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After the arrest of the famous "golden" Colonel Zakharchenko began to emerge interesting details of his career. The investigation has not detected a single major case disclosed a colonel, but an interest in his career development. It turned out that Dmitry Zakharchenko walked confidently through the ranks due to familiarity with Ali Uzdenova - Vice President of the holding AFK "System". Now, investigators carefully study the causes of such "friendship" between the big businessman and a senior police officer. It is known that Zakharchenko began his career in the Rostov region, where Uzdenov while labored Director of LLC "Gazprom mezhregiongaz Rostov-on-Don".

Labor way of Uzdenova also raises many questions: he had long worked as a teacher in the Rostov Institute of Railway Transport Engineers, is unexpectedly became the head of the Rostov Mercantile Exchange in 1994. Then briefly traded Bashkir gasoline LLC, "Ajax", and in 1998 also became the director of the Rostov branch suddenly ANK "Bashneft". In 2007, Ali Mussaevich Uzdenov was appointed CEO of LLC "Rostovregiongaz" ( "Gazprom mezhregiongaz Rostov-on-Don"), OJSC "Novocherkasskgorgaz", JSC "Rostovgorgaz", JSC "Rostovoblgaz" ( "Gazprom gas distribution Rostov-on-Don "). Such a big manager has needed political weight, so in 2008 Uzdenov was elected to the Legislative Assembly of the Rostov region, where he studied Agricultural Policy and Food.

Amazing off former teacher Railway Institute reached another peak in 2009, when Uzdenov was appointed first vice president of commerce, and then - the first vice-president for processing and commerce in ANK "Bashneft". Hard work does not interfere in Bashneft Ali Mussaevich successfully work in Gazprom, from which he resigned in April 2016. Head of Rostov "Gazprom Mezhregiongaz" personally appealed to the head of Alexei Miller Gazmproma asking not to renew his contract due to his transfer to another job. New work Uzdenova Ali was Senior Vice President of AFK "Sistema", responsible for the investment portfolio. Vladimir Yevtushenko, instructed him to focus on creating agricultural companies holding type, with a land bank of 500 thousand hectares in the south of Russia.

All the meteoric career of Ali Mussaevich Uzdenova took place in the South of Russia, in Rostov region, where he gained a lot of useful connections and acquaintances - personal business interests require protection in the power structures. As the "approximation" to Moscow, Uzdenov promoted to the capital and its protégé of law enforcement. Gazprom's official wanted to have "their man" in the Office "T" GUEBiPK to remove by force any interference and competitors for their personal business in the energy sector. For this purpose he chose Dmitry Zakharchenko, who in 2014 presented his long-time friend of corruption relations still in Bashkiria - Andrew Kurnosenko, who previously served as Deputy Chief of the Russian Interior Ministry in the Republic of Bashkortostan. At the moment of acquaintance with Zakharchenko Kurnosenko was deputy head of the Russian Interior Ministry GUEBiPK Denis Sugrobova.

But before Zakharchenko settle in the capital's head office, in February 2014 the President Sugrobov decree was dismissed as Chief of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, and in May of the same year, was detained by FSB officers and TFR. Arrest Sugrobova nearly destroyed his career Zakharchenko, but instead of a trial, he was only transferred to the Department of monitoring of bioresources. Uzdenov using money and connections, was able to "protect" the Colonel Zakharchenko, it is very necessary in the higher echelons of the Metropolitan Police. After that, Ali Mussaevich has twice saved the "golden Colonel" from the organizational and staff measures. The problem was - in whatever was to keep "their man" in GUEBiPK, despite the long "tail" of corruption violations, which lasted for more Zakharchenko from Rostov-on-Don.

"Reshalschik" Zakharchenko helped Uzdenova, since the Rostov region. The bright-eyed colonel promptly eliminated businessman competition at the conclusion of contract and contracts for delivery of services to the local Gazprom. The documents were arranged unbearable life - firms exposed to endless inspections, the founders were detained on trumped-up pretexts. Following this pressure, the competitors ran in terror, and contracts battered trusted businesses Ali Uzdenova. Typical story with "RDI NG" PETON ", which in recent years has managed to conclude with the PJSC" Gazprom "contracts worth more than 100 billion rubles. The success of the little-known company called envy and irritation among Gazprom's top managers, who are themselves controlled requirements. Especially it is not like a member of the board of Gazprom Kirill Seleznev, who is used to personally supervise all purchases gas monopoly. According to some reports, the issue of Seleznev decided it was Colonel Zakharchenko, armed with a serious compromising on a top manager. The problem was resolved and "PETON" remained in Gazprom's trough.

Next Uzdenov about using Kurnosenko Zakharchenko put forward for the post of the "T" control head and acting head of the Tishchenko "raise" to the deputy chief of the Interior Ministry GUEBiPK. Along the way, it was supposed to supplant Office of the Deputy Chief GUEBiPK Interior Ministry Oleg Kalinkin. Grandiose plans prevent sudden arrest of the "golden Colonel" - "greed fraera ruined": Zakharchenko and the head of GUEBiPK Interior Ministry, in charge of banks, Dmitry Katkov, led by Andrew Kurnosenko started "fronting" withdrawal of investors from "Sotsinvestbank" and "Nota-Bank" . Money secretly abducted their own proprietors - Tabolin Sergei and Dmitry Erokhin, who needed to cover the duration of the investigation.

Then all is well known - the investigators found that Zakharchenko warned the director of the Department of Financial Analysis "Nota-Bank" Marchukova of operational activities by asking for the service of 35 million rubles.. That is the amount of FSB operatives went to look for all possible addresses Zakharchenko and found 8 bln. Rubles.

Now Ali Mussaevich Uzdenov lost all his people GUEBiPK, but not the fact that he was left without support in the Russian Interior Ministry - it is necessary to protect their wealth. A guard there that - only in accordance with the tax return Uzdnovu owns five residential buildings with total area of ​​233 square meters. m and 218 sq m apartment. m., and 162 plots of land "for ancillary services" area of ​​143.3 hectares, 88 areas of agricultural land to 4768.7 hectares for the construction of three sections (2.5 hectares). It is said that on his land in the Rostov region, Ali Mussaevich walking barefoot, like Leo Tolstoy, easily communicates with people and even built a church. All right, it is necessary to atone for sins, and the law must be respected, rather than buying.

Source: Rucriminal