In the near future, the Moscow District Military Court will begin the trial of 12 members of the gang of Aslan Gagiyev (Jacko), accused of murder and attempted murder of 41 people. The leader of the bloody grouping, Jaco, is still under investigation. He "shines" a life sentence, because his subordinates gave him a lot of testimony. According to, Jaco himself is close to starting to testify. If he speaks, then very loud last names will “pop up” in the case files. For example, as you can guess, the name of the former Energy Minister Igor Yusufov. While still under extradition arrests in Austria, Gagiyev threatened to tell the whole truth about his relationship with Yusufov. And Jaco has something to remember. For example, the story of the murder of Andrei Burlakov, FLC’s deputy head, who was shot dead by killers Gagiyev in the midst of a conflict with Yusufov.

The former deputy minister at that time had an extremely specific social circle. At the disposal of there was an appeal to the Prosecutor General’s Office as Deputy Chairman of the Board of Mira Bank, Anna Etkina, a close friend of Burlakova, who personally communicated with Yusufov, and was at the epicenter of the conflict around FLK. From the appeal, it becomes clear about the relationship between Yusufov and Gagiyev (also known as Morozov). Moreover, it turns out that Yusufov maintained close relations with the former State Duma deputy Denis Voronenkov, who was shot by a killer in Kiev. Voronenkov threatened Etkina, demanding that she not testify against Yusufov. publishes this document.




"Attorney General of the Russian Federation

Chaika Yu.Ya.

125993, GSP-3, Russia, Moscow

st. Most Dmitrovka d 15a

Copy: to the Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation

Naryshkin S.E.

103265, Russia, Moscow

st. Okhotny Ryad d 1

from the victim in the case 708232

Etkina A.N.



I, Etkina Anna Nikolaevna, declare that the following persons were involved in the attempt on my life and the murder of Burlakov AA, which took place on September 29, 2011 in Moscow in the Khutorok restaurant:

Voronenkov Denis Nikolaevich, Murzikov Andrey Vasilyevich, Tkachuk Anatoly Nikolaevich .... With Murzikov A.V. I met as an acting law enforcement officer in 1999 in the bank where I worked. In the same bank serviced accounts controlled by the companies.

In 2008, I went to work at Wadan Yards (a shipbuilding company) owned by top managers of Financial-Leasing Company OJSC Burlakov AA, Zaritsky EB, Morozov SV (under this name hid Gagiyev-Red) and former special representative of the President of the Russian Federation on economic cooperation Yusufov I.Kh.

In the course of my work in this company, Burlakov A.A. introduced me to A.N. Tkachuk. A.N. Tkachuk introduced himself as security adviser Yusufova, I.Kh., whom he knew for 15 years, argued that he could resolve any issues related to law enforcement agencies, and also because of his work at ICIE (union of entrepreneurs) has very close ties with the Republic of South Africa and is ready to provide every assistance in placing orders at shipyards. The scope of my official duties at Wadan Yards included only seeking funding for existing contracts in banks, therefore I did not attend most of the meetings of Yusufov I.Kh., Burlakov A.A. and Tkachuk A.N., except for one - in March 2009, where A.N. Tkachuk at the Semifredo restaurant in Moscow introduced A.A. Burlakov to his younger partner D.N. Voronenkov. He was described as a professional lawyer, assistant speaker of the State Duma on legal issues, a person who has great connections and opportunities both in the office of the President of the Russian Federation and in state security agencies, namely, in the “K” department of the FSB of Russia. At this meeting, Voronenkov D.N. explained that there was a very negative attitude on the part of the “power” to the activities of the Wadan Yards company, which is largely due to the fact that part of the funds allocated for the purchase of shares of this company were borrowed from Financial Leasing OJSC company". According to his data, the activities of OJSC Financial-Leasing Company are also of doubtful nature at this time, and the general director of this company, Malyutin N.A., together with the former chairman of the board of directors of MIRA-Bank CJSC Panin A.Yu. (I worked in this bank until September 1, 2008. The Deputy Chairman of the Board and for three years OJSC Financial-Leasing Company had an account there with a minimum balance of 1 billion rubles) withdraws funds from the company, allegedly for the purchase of components for aircraft, through controlled by him (Malyutin and Panin) CJSC “FLC-kit” and LLC Aeroconsulting. At the meeting, D.N. Voronenkov noted that he had the necessary resources to change this “negative attitude”, but this would require some financial investments. Tkachuk A.N. assured Burlakova A.A. in complete honesty and decency of Voronenkov and declared that he was ready to act as a guarantor of this transaction.

When discussing the nuances, I was not present, because this information did not concern me and was not part of my official duties.

Later, Burlakov A.A. asked to compile and transfer to Voronenkov and Tkachuk a number of analytical notes on the financial activities of Wadan Yards, order book, borrowings and activities, while informing me that he gave Voronenkov to “resolve” the issue of negative attitudes towards Wadan Yards 5 million in cash. The transfer of funds was also attended by an authorized representative of Burlakov A.A. - Pilnikov V.M.

Knowing that my longtime acquaintance Murzikov A.V. went to work at the “K” department of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, in a private conversation with him, I asked him a question whether there really are any complaints from the law enforcement agencies about the activities of the company “Financial-leasing” company"? On a counter question, why does it interest me, because I have never worked for this company, I told him about my work at Wadan Yards and about Voronenkov and Tkachuk. Murzikov said that he knew both for a long time and only from the positive side. According to Murzikov, it was Tkachuk who recommended him to work in the FSB, and Voronenkov is his, Murzikov, a longtime friend. He also confirmed that the above-mentioned persons own a huge administrative resource, are honest and decent people, but if the representatives of the company Wadan Yards will have financial relations with them and I will know something about this, I have to inform Murzikov about it. I explained that only the owners of the company (Burlakov, Yusufov) communicate with these people and they are unlikely to let me know about it, but I have already prepared a number of financial reports and transferred directly to Voronenkov. Regarding the activities of the Financial-Leasing Company OJSC, Murzikov explained to me that in the summer of 2007 she acquired the Avangard shipyard in Petrozavodsk, this plant was an object of strategic purpose, when the plant was purchased there were multi-million embezzlements and it was him, the FSB investigator Murzikov, who was instructed to keep it a business. Later, in the summer of 2009, Murzikov repeatedly appealed to me as a specialist in economics with a request to clarify some documents on the transaction for the purchase of the Avangard plant.

I informed BurlakovuAA about the conversation with Murzikov and introduced them. Later, they repeatedly met without me.

On July 12, 2009, A.A. Burlakov met D.N. Voronenkov in Milan, where Voronenkov asked another 500,000 dollars to resolve the issue in the Presidential Administration with a certain Antonov. As far as I know, this money was not transferred to him.

In August-September 2009, when the relations between Burlakov and Yusufov were already in conflict, Burlakov met at the Vanilla restaurant in Moscow with Tkachuk and Voronenkov, where he demanded to give a detailed report on where the money transferred earlier had been sent, which was done to improve Of the “image” of Wadan Yards and how they can comment that a criminal case was opened against an unidentified group of persons of OJSC “Financial-Leasing Company” on the fact of embezzlement of funds in the company. Tkachuk and Voronenkov explained that Yusufov I.K, as a public servant, has much stronger positions and opportunities than they have, a criminal case was initiated from him, Yusufov I.K, filing and if Burlakov does not resolve his corporate conflict with him, then the criminal case will acquire specific defendants, the money has already been spent and now they, Voronenkov and Tkachuk, are ready to be arbitrators in the dispute between Burlakov and Yusufov and the guarantors that Burlakov will not become the accused. Since A. Burlakov was a very suspicious person and was constantly afraid of provocations from any side, he always recorded all the negotiations that he conducted. He always had a portable voice recorder or smartphone of the latest model with a built-in recording device. On his phone was always installed a program that automatically recorded any telephone conversation.

I became aware of this when I informed Burlakov that Murzikov and Voronenkov came to my home in the fall of 2009 and offered to take me out of the criminal case against OJSC Financial-Leasing Company for $ 5 million. Voronenkov was extremely aware of the course of the case, showed me the documents that the investigators had and said that he could both withdraw them from the case and put them there. I have never worked for the Financial and Leasing Company, but I didn’t understand how I could be blamed for the illegal activities of this company, and even more so I didn’t have the means they demanded from me. But I was told authoritatively that I was needed with one sole purpose - to give testimony defaming Burlakov, and for that I would receive only 5 years conditionally. It was after this that Burlakov made me listen to the recordings of his conversations with Tkachuk, Yusufov, Voronenkov.

As I know, after this, another conversation of Burlakov with Voronenkov took place in a rather tough manner demanding the return of money and I received a message from Voronenkov sms - me (Etkina A.N.) and Burlakov would go to jail and I will be arrested on October 12, 2009 . Indeed, I was arrested on October 12, 2009, this phone with this message would have been seized by the investigation and was not returned to me at the end of the investigative actions, although I wasn’t attached to the case as evidence. Even when I was arrested with the same offer - give me $ 5 million and let her go, Voronenkov and Murzikov appealed to my husband, Atkin B., but in our family there was never such money and could not be.

Upon release on bail (I was on May 15, 2010, Burlakova - July 24, 2010) in December 2010, I accidentally met Murzikov AV, who told me that he had been dismissed from the FSB on the basis of a statement by the former chairman of the board of directors of Mira Bank »Panina A.Yu.

Burlakov A.A. in early September 2011, having received another refusal from Voronenkov and Tkachuk, to return the received funds, he promised to apply to the FSB and give them all his evidence of their fraudulent actions.

In support of the above, my lawyers are ready to provide the originals of the audio recordings and sound recording devices with which the recordings of the conversations of Burlakov, Tkachuk, Voronenkov and Murzikov were made for examination. There will also be provided a written notarial statement of a citizen of the Russian Federation from the entourage of Tkachuk, Voronenkov and Murzikov, in which he indicated that he was an intermediary in transferring money from Murzikov to the direct perpetrator of the crime. Since this person is directly related to the law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation, he is ready to give this testimony personally if he is given state protection for the situation around the Krasny Proletary plant and the Energostrim company.

In addition, after the murder of Burlakov A and the attempt on my life on September 29, 2011, in the process of familiarizing myself with the case of fraud in the company Financial Leasing Company, where I go through the defendant, I and my lawyers discovered that there is no part in the case in particular, the decisions of the courts of Western jurisdictions, confirming my innocence, which I personally handed over to the investigation, my statements and statements by Burlakov about bribes Yusufov I.K to high-ranking officials of the state of the state Maklenburg Vorpommern, and instead, there appeared statements dated by September-October 2011 from Tkachuk, Voronenkov and Murzikov, which set forth clearly discrediting me and false facts that allegedly threatened Burlakov and I were threatened by a certain Morozov-Gagiyev. I saw this person several times in the office of OJSC Financial Leasing Company. I was represented by Malyutin N.A. Malyutin characterized him as his close friend and business partner. During familiarization with the case in the testimony of Malyutin, his words were confirmed.

In June 2012, one of my former lawyers introduced me to Zhelyabovsky Y.A., director of Energostrim UK company, referring to what I was able to prove in the courts of Western jurisdictions my innocence in the case of fraud of Financial Leasing Company OJSC I give him advice on filing lawsuits in the Netherlands, the British Virgin Islands and Cyprus. What was my surprise when, after about a month of acquaintance, Zhelyabovsky announced that he had received a proposal from I. Yusufov that Zhelyabovsky should donate shares in the amount of 10 to 40 percent to more than 16 energy sales companies controlled by him and its partners to firms owned by I.Kh. Yusufov

In September 2012, I had a meeting with DN Voronenkov, who directly stated that I met too often on his path, and also wrongly choose my business partners, but there is still an opportunity to rectify the situation if Zhelyabovsky translates already 50 percent plus 1 share of sales companies for the company indicated by him, but I still find the opportunity to pay at least $ 1.5 million for providing me with a suspended sentence for fraud of OJSC Financial Leasing Companies with an obligation not to mention or give in court testimony rotiv Yusufov IH Voronenkov also said that if I did not transfer the money, they would plant me and bring another case against me on the fact of embezzlement at Mira-Bank, whose license was revoked in November 2008, and if information about Yusufov was leaked to the press, they would “finish started. "

I ask you to check on the above facts and in the light of newly discovered circumstances, to resume criminal case No. 708232 for the murder of Burlakov A.A. and the attempt on my life. ”


To be continued


Zahar Belotserkovsky