’s projects in the field of waste processing, deforestation, and quarries. Luchko was given almost the entire south of the Moscow region, but he is ready to extend his influence to other areas. Has the unofficial status of the night governor of the Moscow region. After the adoption in 2019 of Art. 210.1 of the Criminal Code (occupying the highest position in the criminal hierarchy) and the flight from Russia of all thieves in law who could lay claim to the position of mafia leader, Luchok by default became the main mafioso of the country.


Lalakin’s closest connections in law enforcement: Filatov (GUUR), Igor Bolloev (ex-deputy chief of the Moscow Region Main Internal Affairs Directorate), Stanislav Bolloev (deputy chief of police for operational work of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for Moscow). Luchok also has connections with the head of the Main Directorate for Security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Alexander Makarov. The influence of Podolsk is most felt in the eastern and southern parts of the TiNAO. The head of the Troitsk Department of Internal Affairs, Alexey Lomanchuk, has been a counterpart to the Podolsk organized crime group since the early 2000s. Colonel Oksana’s wife is a co-founder of the Trinity private security company “Alpha”, which is part of the orbit of Lalakin and his family members. Head of the Internal Affairs Directorate for TiNAO Alexander Drozhzhin for personal On orders from the mafia boss, he arrives in Podolsk Switzerland - an equipped recreation area and a meeting place between the authorities and the underworld, where not only strategic issues of filling the common fund are resolved, but also personnel issues of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


Luchka's sphere of influence has always included the Chekhov district of the Moscow region. Most of the heads of this area were considered his proteges. Local criminal leader Nikolai Pavlinov (Kolya, Pavlin) was considered a close connection of Luchka in the Chekhov region. The latter was imprisoned after his subordinate Oleg Strekalov (Zico), who was involved in commercial projects, refused to pay a share of $3 million to Luchka and Bolloev after the sale of the shopping center for $55 million. The debt was placed on Peacock, but he refused to pay. Zico himself fled Russia. Debt began to be imposed on everyone associated with Peacock and Zico. As a result, everyone was put in a pre-trial detention center. In 2021, the Serpukhov City Court sentenced Pavlin to 17 years in prison. Sources say that Lalakin was involved in the imprisonment of a rival for criminal influence in the Moscow region, thief in law Oleg Shishkanov.


Luchka's confidant was Mikhail Kalugin (Mefodiy). He obeyed only Luchka. Methodius said this: “I don’t repeat anything twice.” If a person did not fulfill what Luchok demanded through Methodius, then he was killed. At one time, Methodius’ militants carried human heads in the trunks of cars to intimidate them. But then Methodius became a threat and a burden to Luchka. And police officers with riot police one evening arrived at a cafe in Shepchinki, where Methodius was relaxing with a girl. When he saw the police and riot police, he told her: “It’s behind me!” They started killing him right away in the cafe, then they dragged him onto a bus and took him to the police department on Zelenovka. They finished it off there. The opera, who shot Methodius in his office, was given a three-room apartment by the city.


Lalakin’s close partner is football agent Timur Gurtskaya (Behemoth). The onion helped him put pressure on intractable football players. Behemoth gives two-thirds of what he earns to Lalakin for the roof.


In 2023, Luchok complained that one by one his assets in the Moscow region were being taken away by the President of the International Boxing Association, Umar Kremlev. In particular, they “squeezed out” the last objects controlled by Lalakin in the Serpukhov region. But he can’t do anything, since the head of the Security Service of the President of the Russian Federation, Alexei Rubezhnoy, is behind the Kremlin’s back. In April 2024, Lalakin, suffering one defeat after another, turned for support to Pavlin, whom he himself imprisoned several years ago. Luchok offered to release him “through the SVO,” but Pavlin refused, suspecting that he might not return from the war, and found another way to free himself. In April 2024, Pavlin was released from prison due to health reasons.


Luchok tried to play a role in the release of thief in law No. 1 Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) from the colony for health reasons in order to enter his inner circle. Lalakin's emissaries often visited the colony where Shakro was imprisoned, bringing expensive gifts. But Kalashov himself did not appreciate Luchka’s efforts.




As the Cheka-OGPU learned, the once “king of the underworld” Sergei Lalakin (Luchok) suffers one defeat after another and is forced to take steps that he would never have taken before. He even turned to “authority” Nikolai Pavlinov for support, whom he himself sent to jail. In the old days, the leader of the Podolsk organized crime group, Sergei Lalakin (Luchok), controlled a significant part of the Moscow region (Serpukhov, Podolsk, Chekhov districts, etc.), his possessions began to spread to the Tula region. Also, through the FSB (Directorate K), other security forces, and the prosecutor’s office, everything was seized from Luchka. Moreover, Lalakin established close relations with the authorities and received state awards, including the Order of Friendship and the Medal for Services to the Fatherland.

04/07/24 VChK-OGPU


The Cheka-OGPU continues to talk about the investigation of what was once the most notorious football crime - the murder of a talented player and sports agent Yuri Tishkov. He was killed 20 years ago at his entrance exactly after the controversial transfer of his ward, promising footballer Dmitry Smirnov, from Torpedo-ZIL to the capital's Spartak. There is no doubt about the ordered nature of the massacre, however, the official investigation, as it happens, reached a dead end and was suspended, without any results other than an identikit of the possible attacker. But, thanks to a series of publications by the Cheka-OGPU and sports journalist Alexei Matveev, which presented circumstances that were new to everyone and previously unknown to the investigation, the investigation was resumed in 2022.

02.26.24 VChK-OGPU


The 47-year-old mayor of Podolsk, Dmitry Zharikov, died in his sleep. In my memory, people associated with the “Podolsk group” have a lot of such “accidents”. The friendly advice given by the mayor of Podolsk, Alexander Fokin, on the steps of the Rossiya Palace of Culture in Serpukhov in 2004 immediately comes to mind: “Sasha! Be careful with Luchk!” (Sergei Lalakin - leader of Podolsk). A year later, the arrested Fokin allegedly hanged himself in the Serpukhov pre-trial detention center. However, I have heard more than once from “

Podolsky”, that this is their revenge for refusing to give them a monopoly on the allocation of land and the issuance of construction permits (“single window”). Around the same time, my comrade, the head of the Chekhov district Gennady Nedoseka, also died, with the help of whom Alexander Fokin, in fact, was elected to Podolsk.

10.22.23 VChK-OGPU


The “deadly case” that is being talked about on the sidelines of law enforcement agencies, and which claimed the lives of investigator Stanislav Antonov, lawyer Olga Pavlovskaya and judge Yulia Safina, is the case of the murder of oligarch Alexander Mineev and the division of his assets for $1 billion. There was a clash around these assets a lot of strength, including in the power unit. All the deceased were close to the clan, in which the interests of the Directorate of the FSB of the Russian Federation, the president’s classmate Viktor Khmarin and the leader of the Podolsk organized crime group Sergei Lalakin (Luchok) converged. When Mineev was shot, it turned out that he owned office and business centers worth about $1 billion.

01/04/22 VChK-OGPU


The Basmanny Court of Moscow, at the request of the Investigative Committee, limited the period of familiarization with the case for lawyer Sergei Bogolyubsky, who is the confidant of Maxim Lalakin, the son of the leader of the Podolsk organized crime group Sergei Lalakin. Bogolyubsky is accused of laundering property worth 9 billion rubles, which once belonged to businessman Alexander Mineev, who was killed by killers. All the threads of this story stretch to Lalakin. Bogolyubsky partner of Maxim, they sat together in the office of the Styness company, headed by Lalakin Jr. According to the case materials, during interrogation on November 13, 2014, another defendant, Dmitry Kurylenko, indicated that Maxim Lalakin was aware of the intention to organize the murder of Alexander Mineev.

05.22.21 VChK-OGPU


“An interesting story from an eyewitness to the events in the “gangster Moscow region”: “There is the leader of the Podolsk organized crime group Sergei Lalakin, aka Luchok, who seems to have been legalized and is even said to be personally acquainted with the governor Andrei Vorobyov. His closest connections in law enforcement (those that appeared in our history): Filatov (GUUR), Igor Bolloev (ex-deputy head of the Main Internal Affairs Directorate of the Moscow Region), Stanislav Bolloev (chief of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Moscow Region). Luchka's sphere of influence has always included the Chekhov district of Moscow Region. Most of the heads of this area were considered his proteges. Luchka's close connection in the Chekhov district was considered to be the criminal leader of this area, Nikolai Pavlinov (Kolya, Pavlin). True, they are different. In the criminal environment, Luchok is considered almost a business. And Kolya was considered the correct “authority” who lives solely by concepts. Kolya’s commercial projects were led by Oleg Strekalov (Zico).”

04/18/21 VChK-OGPU


The leader of the Podolsk organized crime group, Sergei Lalakin (Luchok), has been spending huge sums in recent months on correcting the family image. As a result, one after another, paid comments from the owner of the investment and development holding Styness, Maxim Lalakin, are published in the media. This is Luchka’s son, his father’s successor in the Podolsk organized crime group, for whom they are trying to give a positive image in the media for money. And at the same time also to the senior representative of the family. But here the PR people have an almost impossible task. Luchka has so many crime stories in his “luggage” that it’s enough for the TV series “The Godfather”.

10.31.20 VChK-OGPU


An authoritative businessman Armen Sarkisyan (Armen Gorlovsky) - a friend of the leader of the Podolsk organized crime group Sergei Lalakin (Luchok), who in turn is in excellent relations with the head of the Directorate of the FSB of the Russian Federation Ivan Tkachev, joined the fight for the release of the authority Vahan Nerkararyan (Karlik) from the pre-trial detention center. This union is very strong. Sargsyan received, through Directorate K, complete carte blanche to take control of criminal forces in the territory of the DPR, LPR and Rostov region. Sargsyan hired thief in law Eduard Asatryan (Edik Osetrina) to carry out all the events. After this, Osetrina immediately fell into the category of untouchables; Article 210.1 of the Criminal Code does not affect him in any way.

08.29.20 VChK-OGPU


Sergey “Luchok” Lalakin, his son Maxim, Ruslan Magomedov, Jafar “Jeff” Abuev, Alexander Burtakov - what unites them? All of them are associated with the bookmaker Fonbet, which was founded back in 1994 by chess player Anatoly Machulsky. Everyone has their own role: someone provides physical protection, someone resolves issues through Dmitry Peskov, Mikhail Mishustin and Viktor Zolotov (or pretends to do so), someone conducts financial flows. And everything was fine while representatives of crime calmly fleeced people through illegal betting and negotiated with the judges. But one day Deputy Minister of Finance Tatyana Nesterenko and First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov appeared in their circle with the goal of knocking out a warmer place for bookmakers on the list of systemically important enterprises.

05.15.20 VChK-OGPU