The Union of big business and representatives of the leadership of law enforcement bodies is not a secret for anyone. And it's not that the former colonels and generals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB are responsible for security of business in large corporations, while ex-captains, majors and lieutenant colonels are sitting in information and analytical departments. The problem is that more and more often law enforcement units are used by oligarchs in the fight against their enemies, real and imaginary. In raider captures. In the pursuit of former employees.


Let's emphasize: we are not talking about anecdotal, though characteristic, cases such as "Maruani operations", when several dozen (!) Employees of the GUS of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in Moscow, abandoning all their business, suddenly broke up to arrest a famous musician. Sledkov and CSS were promised to check how this happened, however, while - silence. But in general, with a cursory analysis of media reports, it seems that some employees of the GUS GU are almost in the habit of fulfilling orders from a number of large financial institutions. Among them, not the least is the well-known financial holding company Otkrytie.


Catch up and defuse


According to our source, Vadim Belyaev's financial corporation interacts with the State Internal Affairs Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the city of Moscow very closely. "It seems that over the past year or two, the" Discovery "has just taken on the maintenance of a number of senior staff of the CSO," he said. - According to the corporation's applications, criminal cases are regularly instituted. And always (!) "Discovery" acts as the injured party. Usually, cases are instituted against former employees or managers of banks and enterprises absorbed by the corporation. And always in favor of this company. "


Indeed, the persecution of ex-employees and ex-partners can not but strike the eye. On January 26 of this year, the media reported that the London court found the former employee of the corporation George Urumov guilty of embezzling $ 150 million from Otkrytiye. This money he received in February 2014 by the results of a speculative operation with Argentine securities. With a real price of $ 63 million, the corporation paid $ 213 million for them. True, the answer to the legitimate question "how can this happen at all?" Is not given in the "Discovery". After all, otherwise you will have to admit your own professional punctures or total theft at the level of top management.


Since 2015, the criminal case against Sergei Kondratyuk (former head of the department for trading in debt instruments of Otkrytiye Bank) and his accomplices representing other companies, Viktor Dmitriev, Dmitry Posokhov and Dmitry Ponomarev (currently in custody), is also underway. They are the defendants of the case of fraudulent theft of funds (Part 4, Article 159 of the Criminal Code) from the bank. The amount of theft - 330 million rubles. Money, according to the police, was on the accounts of fictitious firms Longwood Ltd and Diva Consulting Ltd, opened in the Lithuanian bank Snoras and Latvijas Latvijas Krajbanka.


What is characteristic, the case against Kondratyuk was initiated by the Internal Affairs Directorate in Moscow. And in the first place among distinguished in identifying criminals, a member of the board of JSC "Opening Holding" Dmitry Popkov called ... GUS MG GUI of Russia in Moscow. They say, thanks to him, "Russian law enforcement agencies were able to identify and suppress the criminal activities of an organized group even in a shorter time than the London police managed to do."


However Taganskaya interdistrict prosecutor's office with the accusation does not agree and argues that in the actions of the defendants "the intent to commit a crime has not been proven." Yes, and the very content of their detention in the prosecutor's office is considered illegal and unreasonable. However, the court for some reason stubbornly does not hear any arguments or references to the laws of the Russian Federation ...


Find the scapegoat


What is Vadim Belyaev known for in the market among non-professionals? Yes, perhaps, only because in recent years his financial corporation has inexplicably received tens of billions of budget rubles for the rehabilitation of doubtful banks such as NB "Trust" and absorbed "old" banks. And each such transaction was accompanied by a train of high-profile scandals.


In 2015, Vadim Belyaev joins the bank to his "discovery" of Petrocommerce. And a few months later, the GUS of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Moscow promptly institutes criminal proceedings against "unidentified persons from among the leaders of Zlatoust Metallurgical Plant." According to the investigation, in 2012 the deputy chairman of the bank Denis Milovidov signed loan agreements with OOO Zlatoust Metallurgical Plant (ZMZ) for 2.8 billion rubles, which were later abducted.


Missing money the police are looking very strange - in addition to searches in the Moscow suburban house Milovidova, who has long been living in Switzerland, she comes with a search to businessman Vadim Varshavsky. To which, apparently, the initiators of this action wanted to hang a debt of 2.8 billion rubles. However, Mr. Varshavsky with documents in his hands proves his innocence. Moreover, he submits a counter-application to the GUS of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moscow for the bank "Otkrytie". It states that 2.8 billion rubles did not exceed the limits of Petrocommerce Bank, having passed within one day on accounts opened with the same bank ZMZ, Metallurg-Trust LLC and Masterking Trading Limited, which returned all funds to various Branches of Petrocommerce. Why Vadim Belyaev initiated this case and what or whom he intends to cover in this way is incomprehensible ...


It can be suspected that the persecution of the "former" with the help of the GUS of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow was a clear trend for Vadim Belyaev. Let's recall the case of Alexei Medvedsky, the former manager of Nomos Bank. He became known to the general public in February 2013. It was then that Vadim Belyaev bought this bank, renaming the financial group "Otkrytie" to a financial corporation. And at the same time, a message appeared that Medvedsky had lost his confidence, was suspended from his duties and an application was filed with him to the law enforcement bodies. According to the version of the "Discovery" manual, Medved changed the general directors of the companies to relatives and friends, thus obtaining control over them.


Almost immediately, the GUS of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow instituted criminal proceedings under Part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code, one of the accused on which became the Swedish. In the criminal case there was talk about a scam for paying bills worth almost 2 billion rubles. In addition, the financier was accused of stealing the bank's collateral assets and assigning lease payments to the amount of 3 billion rubles. A year ago, Medvedsky escaped from custody abroad. Experts suggest that 3 billion could be withdrawn to offshore with the participation of the shareholders of the "Discovery", but the accused in the withdrawal of a huge amount was only one - the Swedish. As in the case of Petrokommerz, we can assume that the siloviki and bankers try to appoint in these high-profile cases a "scapegoat" to cover up some of their machinations.


Love for counterfeit bank bills ...


A bunch of GSU GU MVD in Moscow - "Discovery" surfaced also in the high-profile case of the bank "Holding-credit." Recall that a small and barely noticeable bankrupt bank "Holding-Credit" became in 2013 the second in the history of the Russian deposit insurance system in terms of the amount of payments: about 11,000 rubles were applied for the payment of insurance compensation to "Holding-Credit" for the amount of 5.49 billion rubles Depositors.


On May 5, 2012, the bank terminated operations with individuals and legal entities, referring to the sanitary day in connection with the preparation for the Victory Day, and as early as June 26, 2012 the bank was declared bankrupt.


According to the temporary administration of the Bank of Russia, at the time of the revocation of the license, the assets of the Holding-Credit bank amounted to 1,941,882,000 rubles, and the total amount of obligations to all creditors, including the Deposit Insurance Agency, which paid 700,000 rubles to depositors, At the date of revocation of the license amounted to 8 023 194 000 rubles. In other words, if all of the bank's assets could be realized, each depositor would receive 24 kopecks per ruble.


Reply to the question of the Central Bank of Russia, where all of the bank's assets had gone, was supposed to be ... GUS of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Moscow in the face of the investigator of the 2nd Division of Major General P.Krylov. On August 21, 2012, criminal case No. 28332 was opened, during which Major Krylov discovered a strange thing: it turns out that at the beginning of May 2012 in the premises of the Holding-Credit bank located at: Moscow, ul. Baumanskaya, 21, page 2, there was a replacement of the bank's bills held by the bank, issued, in particular, by ZAO CB Otkrytie. They were replaced by promissory notes that did not have real value and real liquidity, which were issued by "dummies" LLC "Continent", LLC "Leader", LLC "Meridian", OOO TorgSnab. At this stage, the case suddenly began to fall apart: the bank documents accidentally disappear somewhere, and the server with all the wiring, also accidentally, is smashed ... guest workers.


Who and why replaced the bank's bills Vadim Belyaev on the eve of the moment when it was necessary to fulfill obligations to investors, the investigation did not tell. The representatives of the CSU were also silent, and that later Major Krylov found part of the documents. However, he did not take any steps. How not to punish the GUS and representatives of the Azerbaijani fruit mafia who did not return to the bank billions. Namely, the brothers Askerovs. About this, many information resources were written then.


And some more information for reflection. A kind of answer to the question, what kind of people are so eagerly eager to respond to the SSU of the Moscow police department. Ruben Aganbegyan, the presidency of Otkryt Holding and the chairman of the board of directors Vadim Belyaev are known for their financial support for street demonstrations and attempts to overthrow the authorities in 2011-12. Thanks to Elvira Nabiullina, Aganbegyan managed to get the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange into personal feeding. The Armenian market of Aganbegyan was run by the citizen of the USA and Ukraine Roman Sulzhik. As repeatedly reported by the media, this effective manager not only regularly attended rallies against the current Russian government, but personally with the banner of the slogan "Heroes of Glory!" Participated in the overthrow of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, and was especially proud of the communication on Maydan with Senator John McCain.


It turns out that the Moscow police willingly cooperates with such personnel. However, this is another story ...