Until late at night on August 14, employees of the FSB and TFR continued searches in the case of embezzlement of Russian Railways group of companies "1520", which was reported by the telegram channel CHK-OGPU. The events were held in the premises of top managers of bankers Ivan Stankevich and Sergey Mendeleev. It was this pair that was the main one in the operations of financial "cover" of thefts, subsequent money laundering and their withdrawal from the Russian Federation. However, according to, this financial "Laundry" was used by another recipient of state funds for hundreds of billions of rubles. We are talking about a large contractor Gazprom Bashkir company "PETON", which is closely linked to the Vice-President of "Bashneft" Ali Uzdenov. Both "1520" and "PETON" had one power roof in the person of Dmitry Zakharchenko (interior Ministry), Dmitry Frolov, Kirill Cherkalin, Dmitry Senin (FSB).

A powerful operation of the FSB and TFR was aimed at channels through which flowed from the country of state funds in astronomical size. First, these channels are in charge of the banker Ivan Stankevich. In the autumn of 2018, he and co-owner of GC "1520" Boris Usherovich was declared wanted for bribery Dmitry Zakharchenko. As a result, another banker, Sergey Mendeleev, became responsible for the transit of money. In July 2019, he was warned about the upcoming events of the FSB and he hastily left Russia. (About who did it will tell soon). In the result, intelligence agencies have searched and brought in for questioning of top managers working for Stankevich and Mendeleev. As a result of their interrogations, it will be decided who will receive what status in the case file.

According to investigators, through the "platform" Stankevich-Mendeleev "laundered" funds that were stolen GC "1520"- the largest recipient of money from Russian Railways. Sources they said that the platform Stankevich-Mendeleev used vowels and secret co-owners of the NIP NG "PETON"- a very large recipient of money from Gazprom. It was no accident. The matter is that "1520" and "PETON" were under a roof of one security officers, including Dmitry Zakharchenko and Dmitry Senin. And if in the "1520" is already the defendants and sought, the materials on the "PETON" them yet. And questions will be to a fairly large number of persons. the Official owners of "PETON" are Eduard Hasanov, Oleg Polyakov, Emin Akhundov, Igor Mnushkin. However, behind them was always the more powerful figure. In particular, the Vice-President of AFK "Sistema" Ali Uzdenov, who for many years was the "gas Queens" of the Rostov region. From the same region and Dmitry Zakharchenko, who took a post in Guebipk and, coming close to an employee of the FSB Dmitry Senin, received a great influence on the then Vice-President of Gazprom Kirill Seleznev. It is thanks to this Uzdenov at one time managed to gather around all the sales "daughters" of "Gazprom" in the Rostov region.

As a Vice-President of Bashneft (when the company was part of Sistema), Uzdenov supplied contracts for large sums to the modest Bashkir research Institute PETON. By the way, during this period Uzdenov closely converged with the main "New stream" Dmitry Mazurov, who then collaborated with Bashneft. According to sources over time Uzdenov has become the unofficial co-owner of the Institute, "PETON" (secret share there appeared at the same Mazurova and interesting group of individuals). And then it was decided to turn "PETON" into one of the largest recipients of contract money from "Gazprom".

Just at this period Selezneva had serious problems with certain influential representatives of the Chechen Republic. As told sources Zakharchenko know about it. As a result, Seleznev and his close structures were subjected to inspections by the Ministry of internal Affairs GUEBIPK. On two "fronts" top Manager "Gazprom" "to fight" could not and gave up. As a result, research Institute "PETON" received from "Gazprom" contracts for 176 billion rubles. According to our sources, large flows of this money, on the go-ahead of Zakharchenko, Senin and Ko, went to the "sites" of Stankevich-Mendeleev for laundering and transportation abroad.

After studying the documents seized during the searches on August 14, the investigation will have serious questions to Uzdenov and other beneficiaries of "PETON".

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov