Elena Skrynnik can return to the civil service. Apparently, tired of the infamous former chief of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation to drag out private life on the Cote d'Azur of France in a villa worth several million euros. Hence - and the violent activity in the press, which leads Skrynnik recent.

Of course, everything happens in politics. The main question is intriguing: if all this is true, then who pushes the corrupt scandal over the most out of nowhere lady back to the imperious Olympus?

By the way, Switzerland announced its readiness to close the Skrynnik case, as soon as Russian law enforcement officials confirm the official termination of the investigation of the embezzlement and laundering of 1.25 billion rubles. In the system of "Rosagroleasing", one of the figurants of which is the ex-Minister of Agriculture. And then the arrest from the Swiss accounts of Skrynnik, which revealed 60 million francs (about $ 61.5 million), will automatically be lifted.

In total, from 2007 to 2012, To the accounts Skrynnik received about $ 140 million herself, she said that all this is a lie. It's not her money-where would such a sum come from a modest official? As a result, the investigative authorities decided to suspend the investigation into the robbery case in Rosagroleasing - "in connection with the failure to identify the person to be prosecuted".

This caused a scandal - State Duma deputy Valery Rashkin appealed to the Prosecutor General's Office demanding to understand the reasons for the suspension of a loud investigation. Then a "scapegoat" was found. The investigators widened the accusations against former deputy Skrynnik Aleksei Bazhanov, who is being held in the same case and is on the international wanted list.

In short, one can be guilty of billions of embezzlements in the end, but Skrynnik herself has nothing to do with it. Vaughn even Switzerland withdrew her claims to her. So, you can drive on a white horse back to Russia.

Well, a tarnished reputation can always be corrected. Do they eat their bread free of charge? According to Izvestia, according to the agreement, Business Communications Agency should promote a new client in the media as an expert. And - it must be the same, a coincidence! - In the press, indeed, the former minister's comments began to appear repeatedly.

Moreover, it would be okay only on the topic of agriculture (although many still doubt that the former doctor could learn to understand agriculture) - Skrynnik expresses his opinion on the widest range of issues up to the consequences of the food embargo and the development of the Trans-Caspian corridor.

That is, she was recommended to "light up", to show herself - as an economic guru, who understands anything and is ready to share knowledge in a difficult time for the country. In general, let's rather have a good position. Preferably, bread.

True, the PR specialists will have to work hard. Because zuchoschaty gossip, that if you find in the phrasebook the expression "there is nowhere to put a sample," then you can see a familiar face nearby. And indeed, having risen in December 2001 at the head of the company Rosagroleasing, which was called upon to provide peasants with agricultural equipment, Skrynnik established a clear system, thanks to which everyone, except the state, seemed to benefit.

"Farmers are often sold the same tractors at inflated prices, and sometimes budgeted millions paid for non-existent products or services. The funds were transferred from the firm to the firm, until they drifted away from unnecessary eyes. The money went abroad, to Agroconstruction (formerly Bryce Baker), registered in Switzerland, with companies registered in the UK. And we look: who is the founder? Personally Elena Skrynnik ", - subsequently told the adviser of the general director of" Rosagroleasing "Evgeny Zelensky.

As a result, as it was stated, the state suffered damage amounting to 39 billion rubles. "Rosagroleasing" may not be the only skeleton in the cabinet of the ex-minister. In the middle of the 90s she founded the Medregional Medical Leasing Company Medlizing, which was engaged in the supply of equipment to the clinics.

"The moment was successful: in Soviet hospitals the Soviet equipment went out of order, they decided to buy abroad, only a resolute person was needed. Skrynnik was not afraid. The then Minister of Health, Yuriy Shevchenko, was long blamed for the intricate schemes of the delivery of equipment, but no one has proved anything, "the news agency reported, adding that it was the rumors that Skrynnik's appearance at the time was due to the appearance of his own elite cosmetology clinic.

Against this background, the scandal with the theft of the dissertation looks like a sweet prank. As established by the Dissernet community, the work "Formation of the modern agro-food policy of the Russian Federation", on the basis of which Skrynnik in 2010 became a doctor of economic sciences, contains numerous borrowings. The revealed shameless plagiarism convinced the VAK in October 2014 to deprive the ex-minister of the academic title.

Minor tricks seem to be her corporate identity. For example, becoming a minister of agriculture and having lost the opportunity to do business, she immediately rewrote a number of firms for her third husband - a former member of the boy group Revolvers Dmitry Belonosov, who immediately recovered his financial situation. So, his income reached 200 million rubles. And there was a car BMW X5.

However, after the ensuing divorce, the singer returned to his former modest life. Apparently, he did not dare claim for his property together. Yes, and hardly worth it: in his time the second husband Skrynnik Yuri Kukota said that after the divorce, she hired people to monitor him and even threatened with murder. Apparently, it's not for nothing that Skrynnik was called "agrarian witch" when he was his minister - such nicknames are not given for nothing.

The possible return of Elena Skrynnik to the state post may turn into a big scandal. In this connection, the question arises - why is it necessary for the authorities? Moreover, she is not a matchmaker, no brother, and the seventh water on a kissel. Or is it not the seventh? After all, somehow the doctor from Chelyabinsk managed to head the Ministry of Agriculture. So, there were patrons.

An interesting version was put forward by political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky: the appointment of Elena Skrynnik to the post of the head of the Ministry of Agriculture was the initiative of Dmitry Medvedev's wife Svetlana. By a strange coincidence, it was during Medvedev's stay that Skrynnik received a ministerial portfolio, which was lost after Vladimir Putin returned to the Kremlin.