Investigator SKR Nikolai Tutevich completed investigative actions in the case against the leaders of the Tagan group Igor Zhirnokleev and Grigory Rabinovich. Sources of believe that now Tutevich can return to one of his old cases, about the assassination of banker Alexander Antonov. The perpetrators of the crime were convicted, but the customers were never identified. Moreover, there is good reason for this - under the house arrest there is another banker, the president of the Moscow Hockey Federation (FHM) Sergey Mendeleev. In such circumstances, he may be more talkative than during previous interrogations. At the same time, Tutevich should hurry. Mendeleev himself tells his acquaintances (he does not comply with the conditions of house arrest) that he has resolved his current problem with the Russian Interior Ministry (the banker is accused of embezzlement of Investbank funds) and everything will be fine. He even asked him not to remove the president of the FHM from his post. The fact that it was Mendeleev who “ordered” him in his statement to the FSB and TFR is indicated by Alexander Antonov himself. The document is at the disposal of and we publish it.

“On March 2, 2012, by a resolution of the Senior Investigator for Particularly Important Cases under the Chairperson of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Major General Justice N. Tutevich the preliminary investigation in criminal case No. 201 / 355004-10 was resumed, on the fact of the attempted murder of Antonov A.Yu.

The basis for the resumption of the preliminary investigation was the statement of A. Antonov. on involvement in the attempted murder of Chairman of the Board of Directors of OJSC Investbank Sergey Mendeleev and Chuvilin Pyotr Yuryevich, former Vice President of KB Incredbank LLC and former President of Spartak Hockey Club.

The above persons are members of a group specializing in raider seizure of other people's property on an especially large scale, in particular banks, real estate, large enterprises, as well as cashing and legalizing previously stolen budget funds. Other active participants in this group are Usherovich Boris Efimovich and Krapivin Andrey Viktorovich. The latter also holds the position of adviser to the head of Russian Railways OJSC and is directly related to the theft of Russian Railways funds through holding “contract tenders” and withdrawing them using a network of technical companies in offshore zones.

Not the last role in the embezzlement and money laundering of Russian Railways is played by banks that have already seized and continue to seize members of the above group of people.

Attempt on Antonov A.Yu. was made after an unsuccessful attempt of a raider seizure of its banking business consisting of four credit organizations: Voronezhprombank OJSC (Voronezh), Grancombank OJSC (Ekaterinburg), Converse Bank CJSC (Moscow) and Investbank Kaliningrad Joint-Stock Commercial Bank, later merged into AKB “Investbank”, as well as OJSC “BaikalInvestBank”, OJSC AKB “Yeniseibank”.

Details of the assassination attempt and the seizure of banks are described in more detail in statements sent to law enforcement agencies, but no answers have been received so far ...

Unfortunately, Antonov A.Yu. can not oppose a group of high-ranking raiders with anything other than his attempts to hold them accountable by writing such statements.

Currently, members of the group continue to engage in personal enrichment. In particular, the withdrawal of funds from investors and organizations from the recently selected from Antonov V.A. is in the active phase. (son of Antonov A.Yu.) JSCB Investbank. Under the leadership of Mendeleev, Investbank grants loans of hundreds of millions of rubles to technical firms under fictitious pledges, including and previously stolen from other persons ...

On the security of shares of 8 technical firms (Avangard LLC, Grantek LLC, Ogden LLC, Savat LLC, Space LLC, EleiProduct LLC, Elgredis LLC) received loans from AKB Investbank for a total amount of 802.5 million rubles. ..

Also interesting are loans from Investbank issued to foreign companies for a total amount of $ 57,000,000. USA secured by land, the price of which according to an independent assessment does not exceed 24,000 lats.

Thus, we again ask you to pay attention to the activities of the above-mentioned individuals who continue to absorb budget funds with impunity, by raiding methods to take away the business of Russian citizens and steal the funds of depositors in the banks they seized. ”

To be continued...

Denis Zhirnov