Source: continues a series of articles about “high-profile” names that appear in a bribe case for employees of the TFR for releasing Andrei Kochuykov’s “authority” (Italian) - Zahar Kalashov’s (thief in law) closest associate (Shakro Young). In previous articles, we described in detail how a bribe of 500 thousand dollars was transferred to the employees of the TFR. Officially, the bribe-giver was a businessman, previously associated with the Solntsevo group, Oleg Sheikhametov. However, according to, it follows from the case file that Sheikhametov represented the interests of State Duma Deputy Andrei Skoch, also previously associated with the Solntsevo group. And the money also belonged to Skoch. Along with Skoch, his business partner, Alisher Usmanov, clearly had a bearing on this topic. From the previously published case materials, in connection with the “Kochuykov problem,” “the thief in law,” Zakhar Kalashov personally met with Usmanov and expressed his claims to him. This is confirmed by the dialogue between the two recipients of 500 thousand dollars - the head of the department of the TFR, Mikhail Maksimenko (MI) and his subordinate Denis Bogorodetsky (DB). They discuss the problem of the fact that the money has already been paid, and Kochuykov refuses to admit the guilt of the new charges - in arbitrariness. And without confessions he can not change the measure of restraint. In spite of the fact that formally the money was transferred by Sheikhametov, Bogoroddetsky says Maksimenko that the main thing is not to know about the role of Skoch and Usmanov in this story.


MI - He called, began: "What are you boundless?" ... We ... notify that ... Therefore, we need to do. It is necessary that he signed. Kramer wrote. Well .. with him. What?

DB - Yes, no.

MI - Maybe here again, you know, here I am talking to Dima ... Skoch said ... Dima started talking to him. He says: "Well, I'm in this thread, I have special people ... ours"

DB - (speaks in a whisper) Do you have coffee?

MI - Well, there is.

DB - Get yourself a cup? And then to me, Lamonov calls me: “Where are you?”. I'm flying with a ruble. Moscow is all worth, Ivanovich, just standing there.

MI - I don't know what to do. Yes, you put a cup, take it out, clean.

DB - You will get out.

MI - M?

DB - Get out now, say. Just ...

MI - Because of his ...

DB - (speaks in a whisper) Yes. Was created ... and specifically set to cling. ... So that, in general, neither to Skoch, nor to Uthman in any way ... That is the question.

MI - Well, he says that to me ... what will happen. I, by and large, too. It is necessary Dima something ... afraid. And in another way it will be (?) ... nothing will come of it.

DB - And if he refuses?

MI - From what?

DB - From this consciousness.

MI - That to him .. .... No, it will sit like that.

DB - Yes?

MI - He has a fourth ...

DB - This I know ... How to do better and have to tell him ...

(you can hear the sounds of a coffee machine)


The next publishes a fragment of the conversation Maksimenko (MI) and Dmitry Smychkovsky (SD). The latter represented a whole group of “investors” who allocated $ 1 million for the redemption of Kochuykov. Then, Smychkovsky learned that Skoch paid 500 thousand in parallel. At the same time, Skoch received information that other people pay 1 million. Skoch did not like this situation at all, he began to make complaints. As a result, Smychkovsky decided to meet with the deputy and discuss the problem. However, he refused to communicate directly with him. Then a negotiator was used, well known to both Skoch and Smichkovsky. This is a former assistant to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Igor Borisenko. About this person and his role in solving the problems of Skoch and Usmanov, will tell you somehow separately. In the meantime, we are giving a transcript of the conversation between Maksimenko and Smychkovsky, which took place after Borisenko’s meeting with Skoch.


MI - Have you met Skoch, nothing?

CD - No, he did not want to meet.

MI - ... why? BUT …

CD - Yes, in general, this is the first time. Well, he did not even want to meet with Borisenko. Borisenko went to him, and he started to yell at Borisenko: “What kind of name is there, did you swim out?” Borisenko says: “What are you doing? Well you told me to go to Dima. I went and told him that you asked me. And I tell him what? Where do I know your Andrei from? ”-“ ... In general, to appeal with my name, there an individual is engaged in this with us. No need to intervene. All. We are here separately, but Zakhar is separately. ” Borisenko says: “Wait, you first / We met with you, decided that I went to a man, talked about what he would do, and now you start, like, this /” - “Well, we, like, we don’t want to pay two ends, otherwise it will work out now - we will pay here, and then Shakro will tell us later, he will bill us. ” I say: "Yes, he paid his money." Borisenko says: "Well, he does not want to get something from you." Then he says: “Everything, I'm leaving now, even then, whoever is there, he says, chief, let him meet with this, with Leo, with mine. And they will explain what is there like, how is it further, there, this ”. I Borisenko say: "And the subject for conversation, how? What should we talk about, what should we explain? We explained everything, you sent / we said: “Give the lawyers”. Your lawyers are here. We have agreed, like what, who writes. " Then, when the convoy arrived, already came for him, he refused to go. ”

As can be seen from this conversation, Skoch is extremely displeased that the names of him and Usmanov “surfaced” in connection with the topic of the bribe, and he directly says that he has sent a special person for this purpose - Sheykhametov. He himself during his absence asks to negotiate with his junior partner Lev Kvetnom.

According to, in connection with all these facts, the FSB of the Russian Federation had a lot of questions for Skoch and Usmanov. And over time, they will certainly be given to them.


To be continued

Maxim Voevodin