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In the corporate dispute over a retail e-commerce network "Yulmart" has a new player - the investment company A1, part of the consortium "Alpha-Group". The consortium is responsible primarily for A1 corporate conflicts, mergers and acquisitions. And the head of the company is now 34-year-old Alexandre Vinokourov, a graduate of Cambridge, whose influence is largely based on the proximity to the head of Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov: since 2008 a businessman married to the only daughter of the minister. The young Alexander led business about 15 years ago, his father Simon - partner odious businessman Shabtai Kalmanovich, who was killed in Moscow in 2009 (according to the law enforcement agencies and the media, a murder investigation has not yet been brought to an end). Until December 2014 Vinokourov was one of the top managers of the "Amount", controlled by well-known entrepreneurs - brothers Ziyavuddinu and Magomed Magomedov. However, he left the group, leading the A-1. Now the A-1, led by Vinokourov was at the epicenter of the struggle for "Yulmart.

Recall that in May of this year, the founder and co-owner of Russia's largest retail e-commerce network "Yulmart" St. Petersburg businessman Mikhail Vasinkevich consolidated 50% shares of the company by purchasing a package of another shareholder - Alexei Nikitin. But such a restructuring of ownership is not satisfied with the other co-owners - partners of the company Dmitry Kostygina and Alexis Meyer, the former controlling shareholders of the retail network "Lenta".

In September - October, they have initiated two lawsuits. The first - against the person of Michael Vasinkevicha. Kostygin and Meyer have provoked a situation of no return "Yulmart" loans totaling 555 million rubles, the guarantors which acted as individuals they Vasinkevichem. As a result, part of the funds were written off from the personal account of Dmitry Kostygina, as part of the personal assets of Mikhail Vasinkevicha arrested.

The second claim - for protection from creditors (bankruptcy) of the company "Yulmart". The plaintiffs in this process were controlled Kostygin - Meyer offshore entities registered in the jurisdiction of Saint Kittes & Nevis and formally act as lender of commercial network. The purpose of the financial restructuring of business is likely to have been the introduction of "Yulmart" external control at the arbitration manager - representative of the actual offshore lenders. That would lead to the overthrow of the Russian shareholders - ie, structures affiliated with Vasinkevichem - from "Yulmart" controls.

However, in early October, he addressed to the A1 Vasinkevichu, denoting its interest in the establishment of control over the "Yulmart". Apparently, with the strategic objective of combining network with other similar assets, "Alfa Group". In the first place with network to generate synergies in the framework of e-commerce software for controlled holding X5 Retail network. For example, "Yulmart" has the largest network in the country excises - order fulfillment centers customer e-commerce.

As part of the strategic agreement with A1 Vasinkevich proposed a package of 50% shares of "Yulmart". This fact was the most efficient and convenient starting point for negotiations with the other groups of shareholders. In turn, A1 assumed the settlement of the major conflicts around the "Yulmart". First of all neutralization claim bankruptcy of the company and the achievement of an agreement with a group of Kostygina - Meyer on sale at reasonable terms of their share in the network. But now, two months later, it is obvious that investpodrazdelenie "Alfa Group" is not quite cope with the task. Dialogue with Kostygin - Meyer has stalled. These businesses would like to get for the package "Yulmart" worth almost twice as high. Cases of "Yulmart" bankruptcy preserve judicial perspective. Personal Assets Michael Vasinkevicha remain under arrest, partially paralyzing many of the actions of the founder of the network "Yulmart" for conflict resolution systems around the company.

Analysts attribute the A1 failures, not least with a drop weight on its market leader Alexandre Vinokourov. Credible sources in the "Alfa Group" argue that the question of resignation Vinokourov to the end of 2016 is practically solved. Consensus on this issue allegedly made key co-owners of "Alfa" Mikhail Fridman and German Khan. An indirect confirmation of this is the fact that remained unsold joint investment program "Alpha" and A1.

So, in May it published a joint statement of the consortium and its investpodrazdeleniya, a key fragment of which was as follows: A1 and Alfa Bank have reached an agreement on joint investment worth $ 200 million. In accordance with the target parameters of an investment portfolio assumes that about 10-15 projects. The total value of the target's assets may exceed the stated capital through debt financing, as well as the investment of third parties, the press service of Alfa Bank.

In July, Alexander Vinokurov said that the private sector arm of "Alpha groups" planning to invest in Russian assets of at least $ 1 billion in 2016-2017, announced the upcoming big deal in the field of non-food and reteyla entry A1 in the capital of some Internet companies. Details of both projects Vinokourov did not comment, noting that an Internet transaction will be publicly announced in the next two months. However, according to several sources and in the "Alfa Group", and the A1, a large-scale financial investment arm of the consortium has not received. What can be regarded as a lack of confidence in the strategies and capabilities of the A1 top management.

Source: Rucriminal